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Roxy Redevelopment Dan Cotter 2019-02-24 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dan Cotter on Feb 16, 2019
This is Guido...….. 
Ok, so...… apparently there are still a few members who are not sending in an apology when they are unable to attend a dinner meeting. Guido doesn't like that! Guido reckons that members should be made to pay for their meal if they don't send an apology! Don't make Guido angry!!
Thanks Graham for choosing another inspiring TED Talk by Cecile Richards, American pro-choice activist, president of Planned Parenthood Federation and Ford Foundation board trustee.
The fine session this week was a bit un-fair as members were double-teamed by Alan and Monique!!
Member up-date by Neil Ditton. 
Ditto's reminisces of Rotary took us way back to the last century! 
This weeks guests: Sue Wegner from Griffith Avanti and Assistant District Governor Bob Manning
It's a bit un-fair to criticize Kim's gardening skills when she looks after us so well...…..
The editorial staff here at The Bulletin acknowledge Kim's weed pulling efforts and retract statements made in previous issues.
A few notes on up-coming meetings:
Thursday 21 Feb
Dinner will be at the Wade Hotel at 6:00 sharp. We will then make our way to the Roxy for the 7:30 Roxy Refurbishment meeting.
Thursday 28 Feb
Meet at the council chambers at 6:00 for 6:30
Dinner will probably be pizza
Thursday 7 March
Rotary Exchange Student Luke Hodge.
Thursday 14 March
NZ Theme night with Paul Crack. President David reckons everyone should wear gum boots!!
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Leeton Community Op Shop Dan Cotter 2019-01-18 13:00:00Z 0
Farewell Roz Dan Cotter 2019-01-12 13:00:00Z 0
Carmel's edition Dan Cotter 2019-01-07 13:00:00Z 0
New Year's Eve edition Dan Cotter 2018-12-28 13:00:00Z 0
Kim does it again! 2018-12-09 13:00:00Z 0
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Treasures of the Balkans by Bass Dan Cotter 2018-10-19 13:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Dan Cotter on Jul 05, 2018
As a kick-off to the new Rotary year, the club assembly provided an opportunity for members to input and receive feedback on upcoming activities and programs. Breaking into committee groups encouraged everyone to contribute their ideas. The committees reported back as follows:
  • Members to provide the name of one potential new member who will then be approached by the membership committee
  • Member retention to be pursued as a matter of priority
  • Initiate interest nights for perspective members
  • Pursue possibility of Corporate Memberships 
  • Friends of Rotary
 Service Projects
  • Continuing commitment to Farmers Market with some discussion on better advertising to draw more people to the monthly event
  • Sunrice BBQ - a good revenue earner for little effort
  • Rotary Ball - upcoming 27th July. Tickets available at Amato's, the Newsagency or from Roz. Some discussion about the need for security  and the possibility of approaching the Calos Club. Club will provide wine for official guests.
  • A target of one vocational visit per month
  • Actively pursue speakers for dinner meetings
  • TED talks for those meetings where a speaker is not available
  • Advertise Club activities in the Irrigator Community Notice Board
  • Continue Facebook posts
  • Greg will make a presentation on Foundation early in the new year
Public Image
  • Brian will continue Facebook posts
  • Excellent photos of Changeover posted by Mary Anne 
  • Irrigator Community Notice Board
Youth Services
  • Danish exchange student expected soon
  • Applications for outgoing Exchange

Club Assembly Dan Cotter 2018-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dan Cotter on Jul 04, 2018
Thursday’s dinner meeting was a delightful start to the new Rotary year with President Monique handing over to incoming President David and his new board. The dinner was well attended by members and numerous guests, ably chaired by emcee Anthony with the (usual) delicious dinner provided by Kim and her staff.
The first item on the evening’s agenda was a toast to Rotary International. In his response to the toast outgoing DG George spoke eloquently of his term in office and the gratification of being able to serve the community through the many programs offered by R.I.
John Ryan was asked to present President Monique with the club’s Rotarian of the Year award and in his address congratulated and thanked Monique for her many contributions to the club throughout the year.
Young Mads was up next and gave a very entertaining talk about his time in Australia in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. The hi-light of Mads’ year was the Australian safari with other RYE members where he was particularly thrilled to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. Mads will take home memories of many new friendships and cherish the affections of his host families. President and Rotary Mum Monique thanked and farewelled Mads with the gift of a Wallaby jersey and scarf. Good luck and best wishes Mads!
President Monique then recapped her year with a review of the many activities and projects she was pleased to initiate or be a part of. She thanked her board members for their support and guidance and mentioned a special thanks to PP Geoff for stepping up in her absence. Monique welcomed incoming President David and, with a hint of sadness (and maybe some relief?) passed the baton.
Incoming President David’s first order of duty was to thank Monique for a fantastic Rotary year and to congratulate her for her dedication and enthusiasm in guiding club activities. David then spoke about his own time as a Rotarian and the satisfaction he’s felt in being involved in the fellowship of the Rotary community. Before introducing his new board David challenged members to carry on with the good work built by past membership and to BE THE INSPIRATION!
2018/2019 Board
The very enjoyable evening was concluded by David’s lovely daughter Stephanie singing one of his favourite songs; Little Black Submarine.
Newly minted Pres David with Steph
Tony and Jannelle - Tony's Swan Song
Ladies in Rotary
77th Annual Changeover Dan Cotter 2018-07-03 14:00:00Z 1
Posted by A Zephyrus on May 29, 2018
Throughout this year, the Club has been working on improving the amenity of Graham Park by installing Shade Sails over and a fence around the play equipment.  This has been done with financial assistance received from the Commonwealth and State Governments and the Rotary Club of Hall.  We have also received invaluable assistance from Leeton Shire Council.  
On Saturday we celebrated the official opening of the Shade Sails by Mr. Austin Evans MLA, Member for Murray and Mayor Paul Maytom.  We were also able to acknowledge the great work done by our local community groups and organisation; holding our annual disbursement of funds.  The morning was rounded off will a Community BBQ. 

Disbursement Recipients 

Austin Evans MP



Shade Sails officially opened by Mr. Austin Evans MP and Mayor Paul Maytom
Shade Sails and Fence
Community BBQ A Zephyrus 2018-05-28 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Munro on May 29, 2018
The Rotary Club  met at the Narrandera Pistol Club on Tuesday. The evening was balmy for May as we arrived in their amazing facility fronted by a lovely garden just off Irrigation Way.
Secretary of the Pistol Club, Scott Brindley gave a history of the club. Originally closer to Narrandera, it was moved about 25 years ago to its current location. Famous Alumni are Olympians Judy Trim and Norm Harrison.
Scott introduced and spoke on a collection of pistols from the past and the present. Each had intertying methods of load and detonation. Models of Russian, German and American weaponry showed the intricacies of developing a pistol.
Scott then gave a short tour of the two 25 m ranges and explained the types of matches that are held
The club members then  returned to the clubhouse  – an amazingly well developed facility for the safety training and signing up of those who wished to participate in a small shoot. Geared with ear muffs , rehearsed in safety and coached by Narrandera members of the Pistol Club, about 10-12 Rotary members had a go at 4 magazines of 5 round. I am sure that each member will recount their success – from excellent to not getting the target at all!!
With everyone safe and weapons clear we repaired again to the club house for a great meal of Mixed grill and  vegies followed by dessert prepared by the ladies.
Rod Chant,  Pistol Club President wrapped up the evening with some closing comments and referred to how excited the pistol Club was that we should make a visit.
All in all a wonderful vocational visit and thanks to President Monique for coordinating a great night
President Monique and Scott Brindley
Carmel and Mads comparing notes
It took an inordinate amount of time ...
for some Rotarians try to complete their paperwork!
Vocational Visit - Narrandera Pistol Club Brian Munro 2018-05-28 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on May 23, 2018
On 17 May 2018, the was hosted by Walnuts Australia.  We enjoyed a comprehensive tour of their processing facility followed by a convivial supper by the lake (at least the author was told it was a lake, as the land was draped in inky shroud, the author cannot vouch for its existence).
Websters Horticulture Division is Australia's largest walnut grower and processor, handling more than 93% of Australia's walnut crop.  It has current walnut plantings of over 3,000 hectares and is continuing to increase these plantings.  Its orchards are located in both New South Wales and Tasmania.
The 2018 harvest yields approximately 9,600MT of walnuts (in shell).  Harvest quality this year has been terrific with more than 90% extra light and light walnut kernel colour.  Walnuts to continuing to invest in the industry.  It has gone through a Shell Processing Line Upgrade which has doubled output and reduced manual handling.  It continues its orchard development with expansion at Avondale West.  It has also invested into nursery production to ensure quality planting stock and allow for expansion of new varieties (including Livermore, a red coloured walnut).
Rotarians paying close attention at the colour grading line
Walnut size sorting
Very deep discussions!
Inbuilt lightsaber!
View from below
More deep discussions, this time Barry and Brian
Walnuts off for colour sorting
More deep discussions ...
... and good Rotarians all in a row!
Walnuts Australia Visit A Zephyrus 2018-05-22 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on May 15, 2018

