Posted by Dan Cotter on Nov 24, 2018
Yanco Agricultural High School
For those of you who didn't attend Thursday's vocational visit to the Yanco Agricultural High School because you were too busy getting your hair done (Carmel Cristofaro….!!) tough nuggies! You missed a delightful evening AND, probably the best meal the entire history of Rotary Club meals!!
Our thanks to Yanco Ag. Principal Gary Hunt for hosting the club to a tour of the High School's facilities and providing an insightful history of the institution.
Principal Gary Hunt 
Also, many many thanks to Jenny Wrightson, head of the Hospitality Department, and her students for preparing the delicious three course meal enjoyed by all.
Jenny Wrightson
As we approach the Christmas season there will be a few busy days ahead. Please take note of the following dates and events.
Thursday, 9 Nov. Annual General Meeting (closed meeting)
Nominations for the board are open. There will also be Light Up Leeton ham raffle preparation.
Friday, 10 Nov. Sunrice BBQ
We'll be looking for volunteers for this event.
Saturday, 11 Nov. Farmers and Makers Market
Come along to help out if you're available
Sunday, 12 Nov. Light Up Leeton
All hands on deck!!