No, don't you start rumours... your Editor is quite happily married already. But I put in this headline to outline how silly it would be to ask somebody, full-on, "Would you like to join Rotary?" Yet, the adage that "if you don't ask, it is unlikely that they'll ask you" always applies.
So, you've met that person who is of good reputation. You may have briefly talked about what you do in our club. You know he/she may be interested in becoming involved.  How do you ask?
OK, there is the old hoary chestnut of the proverbial "alternative close" (as in "would this Wednesday be suitable or would you prefer Wednesday 17th?"). but this is unlikely to work as an opening. In good salesmanship, the so-called 'Elevator Pitch' is the best. This needs to be in your words, your style, highlighting a couple of important points.
Here is just one where Surfers Sunrise shines: We are big in Youth Services. Is your potential member a parent or grandparent? We sponsor young people, from high school through to early adulthood, to attend a variety of confidence and leadership development camps. Click here to get the whole list of them. We sponsor budding scientists to attend the National Youth Science Forum. We work with the local Surf Life Saving Club and present an annual award in the form of a $2,500 surf ski to an emerging leader in the Surf Life Saving movement. Coming to think of it: it's happening at the end of this month. Why not ask someone to come along on 31st August?