JINGLE AND MINGLE GATHERING 2023-12-09 08:00:00Z 0
Learn More About Grace Diner 2023-12-05 08:00:00Z 0
Vets and First Responders Lunch 2023-11-10 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting at Tony P's in the Marina

From October 15-19, 2013, Tony P’s Dockside Grill invites you to participate in Tony P’s “Dockside Dollars” Fundraiser. Just come into Tony P’s, enjoy a great meal, and we will donate 20 percent of the bill back to Culver City Rotary Club.
Each time someone comes to Tony P’s Dockside Grill and presents their server with a coupon during your fundraiser week, Tony P’s will contribute 20 percent of the bill, excluding tax and tip, to Culver City Rotary Club.
For those attending the Rotary meeting Wednesday at Tony P's, be sure to check out the menu so you know what you want to order. It will save meeting time and help the Tony P's staff. Here is the link: www.tonyps.com/lunch-menu. Treasurer Jan Leonard will pay with one bill. Be prepared to pay her with check or cash. I am sure we can work out using Venmo. Jane will have a list to follow. Looking forward to a great gathering!
Rotary Meeting at Tony P's in the Marina 2023-10-16 07:00:00Z 0
PRAY FOE ISRAEL 2023-10-12 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting Wednesday Program

A wonderful and special speaker for the Culver City Rotary meeting this week.  Plan to attend learn, share, be a part of this Rotary Club.
Rotary Meeting Wednesday Program 2023-09-18 07:00:00Z 0
Walk N Roll Culver City Festival 2023-09-13 07:00:00Z 0

Remembering 9/11

We all remember that day, 9-11-2001.  
We also remember the very brave first responders rushing into the burning and falling twin towers.
We remember the helping, the kindness and the coming together as a nation.
Remembering once again.
Remembering 9/11 2023-09-10 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Visit

District Governor Makiko Nakasone will visit Culver City Rotary on August 23 at Rotary Plaza.  To be sure there will be enough lunch, an RSVP is required.
Governor's Visit 2023-08-08 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting August 2

The Rotary Meeting Wednesday, will start early so we have more time for painting bowls and for discussion about the Short-Term Japanese Youth Exchange.  The two will arrive on August 7.  
Rotary Meeting August 2 2023-08-01 07:00:00Z 0

Create Hope for the World

Join us Wednesday for a special organizing meeting and a special lunch. President Heather Witt will share some good ideas and plans for the months to come.
Create Hope for the World 2023-07-15 07:00:00Z 0
Empty Bowls 2023-07-01 07:00:00Z 0

4th of July

Enjoy the holiday celebrating the founding of our country.
4th of July 2023-06-30 07:00:00Z 0
Meeting: Youth Protection Meeting 2023-06-20 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting June 14, 2023 2023-06-11 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting June 7, 2023 2023-06-07 07:00:00Z 0
Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner 2023-05-19 07:00:00Z 0
This Week's Rotary Meeting - Be Informed! 2023-05-16 07:00:00Z 0
Cinco de Mayo at the Rotary Club Meeting 2023-05-02 07:00:00Z 0
Bravo! Honoring CC Police and Fire Departments 2023-04-13 07:00:00Z 0

Cheers! 93 Years!

It is the 93rd Anniversary of the Culver City Rotary Club!  Join us in celebrating!
Cheers! 93 Years! 2023-03-28 07:00:00Z 0
Community Grants and Wear Your GREEN! 2023-03-14 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting with Heather Witt 2023-02-28 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Meeting:  West LA College President

Join us Wednesday for a special meeting with President Dr. James Limbaugh, West LA College. Learn about new programs, expanded buildings, assistance for the homeless and from foster care. Hear how the college is meeting the needs of students for the future.
Rotary Meeting: West LA College President 2023-01-30 08:00:00Z 0

Empty Bowls Program

This Week's Program is Governor Nominee Albert Hernandez with the Empty Bowl Project that Burbank Noon has done for 2 years to help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.
Empty Bowls Program 2023-01-02 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting, January 4, 2023 2023-01-02 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary Youth Exchange Program 2022-12-05 08:00:00Z 0
Holiday Adopt a Family and Potluck Lunch 2022-12-05 08:00:00Z 0

Governor's Visit

Join us for the Culver City Rotary Governor's Visit on Wednesday. We will be sharing Programs: Teacher Grants, Dictionary Project, Veterans' Lunch, and our newest Holiday Adopt A Family with Upward Bound House in Culver City.  The parking lot at Rotary Plaza is restricted to the residents. Please park on the street. At the close of the meeting, we will have a short tour of Rotary Plaza and the units.
Governor's Visit 2022-11-26 08:00:00Z 0
Honor our Heroes Veteran Lunch 2022-11-11 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting Wednesday, September 21 2022-09-18 07:00:00Z 0

Dig Pink Volleyball

Dig Pink Volleyball at Culver City High School awareness and fundraising for Dig Pink Foundation Breast Cancer Research.
Attend, wear pink, cheer! Culver City Rotary is a sponsor.
Dig Pink Volleyball 2022-09-13 07:00:00Z 0
This is Rotary September 7, 2022 2022-09-06 07:00:00Z 0
This is Rotary July 20, 2022 2022-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
This is Rotary 2022-07-02 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary YOUTH Day 2022-06-12 07:00:00Z 0
June Meetings and Events 2022-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Teacher Rotary Grants Meet and Greet

Join us for the 3rd Annual Teacher Rotary Grants.  This is the first time for the in person Meet and Greet.  Parking in the lot next to Culver City Middle School and follow the signs to the nearby Multipurpose Room.  Congratulate the amazing teachers!
Teacher Rotary Grants Meet and Greet 2022-04-26 07:00:00Z 0
BRAVO! Police and Fire Recognition 2022-04-10 07:00:00Z 0
Learn More About Award Wines 2022-02-02 08:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting, December 15, 2021 2021-12-15 08:00:00Z 0
Culver City Rotary Meeting, December 1, 2021 2021-11-30 08:00:00Z 0
SOFI Stadium Tour 2021-09-27 07:00:00Z 0

Shoe Collection

We are collecting all kinds of shoes. Some for the homeless, some for those getting back to work, most for organizations that help the homeless. So far this year Shoes for the Homeless has distributed 30,000 pairs of shoes. There are 4 Rotary Clubs in this collection working with 4 Family YMCA's and youth groups including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the CCHS Interact Club.  Clean out shoes in your closet and take a bag to Culver-Palms YMCA. Thank you and those without shoes will thank you!
Shoe Collection 2021-09-20 07:00:00Z 0

Pedestrian Safety Month

Jim Shanman is working with the city to get people moving. Walking, biking, sharing, being together.
Give it a try. Some of our scouts are going to help out on Sunday, Grandparent's Day.
Rotarians and friends are welcome to join in too.
Pedestrian Safety Month 2021-09-08 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Visit

Join us for a Virtual Governor's Visit on Wednesday.
Plans changed by request of the governor. We will be ready! We will have a great Visit!
Looking forward to it. The Zoom Link did not connect when I changed it to a jpg!
Governor's Visit 2021-08-28 07:00:00Z 0
AUGUST MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS 1 2021-08-03 07:00:00Z 0
AUGUST MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS 3 2021-08-03 07:00:00Z 0
AUGUST MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS 2 2021-08-03 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Walk and Roll Festival 2021-07-12 07:00:00Z 0
Rod's Celebration 2021-06-21 07:00:00Z 0

Lucky Ducky Swim 2021

Today is the day for the Lucky Ducky! Culver City Rotarians have worked really hard at this event supportive of Upward Bound House.
Join Zoom Zoom Lucky Ducky
We are sharing the link with anyone who would like to see these little rubber ducks at the Culver-Palms YMCA tonight 6:00-7:00pm. If you have not donated you just might be encouraged enough and have fun enough to make a donation!! Remember 100% of the money raised goes to Upward Bound House helping homeless families with support, job assistance and housing.
Enjoy the hour and see the winners! Everyone who donated is a winner!
Lucky Ducky Swim 2021 2021-05-03 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting April 21 2021-04-20 07:00:00Z 0
Happy Holidays 2020-12-16 08:00:00Z 0


Happy Thanksgiving!
Share what you are thankful for.
Thanksgiving 2020-11-25 08:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive

Want to help the community? We are having another blood drive on Wednesday Oct 14th from 9:00 am-3:00 pm at the downtown Culver City #1 firestation. Please help if you can since blood donations have decreased because of COVID.
Blood Drive 2020-10-12 07:00:00Z 0
Westside Pacific Villages 2020-09-01 07:00:00Z 0
reDiscovery Center at Rotary 9-19-20 2020-08-17 07:00:00Z 0

Zoom Meeting July 22

The link did not connect.  Copy and paste.  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8725809227?pwd=eW5pVXh3UVVBVDZYWHF0TytrdVZ4QT09
Zoom Meeting July 22 2020-07-18 07:00:00Z 0
Blood Drive 2020-07-06 07:00:00Z 0
Comedy Bingo - Register Now! 2020-06-29 07:00:00Z 0
Virtual Bingo 2020-06-29 07:00:00Z 0
Comedy Bingo 2020-06-15 07:00:00Z 0
Here We Go Again! 2020-06-15 07:00:00Z 0
Zoom Happy Hour Wednesday 2020-05-26 07:00:00Z 0
ZOOM MEETING WEDNESDAY 2020-05-18 07:00:00Z 0