Community BBQ & Disbursements – 26 May 2018

The Club will be hosting the official opening of the Shade Sails at Graham Park on Saturday 26 May 2018.  Presiding over the event will be our local members, the Hon. Susan Ley MP and Mr. Austin Evans MP.  Members of the Rotary Club of Hall, who assisted in the funding of the project, will also be attending.  The Club will also be conducting its annual disbursements to local community organisations.  The morning will be rounded off with a community BBQ (which we will be cooking).
Venue:  Graham Park
            Yanco Avenue
            Leeton NSW 2705
Time:    10:30 am
We also need as many members there to help out with the BBQ.  Those who can assist, please contact Barry Patten.
Notices - 17 May 2018 A Zephyrus 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on May 15, 2018
This week the Club hosted returning RYLAian Brenton Langridge.  (Claire passed on her apologies for not being able to attend).  Brenton had an amazing time in Orange.  The organisers were really enthusiastic; and he was able to learn from a diverse range of presenters.  There was a focus on interpersonal skills and networking.  There was also a focus on self-analysis (including the four colour personality test) and using this in engaging with others.  Through his experience, Brenton has developed confidence which was clearly evident in the eloquent presentation that he gave on the night.  Brenton thanked the Club for giving him the opportunity to attend RYLA.
Brenton Langridge - RYLA A Zephyrus 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
DG was in fine fettle on Thursday night, buoyed by a very successful District Conference.  George wanted the conference to focus on Clubs, Youth and Foundation and he believes that we achieved this goal.  There were many fine speakers including Sarah Brown, Peter Wilkins, Brendan Farrell and Abel Gutteres.  George thought that Sally Doig really nailed the Youth Programme in her presentation.  Everyone enjoyed themselves at the Conference Dinner (see last Bulletin for evidence) and helped raise over $1,000.00 for Polio Plus.  George thanked his wife Carol, conference chair Graeme, his committee members and everyone else who made the Conference the success that it was.
George Weston - District Conference 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0

Attendance: 93.33%

Ron Bell, Peter Draper, Graeme Kruger, Tony Roddy, Roz Thompson
Bill Aliendi, Peter Celi, Peter Errey, Grahme Fitzsimon, Peter Kelly
Brenton Langridge, Carol Weston, Bass Bhaskaran
Attendance - 10 May 2018 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on May 15, 2018

Next Meeting 17 May – Visit to Walnuts Australia

The next meeting is a vocational visit to Walnuts Australia.
Venue:  Walnuts Australia
            148 Corbie Hill Road
            Leeton NSW 2705
Time:    5:30 pm for 6:00 pm
Please wear sensible attire, including closed shoes.  The evening will start will a tour and conclude with BBQ dinner at the Boat House.

Vocational Visit – Narrandera Pistol Club

There will be no meeting on 24 May 2018.  Instead we will be visiting the Narrandera Pistol Club on Tuesday 22 May 2018.
Venue:  Narrandera Pistol Club
            Off Irrigation Way
            Cudgel NSW
Time:    5:30pm for 6:00pm
Members should be sober and bring ear protection.

Community BBQ & Disbursements – 26 May 2018

The Club will be hosting the official opening of the Shade Sails at Graham Park on Saturday 26 May 2018.  Presiding over the event will be our local members, the Hon. Susan Ley MP and Mr. Austin Evans MP.  Members of the Rotary Club of Hall, who assisted in the funding of the project, will also be attending.  The Club will also be conducting its annual disbursements to local community organisations.  The morning will be rounded off with a community BBQ (which we will be cooking).
Venue:  Graham Park
            Yanco Avenue
            Leeton NSW 2705
Time:    10:30 am
Notices - 10 May 2018 A Zephyrus 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Swap Meet 2018 2018-05-03 14:00:00Z 0


Council to support Rotary District 9700 Conference

Leeton Shire Council will provide support to the Rotary District 9700 Conference which will be held in Leeton from May 4 to May 6th.

Council received two written requests from the Rotary District 9700 Conference Ogranising Committee in relation to seeking the hire fees to be waived for the use of the Roxy Theatre for the duration of the conference and for Council to host a Mayoral Reception for invited Rotary dignitaries on the evening prior to the first day of the conference.

Leeton will play host to approximately 200 visiting delegates attending this conference.

Leeton Mayor Paul Maytom said that Council, through the development of the Leeton Community Strategic Plan "Leeton On the Go: Towards 2030" identifies that developing a thriving and diverse visitor economy is important for stimulating our local economy.

"Hosting events in Leeton such as conferences is a great opportunity to increase business visitors to our town. This also sometimes incentivises them to come back to Leeton Shire as a visitor."

"On average, most visitors to Leeton spend an average of $143 per day. Based on these figures, the Rotary District Conference has the potential to inject approximately $57,000 into the local economy which is a substantial contribution."

Within the next 12 months, Leeton will host two other significant conferences those being the Murray Darling Association Conference and the Apex District event. These activities have already been programmed into Council’s schedule.


Paul Maytom Mayor

Rotary Conference receives a Green Light from Council 2018-03-28 13:00:00Z 0
Despite the best efforts of the club led by Bruer and George we were unable to consume all the fancy buffet dishes that that the staff at the MIA FC provided this wek. For David it was a great night as Richmond were to show their colours
Buffet 2018-03-23 13:00:00Z 0
Laurie Lewin managed to squeeze a few stories and I hope some money out of all and sundry. Carol Chiswell won the wine and that is good because Bruer dislikes anything with grapes and chicken!!!
Fines 2018-03-23 13:00:00Z 0

Please find attached invitation to the Penny Paniz Art Exhibition and feel free to forward this to members of the Leeton Rotary Club, family, friends and colleagues.

 We have had a good response for the Youth category and have received 17 Artwork entries. Overall we will be exhibiting over 100 entries from local artists covering all sections.

 During the Official Opening on Thursday evening, we invite a Rotary representative to attend and present the award to the winners of your sponsored category - First and Second  prize in the Youth category.

