Paul Harris Fellows

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges contributions of US$1,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation by an individual or in the name of an individual.  It has been a long standing tradition of the Rotary Club of Leeton to make donations to the Rotary Foundation in the name of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service to our Community so that they may be recognised as Paul Harris Fellows.  It is a mark our our Club's esteem for these people.  


List of Paul Harris Fellows

E Gordon H Thomson 1979
Stan Harrison 1981
Jack Pennington 1985
Raymond Watson 1986
Dorothy May Cameron 1987
Marie Maguire 1988
Cliff R Savill 1988
Avis C Scorer 1988
Maurice Harrison 1991
Bruce Rodely 1992
Helen Bates 1993
David Morris 1993
Norman Houghton 1994
Frank E Kennedy 1995
June Lewis 1995
Gordon B Parsons 1996
Jack Patten 1997
Peter Francis Kelly 1997
Allen Reberger 1997
William J H Blacker 1998
George Patrick Weston 1998
Douglas Matthew Pascoe 1999
Leonard Richard Wade 2002
William C Wood 2003
Robert David Parsons 2004
David Morris 2005 (Sapphire)
Leslie Ward 2007
Greg C Brown 2010
Alan John Brumfield 2010
Donald McGregor 2010
Brian Edward Munro 2010
Graeme Kruger1 2012
Laurie Lewin 2012
Shirley Wood 2012
Annette Wade 2015
Paul Maytom 2016
Graham Parks2 2017
Neil Ditton 2017
Brian Edward Munro 2017 (Sapphire)
Carol Weston 2017
George Patrick Weston 2017 (Sapphire)
1 Conferred by Graeme Kruger's previous Club
Conferred in conjunction with Rotary Club of Leeton Central