Want to SAVE a Life and Get FREE ice cream or a T shirt? The Culver City Rotary Club is
partnering with Cedars Sinaifor badly needed blood donations on Tuesday May 19th.
By appointment only to provide safe, healthy distancing from 9am-3pm.
BLOOD DRIVE 2020-05-17 07:00:00Z 0
GREAT ZOOM CLUB MEETING 2020-05-05 07:00:00Z 0
VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR Carmela Raack 2020-04-26 07:00:00Z 0
Women's Day 2020-03-09 07:00:00Z 0
March Meetings 2020-03-03 08:00:00Z 0
90th Anniversary 2020-02-02 08:00:00Z 0
Holiday Luncheon 2019-12-10 08:00:00Z 0
Family Holiday Night 2019-12-08 08:00:00Z 0
Governor's Visit 2019-10-14 07:00:00Z 0
Lucky Ducky Swim 2019-08-12 07:00:00Z 0
Exchange Students Returning from Japan 2019-07-22 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting Wednesday 2019-07-15 07:00:00Z 0
1st Meeting of the New Rotary Year 2019-06-21 07:00:00Z 0
Youth Program - Last Meeting of the Rotary Year 2019-06-14 07:00:00Z 0
This is Rotary! 2019-06-01 07:00:00Z 0
Hamburger Mary's Bingo!!! 2019-05-16 07:00:00Z 0
This Week in Rotary 2019-04-30 07:00:00Z 0
This Week in Rotary 2019-04-30 07:00:00Z 0
Happy Hour 2019-04-17 07:00:00Z 0
Bravo! Police and Fire Recognition 2019-04-09 07:00:00Z 0

Culver City Rotary Plaza

We are invited to the Re-Dedication Ceremony and
the 55th Anniversary Celebration of RHF
for Culver City Rotary Plaza.
The Culver City Rotary Club and the Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF)
have coordinated this special event for special dignitaries and people involved in the community.
Thursday, March 21,11:00am-2:00pm.
5100 Overland Avenue, Culver City
Culver City Rotary Plaza’s $10 million renovation was made possible through funding from the California Community
reinvestment Corporation and Union Bank.  Every part of the plaza including all the rooms have been redone.
Plan to attend and represent Culver City Rotary Club.  You will be impressed!  Carpool if possible.
Culver City Rotary Plaza 2019-03-18 07:00:00Z 0
Happy Hour 2019-02-21 08:00:00Z 0

Culver City Build Day

Habitat for Humanity Culver City Build Day
Saturday, February 23, 8:30 - 3:30
Tools and supplies provided along with snacks and lunch from Sorrento's
Volunteers Still Welcome!
Culver City Build Day 2019-02-21 08:00:00Z 0
Chinese New Year Happy Hour 2019-01-16 08:00:00Z 0

Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year! 
New Goals! New Challenges! New Achievements! New Ways to Help Others!
Culver City Rotary Club will meet on January 9 and January 23 at the Culver Hotel, 12:30.
Happy New Year! 2018-12-31 08:00:00Z 0

Toy Drive for Camp Pendleton

This year's Toy Drive is double the size of the past.  The toys are given to families of deployed Marines from Camp Pendleton.  Their Holiday Party is early so donated toys or monies are needed by November 28.  
Toy Drive for Camp Pendleton 2018-11-19 08:00:00Z 0
Annual Holiday Luncheon 2018-11-08 08:00:00Z 0

Lucky Ducky Swim

Posted on Aug 17, 2018
Lucky Ducky Swim at the Fiesta La Ballona. Swim will be Sunday, August 26, 3:00, in the Culver Plunge.
Buy your chance to win with a Lucky Ducky!  $25 buys 6 Lucky Ducky Six Quack!  Say it out loud and laugh!
Sharing our double booth will be Culver City Kind with painting rocks.
And the Backpack for Kids Program.
Lucky Ducky Swim 2018-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
Be The Inspiration 2018-07-04 07:00:00Z 0

Youth Program - Be Inspired!

We had a dynamic meeting last Wednesday. Thank you Rod Miyata! We have planned an excellent program for June 20th. We will have as our guests and speakers students who have received our scholarships, attended RYLA, and Interactors. Our recipient of the 1st Rotary-Exchange Club Police Explorer Scout Scholarship will also speak to us. This youth program we will hear their plans and goals. Plan to attend and be inspired!
Youth Program - Be Inspired! 2018-06-13 07:00:00Z 0

"Everything You Want to Know About Wine"

Wednesday June 6th-club meeting
The featured speaker is Michael Coleman: the talk will be:
"Everything You Want To Know About Wine (but were afraid to ask)”
Michael is a Vice President with Southern Glazer Wine and Spirits, the premier nation wide wine and spirits distributor.
Michael has over 45 years experience in fine wines and brings his expertise
on not only wines but also fine dining in the Los Angeles area.
Even if you don't drink alcohol, this is one meeting you shouldn't miss.
Michael is one of the city's premier wine expert, this is one meeting you need to bring a prospective member to.
"Everything You Want to Know About Wine" 2018-06-04 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Visit

The Council of Presidents and the Board of Directors meet with District Governor DJ Sun, Executive Aide Cozette Vergari and
Assistant Governor Linton Morgan for an Awesome Meeting!
Guests sign books for Culver City Schools as part of the Club's Literacy Project.
Donation of $1,000 toward the End Polio Now Campaign.  Only two countries left!  We are Almost there!
Culver City Police Chief Scott Bixby and Culver City Education Foundation Executive Director Leslie Adler are honored with a Paul Harris Fellow.
Adriana Beischl is honored as Most Active Club Member.  Chuck Perelman is honored for his Contributions to The Rotary Foundation.
Dieter Holberg was honored for Rotarian with Most Years of Service.  Roger Wilson was honored for Membership Sponsor.
Governor's Visit 2015-08-14 00:00:00Z 0
5th WEDNESDAY DINNER AT CANTALINI'S 2015-07-29 00:00:00Z 0


Perfect day for a great first time event. Culver City Rotary partnered with the Culver-Palms YMCA, Culver City Parks and Recreation Teen Center and the Culver City Boy Scouts with the Healthy Kids Day at West LA College.
CULVER CITY HEALTHY 5K WALK/RUN APRIL 26, 2015 2015-04-04 00:00:00Z 0


The Culver City Police Recognition Program will be Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 12:00 - 1:30 at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle, Culver City.  Culver City Rotary Club and Exchange Club are co-sponsoring this luncheon honoring our bravest and finest providing service to the community.  Police Chief Scott Bixby will speak about the police department as we acknowledge Sergeant Aubrey Kellum, Detective Ryan thompson and Parking Administrator Dianne Gifford along with the Police Explorer Scouts.
Lunch is $25.00.  To attend the luncheon, RSVP to Rotary Club Secretary Kate Rosloff, Kate.Rosloff@gmail.com, or 310-403-9292.  Mail checks to Culver City Rotary Club, P.O. Box 99, Culver City, CA 90232-0099. 


Posted on Mar 03, 2015

By Dannie Cavanaugh

We were a tuckered out bunch after the hard work that everyone put in on the 85th Anniversary and Casino Night that took place last Saturday night.

Although everyone in the Club pitched in and helped, special recognition goes out to Carmela Raack, Adriana Bieschl, and Phil Tangalakis who worked tirelessly to make this event a success. A big thank you goes out to Wendy Taylor who got us great coverage in the Culver City News. There should be lots of good "fining" material in the next issue of the paper.

One of the very nice elements of this event was the opportunity to recognize and salute four of our members for their long commitment to Rotary. Chuck Perelman, Bob Thompson, Bruce Jagger, and Harold Hanslmair were awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards for their years of service to Rotary.

Our meeting began with words of inspiration from Wendy Taylor, the Pledge as led by Chuck Perelman, and a Patriotic Song with Dannie Cavanaugh. Wendy Taylor gave the one-minute craft talk telling us about her line of work which is providing communication services for busy people by doing such things as document editing, proof reading, and public relations tasks.

The Book is at Culver City Police Department – please stop by and sign it.

President Joel reminded us of a few District events that are coming up soon. On March 21st there is the District Picnic that will be combined with a 5K Run and Joel would like attendance by our Club members. The picnic will be held at Griffith Park and will start at 9:00 AM. Contact the District or call Joel to make a reservation. The next District Breakfast will be held on March 31st at 7:30 at the City Club in Downtown LA. The District Conference will be held May 14th through the 17th at Loew’s Coronado on lovely Coronado Island in San Diego.

Our next big project will be the 5K race that is slated for April 26th at West LA College. More details to follow. Also, our meeting on March 25th will be held in the evening with a joint meeting with Latinos Unidos at the Mar Vista Center.

Our Rotarians of the Month were co-winners for February with Adriana Beischl and Carmela Raack being deservedly honored. Two fines were doled out with Chuck Perelman being recognized for his three week tour of the Caribbean and Kate Rozloff receiving a fine for her work with the Rotary Float that was highlighted in the most recent issue of The Rotarian magazine.



IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK 2015-03-04 00:00:00Z 0


Welcome Culver City's new Corporate Members from Wells Fargo Bank  

Lucio Chaidez and Carlos Vega sponsored by Linda Black



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

By Don Trepany

Joel pulled the gavel out of his holster and got the meeting started. He called on Wendy Taylor to give the invocation and the pledge was led by Police Officer Jason Sims.  The patriotic song was God Bless America led by Lyn Caron. Joel announced the book will go over to Wells Fargo. It is not at Darrell Menthe's anymore. We had a few guests: Natalya from Wells Fargo and from the Culver City police Department we had Jason Sims and Ron Iizuka. Phil Tangalakis led us in the Welcome Song.

Announcements: This Sunday, September 7 from 11 am - 3 pm at Bunnin Chevrolet they will be fixing bicycles for the community. October 14th is the District Breakfast. Michele Walman announced that the dictionary project is coming up in the near future. Linda Black announced that on September 24th we will have a membership recruitment luncheon. Please send the information of the people you would like to invite to Linda at Lgblack@verizon.net. The Rotarian of the month for August is Kate Rosloff. Congratulations Kate!!!!

Fine time! 2 people volunteered to get fined $25 this week. Janet Chabola went to the Notre Dame football game in South Bend and Cy Pierce went to the UCLA game in Virginia and he went to Camden Yards.

Chuck Perelman reminded us that the Guatamala trip is in February 2015, and you must get your reservations in  by September 15 and deposits in November.

We had a wonderful speaker Laura Cazarez. She spoke on Mastering your Mind.