The Art show will be at the Multipurpose Community Centre 3-5 Wade Ave From 10 am to 3pm Good Friday - Easter Monday
Penny Paniz Art Competition 2018-03-21 13:00:00Z 0
The guest speaker for tonight was Inspector Kim Traynor of the NSW Police. Kym explained that from about 2015, the NSW Police have engaged in a retraining in their tactics when confronted by an Active Armed Offender. This has followed on from other international changes.
Suitable venues where selected in various parts of the state and it transpired that the Yanco Agricultural Institute was exactly the facility that they needed for the SW of NSW. With accommodation for up to 20 onsite, a modern lecture room and various buildings such as the old FT student dormitories, they have bee  able to provide facilities that would be similar to dealing with and armed offender in a school building or a house, office block.
Students from the SW Local Area Commands have spent 3 days at YAI and a day at the Narrandera Pistol Club for their training.
Other courses run include dealing with Domestic Violence and then ongoing training for the new 3 Police districts that have just been formed.
There will be modified courses that are only 3 days and they expect to put through about 550 students in the next 15 months. This will also include an increase of 2 days of weapon training per year to 4 days.
Members of the club asked many interesting questions and Kym was thanked by our almost a visitor Tony Roddy
Active Armed Offender Training 2018-03-21 13:00:00Z 0
Please note that the Board has elected to throw Monique out and enthrone David Dean at our annual Changeover Dinner to be held on 28 JUN 18 (last Thursday in June). Please save the date
Changeover Date 2018-03-16 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Munro on Feb 25, 2018
Mary Anne Lattimore gave a great resume of a Rotary Friendship Exchange visit to Vancouver Island and Washington State with Geoff Beecher and 7 others from our district. who have come to Australia on a similar exchange. The hospitality was amazing!!
Aspects that were visited on the island included National Parks with salmon breeding, beautiful coastlines, Marine station, wildlife refuge, Rotary meetings, whale watching and the Butchart Gardens.
The city of Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and has lots of English style architecture.
The visit to Washington State which is also in the same district as Vancouver Island, include a visit to the Capital city Olympia. In Olympia they were able to visit the Capitol building which is the equivalent of our state parliament. Washington State is known for its volcanoes, agriculture, lumber, fishing, IT and dams. The main river is the Columbia which is 4 km wide at its end. During their visit they met many ex pat Ozzies and others who had been to Australia or who had significant links with our nation.
Mary-Anne was thanked by Peter Draper who has visited most of the US and Canada except for these areas. Peter noted that Mary-Anne's talk was so comprehensive, he felt that he had now had actually visited the area.
Canada Dreaming Brian Munro 2018-02-24 13:00:00Z 1
President Monique updated us by email through Acting President Geoff about the terrible form of rare cancer that her mother has to fight. Monique will be returning to Leeton for a few days and will be at the Leeton Pub for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon if any one is free to catch up. from 4.30 -5.30 pm. look after yourself Aurora. Monique returns to Perth for a couple more weeks on 1st March
Aurora 2018-02-24 13:00:00Z 0
Service Director reminded us of our future commitments at the FM in March and Marshalling at the Easter Parade. Barry publicly thanked Mads for all the help he has given during the year so far! Well done Mads. Meanwhile Mads is busy training with the soccer team during their pre season preparations and is finding himself a little TIRED!
Mads 2018-02-24 13:00:00Z 0
RYDA 2018 proved to be more successful than any other year according to a long term supporter Laurie Lewin. The BBQs were outstanding and of MKR standard according to RE student Mads who ate a large number of the Sausage sandwiches. Over 400 students benefited and our picture courtesy of The Irrigator speaks its own words
RYDA 2018 2018-02-24 13:00:00Z 0
David Dean, acting on behalf of Ditto did a round robin and managed to fine everybody on the floor with an appropriate fine. All and sundry received an appropriate caning though we are not sure as to what the references to a Mankini for David meant!!
FINES 2018-02-24 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Munro on Feb 17, 2018
Carmel Cristofaro spoke of her Life
1. Born in Leeton and Number 5/6 children
2.Grew up on family farm and did not eat if you hadn't grown it,  picked it, killed it or given to you from someone else who'd grown it, picked it or killed it.
3. Spent many hours working and picking fruit on farm and developed amazing work ethic and sense of family
4. Father - Vencenzo was born in 1929 in Cittonova - joined the Italian Army at 18 and migrated to Australia and worked on railways until marrying Angelina Scali in 1957
5. Mother Angelina was born in 1939 in Cinquefrondi. Her dad left for Australia when she was 3 months old and was not reunited until they migrated when she was 11 1/2. having done little schooling she eventually went TAFE to learn dressmaking
6. Her parents worked with her grandparents until they purchased Farm525 in 1961. Her grandparents after migrating to Australia had a further six more children and so Caramel has lots of aunts who are her own age - this leads to a very numerous group of nieces, nephews, cousins etc
7. Carmel's work history starts at leaving school in Year 10 to now being Office Manager at Ricegrowers Association of Australia
  -  Checkout operator at Leeton Fruit Supply
  -  seasonal work at Letona Fresh
 -  Office  work @ Letona Fresh
 -  Work experience @ Rockdale Beef and Jenora Potpourri
 -  Job skills traineeship with NSW Police
 -  Onto a Cert II  and then maternity relief work @ Riverina Stock Feeds
 -  Office Manager @ Murrumbidgee Fire Protection ( now known as OZ fire)
  - In 2001 as a single unmarried Italian heritage girl bought a home to live alone with her fur babies
 -  Office manager at GR Turner and Accountants
 -  Finished at TAFE  Cert IV BUS  and Cert IV Training and Assessment
 - Took a position at GetSet, that later was reduced in hours due to a cut in Government funding, so for awhile worked 3 jobs in 3 towns; namely Baaida in Griffith, GetSet in Leeton and Menagazzos in Sandigo.
 - in 2014 Carmel applied for the position at RGA. Carmel was the most outstanding candidate and has since worked with no less than 4 Executive Directors
An amazing life story that cannot be adequately reported in this media. Carmel was thanked by none other than Al Capone look alike Graeme Kruger
Carmel Cristofaro
Carmel Cristofaro Brian Munro 2018-02-16 13:00:00Z 0 Carmel,Cristofaro
Dan Cotter took over for David Dean who was celebrating in the Mountains with his family for Dabid's son's 21st birthday.
Dan has had some time up his sleeve (well short sleeves) and has been watching the Winter Olympics with Gusto. There were many trick questions of which most of us had no idea as to the answer. Dan you may go back to watching the Ice hockey and the Curling, though we know you are a closet watcher of the ladies figure skating. Thanks for a great session. Guess what - he even won the raffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fines session 2018-02-16 13:00:00Z 0
It was noted at the Board Meeting by Service Director Barry Patten that our exchange student Mads has done a great job in the last 2 months helping out at the Trot Gates, Australia Day Breakfast and Market Day.
Thank you Mads!!!
Mads Brian Munro 2018-02-16 13:00:00Z 0
An Uber passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped inches from a shop window.

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, "Look man, don't ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!"

The passenger apologized and said, "I didn't realize that a little tap would scare you so much."

The driver replied, "Sorry, it’s not really your fault. Today is my first day as an Uber driver – I've been driving a hearse for the last 25 years."

