Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 17, 2019
Ayana Sadaka has now been on the Gold Coast for quite some months, but still not all of our members have had the opportunity to meet this charming young lady!  Here is a brief outline, written by her recently, and there is a Photo Album which you can have a look at - see right hand side. [Editor's Note: I did NOT edit her report.  I challenge any of you to undertake Japanese studies and be as competent in just a few months as Ayana is in English! Well done, Ayana! ☺]
Hello everyone.
My name is Ayana Sadaka. I’m living in Gold Coast as an exchange student. My hobbies are listening to music, karaoke, playing and watching sports. I especially like basketball but since I came to Australia, I’ve also came to like netball. We are family of four. My mother, my father, my younger brother and I. And when I was in Japan, I was living in Gifu Prefecture. Since I came to Australia, I’ve experienced so many new thing, but I still have a lot of things that I want to do while I’m studying abroad. There are so many things that I want to do, but I especially want to play the Didjeridu, a traditional Australian instrument. I want to work at an international airport and be an immigration inspector in the future. To do so, I have to go to university that has a faculty of low and I need English skills. So, I’m studying hard now. I’ll do my best to achieve my goal. To be honest, I want to be in Australia when I am twenty-five years old. Because I was taken in by the charm of this country. I think there is no other country that has really beautiful nature and understands other cultures and multinationals. I wish I could be a citizen of this country in the future. Even If I can’t do that, I would like to come back to Australia. Thank you for supporting me. I’m a really lucky person who has been able to study in such a wonderful country. I’ll do my best for one year in response to your support. 
I especially like English songs, and my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction. I also like classic music, and I like Gymnopédie composed by Erik Satie. When I do Karaoke, I often sing the song of Japanese singer “miwa” and “Miku Hatsune”. I have to go to university that can learn about law because I need to know to be an immigration inspector. Sorry I made a lots of mistakes.