Have a good week Rotarians!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

By Dannie Cavanaugh

We are two months into the Rotary year and President Joel has settled into the rhythm and cadence of running the meeting each week. Wendy Taylor started off the meeting with some spiritual comments followed by Darrel Menthe leading the Pledge. The singing chores were awarded to Rod Miyata who did the Patriotic Song and Carmen Portnoy who handled the Welcome Song.

Carmela Raack was back from visiting family in Canada and she had missed the District Governor’s Visit. President Joel presented Carmela with two awards from the District that DG Elsa Gillham had brought for Carmela.

Seth Horowitz from the Culver Hotel informed us about the upcoming 90th Anniversary Party for the Hotel which is called the Prohibition Ball. The party is set for Saturday, September 6th starting at 8:00 PM and the cost is $90 per person with 10% of the proceeds going to the CC Historical Society. This is a theme party so you will have to dress for the occasion – no costume, no admittance.

Next up was Adriana Beischl who recognized the Birthdays and Anniversaries for the month of August. She brought in an excellent cake from Angel Made Bakery.

There were a few reminders. The District Picnic will be held on September 14th at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach. Linda Black is planning a luncheon focusing on the recruitment of new members on September 24th. Please bring old copies of The Rotarian magazine so new members and interested candidates can see what goes on in the Rotary world.

Recognitions consisted of Kate Rosloff mentioning that her daughter is off to college at Union College in New York. Adriana Beischl's husband has been volunteering lots of hours to help get her children’s school ready for the new school year. Three of Carmela Raack’s grandsons have been playing at high levels of hockey in the Canadian leagues. All three volunteers gave money to the Club treasury.

Our speaker was Rotarian Robert Ryans who spoke about the Rotary Global Grant Scholar Program.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK 2014-09-06 00:00:00Z 0
CLUB ASSEMBLY SUNDAY 2014-07-30 00:00:00Z 0

Who We Are & What We Do

Posted by Joel Forman on Jun 06, 2014
Who We Are & What We Do by Joel Forman Culver City Rotary Club has a long and proud tradition of community service from the international level to the local level. Our members have traveled to many countries on several continents to help those far less fortunate then ourselves. Throughout this website, which we share with the world, one can find a wide variety of projects that define our commitment to others, especially to the areas which are often referred to the third world. For those who are not yet Rotarians, we welcome you to join us at a meeting. Several times a years we have an evening meeting.  If you are a visiting Rotarian, by all means join us. There is never a dull moment.
Who We Are & What We Do Joel Forman 2014-06-07 00:00:00Z 0

Become a Rotarian

Posted by Don Trepany
Join in worldwide and local service. You're welcome to attend a Culver City Rotary meeting as our guest. Contact Don Trepany, 310 383-6042
Become a Rotarian Don Trepany 2014-05-20 00:00:00Z 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, September 21, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Sep 28, 2011

By Jim Machado,

President Ann Murakami opened our meeting at the beautiful historic Culver City Hotel by recognizing our guests Past District Governors Rick Mendoza and Pat Cashin.  The room was filled with good energy, having many guests and spouses in attendance.  The Invocation was given by John Cluff and the Pledge by Lyn Caron.  The Patriotic Song chosen by Tim Messmer was "You're a Grand Old Flag."  Some members thought they saw the ghost of James Cagney dancing behind the bar to the music.  I'm not one to believe in ghosts but I think someone mistook Cy Pierce for Mr. Cagney moving around the room.  As you know Cy is a real "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

    We had a number of guests including Jerry Chabola, Linda Foreman, Raphie Machado and later, Janet's son & daughter Casey Chabola and Janice Beighy.  From the YMCA we had Kristina Lund and Director Karen Paulette as well as the head of the Culver City Education Foundation, Leslie Adler.

It was good having Andy Weissman, Allan Goldman, and Rod Miyata back.  Andy is still wearing Charlie Sheen shirts, Allan's got his full beard for fall, and Rod was looking like a photo journalist with his many camera shots.

In the health department Harold Hanslmair was out with skin cancer.  Red & Kit Betts are doing better, they have settled in their new place, but miss the club.

Linda Black substituted for Keith Jones and did the District Announcements: District Breakfast is at Westin LAX on Sept. 27th and the District Picnic is Oct. 2nd at the Redondo Beach Seaside Park.  Dieter Holberg let us know that the Pacific Palisades Playhouse is currently having a wonderful play called "The Rabbit Hole."   Dieter gives it 4 Stars!!

President Ann had a number of recognitions starting with Ed Little for being quoted in an LA Times article regarding the auto industry.  Ed's fine was $100.  Andy "ex-mayor" Weissman was recognized with a $50 fine for missing the Culver City Chamber of Commerce 90th Birthday party.  Clint Ehlers got cocky, turned on his I-phone and played the Texas fight song in the ear of Bruin Bob Thompson.  Cowboy Clint was going to get fined $25, but Texan Linda Black said no real Texan would allow such a small fine.  Clint barked back "You want some of this?" and both Clint & Linda ended up with a fine of $50 each.

It was now time for the presentation on the Rotary Foundation and some additional recognition for some club members.  Past District Governor Rick Mendoza went into some detail about the outstanding work Janet Chabola has done for Rotary and its foundation.  Janet received a certificate from Rotary International and the Culver City Education Foundation presented her with an orchid.  Linda Black was also mentioned - she had received a R. I. certificate at the prior District meeting.  Linda was given an orchid by the Culver City Education Foundation as well.  The Culver City Rotary Club was praised by PDG Rick Mendoza for contributing over the years a total of $500,000 to the Rotary Foundation.  He also stated that our current president, Ann Murakami was the recipient of a Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship.  This is just an example of how the community receives the benefits of the Foundation's investments.  Rick spoke about how we need to continue our donations to support the important causes of the Rotary Foundation.  There's a number of ways to give to the foundation: Benefactor, special projects, etc. As Past R.I. President Paulo Costa said "Bring daring dreams into splendid realities

President Ann Murakami led another successful meeting of the friendly Culver City Rotary Club.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, September 21, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 2011-09-29 00:00:00Z 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, August 10, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Aug 10, 2011

By Chris King

Don’t miss me too much, Rotarians friends.  But this will be my last Reciprocator Duty for a while. As I write that, I’m thinking to myself, "maybe I shouldn’t say that," because you never know when you’ll be called on to fill in. . . but, suffice it to say that I have enjoyed detailing our club news over the last few months.

Back to business, then!   This last week, Rotarians and Guests enjoyed Kobe Burgers and Pasta while Dannie Cavanaugh led the invocation, Bruce stood and delivered on the pledge and John Cluff showed some originality in choosing "American the Beautiful," as the Patriotic Song.

We had a nice number of guests this week including Kate Rosloff from LA5 (as announced by Jim Machado).  Please do join us, Kate! We would love to count you as part of our membership!  We had a celebrity at our meeting as current Westwood Club President Ed Jackson joined us.  He announced that our club is in walking distance from his home! You can’t beat that.  Lanay Richardson, in her last, last, last time as a guest joined us and is already doing a great job of enhancing the visibility of our club.  She brought her son, Andre, to the meeting.  Andre is a senior at Hamilton High School.  Also, she brought Dianna who is the Rotaract President at Santa Monica College Rotaract.  Welcome, Dianna!

Craig introduced our two wonderful exchange students, Kenjirio and Saho.  Hopefully all of our members have been able to interact with these wonderful two young people.  Of course, Joel Forman (see, Joel, no "e" this time) had his perpetual guest Linda with him.  And Joe Davidson brought his lovely wife Suzie.  With the introductions complete, Clint Ehlers led us in the Welcome Song, which caused Lanay to crack a huge smile followed by gales of laughter.

Ann had a very somber health update about Joyce Matsuyama.  Her cancer has now spread into her brain, and she is in hospice care.  Joyce and Bobby: you’re wonderful people and our hearts and prayers are with you.  Also, Clint’s step-mother passed away, so our heart goes out to you and yours as well, Clint.

In other health-related news, Richard Marcus is having an MRI to check the status of his cancer.  He’s also lost 5 pounds!  We’re in your corner, Richard.  And Andy Weisman had a kidney stone, although we’re fairly certain that it has passed, since Janet saw him at lunch in downtown Culver City.  Hopefully she didn’t see him at lunch last Wednesday or Ann may have to enact some Budgetary Measures to remind him when we meet.  Linda Black announced that after getting mad at John and pushing him down the stairs (kidding), he bruised his ribs.  So John has to take it easy and let them recover.  All the best to John and Andy, too.

Announcements included yours truly announcing the Fishing Trip.  There will be a Lures of the Past Poker Tournament this year! $20 buy-in and one-time $20 re-buy.  I’m sure our treasury will be the beneficiary of some of those funds in one way or another.  Also, we’re selling tickets for the pancake breakfast.  They cost $5, and $4 of the $5 goes directly to our club.  Additionally, if you would like to have your business card ad on the placemats I will need all business cards by the end of the meeting this coming Wednesday.

Because I was selling the pancake breakfast tickets, I missed announcements from Keith, Clint and Craig.  So please check with them for updates on the District/whatever Clint was announcing/Exchange Program, respectively.

And of course the one fine this week went to someone who works so very hard for this Rotary Club and who volunteers his time each week writing the Reciprocator. . . yes, none other than, oh!  Chris King!  But having Editorial Privilege this week, I will take the time to mention why I was fined.  Channels 9 and 5 interviewed me for participating in the Campout to End Homelessness in Venice a few weeks ago.  About 100 people camped out in front of the fire station on Venice to bring awareness to homelessness and to help ameliorate it.  As a member of the Culver City Homelessness Committee, I went down and camped out with another friend of mine.  There are over 50,000 homeless people in the Greater Los Angeles area, so I was happy to pay $100 to our treasury to bring some additional awareness to the issue.  Please do contact me for more information.