An Uber Driver Story 2018-02-16 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on Dec 06, 2017
The last day of November saw host to the Club's annual general meeting.  Much to the relief of President Elect David no blood slaked the floor of the meeting and all motions were duly passed.  (Those seeking a crimson diversion should have attended Friday's performance of Bluebeard's Castle).  
Next year's office bearers are as follows:
PresidentDavid Dean
Vice PresidentMonique Owen
SecretaryGeoff Beecher
TreasurerCarmel Cristofaro
Club AdminGraeme Kruger
Service ProjectsRoz Thompson
YouthAnthony Morton
Public ImageBrian Munro
MembershipGeorge Weston
FoundationMatt Rhodes
Public OfficerGeorge Weston
SergeantAlan Brumfield
President ElectVacant
Annual General Meeting A Zephyrus 2017-12-05 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on Dec 06, 2017
This week we welcomed our newest member, Bill Aliendi.  Bill is pictured above between President Monique and his sponsor, Laurie Lewin.   
Welcome Bill Aliendi A Zephyrus 2017-12-05 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on Nov 23, 2017
This week we had the pleasure of hosting the Friendship Exchange form D5020 - South Western Canada and North Western USA (Vancouver Island and Western Washington State).  They were Neil & Maggie Flynn, Elizabeth Turnbull, Michael Syer, Leola Kuefler, Gary McMillan, Judy Elliot, Reed Fraser, Debra Pitts, Brian Garrett, Dirk & Dixie Havlak and David & Alberta Stave.
On a sadder note, the Club bid farewell to former member Charles Cai and his wife Anna who are moving away from the area.  The Club wishes Charles and Anna all the very best for the future.
Friendship Exchange Evening A Zephyrus 2017-11-22 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on Nov 23, 2017
Last meeting the Club hosted his Excellency Abel Guterres the Timor Leste Ambassador to Australia.  His Excellency spoke about the deep and long lasting friendship between Australia and Timor Leste, recalling the mutual bonds of friendship that were forged between a group of Australian soldiers and the Timor Leste people during its occupation by the Japanese in World War 2. 
His Excellency acknowledges that Timor Leste is a fledgling democracy with all the trials that that entails.  Timor Leste needs neighbours like Australia who show true values of democracy and human rights to help foster the same in Timor Leste.  Timor Leste also needs to have a stable and economically sustainable community to underpin its stable democracy.  Hopefully the finalisation of the maritime borders between Timor Leste and Australia will provide another foundation for this stability.  
Abel Guterres - Ambassador for Timor Leste A Zephyrus 2017-11-22 13:00:00Z 0
Posted by A Zephyrus on Nov 21, 2017
Last Thursday we had the pleasure of fellow Rotarian and District Governor George Weston giving us insights into his first four months as DG.  It has been a rewarding but very busy four months for George – and he advises that it would be easier for a retiree – I mean he only has a thriving business to attend to and the duties of Deputy Mayor to perform in addition.  Anyway, George has visited 39 clubs which he finished last Thursday with the Rotary Club of Kooringal.  George has also been heavily involved in the redistricting process with D9710 which is currently occurring. 
George is amazed by all the different and diverse projects that are being carried out by Rotarians in our District.  Special mention was given to:
  • the ROMAC project of the Rotary Club of Young (bringing a young Timorese lad out to Australia and looking after him while he underwent his operations);
  • the Batt for Rotary project of the Rotary Club of Griffith Avanti (Collecting used batteries);
  • the rejuvenation of the Rotary Club of Oberon which has increased its membership from 3 to 15 Rotarians; and
  • the Rotary Club of West Wyalong who has for many years participated in a City-Country exchange whereby Students from the City come out to experience life in West Wylong and students from West Wyalong go and experience life in the City.
George’s mind is turning now to what promises to be a very successful District Conference next year.  George wants the focus of the Conference to be first and foremost on Clubs and fostering fellowship between Rotarians.  George also wants to focus on Youth and Foundation.  George has already lined up some great speakers.
Finally George gave us a run down as to where the redistricting of D9700 and D9710 is up to.  Ultimately it will occur in July 2020.  Our district will merge with the District now covering Canberra, the South Coast and the South West Slopes (hey I’m a mountain man at heart, that part of the world is important!).  Our 1,050 Rotarians will join with the approximately 1,350 Rotarians from D9710.  From a Club point of view, it will not affect the administration of the Club, however our District structure and D9710 District structure will be merged.  Teams are being formed to discuss exactly how this will be done.
George was thanked on behalf of the Club of PDG Greg Brown.
District Governor George Returns A Zephyrus 2017-11-20 13:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 09, 2017
It has been an exceedingly active week for all Rotarians!
We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday supporting and promoting Men's Health through the Mherv project.  We assisted the Calos Club (and their continued men's mental health project's) with their Leeton Harley and Bike Muster.  We cooked up a storm on Sunday with the special market day for the Leeton Band Spectacular.  Finally a small contingent of us trekked off to Young to be indoctrinated into the use of these new fangled things called computers.  What is more, there is nary a photograph in sight.  So you will have to make do with the below which is the product of some new found skills from Sunday.
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WHETHER men do laugh or weep, 
Whether they do wake or sleep, 
Whether they die young or old, 
Whether they feel heat or cold; 
There is underneath the sun 
Nothing in true earnest done. 
All our pride is but a jest, 
None are worst and none are best; 
Grief and joy and hope and fear 
Play their pageants everywhere: 
Vain Opinion all doth sway, 
And the world is but a play. 
Powers above in clouds do sit, 
Mocking our poor apish wit, 
That so lamely with such state 
Their high glory imitate. 
No ill can be felt but pain, 
And that happy men disdain. 
Thomas Campion (?)
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Posted on Nov 02, 2017
Breaking bread, sharing a drink, stories and a few laughs - what better way to enjoy an evening.  A very successful President's night!



The motley crew assembled!


Winners are grinners!


Another happy winner!


A convivial night enjoyed by all!

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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 31, 2017

VRA Vocational Visit

This week the Club was welcomed to the training grounds to the Leeton VRA.  The VRA put on a great spread and we learnt about the fantastic works that the VRA is doing within our community.  


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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 26, 2017

“mherv … shining a light on men’s health in Rural Australia!”

Men’s Health Education Rural Van (mherv) is out and about in rural New South Wales to save lives ….

Sounds a bit dramatic maybe!… But plenty of rural men just drop dead in the paddock, because ‘nobody saw it coming’

Do you know that many men in rural Australia ‘haven’t had time’ to have a check-up with their doctor for months…. many haven’t seen a surgery door for years!

mherv’s job is to shine a light into the future for these blokes.  With a few simple tests, shining that light may reflect green, amber or bright red! … Just about anything that the mherv tests show, is easily treated by a local family doctor.  But if there’s an amber or red light it may need to be done soon.

It’s a five minute … non-invasive group of tests.

• Blood pressure just to check the heart isn’t too stressed.

• Blood sugar levels … just a pin-prick in the finger, to make sure there’s no type two diabetes … which is manageable even if there is.

• Cholesterol … just another pin-prick to see if levels are high and need attention.

• There’s also a test for bowel cancer … we’ll provide the kit, but that needs to be done later at home.

See! … nothing to it! But in the past when mherv has shown us a bright red light, we know that lives have been saved.

C’mon girls!  … don’t lose the one you love for the sake of a few minutes with mherv. Drag ‘em in!

A health check with mherv is completely free.  It is a community service provided by Rotary and our sponsors.

You will see and hear about mherv before the van arrives in town. Local Rotary clubs will make sure you know all about it. Where the van will be parked, and the times it will be open to do the tests. Rotarians will host the project, they are people you know from your district …they will be on hand throughout the visit.

Whatever happens it’s good news, either you get peace of mind or a bit of information that could save your life!

So…visit mherv … just man up and get tested! … Your family and friends will be happy that you did!

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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 26, 2017

Next Meeting - 2 November 2017 - President's Night

The next meeting will be held at the Leeton & District Bowling Club, 12 Willow Street, Leeton NSW 2705  6:00 pm for 6:30 pm.  Apologies and Guests to Weston & Weston as usual.

