As reported in last week's bulletin, the club's board has decided to suspend all club activities, including the activities at the Project Shed, for 28 days due to COVID-19.  This decision very shortly afterwards was affirmed by a directive from Rotary International. This is the resolution:
Motion to suspend Club activities because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic 
Resolved that: 
Effective immediately the Club suspend for a period of 28 days all activities including but not limited to: 
a. the Project Shed; 
b. formal Club meetings; 
c. the Excellence in Workmanship Awards ceremony; 
d. the Gold Coast Ramble 2020. 

Explanatory Note 
Because of the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, government recommendations regarding social isolation to assist in limiting its spread and the fact many of the Club’s members and Shed volunteers fall within the cohort of those most at risk in the event of infection, the Board believes that in discharge of the duty of care owed to members and volunteers that Club activities should be suspended for 28 days.