One of the most proud moments that we as Rotarians can have then occurred as Chuck Perelman stood to induct our newest member, Lanay Richardson!  Lanay was previously a Rotaractor.  Clint is her sponsor.  Her main area of interest is in community service, and we know she will make a big difference for our club and our community in that area.  Using his skills acquired at his past prom experiences, Clint proudly pinned the Rotary Pin on her shirt, then Ann presented her with two plaques, and Linda Black had a commemorative coin for her as well.  Welcome aboard, Lanay!

Our meeting then moved toward our speaker, and Carmen introduced Karen Longhurst from the Merrill Lynch Trust Department.  She spoke about "The New Tax Law Changes and Dynasty Trusts."  She’s a Bruin, which makes her awesome.  In addition, she has over 20 years of experience in various trust departments, and she’s been with Merrill for 16 years.  For some fascinating information on ways to maintain wealth in your estate, speak to her or Carmen about Delaware Trusts: a critical way of taking advantage of tax benefits before laws change in lieu of the budget debates.

Joel sent us on our way with some wisdom citing Isaac Newton’s Law of Inertia: a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Unlike political inertia, Rotary has been a stalwart in leading humanitarian causes and effecting change throughout the world.

Until next time, Rotarians and Friends.  Goodnight and good luck.



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Posted on Jun 12, 2011
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By The Unknown Author

As President Linda’s year wraps up, we returned from our several nomadic weeks to the Radisson, er, The Double Tree, Hotel. One of our newest members from the YMCA, Diane, is certainly hoping we will focus on expanding our club during Ann’s year as she was blitzed at the back door with a myriad of guests, visiting Rotarians and members.

As your humble Reciprocator Scribe scrambled to his seat with quill and paper in hand, Joe Davidson led the invocation, Lyn Caron the pledge and Joel Forman (whose name, our President of 11+ months still cannot spell correctly) the patriotic song.

As our group enjoyed hamburgers and salad, Cy, looking quite tan from his Hawaii excursion, introduced the following guests and visitors:

Our very own Art Rangel from Auburn Rotary; Linda Forman; our President’s grandsons Shawn and Nate; Casey Pierce; Sergeant Omar Corrales and Captain Scheu from the Culver City Police Department; Karen Bradley Follette from the YMCA; Marty Steckdaub, guest of John Cluff and Rotarian from Temecula Rotary; Tom Betts from Seattle and the son of Red Betts and sponsor of Cy Pierce into Rotary; Michael Lushing of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club; and of the LA Kings, Bill Allison, Daryl Evans and Zach Eisenberg.

Before Andrew led us in a rousing version of the Welcome Song, Bob Thompson noted that he was President the year that Tom Betts sponsored Cy into Rotary. And Karen Bradley Follette stood and generously fined herself as a way of thanking our club for our support of the YMCA. Classy move, Karen. We hope that you’ll be joining us as a member once you are fully settled in your new position at the YMCA! As we sang to our guests, Dannie Cavanaugh could be heard commenting that with the voices of our members raised in union, coming to Culver City Rotary is "like living in a musical."

Portions of the meeting usually occupied by Hal Hanslmair and Ann sailed by, since we have no health updates and we have an incoming president who is literally sailing on the Baltic Sea. For the early risers among us, Linda reminded us that the final District Breakfast of the year was Saturday at 7:00 am.

In a meeting filled with business, Linda next called Tim Messmer forward to present a $2,000 check to the Culver City Police

Department for the Juvenile Diversion Program. This check was thanks to funds raised and his great work at the Pancake Breakfast. Linda chimed in that watching the graduates from the Juvenile Diversion Program, one could tell how proud they and their parents are to have made such improvements in their lives. And as he accepted the check, Sergeant Corrales commented that not only is he a police officer, but he is also a trained psychotherapist, which enables him to connect with the parents of these at-risk youth teaching them better communication and parenting skills. Truly this is a valuable program. And as a side note, this Reciprocator Author wishes to give an additional "shout out" to Tim who spoke at the most recent Culver City Council Meeting urging the City Council to keep the Juvenile Diversion Program, which is at risk of falling victim to budget cuts. So for those Rotarians who see the value in this program, please contact our council members to advocate for this great program.

Carmela Raack then stood and gave a wonderful presentation complete with video and PowerPoint about the Dominican Republic Project. Our club with the Malibu and Hollywood Rotary Clubs provided bicycles for students in the DR who live more than 5 miles from school and need to use the bikes to transport themselves to school. Additionally, our Rotaract Clubs worked at the LaCumbre School handing out backpacks, re-painting the school and handing out uniforms/shoes. In total, District 5280 Rotary Clubs donated $360,000 in total donations on this project in the DR, which makes it the largest and most well attended international service project the District has undertaken. Chuck Perelman represented our club: way to go, Chuck!

The fabulous, awesome, exciting. . . well, Chris King, reminded us of the Fishing Trip in September. Bill Gardner made a plea for us to turn in RSVP cards for the Demotion Party. And Linda noted that one of our past program speakers Zane Buzby with the Mitzvah Project is requesting airline miles, a computer and a printer for more of the great work she does with Holocaust survivors. Joe Davidson made the first announcement urging us to support our Japanese Exchange

. We’ll have 1 male and 1 female student this year. Students who will be visiting from August 1st through the 21st

The meeting, like this Reciprocator entry, stretched on and on. Linda recognized Joel Forman for his "back to the future" trip to Brazil. Thanks for the $50, Joel. She then told Cy to stand (he already WAS standing, just hard to tell the difference) and for taking Sandy away from her duties as Linda’s assistant, Cy contributed $50 to the club.

Finally, we heard from our outstanding speaker, former LA Kings hockey player, Daryl Evans. The Kings drafted Evans in 1980 (two years before this Reciprocator author’s birth). He is known for scoring one of the most significant goals in King’s history: the Miracle in Manchester. He is now the radio voice for the Kings and mentioned that the Kings used to practice in Culver City. He told us that the Kings probably have the best young team in the NHL now as they have made the playoffs the last two years in a row. And this year they sold out 35 of 41 home games. In alignment with Rotary’s orientation toward community service, the Kings provide some great programs for youth including street hockey for inner city children, ice hockey and an ice rink in downtown LA part of the year and other involvement with our local young people.

Paul Knoll was nowhere to be seen, but Cartwright stepped into his shoes and provided us with Words of Wisdom.

We look forward to this week as we’ll have one of our best annual programs: hearing Craft Talks. And Richard Marcus will speak to us about the annual Flag Planting.

Have a great week, Rotarians and friends!


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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Jun 05, 2011

By The Unknown Author

After a year’s hiatus from writing The Reciprocator, I’m excited to be "back in the saddle," as it were, writing this month’s Reciprocator updates. By the end of this article, we shall see if you, my Culver City Rotarian Friends, can determine my identity.

This week Culver City Rotarians and guests enjoyed an annual favorite: the meeting at the Culver Palms YMCA. Ernie Garza and

John Black stood guard at the door and welcomed all attendees — John because he was our Grill Master cooking up some fabulous steaks, and Ernie because he, well, he likes steaks and wanted to be sure he was first in line. Allow me to "speak" frankly for a moment. We all have been hearing Linda’s indoctrination about how wonderful our club is being Club of this Year this year, and of course by extension, how wonderful she is. However, I make a motion that we nominate John Black for Spouse of the Year. Who has been a more avid supporter of the club and of Linda than her devoted husband?

But I digress. As the smell of steak and a myriad of potato/egg and regular salads filled the room, our weekly meeting kicked off. Cy could not introduce guests, however, since he is in Hawaii. I’m sure he’ll be saying "aloha" to a wave-sized fine when he returns. Also, Ann is sailing the high seas on a cruise, so we had a dearth of District updates.

But one of our most vibrant, handsome, intelligent and modest members, Christopher King, did stand to introduce his comely guest, Victoria Vertner. Apparently Chris now has a Girlfriend with a capital "G." Could it be that he is settling down? Hmmm. Joel Forman introduced his lovely guest Linda. And we met Karen Bradley who is the new Executive Director of the YMCA and a former Rotarian from Palo Alto. Additionally, our very own dynamo Diane introduced Mario, Eric, Katie and Esmara from the YMCA who all coordinate various YMCA programs.

Bill Gardner proceeded to lead us in a hearty version of the Welcome Song followed up by Phil Tangalakis stating that there were no health updates to report. Linda then stood front and center in what she called a rather "informal" meeting (a word that represents her entire Presidency, I think) and mentioned that the 2nd Tuesday of this month will be a Board Meeting. Additionally, her Board Appreciation Dinner will be the 17th of this month. Shortly thereafter, we will dethrone our ageing queen in her "Geriatric Bandit Demotion Dinner" on the 25th. Being only 28, this Reciprocator Scribe was forced to turn to the Wisdom Office to find that "Geriatric" means "Old" or something like that.

The energetic YMCA staff then spoke to us: Eric about the Junior Lakers that started with just 65 children and now has 175 participants from our YMCA. He also leads a Junior Chivas Soccer program, and stayed tuned for T-Ball and Flag Football programming as well. Katie spoke to us about one of our YMCA’s most recognized programs, Youth In Government. She also spearheads Camp Whittle and a caravan for high school students where they undergo a 10 day trip to see such cultural sites as the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Las Vegas. Finally, new Executive Director Karen spoke highly of the amazing work that Diane is doing for our Culver Palms YMCA.

The adorable day camp children then proceeded in a neat line into our lunch room and serenaded us with such favorites as The World is a Rainbow. Certainly that is a theme that we as Rotarians know well with the amazing work of Rotary International. Following their heart-felt songs, the youngsters exited and Diane spoke about some of the great changes around the Y including renovations to flooring, a new FitLinx system, new studio programs and a remodeled weight center. Membership at the Y grew by 7% this year: more than any other area YMCA. Well done, Diane! And not surprisingly, survey response questions from staff members and from YMCA members demonstrate much happiness with the Culver Palms YMCA.

Linda wrapped up our meeting a bit early mentioning some Rotary highlights from the prior week including Richard Marcus’ Boy Scouts placing 82,000 flags on the graves of every soldier at the Veterans Cemetery in Westwood. It was an amazing event, and our very own Andrew Sisolak could be seen sending scouts and their parents on missions to every corner of the cemetery. It truly memorialized our Veterans with beauty and respect.