AGM - 30 November 2017

Rotarians are advised that the Annual General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Leeton Inc. will be conducted on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 6:30 p.m., at the MIA Function Venue, Racecourse Road, Leeton New South Wales.  In accordance with the By-laws, nominations for election as an officer or director of the Club must be submitted to the Secretary 7 days prior to the AGM.

Christmas Party - 9 December 2017

The Club will be celebrating the end of the year by holding its annual Christmas party on 9 December 2017 - further details to follow.
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 23, 2017
This evening Gary Lanham gave a presentation to the Club on the Nabuke Project that he has set up.  Last year Fiji suffered from the biggest cyclone that it has ever had.  Gary was in Fiji shortly after the Cyclone and saw first hand the devastation that it caused.  One of the villages that he visited was Vidrala.  Vidrala is on the coast of Viti Levu near Lautoka.  Although the village is on the mainland, due to its location and the terrain, the best way to get there is by boat.  Before the cyclone, there were 104 houses in the village.  The cyclone left 3 houses standing.  Vidrala has had a long association with Leeton, and Gary wanted to do something to held.  Initially it was only Gary & Beth involved, but then the Phantoms Football Club also came on board and they have been able to raise $20,000 to $25,000.  With this money, they have been able to complete 16 houses.  They have also been able to finance the purchase of a new motor for the village boat.  Gary advised that there are about half a dozen villages in similar circumstances.  Unfortunately they do not receive enough support from the Fijian government.  Gary and Horse were thanked by John Ryan.
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Last meeting was indeed a special meeting.  We have the pleasure of inducting our newest member into the Club - Carmel Cristofaro.  Carmel was introduced by her sponsor Graeme Kruger and inducted by President Monique.  Carmel has been entrusted with the classification of Agribusiness Administration.  Carmel was warmly welcomed by members of the Club.
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October is Mental Health Month.  Our last meeting was an Australian Rotary Health "Hat Day" function aimed at raising money for the Lift the Lid campaign.  100% of the money raised goes directly to research helping the one in five Australians affected by depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other illnesses.  Fun was had by all during the evening, including the huge floppy hats, the ear drum bursting beasts and the infamous wine toss.  I am pleased to announce that the Club raised $404.60 during the night for the Lift the Lid campaign.  
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 16, 2017
Last Thursday Night, the Club was hosted by the Calos Club at their Clubhouse in Wamoon.  Pat Tripodi bought the Club up to date with the activities of the Calos.  They have previous presented their DVD about men's depression to the Club.  So far they have given away 6,000 copies of the DVD.
Last year the Calos Harley Bike Muster raised $21,000.00.  Some of this has been used for mental health training.  
We are in a remote/rural area and it can take up to 2-3 month for people to be able to access the mental health services that they need.  The Calos have started a 3 year Rural Outback Counselling programme which employs a Counsellor to speak with farmers on farm.  In order to fund this programme, they need to raise $60,000.00 per year.  At the moment they have five sponsors funding half of this amount, and are seeking another five sponsors.
Pat's brief update was followed by a feast prepared for the Club by the Calos members.  
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 09, 2017

Verona - 1 August 2017

Greetings from Sunny Verona. 
Well I spent all of yesterday exploring Verona. I have visited 3 churches and the old Roman Arena and walked around approx 20km. Roman Arena was interesting. Used now to stage open air performances. Stage was set for Tosca, but they were beginning to set up for Aida. No performances while I am here unfortunately.  Arena is big but not huge. Even people in the cheap seats would be afforded a good view.  Pic of me with the bad hair is from the cheap seats at very top of stadium. Could hold 30,000 people.
Had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Castel St Pietro. Photo 4 is view from my seat - sitting on narrow balcony on top of the river (which at this point is broken and roaring as it runs over rocks) surrounded by greenery - ivy and petunias. Magical. Lunch was very pleasant. Restaurant is in the Michelin guide. Washed lunch down with local Ripasso (red).  Speaking of Reds, the Zenato Amarone which I had last night before was absolutely superb. My tasting notes - "deep lustrous inky crimson wine. Earthy and Cassis nose, possible hint of violet. Great viscosity, runnels sticking to side of glass. Smooth and balanced palate. Ripe cherry and cassis. Very fine silky tannins. High in the flavour palate spectrum - not weighed down say tenor or contralto. Superb wine."
I would also recommend a good Ripasso as a fine medium body wine.

Venice - 2 August 2017 (am)

A rather slow start to the day today, woke at 610.  Have been for walk this morning through Dorsoduro and Santa Croce.  Below photos mostly from this morning - view from the Ponte Academia, the a close up of "fate of a banished man" then two views from the Rialto.
Dorsoduro really interesting and will try to get back there this afternoon.
Went for walk up north yesterday through San Polo and Cannaregio. Venice is just a maze of alleys and passageways - great for getting lost on purpose! 
Dinner last night was at a Venitian/Sicilian fusion restaurant on one of the Piazza's. Sitting outside looking over square. Still approx 30C. Perfect!
This was followed by a concert in a former church near the Academia - Vivaldi's 4 Seasons and Handel's Concerto Grosso.  Artists were great. Acoustics of the church were outstanding - great resonance - most noticeable in Largo in F moll from Fur winter the interpretation bought the pizzicato to the fore which was fantastic, however it seemed to lose a little of it's cleanness/crispness. It was great all the same.
I don't know if it was the 5:00am start, the 17km I walked, or the bottle of Soave I necked in approx an hour at dinner, but I was fairly tired and relaxed last night!
Anyway, time to start the day, more again soon

Athens - 5 August 2017

G'day all
It has been a couple of days since my last missive due to travel. 
So were to start, well let's start with today and see how far this beer takes me! Firstly may I say that I must be totally insane - that's right complete raving bonkers to be traipsing up hill and down dale inspecting dusty fallen down monuments in 35C + heat, but that is what I have done today.  23km, 30000 steps and 105 flights of stairs later and my feet are complaining! Beer is helping. 
There is a line from Marcus Aurelius's meditations to the effect "All is ephemeral; the fame and the famous". It was on the first guide board of the first monument that I visited today and it has stayed with me all day - what is being remembered by these monuments is not the people who constructed them, but our representations and reinterpretation of them. Anyway enough philosophising.
So I started with the Roman forum and the Temple of the Winds. Then climbed to the Aropolis and started by exploring southern side - Odeon of Herodes Atticus which has been restored and the Amphitheater of Dyonisis which has not. Then climbed to the top and walked around Parthenon and saw Temple of Nike. After Acropolis climbed to top of adjoining hill to the sanctuary of the muses. This was a very peaceful walk through shrubland. I must say that the landscape is very different from Italy. Very arid and stones. Reminiscent of home but with a lot more stones. Constant cicada chorus.
Following this Acropolis Museum which was a relief from the heat. Then following a bite for lunch, the Temple of Zeus - of which not much remains. Finally I walked back to the Ancient Agora and had an explore there including looking at the Temple of Hephaestes. As if that wasn't enough, I trekked across town to the Athens museum and inspected the sculpture collection. Collection is amazing but very foot sore by this stage so did not enjoy as much as I could.
Off to Santorini tomorrow

