Posted by Franz Huber
Via her Granddad, Ross Augustine, comes this latest update from Alissa Lott, our Youth Exchange Student in Michigan, USA:
Hi Rotary!
Here’s another update on my time in America. We are officially on Summer Break! We have three months without school now, so I’ve got a lot of time to spend experiencing things to do in Minnesota and travel America on the rotary tour which I am super excited for. I just got back from a trip with my friends to the lake near where we live which was really fun, we camped out and went canoeing (we accidentally tipped the canoe- whoops!) and made a campfire. Soon my friends and I will go to one of the bigger theme parks in Minnesota, Valley Fair, and I’m going to see a musical called ‘Chicago’ in a theatre in Minneapolis too! Recently I had prom, and moved host families. Both went really well. My new host family is lovely and prom was super fun, I’m so glad I got to experience that while I was here! Thank you again for sponsoring me, I’m having an amazing time. I’ve attached some prom photos, and some photos from a Twins baseball game I went to!
Photo: On the way to the proms - For more photos check out the photo album on the right hand side!