Before we all headed out of the door, President Linda presented Diane and Karen with the large check from our Foundation for $5,000. We continue to honor our support for the wonderful work that the Culver Palms YMCA does for our local community.

Until next week, Rotarians and Friends . . . can you guess the identity of this week’s Reciprocator author?

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on May 30, 2011


By Dannie Cavanaugh

We did not meet for lunch this week as our meeting was preempted by the Chamber Mixer at Tower Insurance. Tower Insurance is celebrating 50 years of business this year and Janet and Jerry Chabola, Gerardo Jaramillo, the staff of Tower Insurance, and the extended Chabola family put on a great party to mark the occasion. There was a good showing by Rotarians and many Chamber members and City dignitaries were in attendance.

It was a great party – congratulations to the Tower Insurance group on 50 years of serving Culver City!

This coming Wednesday we meet at the YMCA for our annual lunch meeting.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on May 06, 2011

By Don Trepany

The short timer Prez Linda got the meeting started by calling upon "Rev" Joe Davidson to deliver the invocation. Andrew Sisolak led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Bryon Mooney led us in singing "God Bless America." After a short break Cy Pierce introduced our visiting Rotarian and we were honored with Past District Governor Ingo Werk. Guests of Rotarians were: Jerry Chabola, Culver High's Track

and Football Coach Jahmal Wright, and Casey Pierce. Janet Chabola led us in the Welcome Song.

Tim Messmer was called upon to present a check for $5,000 to the Culver High's track program. Jerry and Jahmal thanked our club for our donation.

Allan Goldman came up and announced that today we would be voting for the Board of our Culver City Community Foundation. The candidates are: Linda Black, Janet Chabola, Keith Jones and Tim Messmer. We also voted on whether to increase the board to 6 members (versus 5). While we were voting Ann Murakami reminded us that the District Conference is May 13 -15 and the International Conference is the following week in New Orleans. Linda Black reminded us about our annual giving to Rotary Foundation and that we need to step up our effort (read money) - just as she got done asking, checks started raining down into her hands!! Linda also let us know that every Rotarian was fine free for today!!

Back to the Foundation elections…. As the ballots were being counted by a respected retired college professor and some idiot chiropractor/Red Sox fan, Allan (a White Sox fan) and Keith (a fan of wearing pajamas all day), were giving a presentation on our Foundation. Now the election results were in....drum roll... we voted to increase the Board to six members and the Board will be comprised of newly elected Linda Black, Keith(pajamas) Jones and Tim Messmer (track meet superstar). Congratulations!!!

Paul Knoll then closed the meeting with some wisdom.



Andrew Sisolak has been hard at work with the dictionary Project and below is a schedule for the presentations. Please try to attend.

"I've been working to finalize the presentation dates at our local Culver City schools for The Dictionary Project. Below is what I currently have scheduled for the various schools in the district. Please let me know if you can help by attending one or more of the presentations. You will notice the first one scheduled is today. I apologize for the short notice but I received confirmation very recently. I will be there this morning to do the presentation regardless if no other Club members can attend.

El Marino Language School

Friday, May 6, 2011, 10:30am in the cafeteria

Yes that is today, sorry for the short notice, but the confirmation came in recently.

Lynwood E. Howe School

Friday, May 13, 2011, 8:45am

La Ballona Elementary

Friday, May 13, 2011, 2:00pm

Farragut Elementary

Friday, May 20, 2011, 1:00pm

Thank you in advance to those who are able to volunteer and attend any or all of the presentations.



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Posted by Linda Black on May 03, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

This is it, the last big event of the year.  Oh yeah, we will have a couple of more events to look forward to, such as my demotion!  Who would want to miss that?  Our art auction is on April 27 th To make this work, we need 150 in attendance.  That mean, each member needs to participate and bring just 2 friends.  Now I know you all have 2 non Rotarian friends.  Please, please help with this, just click on the Art Auction link to the left for all the details.

We have kept the cost low, just $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  We will have great food and wine.   So, treat yourself and your friends to a special evening.

I need a head count so the food committee will know how much to prepare.  We are making some really yummy food.  Please respond to this email with a number of tickets you will need.

I promise this will be an absolutely beautiful evening.

Your Gavel-less Prez


Linda Black
Culver City Rotary Club

ART AUCTION Linda Black 2011-05-03 13:15:57Z 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on May 02, 2011

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Another end of the month and another great Spouse’s Night meeting, this time at the comfortable and familiar American Legion Hall in Culver City. The theme of this meeting was Moonlight, Monet, and Merlot, although not necessarily in that order. There were over 100 folks in attendance and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of a live auction as run by auctioneer Bob Romeo.

Several works of art by students at Culver city High School were sold along with prints, lithographs, and posters created by many of the finest artists in the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the planning, set up, decoration, and appetizers – too many people to mention.

Health Updates


District 5280 eYellow Pages

Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It’s simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to www.yp5280.org.


Make Ups……..

Please email your make up information to Tim Messmer at messmerwest@yahoo.com .




May 11th – Three year planning session

May 18th – Peggy Halliday, Jessie’s Place

May 25th – Chamber Mixer at Tower Insurance

Future Planning Dates

June 1st – Lunch at the YMCA


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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on May 02, 2011

By Phil Tangalakis

From the check-in table to the podium, JOHN CLUFF was called upon for the Invocation, with a spirit of Troy, PAUL KNOLL, leading the troops in our Pledge of Allegiance. Next RICHARD MARCUS was blamed for the late Tuesday Night call that had DANNIE CAVANAUGH lead us in "God Bless America."

Most of us in attendance had to have noticed the "Four Horsemen of the CC Rotary Club", to wit, BOB THOMPSON, RED BETTS, ED LITTLE and HAROLD HANSLMAIR, all seated together at the "Pantheon Table." Was it Holy Week that found these Gentlemen breaking bread with each other?

A further look around the room and it was great to see a smiling LYN CARON back at the Club. Welcome back LYN, stay healthy.

Question, How many of us are able to remember their 10 year high school reunion? Well, guess what, there is one of us in our midst, that has not yet had his 10 year reunion. CHRIS KING announced that he is unable to attend the annual Sierra Fishing Trip because it will be conflicting with his 10 year HS Reunion. Can you believe it, as RON FOSTER mumbled, "my dogs is older that CHRIS KING."

Oh, let’s not forget the visiting Rotarians and guests, ART, HUSSAIN and PAT, were introduced by JIM MACHADO who led our Welcome SONG. JIMBO was filling in for a vacationing CY PIERCE.

Back to two of the Four Horsemen, RED was back at the Club after an eight week absence, and HAROLD was back after a brief illness. Keep it up guys.

In-coming Prez. Dyn-O-Mite, ANN MURAKAMI, reminded us that it is not too late to register for the upcoming District Convention at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells from May 12 to the 14. Whether you’re coming or not, ANN is looking for a couple of bales of hay to decorate the hospitality suite. Anyone with an extra bale or two lying around, please contact ANN.

May 21 to 25 is the International Convention in New Orleans, "Let the Good Times Roll" see ANN for further details. The Annual "Relay for Life" is just around the corner in May, be sure to lend your support.

Another question, Who in our Club is Dumber than dirt? Well according to Madam President, CHRIS KING gets the award this week for admitting that he has yet to attend his 10 year reunion, and with that opinion Madam President levied a $5.00 per year or $50.00 fine on CHRIS. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or

what you have done, but who you are, to warrant a fine. In this case, DON TREPANY’s double was spotted, by a traveling Rotarian, on a Brazilian beach flexing his muscles, and our Treasury is "pumped up" by $25.00.

Our nimble minds and not so nimble thumbs were given a work-out by CHRISTIANA CARTER, who presented an interesting program on organization. She was entertaining, and she will be our speaker for our last Spouse Night in late May, speaking about "Laughter". Don’t miss Spouse Night or Christiana.


Moonlight Merlot and Monet

Please circle April 27 on your calendars for this event which begins at 6:00 PM at the American Legion Hall. This will be a very fun evening and you might just go home with a great work of art.


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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Apr 12, 2011

By Phil Tangalakis

This time in the Rotary Year you may think that the meetings are getting longer, but it only feels like it.

Her Majesty LINDA BLACK called the meeting to order at 12:26 p.m., calling on the reverent JOE DAVIDSON to invoke the spirit of the All Mighty. Her former Majesty, KATHY HAWORTH then led us in the

Pledge to our Great Country. CARMEN PORTNOY’s seamless attempt as a song-master was frustrated when STEVE FRY fumbled for his glasses and the sheet music, and started playing Billy Joel’s, "Piano Man" rather than "America the Beautiful."

TALK AT THE TABLE, this reporter was seated at the MAN’s table, where BILL GARDNER was doing some early promoting of the annual Sierra fishing trip, KEITH JONES suggested that he might hold a Fly Fishing seminar in August and JIMBO MACHADO thought a bicycle to the top of Mammoth Mountain might fun. Now, President LINDA, we don’t want you to think we weren’t paying attention during the meeting, but…

Not only was CY PIERCE, in throws of tax season, and unable to attend to introduce the visiting Rotarians and Guests, but we had no guests to introduce. Undaunted, Madam President led us in the Welcome Song, for another absent Rotarian, ERNIE GARZA.

HEALTH UPDATES, HAROLD HANSLMUIR is doing better and as is LYN CARON, who is recuperating at home. Hope to see you both real soon.

Dyn-O-Mite comes in small packages, ANN MURAKAMI, took center stage to remind us that tickets are still available for the District Dodger Night, which is a fund raiser in our continuing battle to finally eradicate polio worldwide. And don’t forget to confirm your reservations for the District Conference May 13th to 15th, and be part of the Paniolos, Hawaiian Cowboys, manning our Hospitality Suite.

MOONLIGHT, MERLOT and MONET is sure to be a great event on Wednesday night April 27th. Be sure to attend and invite a friend.

There will be a joint Board Meeting on May 3, 2011, see ANN for details.

