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We meet Tuesdays at 11:45 AM
Heartland Point Community Room
200 North Main Street
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March 16 meeting

Rotary ZOOM meeting presenter Jon Ritchie, Orrville City Schools Superintendent, gave a broad and informative overview titled "How COVID-19 has affected the Schools (State of the Schools)" program. Having it become abundantly clear that the pandemic was to worsen in the Spring of 2020, Ritchie realized the need to aggressively pre-plan measures to insure the safe re-opening of Orrville schools for the 2020-2021 education year. 
September 1 meeting
No pre-arranged speaker? Not a problem.No catered lunch? Not a problem.Today's meeting at Orrville Rotary's pavilion at Orr Park convened for the sole purpose for members to socially reengage and connect with each other.  Masked and safely distanced while often fending off intrusive bees, members shared personal news and updates, current events discussions, fundraising dialog and ideas, and cheerful conversations. 
July 28 meeting

A brisk, refreshing breeze and the welcoming shade beneath the Orrville Rotary pavilion in lower Orr Park greeted sixteen club members to participate in their first in-person Rotary meeting in more then four months. Adhering to health and personal safety national guidelines while behind face coverings and at a social distance, staunch Rotarians warmly greeted each other, chatted amiably and together thoroughly relished their long overdue time together.
Displays of hope, comfort and community
     As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, our world, our country and our communities  are living in a time like no other. Amid the fears and uncertainty of the future, citizens long for a sense of comfort, reassurance and safety during this period of crisis.
March 10 meeting
In lieu of a formal meeting featuring a guest speaker, members participated in a round table Q&A discussion and clarification bringing members up to date about club projects and projections, charities, meeting times and speakers and other matters. The weekly assembly was  highlighted by inducting new members  Lindsey Steiner Baumgartner and Joe Reed by president James Carpenter.
Vocational Avenue Spotlight:
These are the projects that Vocational currently works on throughout the year. Submitted by Vocational Chair Renee Collins  
February 25 meeting
"The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) problem is real. There are not enough students choosing STEM-related paths to meet the growing global demand. We need to change teaching these topics if we want to get more students involved."
New Member Spotlight
Beth Fuller
Warmly received and officially inducted as Orrville Rotary Club's newest member, Beth serves as Executive Director of the Salvation Army Maiwurm Service Center and oversees all activities, programs and fundraisers of the Center.
Presenter Trevor Hunt, Director of Wayne County Planning Commission, gave attendees an inside look at our county's recently approved Comprehensive Plan, a long-term guide that among other things expresses the values and ambitions of a community.
February 11 meeting
Votes for Women!
The Nineteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution reads in part: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."Commonly referred to as the amendment which gave women the right to vote - a right known as women's suffrage - was ratified on August 20, 1920 and ending almost a century of protest. Eight days after the 19th Amendment was ratified, 100 million women joined the electorate. 
January 14 meeting
With its mission of providing health care and hope, Wooster's Viola Startzman Clinic serves Wayne County's under-insured as well as the nine percent of the uninsured population. 
December 10 meeting
Arch C. Klumpf, while a member of the Cleveland, OH Rotary Club, became the sixth president of the  national Rotary organization in 1916-17. At the national convention in 1917 he eloquently promoted the idea of "endowments for the purpose of doing good in the world." 
Do you hear what I hear?
With five large locally placed red kettles attended by volunteers, the jingle of bells draws shoppers to make a deposit of coins and paper in a pot recognized worldwide. Orrville Rotary Club has continued its decades-long tradition of staffing the Salvation Army red kettle at Buehler's. 
Today Orrville Rotary continued a long tradition of giving back to the community we serve. Each Orrville Rotarian is part of an elite Every Rotarian Every Year group. Each member contributes at least $100 to the Rotary International Foundation. After three years of investing, half of those funds are returned to our area Rotary District 6650 to be dispersed to clubs for community projects. 
Going, going........ gone!
Rather than having a speaker and regular Tuesday luncheon meeting, club members and guests ushered in the holiday season by again holding its charitable Christmas auction in the early morning hours at Aultman Orrville Hospital's community room. 
While driving on the streets of Kennett Square in Pennsylvania, Dick Sanford encountered a sight that eventually spurred the formation of Operation Warm. A group of children - coatless - huddled at a bus stop on a cold December morning in 1998. The sight led Dick to drive to a local department store and purchased every coat in stock. 
Dr, Shruti Trehan with Orrville Rotarian Lynn Horner,
who arranged for and introduced the speaker.
November 26 meeting
Since the earliest description of cancer in Egyptian papyrus circa 1600 BC we have gained a deeper understanding of cancer, this according to meeting presenter Dr. Shruti Trehan MD, oncologist and Medical Director, Research Aultman Center of Excellence LLC. Speaker Trehan, speaking on the topic of Cancer Advances 2019 reported that  the latest statistics show that death rates from all types of cancer have decreased 25% over the last 25 years. 
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Helps Leaders Grow
Orrville Rotary Club will sponsor and send two OHS students to the leaders in trailing RYLA conference on February 21 - 23, 2020 at the Avalon Inn Resort and Spa in Warren, Ohio. 
November 19 meeting
A district governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary and is extensively trained to provide leadership and guidance to the Rotary clubs in the district in which he or she serves. 
November 12 meeting
"A veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for any amount, up to and including their life." (Author unknown)
October 29 meeting