Naxos - 12 August 2017

I'm sitting here sipping a mojito at the Diogenes Cafe on Naxos Habour after a glorious day on Naxos. So I have been incommunicado this past week, however I am currently taking advantage of free wifi.
So we departed Fira on Monday for Ios and if memory recalls, I caught you up very briefly from Ios on Tuesday morning before we departed.
From Ios we set sail, and yes we did sail, for the smaller Cyclades. We had great winds and I had opportunity to steer boat (see below) - why am I living so far from the coast? Sailing is so much fun. After about 5 hours sailing we arrive at Schinoussa. Beautiful bay with crystal clear water and a beach bar. Moored in the bay and swam to the beach. Energetic afternoon spent reading and  drinking in perfect temperature. More energetic for dinnner as we had to climb to the top of the hill to the Chora to get to restaurant. Photos 3 & 4 are the traffic signage en route and view from top of hill looking back to boat.
From there we sailed to a tiny unpopulated Despotiko on the other side of the Cyclades. Weather was an it rougher and we were all drenched,  it hey that's all part of it.  BBQ on the beach for dinner - perfect.
Yesterday we sailed to Naxos. Spent yesterday afternoon wandering around Naxos Town. Very pretty - classic white buildings and little alleyways. Had first shower of the week so felt a lot better. Group dinner (all dinners thus far have been) at local restaurant- again food amazing.
Today I have spent hooning around Naxos on a quad bike. Interesting island. Very roacky and hilly. Also very arid. Visited mountain were it is said Zeus was raised. Highlight of course was all the little villages nestled in the hillsides - all whitewashed and gleaming.
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 09, 2017
Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by.
                                                           JRR Tolkien
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 09, 2017
The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

The Road goes ever on and on
Out from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone.
Let others follow, if they can!
Let them a journey new begin.
But I at last with weary feet
Will turn towards the lighted inn,
My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

Still 'round the corner there may wait
A new road or secret gate;
And though I oft have passed them by,
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.
                                                JRR Tolkien
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 02, 2017
Eight intrepid Rotarians and two guests joined together last Thursday night under the eaves of the Historic Hydro Hotel.  Our cosy cohort enjoyed the pleasures of the vine while being bought up to date on the latest developments in Aged Care.  For those Rotarians who were unable to attend, the best starting point for obtaining information into Aged Care is the Commonwealth Government's website ''.  This is in fact the portal for government supported aged care services and the initial contact point for seeking assistance.
There are two types of aged care assistance available - home based care and residential aged care. 

Home Based Care

Home based care is split into two separate programmes. 
The first programme is the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).  This is an entry level programme designed to assist older people live independently at home.  It can provide a range of services including domestic assistance, meals, maintenance, transportation, home modification, and allied health support services.  
The second programme is the Home Care Package programme.  This is designed for older people who need more assistance, but again is designed to allow people to live independently at home.  There are four levels of support provided depending upon the need of the person concerned. 

Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care provides full time residential care for older people who are assessed as being in need of such care.  The assessment is carried out by the Aged Care Assessment Team.

Residents of Aged Care facilities are expected to contribute financially towards the cost of their care.  With this in mind, there are four fees/expenditures which must be considered:

1. Accommodation Payment

The accommodation payment is the amount paid in order to secure a place within an aged care facility (ie the amount paid to get your foot in the door).  Each facility sets its own Accommodation Payment amount for each room type that it provides in the facility and must publish this on the My Aged Care website.  (An aged care facility can offer more than one room type, and have different accommodation payments applicable to each room type).  The Accommodation Payment can be paid in three ways:

(a) by way of a cash payment - this is known as a Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC).  This amount is held by the facility and fully refunded when the resident departs (although they do not pay interest).

(b) by way of a daily payment - this is known as a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC).  This is equivalent to interest on the Accommodation Payment at a rate set by the Government calculated on a daily basis (it is not refundable).

(c) a combination of RAC and DAC - ie you can pay some of the Accommodation Contribution as a deposit, and on that part that you do not pay by way of a deposit, you pay a DAC in respect of.

The average Accommodation Payment in this area is a little over $400,000.00.

2. Daily Care Fee

Everyone pays the daily care fee.  The daily care fee is equivalent to 85% of the single aged pension.  Those who do not receive the full single aged pension are required to fund any shortfall themselves.

3. Means Tested Fee

In addition to the Daily Care Fee, an additional daily fee may also be payable based upon the Resident's income and assets.  Each resident is required to have an income and assets test undertaken to determine if this fee is payable, and if so the amount of the means tested fee.  There is an annual cap on the means tested fee which at the moment is $26,566.54.  This that once a resident pays means tested fees to that amount in any year, they cease to pay further means tested fees for that year (it does not mean that the maximum daily amount is $26,566.54/365).  There is a lifetime cap which is currently $63,759.59.  Once a resident pays this amount of means tested fee, they do not pay any more for the rest of their life.  It is roughly equivalent to 2.5 times the annual cap.  We note the average life expectancy of a resident in aged care is under three years for males and just over three years for females.

4. Extra Services Fees

Extra Services Fees may be charged by an Aged Care Facility for everything that is not included in the normal services provided by the facility.  For example, wine with dinner and haircuts.

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Posted by A Zephyrus on Oct 02, 2017
Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd,
By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.
What then am I? Am I more senseless grown
Than Trees, or Flint? O force of constant Woe!
'Tis not in Harmony to calm my Griefs.
                                                               Act 1 Scene 1
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Sep 25, 2017

Mads Hindsgavl

This week our new exchange student, Mads Hindsgavl gave his introductory talk to the Club.  Mads hales from Aarup on the island of Funen in Denmark.  It is a small town of approximately 3,000 people.  He lives with his parents and in younger sister in an impressive looking brick house that has been fully restored by his parents.  His father runs the family business, building farmhouses and other structures.  Mads has a close knit family all of whom reside close to home.  Mads enjoys playing soccer with his friends – he enjoys the experience playing soccer much more than watching soccer.
Mads gave us an explanation of how the Danish Education System works:
  1. Preschool – Age 6
  2. Primary School – Years 1-9 (Ages 7-16)
  3. Upper Secondary School – Years 10-12 (Ages 17-19)
4A.Gymnasium and then onto Higher Education; or
4B. Vocational Education and Training.
The Education system in Denmark is all free.  Mads note that students in the Danish system also seem to display much more respect for their teachers than he has thus far observed in Australia.
Mads also gave us some background on his home Country, Denmark.  Mads was warmly thanked by David Dean and the Club.
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Posted on Sep 17, 2017


Cloaked in night’s inky shade; gripped by winter’s icy claw; we wait enduring Demeter’s wild lament.  Yearning for the suns warm embrace, cerulean skies and verdant ground, we wait.  We are expectant. 

Ah but feel now the whisper of the zephyrs gentle embrace.  Persephone is returning, we will wait no more.

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On Retired Dragonslayers - Tad Williams

I also have a thing for the idea of retired dragonslayers.  I mean, if what you do is kill dragons, there's going to be a point where you get too old to ply your trade.  (That's if you're good.  If you're not, you've already been charbroiled a long time ago and the issue is academic.)  I mean, it's dire, hard work killing a full-grown dragon.  At least I assume so, not having done it myself recently.
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On Thursday night Cindy addressed the Club on the issue of Child Protection.  This was a particularly pertinent topic as this week is Foster Care week.
Cindy trained as a teacher and was director of the pre-school in Coleambally before returning to study to complete a Masters focusing on Child Protection.  Since completing her Masters, Cindy has first worked for the Department of Community Services and now works for Community Health.  She has over 11.5 years experience this in field.  As part of her current role, Cindy works with families who whose children are at risk, providing them with education and support to enable the children to remain in their home environment.  Cindy also assists parents whose children have been removed to develop and make changes in their lives so that they can resume care for their children.
There are four main areas of risk for children.  These are:
  • neglect (the continued failure to provide the basic things needed for life)
  • sexual abuse;
  • physical abuse; and
  • emotional abuse (behaviour which damages the confidence or self esteem of the child resulting in serious emotional disturbance or psycological trauma
Adverse childhood experiences have a detrimental effect on the development of the brain.  The brain develops sequentially.  The brain stem develops first, then the mid brain, followed by the upper brain in two parts.  Children who experience a lot of trauma growing up develop over sensitised brain stems and mid brains.  These are the parts of the brain which control autonomic functions including the flight, fight or freeze function.  Such children tend to be more impulsive and reactive as their ability to moderate these activities (which rests in the upper brain) is reduced.
Cindy was thanked by Roz Thompson/ 
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Posted on Jul 27, 2017

Rotary Ball

Your shoes are polished to a mirror sheen; Your Dinner suite has been cleaned and pressed and is free of lint; Each pleat on your crisp snow white wing collar shirt has been ironed to millimeter precision; Its party time! Just one more sleep until the Ball.  See you there.  
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Jul 27, 2017

Induction of Dan Cotter

This evening Dan Cotter was inducted as a member of the Club by President Monique.  Dan has been entrusted with the classification of Engineering Lubrication.  Dan's sponsor was Bruer Chiswell.  Dan was warmly welcomed by all members.
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Posted by A Zephyrus on Jul 27, 2017

Come again! Sweet love doth now Invite

Come again! sweet love doth now invite
Thy graces that refrain
To do me due delight,
To see, to hear, to touch, to kiss, to die,
With thee again in sweetest sympathy.

