Posted by Franz Huber on Aug 24, 2019
Last Saturday we had a huge working bee at the Project Shed. While our regular Associate Members followed their "regular" jobs, our principal task was to load a container destined for Papua New Guinea with wheelchairs, school desks and chairs.  We had very good numbers responding to the call and by 10:45 am the container was not only loaded to the rim, but we also assisted in dismantling some bicycles to separate the aluminium from the rest, pack up the old tyres for collection etc.  All in all, a very productive morning.  Good to see one of our newest members, Karen Holland, as well as our regular visitor Ann O'Connor participating very much hands on, and a big Thank You goes to Tanya Twyford, who, together with Mark, stacked wheelchairs, inside school desks, inside tables all morning! According to our Logistics Guru Col Laurenson, these are the numbers: 206 wheelchairs, 3 Wheelie Walkers, 59 School Chairs, 7 School Tables, 53 School Desks and 1 Teacher's Desk.  All into just the one 40' container! A huge Thank You! to all the people who helped: in addition to the people already mentioned, the following members rolled up their sleeves (in no particular order): Adrian Crowe, Geoff Croad, Al Sirovs (good to see you back, Al!), Mark Twyford, Larry Murray, President Mario Fairlie, Darrel Brown, Angus Miller, Andy Bell, Charles Thomasson, Doug Lipp and yours trulyPhoto (from left): Adrian Crowe, Andy Bell, Ann O'Connor, Mario Fairlie, Angus Miller.  More photos in the Photo Album - see right side)