Last Sunday, the Gold Coast Ramble probably was one of the last "physical" events of the Rotary calendar for a while.  "Our" teams of Rosie Rocco (Action Heros - see photo left with Rosie's daughter Trinity and Lucas van den Elsen) and Ashleigh Symes (Surfers Stingrays - photo right, with Steven Symes, Richelle Roe, Jason Levy, Maddison Levy) came a very respectable 4th and 6th respectively.  As Rosie reports: "We started off at a 70point disadvantage for not hitting our fundraising goal. Clawed our way up from 7th starting out to 4th in the end." I suspect that the same applied for Ashleigh's team.  Great pity really, both supported a very deserving organisation - Rosie ran for the Australian Anti Ice Campaign and Ashleigh for the Orange Sky Laundry (they support the homeless people with a mobile laundry).