“I’m legally blind…” Ron explained.  Well, until you see the small tag he wears, you’d hardly notice; his severe Macular Degeneration certainly doesn’t diminish him being effective in his work!  Born in England’s County of Kent, he joined the Merchant Navy and trained to become a Ship’s Electrician. Coming to New Zealand in 1965, he decided to remain and stayed there for some 28 years. Although he gained a New Zealand Certificate of Electrical Engineering, Ron also worked in Forestry Products, supervising a team of draftsmen designing and implementing two major plants, each employing some 50 electricians.  By 1982 he became Divisional Manager, and ultimately moved to Equipment Sales. In addition to his professional achievements, Ron also built two of his own homes, from the design drafting, specifications, “I did it all, except the plumbing because one needed a licence for that!”
Then, come 1995, on a holiday to Australia, he decided to stay. Moving over here with Lyn, his partner of now 35 years, he bought - - a Convenience Store! Well, just to be different!
But it’s not all work: in his spare time, Ron enjoys music: “just about all except rap” he said. Elton John, classical music, ballads... [Ballads? One guesses, as a former Merchant Navy man, he’d know a few of them! Aren't they called Shanties? ☺ Ed.] In his younger days, he was a member of a Church Choir. Obviously, with his disability, reading is out. Not really: Audio Books are the answer. Sports? Yes, he plays Indoor Bowls.  So here is proof: don’t let a disability stop you being productive and enjoying life!