Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 16, 2019
Our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, USA, has touched base again with the "Mother Ship"... Lots of new photos on her Photo Album Page on the right hand side as well. This photo she is with Ian and Juliet Riseley, "our" Australian Rotary International President 2017-18.  
Hey everyone it’s me Lucy, sorry about the lack of updates lately it’s been busy over here. The snow has started to fall again coming into winter, temps of -16 already. I’m back at school after Summer break and living with my 3rd and last host family. They are amazing people and I’m enjoying being part of their family. I’ve been to a couple of cabins in this last month and on a lot of hikes! It was really beautiful to see a real Fall for the first time with all the leaves changing. I also got to experience my first real Halloween with the pumpkin carving, costumes and Trick or Treat. 
But the most exciting thing that’s happened lately was meeting Ian Riseley former president of Rotary International, whom I met this morning! It was great, I got to listen to his awesome presentation on Rotary International and I chatted to him and his wife Juliet after the presentation. They are really great people, it was great to talk to some fellow Australians it only made me miss Australia that much more! 
I hope all is well with everyone back home and that everyone's friends and families are safe from the bush fires! 
Regards Lucy.