Posted by Franz Huber on Jun 27, 2019
A bit over a week ago, our club held its annual Changeover Luncheon, presided over by (now Past) President Jo Winwood and (now) President Mario Fairlie. The Changeover Report (there is a copy in the Download Section on the right for you, in case you didn’t get the specially bound first edition at the luncheon) outlines the various reports that were given, so I’ll refrain from rehashing it all. 
But on that occasion, we also had the presentation of the club's major annual awards to their well deserving recipients:
Rotarian of the Year:  Larry Murray. No doubt recognized by his peers for the sterling job he did taking on the role of running the Project Shed, organizing the Big Bike Sale, and keeping it all going.  Even though Larry is at pains to emphasize “I’m not the one in charge!” Yeah, right…
Quiet Achiever: Neil Thurlow. We mightn’t see him all that often at meetings, but be assured that Neil’s work behind the scenes, with his company Accent Print and Copy doing all the printing for our club as well as for a lot of the District, at no charge.
Doug Waller Trophy (also known as the ‘Just do it’ award: Angus Miller. Angus is of course also known as 'The Onion King', then man in charge of organizing not just the onions, but all the food and drinks and paraphernalia when we have a fundraising barbeque. The club owes you a big THANK YOU!
Fellowship Cup: Andy Bell. Well, what can I say? Mr Fellowship impersonated!