Did this reporter hear it right? Are we permanently moving our meeting site to the Culver Hotel, in the new Rotary year?

CRAIG FERRE proudly announced that his niece’s husband has finished is recent tour of duty in Afghanistan and has arrived home safely. Madam President presented to JIMBO and BILL G. a donation to the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) for $1,000.00.

GUEST SPEAKER, Kathy Cirillo, gave an interesting presentation on the preservation of Mountain Lions (Puma and Cougars) in the Santa Monica Mountain Range.

It was now 1:26 p.m. and the meeting adjourned. But don’t fret too much, Madam President is a 2 digit midget (less than 100 days left until her demotion).

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Apr 05, 2011

Another Wednesday, another action packed meeting. There was a Scouting theme to this meeting as we were honored to share lunch with fellow Rotarian (from Pacific Palisades) Al Sakai, who is with the Crescent Bay District Boy Scouts, and three Eagle Scouts from our area. The Scouts handled the prayer, pledge, and patriotic song duties with grace and aplomb.

Besides Al and the three Scouts (who we will get to later), other guests in attendance were Carol Meyers, Linda Forman, Tim’s mother Carol Messmer and his brother Doug Messmer, and Luis Martinez, whose daughter was in the art contest.

Bob Thompson reported that Lyn Caron was still in the hospital after having suffered a fall but she should be getting home soon.

We had three visitors (Edna Vogel-Amezcua, Ahin Ju, and Della Martinez) from Culver City High School, who were the finalists for our Art Contest with the winner moving on to the District Contest. All three contestants had created beautiful pieces and it was very difficult to pick the winner. Della Martinez’s piece was judged to be the best although all three contestants received an award.

Next up was the monthly review of birthdays and anniversaries by Joel Forman. Joel always puts a lot of thought and research to make this a month monthly event.

President Linda mentioned that this year we will not be skipping a meeting for the Mayor’s Luncheon. The Mayor’s Luncheon is on Thursday, April 21st but our regular meeting on the 20th is still scheduled. Our last big push for Linda’s year is the Art Auction, also known as, Moonlight Merlot and Monet that will be held on April 27th at American Legion Hall. We need every member to attend and please bring at least two guests.

Richard Marcus took over at this point for a presentation by three Scouts from Troop 113, the troop sponsored by our Club. Eagle Scouts Drake Myers and Timothy Baxendale and Eagle Scout candidate Tommy Trinkeller each addressed the audience, thanking the Club for our support while describing some of their Scouting projects.

Our speaker, Dr. Cathie Chung of the Angeles Clinic, spoke about advances in the treatment of breast cancer. Her presentation was very well received and prompted numerous questions.

The meeting concluded with a little humor from Cartwright Sheppard.

Health Updates

Lyn Caron got home from the hospital last Friday and she is feeling much better and is very happy to be home. She will take the rest of this week off and intends to be back at work on Monday.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. on Mar 29, 2011

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Last Wednesday night we had another successful Spouse's Night meeting with District Governor Doug Baker and his wife Connie again in attendance. I guess once was not enough. We had a great turnout with many Rotarians and their significant others filling up the room. Even Peter Rabbit (or was that Harvey?) showed up, handing out Easter eggs, albeit a tad bit early.

Andrew Sisolak, Bruce Jagger, and Joel Forman handled the invocation, pledge, and patriotic song duties and after the introductions of the many, many guests on hand, the Welcome Song was sung.

Anne Murakami talked about the upcoming District Conference scheduled for May 12th-15th at Indian Wells. If you want to receive the discounted room rates, you need to sign up soon. District Governor Doug Baker then played a short video regarding the Conference and he assured everyone that they would have a great time. The emphasis this year will be to focus on people who are on the receiving end of the good works of Rotary, to hear their stories and to hear how their lives have been affected.

There were a couple of presentations including a presentation by Rotaract Governor Sergei Belokonnyi who handed a check for $925 to the District Governor for RI. Kelley Kessen, Mary Cavaness's niece who went to Japan a couple of years ago as part of the student exchange program, raised $4,000 for Rotary International to be used for relief in Japan. Doug was so impressed that he pledged $1,000 on the spot to bring the donation up to $5,000.

Next, Doug and Connie presented Linda Black with a Rotary International Scarf, a gift that is given to Rotarians who make notable contributions to Rotary International.

We were all happy to see Brook Hefner installed into the Club by the District Governor - welcome to the Club Brook! Following Brook's induction, Doug handed out the Paul Harris awards to the latest recipients and there were many, too many in fact to note here. Not only are we 100% Paul Harris members for the Club but we are now 100% for our spouses - the only club in the District with such a distinction.

A couple more checks were handed out including $1,000 from the Club to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Linda Levin presented the Club with a check for $500 to be used for a scholarship for Most Improved Student.

The meeting continued with a great speech from the District Governor who spoke about promoting world peace through greater understanding. Dr. Knoll pulled everything together at the end with a little wisdom from the Wisdom Office concerning the fabulous job done by Tim Messmer at this year's track meet.

Health Updates

From President Linda.

I am very sad to report the passing of Ron Foster's mother last week. We have very little information on the funeral available but, please keep Ron and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, our own Lyn Caron is in the ICU unit of Santa Monica Hospital since Friday evening. She is doing much better and hopefully will be moved from ICU to another room tomorrow. She is allowed visitors. The hospital's address is 1225 15th Street in Santa Monica. Let's hope she is well and on her feet soon!


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Posted by Carmela Raack

PDG Rick Mendoza presented a beautiful and informative program about underwater photography.



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

By Dannie Cavanaugh

This was the last meeting of the year for Soon-To-Be-Past-President Chris King. Just as he was getting the hang of it he has to step down and let Joel Forman take over. Now, if only this was Game of Thrones….

We had a good showing for this last meeting with standing room only in the lovely Parisian Room. Wendy Taylor gave the Invocation (not to be confused with Wendy Miller who snuck in and did the Invocation a few weeks ago), Carmen Portnoy led the Pledge, and Linda Black sang the Patriotic Song. Linda announced that she is coming back into the Club starting July 1 – welcome home Linda!

We had plenty of guests including Tori Hettinger from the District Office, Past District Governor Rick Mendoza, Past District Governor and former CC Rotarian, Pat Cashin, and Craig Singer, who is really like a Club member. We also had with us two young men who were ready to leave for Kaizuka, Japan for the student exchange trip. Trevor Forman (grandson of Joel and Linda Forman) and Shawn Duggins (grandson of Linda Black) said a few words about their upcoming adventure. They are in for a life altering experience.

There were many short announcements …. Kate Rosloff shared a photo and gave an update on the 2015 Rotary Float for the Rose Parade. Linda Black found the old, metal bound "Book" that went missing a couple of years ago. In true CC Rotary fashion she blamed Ann Murakami for storing it away so carefully. Harold Hanslmair has not been to a meeting for quite a while and it was reported that he has recovered from the infection that he was stricken with but he is still resting at home. Hope to see you soon Harold. It was also reported that Ed and Helen Little have moved to Virginia. Craig Singer is planning to do several sporting event fund raiser pools in the coming year with an All Star Baseball Pool coming up shortly.

Joel Forman gave a report on the Honor Our Veterans event that was held on June 14th. The next District Breakfast will be on July 15th at the City Club in downtown LA. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be the speaker.

There were no fines instead there was a little bit of falling on one’s sword, as several Rotarians reported personal achievements and fined themselves as they saw fit. Kate Rosloff reported that her daughter Ariel graduated from Culver High School under a full moon on Friday the 13th. Linda Black bought a new (to her) 2001 Jaguar SJ8 for a very good price from the little old lady from Pasadena. Janet and Jerry Chabola just got back from two

weeks in Italy with Craig and Laura Ferre. Wendy Taylor got into the act and fined herself $5 for not wearing a Rotary pin. Carmen Portnoy came down with the flu and got hooked on Spanish telenovelas so she made a $50 donation to the club.

Our speaker was Rotarian Rick Mendoza who gave a presentation on the world under the seas through the eyes of a scuba diver. Rick has been an avid diver for over 40 years and he provided us with and excellent array of photos and stories highlighting his years in the ocean.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I did not get a report sent out last week but here are a few highlights from that meeting. We were bumped out of the Culver Hotel so we met at LYFE Kitchen located down the street.

President Chris read a letter from Leslie Adler thanking us for the $2,500 donation to the Education Foundation.

Joel and Linda Forman gave a report on the International Convention in Sydney, Australia.

Carmela reported on two grant requests that have been submitted to RI.

Our speakers were Michael Paul and Ken May of Swift Chip which is a computer consulting company serving the business community. These guys were great and they shared a lot of information on how to keep your business computers safe from hackers and malware.





Posted by Carmela Raack


Honor Our Heroes

Saturday, June 14, 11:00 – 2:00 pm

American Legion Hall

5300 South Sepulveda Blvd.

Culver City, California 90230

Santa Maria BBQ Lunch: $25.00

Free Parking

Rotary Veterans will speak about their experiences in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.  There are many distinguished Rotary Veterans in District 5280.

Our special guest will be California’s oldest living female veteran centenarian Bea Cohen.  Born in Romania in 1910, Bea Cohen is one of the few people alive who witnessed the beginning of World War I in 1914.  Her family immigrated to the United States in 1920.  She joined the army during World War II because she wanted to give back to her adopted country.

After the war, Bea Cohen has contributed her time and efforts for more than 7 decades to many veterans and philanthropic causes and organizations.  "Veterans need to be recognized.  Never forget them," says Bea Cohen.

Reservations may be made by phone, mail or email.   Email Chair Joel Forman at jjforman@aol.com.  Checks made out to Rotary District 5280 may be mailed to Linda Forman, 11260 Overland Avenue, #9G, Culver City, CA 90230.  With a reservation, credit cards will be accepted by phone or at the event.

HONOR OUR HEROES Carmela Raack 0

HamBINGO at Hamburger Mary’s!

