Posted by Franz Huber
Last Friday, your Editor was joined by Geoff Croad, Gerald East, Darrell Brown, Norm Coventry (RC of Ashmore) and a volunteer, Sue Geelan to assist with "crowd control" of one of the largest classes ever attended the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) event at the Southport Community Centre.  All the students were from Marymount College in Burleigh Heads, and came in by bus.  And - hey! - if anyone ever again whinges about "today's youth" and their lack of decent behavior, I'll refer them to Marymount College! What a pleasure to have such a switched on, polite group of young people.
The day involves six separate sessions that are facilitated by a Highway Patrol Officer, a Driving School Instructor, a road accident victim who has been wheelchair bound for 24 years, and others employed by Road Safety Education Limited, and of course Rotary. Well over 500,000 students have now been through this very worthwhile course. Students, who are in the 16 - 17 year age group and most with their L Pates leave at the end of the day with much to think about, and a workbook to take home. Their attendance will hopefully lower their risks as both a driver and a passenger....Rotary In Action.
Photo: Debriefing at the end of the day.