Come again! that I may cease to mourn
Through thy unkind disdain;
For now left and forlorn
I sit, I sigh, I weep, I faint, I die
In deadly pain and endless misery.

All the day the sun that lends me shine
By frowns do cause me pine
And feeds me with delay;
Her smiles, my springs that makes my joys to grow,
Her frowns the Winters of my woe.

All the night my sleeps are full of dreams,
My eyes are full of streams.
My heart takes no delight
To see the fruits and joys that some do find
And mark the storms are me assign'd.

Out alas, my faith is ever true,
Yet will she never rue
Nor yield me any grace;
Her eyes of fire, her heart of flint is made,
Whom tears nor truth may once invade.

Gentle Love, draw forth thy wounding dart,
Thou canst not pierce her heart;
For I, that do approve
By sighs and tears more hot than are thy shafts
Did tempt while she for triumph laughs.


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Posted by A Zephyrus on Jul 25, 2017

Anna Celi - Stepping out for Youth

Anna Celi informed the Club as to the current projects of Stepping out for Youth.  Anna last addressed the Club approximately 2 years ago.  Since then Stepping out for Youth has lost its premises so can no longer run its drop in centre.  However it still extremely active and carries on a myriad of programmes. 
Stepping out for Youth is a youth organisation.  It has a committee made up of both Seniors and Juniors, each with their own defined roles within the organisation.  The current programs of Stepping out for youth include:
Cultural Dance Performance – they have 45 12-17 year olds working together on a cultural dance performance.  This will involve difference groups performing their own cultural dance and conclude with all participants dancing together.  The performance is set for September this year.
Community Mentor Programme – This programme is designed to assist disengaged and at risk teenagers.  The adult mentors have been chosen as they had difficulties growing up which they have been able to overcome.  The programme is based on a work experience model with the teen and mentor participating in a work activity together as a catalyst for discussion.  The programme is finished for this year, however has been requested by Schools to run again next year.
School Holiday Activities – As Stepping Out for Youth no longer has a drop in Centre, they have begun organising an activity each School Holidays to promote friendship creation amongst youth.  The last activity was a trip to Wagga which created many friendships.
Be your own kind of Beautiful – This is a 5 week programme designed to build self-esteem for girls aged 12-16.  It combines motivational speakers and activities.
Ultimately Stepping out for Youth wants to give local kids opportunities to do stuff and give back to the Community. Z
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Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 16, 2017

DG George & Carol Weston & Family together with President Monique and DG Michael on presentation of PHF to Carol Weston

A little late to be reading the fine print!
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Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 16, 2017
Loves Labour's Lost Act 5 Scene 2
William Shakespeare
WHEN icicles hang by the wall,
  And Dick the shepherd blows his nail,
And Tom bears logs into the hall,
  And milk comes frozen home in pail,
When blood is nipped, and ways be foul,
Then nightly sings the staring owl,
To-whit, to-whoo, a merry note,
While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.
When all aloud the wind doth blow,
  And coughing drowns the parson’s saw,
And birds sit brooding in the snow,
  And Marian’s nose looks red and raw,
When roasted crabs hiss in the bowl,
Then nightly sings the staring owl,
To-whit, to-whoo, a merry note,
While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.
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Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 16, 2017

This week the Club welcomed newly installed District Governor George Weston for his first Club visit as DG.  Basically DG George's ethos can be summed up by the immortal words, "Hello, my name is George and my team and I are here to help you."  

George has been a member of Rotary (and in particular our Club) for the last 35 years.  His main focus has been on Youth programmes and has had long involvement in Youth Exchange, RYPEN, RYLA and MUNA (Model United Nations) both as a Club and District Level.  He also has a passion for RAWCS and has significant involvement in Rotary and other Programmes in Timor Leste.  

George sees fellowship as a vital part of Rotary; noting that together we can do remarkable things.  George has three main areas of focus this year:

1. Club

The Club is the essence of Rotary.  George wants to support the Clubs within the District, to assist them to achieve their goals and help them remain sustainable and vibrant.  

2. Youth

As indicated earlier, Youth projects are an important focus for George.  George recounted that he is only in the fortunate position that he is today in due in part to a little luck when he was growing up.  George asks each of us to be that little luck for young people today. 

3. Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's Charity.  It has been in existence for more than 100 years doing good works throughout the world.  Money donated to the Foundation is used for Rotary projects delivered by Rotary volunteers.  

In addition to the above, George asks us to embrace the Environmental Project of our Rotary International President Ian Riseley to plant at least 1 tree for each Rotarian before Rotary's birthday on 22 April 2018.  

The Reagan connotations of the above aphorism do not apply in the case of DG George.  George is a committed and sincere Rotarian and we are looking forward to a great year with him as District Governor. 西

District Governor George Zephyrus 2017-07-15 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 10, 2017

President Monique Owen attended changeover on behalf of the Club.  Monique with the new Inner Wheel President, Moira Buller.  


Inner Wheel Changeover Zephyrus 2017-07-09 14:00:00Z 0
Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 09, 2017

Bishop Rob Gillion

Last Thursday the Club was honoured to be addressed by his Grace Bishop Rob Gillion, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Riverina.  
Prior to being consecrated and installed in 2014, Bishop Rob was the Rector at Holy Trinity in Upper Chelsea in England.  It was a condition precedent of his acceptance of the ministry that he be elected unanimously (a condition imposed by his wife Jeanine).  The vote was in fact unanimous (something that has not happened in Australia before) and here they are.  Bishop Rob admits to there being a little bit of a culture shock; however he notes that Australia is a good place to be a Bishop as there is no chance of being grand or up yourself.
Bishop Rob began life as an actor.  He has made great use of the skills that he honed while treading the boards in his ministry.  Acting requires you to step into the shoes of a character, to live the experience of that character.  These empathetic skills have proved invaluable to Bishop Rob in his ministry.  Bishop Rob has even gone as far as spending a week in a maximum security prison in Hong Kong to live the experience of the prisoners to whom he was chaplain.
The Anglican Diocese of the Riverina covers 37% of the State of New South Wales.  It incorporates 23 Parishes and stretches from The Rock and Corowa in the east to Broken Hill and White Cliffs in the west.  During his first year Bishop Rob covered 100,000 kilometres visiting each parish.  Bishop Rob sees the greatest challenges facing those within his Diocese as isolation, loneliness and nature (fire, floods, plague etc).  However Bishop Rob is inspired by the people that he has meet in his travels and sees hospitality as the true gift of the outback.  
Bishop Rob left us with two pearls of wisdom.  Firstly "God does not expect us to be perfect, just excellent."  Secondly, "Every day is a gift from God; the way we live it is our gift to Him."  
Bishop Rob was thanked on behalf of the Club by Brian Munro.
Bishop Rob Gillion - Step into someone else's shoes Zephyrus 2017-07-08 14:00:00Z 0

The Club has committed to a project to install shade sails at Graham Park - building on the tradition of Service Club involvement with the Park (APEX being involved in its original development).  The outgoing Board made a commitment of $5,000.00 toward the project.  Last Tuesday, newly induced (sic) President Monique Owen attended the Changeover of the Rotary Club of Hall on 27 June 2017 where accepted a cheque on behalf of the Club for $8,000.00 being a donation towards the Project. Our thanks go out to the Rotary Club of Hall.  The project is currently in the planning stages and we look forward to bringing it into fruition this year.  