Posted by Carmela Raack


Bingo Night for the Culver City Community Foundation

Hamburger Mary’s

8288 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90046

Wednesday, May 28, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Donate door prizes, monies for prize baskets or gift cards.  Auction item too!  All monies for the club foundation for scholarships and community programs.

HamBINGO at Hamburger Mary’s! Carmela Raack 0
Culver City Rotary Supports "We Are This Close" Polio Eradication Campaign Carmela Raack 0

Governor's Visit a Success!

Posted by Carmela Raack


Past District Governor Pat Cashin presented Paul Harris Fellows and Pin Advancements during the Governor's Visit on August 28, 2014.  A $1,000 donation to The Rotary Foundation helps to alleviate hunger, support educational programs, supply water wells and improve health in projects throughout the world.

Special recognition is given to Chuck Perelman a Paul Harris Fellow +4, Joel Forman a Paul Harris Fellow +3, Cartwright Sheppard honoring his sister Sally, Club President Christopher King honoring his father Patrick King and Rotarian Adriana Colback.  Culver City Rotary has been recognized as a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.

Governor's Visit a Success! Carmela Raack 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, February 22, 2012

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


By Don Trepany

   Future Prez Keith Jones was at the helm again and he got us started by calling upon Bruce Jagger to give us the Invocation and Clint Ehlers to lead us in the Pledge.   America the Beautiful was led by Joel Forman.  There were no visiting Rotarians and we had one guest, Linda Forman.  The Welcome Song was led by Cartwright Sheppard. 

   Harold Hanslmair reported that everyone was healthy.  Carmela Raack came up and introduced the contestants for the art contest.  They were from Culver High and they were all very talented artists. Michelle came in first place, Amy in second and Edna and Javier were the runners up.  The Principal Dylan Farris and the Art Teacher Tristine Hatanaka came up and spoke briefly.

Some District news...the District Conference is April 19-22 in San Diego and there is a Rotary Day of Service on March 17th at 8:am at the Frank D. Lanterman High School. (wearing of the green is optional)

Next Wednesday we meet at the Elks Club, 11160 Washington Boulevard.

Andy Alexander from the CC Youth Health Center announced that they are having a fundraiser, a detective show, on Saturday, March 10 at the Doubletree (where we used to meet) starting with the silent auction at 5:30 PM.

Our program was next and it was Jim Fields who talked about sustainable development.

Have a great week Rotarians!!!


District 5280 eYellow Pages

Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It's simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to





Make Ups....

Please email your make up information to Lyn Caron at lcaron369@gmail.com .




March 7th - Dr. Jane George, DC, Body/Mind Realignment

March 14th - Dark

March 15th - Follow the Yellow Brick Road

March 21st - Brie Wells, Personal and Business Coach

March 28th - David Moring, Employment Attorney


April 4 - Dr. Dean Gebroe, Veterinarian

April 11 - Alan B. Kerstein, How to Avoid a Ticket

Future Planning Dates

March 15th - Follow the Yellow Brick Road

April 19th - 22nd - District Conference at Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa

Board of Directors Meetings - Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 at Rotary Plaza Community Room

Culver City Interact Club Meetings - Thursdays, C.C. High School, Room 20 at 12:20






















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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Service and Friendship

Posted by Carmela Raack

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to
Service and Friendship

 An Evening with Father Gregory Boyle Honoring Community Heroes

  Dust off your red shoes for a wicked good time on
Thursday, March 15, 2012
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Culver City Senior Citizens’ Center
4095 Overland Avenue

Culver City, California 90232

 Your $50 ticket provides
Munching on Tasty Foods from Culver City Restaurants and Hotels
Auctions, Drawings, Entertainment and More  

Chick your heels and get carried away and benefit
Culver City Teen Center, Home Boys Industries and the

Culver City Rotary Community Foundation

 Come Dressed in Your Favorite Culver City Made Movie Character

 Be a sponsor and be in the Tribute Book

Contact Co-Chair Linda Black, lgblack@verizon.net
Co-Chair Carmela Raack, carmraack@aol.com

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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK,January 25, 2012

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


By Dannie Cavanaugh

We had a table full of guests at this week's meeting with soon-to-be-a-Rotarian Joe Davis and our two visiting Australian guests, Ben and

Steve sitting with Cy Pierce. Seated at the same table was Richard Marcus who had brought Culver City Chief Financial Officer Jeff Muir and Chamber Chairman of the Board Goran Eriksson as his guests.

The meeting kicked off with an Invocation from Joe Davidson, the Pledge led by Phil Tangalakis, and the Patriotic Song by Allan Goldman. The Welcome Song, for all of our guests, was handled by Cartwright Sheppard with Stephen Fry on piano.

Under the heading of Health Updates it was reported that Joel Forman was in the hospital undergoing some tests - we wish you well Joel.

There were the usual announcements with Carmela mentioning that it is the goal of the District to get a donation of at least $10 from every member in the District. Carmela will be collecting the money at this week's meeting so be sure and bring your checkbook. Carmela also spoke about the Follow the Yellow Brick Road fund raiser which is scheduled for Thursday, March 15th at the Culver City Senior Citizens Center at 4095 Overland Avenue. We are still looking for nominations for Community Heroes, both individuals and businesses, that will be considered for recognition at this event. Please submit your nominees to either Linda Black or Carmela Raack by February 1st.

Next week (February 1) we will be holding the Club elections with the following slate:

President: Chris King

Treasurer: John Cluff

Secretary: Andrew Sisolak

Director: Melissa Mooney

Director: Bryon Mooney

Please attend this meeting so that we have a good showing for the election.

This coming Saturday, February 4th, we are joining with West Basin to help out in their toilet change-out program where residents of Culver City can swap their water guzzling toilets for a new water saving model. This is a fund raiser for the Club and provides a great service to the community as lower water usage is good for all of us. Please contact Tim Messmer at 310-200-7229 or messmerwest@yahoo.com to confirm your attendance.

With the Club business out of the way, our young guests from Australia, Ben Woolnough and Steve Ryan, took center stage and spoke to us about their lives and families in Australia, complete with pictures of them and their families. We are all very sorry to see them go as they have been such excellent guests.

Our speaker for the day was David Cohen from Energy Upgrade California. David gave a wonderful presentation about this energy efficiency program that is going on right now in LA County. If you missed the meeting, please go to www.EnergyUpgradeCA.org/LACounty for all the details.

Have a great week Rotarians.

Health Updates : Joel Forman is now back at home recovering from a Heart Condition.  Drop him a line @ Jjforman@aol.com


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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, January 18, 2012

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Dannie Cavanaugh

This was our first meeting without President Ann and Linda Black and Keith Jones filled in admirably with Keith leading the way. Carmela

Raack was the first Triple Crown winner in recent CCRC history as she handled the duties of Invocation, Pledge, and Patriotic Song. I think her obligations are now satisfied for the rest of the year.

We were honored with several guests: Stu Freeman, who was the guest of Andy Weissman; Gus Mason from West Basin who was with Ed Little; Rotarian Art Rangel from Auburn, California; and Rotarian Bob Sigall from the Honolulu, Hawaii Club. Bob is a Culver City native and the son of the well known cartoonist Martha Sigall. Carmela did not want to handle the fourth chore of the meeting so the Welcome Song was handled by the person in the Club with the worst voice - yours truly.

Janet Chabola brought us up to speed on Club news reporting that Pat Cashin was making a good recovery after his recent rotator cuff surgery. On a couple of sad notes, Janet mentioned that Roger Barnes' daughter passed away recently and Bobby Matsuyama's mother also just passed away.

The main news from the District is a reminder of the District Conference on April 19th - 22nd at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa Mission Bay. Early bird registration is open until March 15th.

There were three announcements of note the first being a reminder of the Club elections scheduled for February 1st. Please mark your calendars for the Follow the Yellow Brick Road event on March 15th that will be held at the Senior Citizen Center on Overland Avenue. We will be honoring Father Greg Boyle at this event.

The third announcement was given by Gus Mason of the West Basin Municipal Water District. West Basin is holding another toilet trade-out program were residents can get a free water saving toilet by bringing in there old water guzzler. Our Club will participate in this project and raise money for the Club at the same time. The dates are on two Saturdays - February 4th and February 18th. We did this project a few years ago and it was a great success that raised considerable money for the Club.

Our speaker for the day was Kriss Casanova, Economic Development Manager for the Culver City Redevelopment Agency. This was a very timely program in light of the California Supreme Court decision upholding the new laws designed to eliminate redevelopment agencies throughout the state. Kriss gave us an overview of potential projects in the city, which may or may not be able to proceed. Judging by the number of questions and additional comments from Andy Weissman and Art Rangel, this was a well-received presentation.

Have a great week Rotarians.

Health Updates


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Service and Friendship

Dust off your red shoes for a wicked good time

Thursday, March 15, 2012

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Culver City Senior Citizens' Center

4095 Overland Avenue

Culver City, California 90232

Your $50 ticket provides

Munching on Tasty Foods from Culver City Restaurants and Hotels

Auctions, Drawings, Entertainment and More

Chick your heels and get carried away by benefitting

Culver City Teen Center, Home Boys Industries and the

Culver City Rotary Community Foundation

Come Dressed in Your Favorite Made in Culver City Movie Character

Be in the Tribute Book and be an Event Sponsor

Contact Co-Chair Linda Black, lgblack@verizon.net




Make Ups....

Please email your make up information to Lyn Caron at lcaron369@gmail.com .

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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, November 30, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


By Janet Chabola

Well here it is the end of November and it has literally "gone with the wind!" We had quite the gathering Wednesday, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and recoveries. On a sad note, we observed

the passing of Kussum Parekh, the widow of beloved Rotarian Nandlal Parekh.

The usual pre-meeting rituals were led by Carmela, Ernie, Clint and Dannie.

The word was that our new Rotarian, Grizelda will be "sworn in" at the Bill Winn Luncheon!

The news of the day highlighted our annual Bill Winn Holiday luncheon on December 14th at the American Legion Hall. Be sure to invite guests, buy raffle tickets and contribute to the door prizes. This event is a big deal as it is an opportunity to tell the community about OUR CLUB!

