Posted by Dan Cotter on Feb 25, 2019
Roxy Redevelopment
On Thursday the club attended the Roxy Theatre re-development community consultation workshop. The session was designed to allow residents and community groups with a strong interest in the Roxy's future the opportunity to participate in the process. Chaired by Katherine Herrmann, the committee principals outlined the architectural, cultural (heritage) and compliance issues under consideration. While there were a few points raised and questions asked, time constraints did not allow for the scheduled round-table discussion. All things considered, however, it sounds like Katherine and her team have the redevelopment well in hand and the new Roxy will emerge as magnificent as ever.
Dinner at the Wade
Thanks to everyone who has offered to offered to participate. All of the positions that Bob needed to cover have been filled but If you have some spare time this week (Tuesday 26th, thru Thursday 28th) please come along to the Yanko Ag Research Station help out.  
BBQ Van re-assembly 
The BBQ Van has a fresh coat of paint and looks absolutely fantastic! This week's meeting will be a working bee at the showground's A&K shed where we will put everything back together again. Please come and help so we can hopefully be back cooking snags at this Saturday's Farmers and Makers Market. If we do manage to get the van up and running we'll be looking for volunteers for Saturday!
Thursday, 7 March - Luke Hoskin Rotary Exchange Student
Thursday, 14 March - Kiwi Night with Paul Crack