Brad Gowins, Licensed Social Worker with Wayne County Children Services on Burbank Road in Wooster, brought attention to club members of the agency's requested .2 mill renewal levy appearing on our county's November 5 election ballot. 
October 22 meeting

"Always evolve and grow" is the mantra of Aaron Green and his business partner Joel Beichler doing business as Project Live LLC  and formerly known as Country Fest.
A vintage and current pictorial and oral history of Orrville's 101 year old Will-Burt Company was presented by Rotarian Michael Oliver, graphics and website Senior Marketing Associate for Will-Burt's world-wide Orrville headquarters.
The reunions languished, forlorn and forgotten, for thirty years until Orrville Rotary Club resurrected the yearly tradition of the Tri-Club Outing, bringing together members of the city's three active service clubs
August 27 meeting
According the the meeting's presenters, bringing an estimated six million dollars into the Orrville area economy was no small feat by the Orrville Firefighters Association and its Fire in the Sky extravaganza. The second of three generations in the long  list of each of their families' rich dedication to public service, program presenters Orrville Fire Department Chief Chris Bishop and Assistant Fire Chief Ron Ballentine shared a wealth of behind the scenes information about Orrville's extended Fourth of July weekend festivities. 
During the meeting held on August 20, 2019, Mark Auble introduced John Moritz and Cheryl Steiner to the club.  They presented a program about the Wayne County Committee for Crippled Children and Adults.  John is the president and Cheryl is the treasurer of the board which has approximately thirty members.  The board makes decisions to offer grants that help individuals with health problems that include medical equipment, mobility concerns, prescriptions, alert systems, language assistance technology and playground equipment.
The committee was established 100 years ago with the assistance of the Rotary club of Elyria.  Locally, the chapter was started in 1949 when the polio epidemic was underway.  The committee was started to address orthopedic concerns and mobility assistance but has developed over the years to include other health concerns.  
The committee is able to grant financial assistance that totals $50,000 - $75,000 annually.  They are proud that the administrative costs are low and of every $1 donated, $0.89 is able to go to individuals that need assistance.  There is an annual letter campaign that is the fundraiser for the year.  The committee also receives financial donations from Orrville Rotary and Wayne and Holmes County United Way.  You can learn more about this organization by visiting their website at  
Pete Kandis would like to join Rotary through our corporate membership.  He works at Aultman Orrville Hospital as the executive director of operations.  Pete lives in Magnolia and is married to Ashley Kandis.  Wilma Raynor is Pete's sponsor and the board approved his membership.  We will post information about Pete for two weeks and induct him afterwards unless any member disagrees.   Please join me in welcoming Pete to our club!
We have had some great presentations recently!  Daphne presented Lori Reinbolt from the Orrville Chamber who gave updates on Chamber happenings during the August 13th meeting.  On August 6th, we met with our committees and avenues and made plans for the year.  We have many projects that need continued planning to improve them year after year!  One July 30th, Jere Dutt presented Chuck from True Human Rights to present a program for our club.  
With a 104 year history, Orrville Chamber of Commerce continues to lead as an essential resource for its members and community. Sharing an in-depth look into the local Chamber organization, its President and CEO Lori Reinbolt noted with pride that the Orrville Chamber engages 313 members in twenty-four communities in eastern Wayne County. 

Caring and Compassion While Seeking Comprehension 

Imagine, leaving your home country and arriving, alone, in rural Costa Rica where no one speaks your language. You meet the family you are to be staying with for two weeks. They have been told that you desire to understand their language and culture. They seem friendly enough, but they don’t understand you, and you barely understand them. 

Flag Volunteers!
Putting out flags is a lot of work, but can also be fun when you gather Rotarians for the job!
Jon Tucker, Steve Snyder & Amelia Laing are doing their part to help out the project.
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