Posted by Dan Cotter on Mar 10, 2019
 Rotary Exchange Student Luke Hoskin
Bass thanks Luke Hoskin
Thanks Luke for stopping by the club last Thursday to tell us all about your adventures in Germany. Luke did his exchange to the small city of Viersen near Düsseldorf in northern Germany. His host parents were both doctors at a local hospital. Luke was able to see a lot of Europe in his travels with his host family and, along the way, became quite fluent in both German and Russian. Since his return Luke has been working as a roustabout and is about to go to Hillston for a 10 week stint as a brush cutter.
Fine Session
Impromptu Fine Session by Greg - caught most members off guard by fining those who haven't yet registered for the District Conference!!
Member Update
Member Update by Andrew
George has passed along this cheat-sheet of topic ideas for member updates:
  • When did you join Rotary?
  • Who was your sponsor?
  • What is/was your vocation?
  • Any changes to your vocation?
  • Highlights of your Rotary career?
  • What do you get out of Rotary?
  • What do you see as the Future of Rotary? 
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