Posted by Franz Huber
Lyssia was our incoming Youth Exchange Student from Belgium in 2013/14.  She recently celebrated her birthday, and our YE District Treasurer Gerald East sent her a message of good wishes.  Here is her reply, from Bolivia, of all places!
I'm currently doing an internship in Bolivia and seeing how I cope with everything here, on my own, it really gives me the opportunity to see all I learnt during my time in Australia. It is a lot different of course. Here, I'm part of an organisation that works on food security and launched an organic garden in the city. My time here is divided between time in the office where I do research on urban agriculture and fieldwork in the garden. I'm really enjoying it all! 
I hope everything is going fine at the Rotary Club. I follow a bit of your adventures on facebook. Please pass on my salutations to everyone.
As Gerald mentioned, when he read it, "Bolivia" conjured up memories of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...  [Yes, you are betraying your age, Gerald! Yes, it was in 1969! ☺ Ed.]