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Posted by Zephyrus on Jul 02, 2017

Ian H.S. Riseley - Rotary International President-elect 2016-17Some years ago, a new acquaintance asked me what should have been a simple question: “What is Rotary?” I opened my mouth to reply and then stopped short with the realization that I simply did not know where to begin. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what Rotary was. The problem was that Rotary was — and is — too large and complex to easily define. We are a member-based organization, a club-based organization, and a servicebased organization; we are local, regional, and international; we are community members, business people and professionals, working and retired, active in nearly every country in the world. Every one of our 1.2 million members has a unique set of goals, experiences, and priorities; every one of us has a unique understanding of Rotary.

To me, Rotary is defined not by who we are, but by what we do — by the potential that Rotary gives us, and the ways we realize that potential in meaningful and lasting service. Rotary has been around for a long time: 112 years. In some ways, we’ve changed tremendously, as we’ve grown, matured, and adapted to the changing needs of our members and communities. In our fundamentals, however, we remain the same: an organization of people with the desire — and through Rotary, the ability — to make a difference in our communities, and the world. We answer the question “What is Rotary?” with our actions, by making a difference through our service.
As an organization, we recognize how important it is that the world understand what Rotary is, and what we do. At the same time, we know that it is more important than ever to allow our clubs to define Rotary service for themselves. As Rotarians, we have more flexibility than ever to decide how we want our clubs to meet, work, and grow. We’re focused more than ever on making sure that Rotary reflects the people it serves, with more women and a more diverse membership. And we’re working hard to ensure that Rotary remains the world’s pre-eminent volunteer service organization, by emphasizing long-term planning, sustainable service, and continuity in leadership on every level.
In 2017-18, we will answer the question “What is Rotary?” with the theme Rotary: Making a Difference. However each of us chooses to serve, we do it because we know our service makes a difference in the lives of others. Whether we are building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better. Whatever motivation each of us had for joining Rotary, it is the satisfaction we find in Rotary that causes us to remain, the satisfaction of knowing that week by week, year by year, we are part of Rotary: Making a Difference.
Ian HS Riseley RI President 2017/2018
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Missing from last week’s epistle from your present interlocutor was a proper introduction of this year’s Board.  They are as follows:
President:         Monique Owen
Vice President:  Geoff Beecher
President Elect: David Dean
Secretary:         Brian Munro
Treasurer:        Matt Rhodes
Club Admin:      Anthony Morton
Service:            Barry Patten
Youth:              Len Wade
Membership:     Laurie Lewin
Foundation:      Greg Brown
Public Relations Graeme Kruger
Rotarian's worked for their supper this week; engaging in a lengthy planning session with their fellow committee members following dinner.  Many interesting and exciting ideas and plans were discussed and the year's agenda set.  The room was filled with energy, enthusiasm and vitality.  Each Rotarian has their own talents and skills.  Working together in euphony we cannot but achieve our goals.  I look forward to what promises to be a very exciting and productive 12 months.   
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Posted by Zephyrus on Jun 27, 2017


Winter Solstice is the traditional time for feasting and merrymaking and, in this at least, an intrepid swarm of Rotarians proved themselves to be nothing but traditionalists last Saturday night; coming together from across District 9700 to celebrate the 77th annual Changeover of the Rotary Club of Leeton and the Changeover of D9700.  A fun and convivial night was had by all.  The highlights of the evening included the conferral of Paul Harris Fellowship (Sapphire Pin) on Rotarian Brian Munro and a Paul Harris Fellowship on Carol Weston.  Both Brian and Carol actively work to better our community and their works are deserving of such recognition.  The big event of the evening (from the Club's point of view) was the Changeover of Officers.  President Geoff recounted his term in office including, most notably, the improvements made at Gossamer Park.  As an aside, Geoff has the thanks and gratitude of each and every Rotarian for his productive leadership of the Club over the last year.  President Geoff then relinquished the mantle of Office and induced Monique Owen as 2017/2018 President.  The assemblage was then treated to a very urbane outline of President Monique's  goals for the year before being introduced to her Board.  
Following a short musical interlude, the floor was surrendered to District Governor Michael Milston and the D9700 changeover which saw the induction of DG George Weston.  
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Posted by Robert Parsons on Oct 09, 2016

On 6 October 2016 Rotarian Kerry Dowley gave a presentation to the Club on his recent trip to Myanmar.  He described Myanmar as a very magical place.  Maynmar has been a difficult place to visit because of the political situation but this has changed in recent years.   Archaeologists have traced its history back some 5,000 years. It comprises many states and was first unified in 1044. It was for many years a monarchy but was taken over by the Japanese during WW11, was liberated by the British and became independent in 1948 but because of political problems has since been effectively taken over by the military who hold 25% of the parliamentary seats. So much for democracy!   The country has a population of about 51 million.  Kerry described it as a very picturesque country comprising hills. rivers and dirt tracks   The north is sparsely populated except for the river valleys.  It is a very religious country with a lot of village industries making images of Buddha.   Amongst Kerry’s photographs were the world’s largest Pagoda about 50 metres high built in 1839 which has a 97 tonne bell and the world’s longest timber bridge – 2.7Km built from teak.  Kerry also had many photos depicting village life. 

Kerry Dowley's trip through Myanmar Robert Parsons 2016-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Grahams Parkes, from NSW Fire & Rescue was our guest speaker for the evening.
At a recent dinner in Batemans Bay, Graham was awarded Officer of the Year (in a paid capacity) at the Rotary NSW Emergency Services Community Awards Presentation.
Graham gave a brief and very moving talk about the work he does within the emergency services providing trauma counselling to emergency services personnel.
Graham was thanked on behalf of the Club by Len Wade.
Guest Speaker - Graham Parkes Graham Heffer 2016-09-08 00:00:00Z 0


In November our District will host a reciprocal team from District 2380 in Sweden where a team from this District visited last August.  Hosting clubs for this exchange will include Orange, Wagga Wagga and Leeton whose members were part of that team. Also in November we will have the offer to send a team to District 4740 in Brazil. This would be a fascinating place to visit and nominations to join this team are now being sort.  Please be in touch if you are at all interested.
Friendship Exchange Bob Parsons 2015-07-04 00:00:00Z 0
What is it like taking a large team to Africa?  It has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. In mid February, I began leading Rotary members from all over the East Coast of the United States through Ghana. I’ve tried to give the team a warm Ghanaian welcome like I’ve received on my earlier trips. A large trip is a real blessing because each person sees Ghana and our work in a different way.
Saving lives in Ghana 2015-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Throughout India and around the world, Rotary clubs are celebrating a major milestone: India has gone three years without a new case of polio. The last reported case was a two-year-old girl in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. To mark this historic triumph, Rotary clubs illuminated landmarks and iconic structures throughout the country with four simple but powerful words, "India is polio free."
India celebrates three years without polio 2015-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
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