Posted by Franz Huber
At last Wednesday's meeting, Col Laurensen (Chief of Donations in Kind - Northern Region), announced that - finally - they have found a new warehouse, even if it is for the moment not completely finalized.  A few months ago, their previous one in Durack became unavailable; the lease could not be extended anymore.
According to DIK's September newsletter (copy in the Download Section on the right - there is also some interesting stuff in there!), "We have received an offer of the above premises in Kingston from the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works as an interim ‘home’ for Donations in Kind and we have responded suggesting the terms & conditions we would prefer. We look forward to their favourable consideration of these terms and conditions."  Col has now confirmed that the lease has been signed, at a very attractive rate.  And yes, Col needed to "forcefully lobby the State Government for over 9 months...".  So, it won't be long before DIK can again accept goods for shipping to developing countries, such as hospital beds, computers, school uniforms, wheelchairs, just to name a few.
Well done, and congratulations, Col & Team!