The focal point of this year's event will be our Toy Drive for our squad from Camp Pendleton. There are 173 kids that we need to help out and we need to be there for them! Encourage friends and family to contribute toys. They will feel so good knowing that their gift will be appreciated. Let's overwhelm our Marines with generosity!

Other great news comes from our Sister Club down-under. Manningham has chosen two young men to come for our exchange around December 27th. The exact date and time is still to be determined. Free up days to spend time with them during January. Culver City's Sister City, Lethbridge, Canada will be hosting a contingent of young people the end of December, too. Maybe we can plan to share some events with that group.

The speaker for the day was Dr. Shizhong Chen. He is a molecular biologist with a biotech startup business in San Diego. He wasn't with us to share his vocation. He came to share his passion with us. He and many other Chinese ex-pats are working diligently to restore Chinese tradition, cultivation and values to their homeland. The Chinese government has spent 62 years destroying over 5,000 years of their civilization, including their ethics and values. Dr. Chen invited us to attend an outstanding performance of top classical

artists from throughout the world to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Jan 13 & 14, and at the Segestrom Center for the Arts, Jan 11-12th. I made arrangements to reserve 20 tickets at $100 each for the performance on January 14 at 7:30pm. 10% of the cost will be refunded to the Club for our other projects. Please let me know ASAP how many tickets you want.

We will be dark next Wednesday, so that everyone can prepare for the Club Christmas Party to be held at the Culver Hotel on Sunday, December 11th. Be sure that you have RSVP'd for the party.

Greetings to all of our Rotarians near and far (especially Red and Kit).

Have a great week Rotarians!

Health Updates


Australian Student Exchange

From Craig Ferre.

Attention Rotarians-

The Maningham Rotary Club has selected two young men for the student exchange. No firm dates have been chosen yet but I believe it will most likely be Dec. 27th when the boys will land on US soil. Hopefully we can show them how Americans embrace the holiday spirit and show them a good time during their visit.

Be expecting an e-mail concerning signing up for day hosting and please get involved. Anyone who can do some home hosting please contact me ASAP. These exchanges are life changing events for the students.

Contact exchange committee co-chairs Craig Ferré (310) 210-5996 or craig.ferre@verizon.net) & Joe Davidson (310) 390-5907 or joeadav@yahoo.com.

Here is the info I got from our Aussie friend, Alan McKinnon...

"The student exchange committee has selected 2 young fellows for the forthcoming exchange.

Ben Woolnough, the grand son of Keith Woolnough, Northcote/ Manningham's longest serving member and Stephen Ryan, a nephew of Pauline Nolan. Pauline has been involved with the Culver City exchange since 1993.

They are both interested in sport and I am sure they will be very good ambassador's for Australia and the Rotary Club of Manningham.

I will send you full details shortly."



Holiday Party at the Culver Hotel

Sunday, December 11 th is the Annual Holiday Party which will be held this year at the Culver Hotel beginning at 6:00 pm. Please get your RSVP's sent to Ann as soon as possible so that we can get a head count for the hotel.


Holiday Dinner at Rotary Plaza

Please mark your calendars for the annual Holiday Dinner at Rotary Plaza on December 15th. We will need to volunteers that night for setting up, serving, and clean up. Also, we

need two or three hams or turkeys for the event. Please contact Lyn Caron for more information.


Theatre Palisades

Dieter Holberg wrote to remind us that Moonlight and Magnolias, a comedy will be at Theatre Palisades though December 4th. A screen writer and a director have just 5 days to write the script for Gone With the Wind, which results in the funniest, most maniacal brainstorming session ever witnessed on stage.

More information can be found on the TheatrePalisades.org website.

Also, TP will screen the full 4-hour (with intermission) movie Gone With the Wind on Sunday, December 11, at 6:pm. As this is expected to sell out, reservations at 310-454-1970 are required.

Requested donation is $10.


District 5280 eYellow Pages

Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It's simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to





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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, November 23, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Once a year USC and UCLA meet each other on the football field and once a year the Culver City Rotary Club and the Culver City Exchange

Club hold a joint meeting in anticipation of the big game. This tradition has gone on for many years (does anyone know exactly how many) and is always a great event.

This year the Exchange Club hosted the meeting in the open air patio of the Culver City Elks Lodge. A great meal was served with salad, chicken, tri-tip, vegetables, potatoes, etc. – a real feast.

Club business for both groups was kept to a minimum consisting mostly of the Pledge, a Patriotic song, and the like. Everyone present introduced themselves and the two Presidents, Ann Murakami of our Club and Xavier Nuques of the Exchange Club took care of a few announcements.

The program this year was focused entirely on the Song Girls from both USC and UCLA with each group taking turns on the stage and performing dance numbers. After the dance routines, each girl got to tell us a little bit about themselves and share their favorite memories. There was a football trivia contest with Linda Forman getting the highest score for the USC trivia and LMU Lion Dannie Cavanaugh winning the UCLA side.

Enjoy the holidays and we will see you next week for our regular meeting.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, November 23, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK November 16, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Dannie Cavanaugh

The Occupy Culver Hotel Movement reached its fifth month on Wednesday with approximately 25 Culver City Rotarians taking over the lobby of the hotel and refusing to leave until they had received a slice of pie for dessert.  The leader of this rag-tag group of squatters, Ann Murakami, called the meeting to order and summoned the ever pious Bruce Jagger to deliver the Invocation.  Linda Black followed by leading the Pledge of Allegiance and John Cluff concluded the opening ceremonies with the Patriotic Song.  This is a patriotic group as occupiers go.

We had three guests - Linda Forman who is really like a regular member now, Sergei Belokonnyi from the West Los Angeles Rotoract Club, and a guest of Richard Marcus, Patricia O'Neill.  Doctor Don Trepany led the Welcome Song.

Under the topic of health updates, Harold Hanslmair reported that Michele Walman had undergone shoulder surgery last Thursday and was recuperating at home.  Lenay Richardson is feeling better and expects to be back at our next meeting.

Next up was Keith Jones who stumbled through the District Announcements while Carmella corrected his mistakes.  Who is running this Occupy group anyway?

There were a few announcements including a reminder that the Bill Winn Holiday Luncheon is right around the corner, December 14th  

 to be exact. Raffle tickets for the luncheon will be available soon so get ready to sell those tickets. We are going to sponsor a toy drive for the families of the troops at Camp Pendleton like we did last year - please participate in this very worthy project.

Trojan Phil Tangalakis reminded everyone that next week we will be meeting with the Exchange Club on Tuesday at the Elks Lodge located at 11160 Washington Place. This is one of the really fun meetings of the year and provides a great opportunity to bring a guest. We are dark on Wednesday so if you stop by the Hotel for the meeting that day no one will be there.

There was one more announcement of note and that pertained to a District Youth Exchange student who will be visiting here next

August. The District is looking for a volunteer to home host this student for about 6 months. The student will most likely be enrolled at CCHS requiring a local family to be the host. Talk to Ann if you are interested.

Fine time was brief with Joel and Linda Forman accepting a $50 recognition for their recent trip to Brazil. Cy Pierce will pay $65 (a buck a year for the birthday boy) to commemorate the moves he busted on the dance floor last Saturday night at the Dueling Pianos event in Long Beach.

Our speaker was Ira Diamond who is a Culver City resident, podiatrist, member of Shoes for the Homeless, and a friend (he says) of Chris King. Shoes for the Homeless is a group that does just what the name says, providing used but usable shoes to homeless men, women, and children. If you want to donate some shoes or get involved with Ira's organization you can contact him at DiamondLine@earthlink.net. The second part of Dr. Diamond's program covered a brief overview of various foot ailments and maladies and some tips on maintaining healthy feet. The slide show was not for the squeamish and many averted their eyes at the proper moment.

If anyone can identify the above line, I will donate $25 to the Foundation. You can't look it up on line though - that would be cheating.

The meeting concluded with some wry observations from Cartwright Sheppard who did his best at channeling the late Andy Rooney.

As quickly as it had begun, Occupy Culver Hotel came to an end and we all filed out of the room without incident.

Have a good week Rotarians.


IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK November 16, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, November 2, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Lyn Caron

President Ann called the meeting to order on this warm, sunny afternoon. Joe Davidson delivered the Invocation followed by the

flag salute led by Bruce Jagger and the patriotic song led by Tim Messmer.

Although club attendance was light, our visiting Rotarian, Ron Brack, a former Culver City club member and currently a Westlake Village member, livened things up. President Ann called on Ron to lead the Welcome Song assisted by Harold Hanslmair.

President Ann made the following announcements:

• Paul Harris Celebration at Circus Vargas, Sunday 11/6/2011

• Live Auction Items available for bid on line

• Club will be dark next week, 11/9/2011

• Spouses' event Saturday, 11/12/2011 at Dueling Pianos in Long Beach. Contact Kathy Haworth for reservations.

• Club Board Meeting, Tuesday, 11/8/2011 at Phil Tangalakis' office. All past presidents encouraged to attend.



Lenay Richardson is still recovering from surgery. Bill Cavaness will undergo surgery on 11/11/11, a date he'll always remember.

President Ann levied some fines assisted by the "Fine Master" Ron Brack. Cartwright and Linda Sheppard enjoyed some R&R in Hawaii for $75. Getting off easier was Joe Davidson for $20 and Dannie Cavanaugh for $50.

Cy Pierce introduced speaker Chiqeeta Jameson, Regional Account Manager for Sono Cine. She gave a very informative presentation on breast cancer testing. All tumors are not detected by mammograms; however, the sonogram exam available at Sono Cine is able to detect "hidden tumors" in dense tissue. If anyone is interested, Sono Cine is offering a special price, for November only, of $265. Please mention the Culver City Rotary Club for the discount. It is not covered by insurance.

Have a good week Rotarians.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, November 2, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, October 26, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


President Ann started the meeting on time today and quickly got us going. We got through club business in record time so as to devote a lot extra time for our program.

We hosted a forum for the Culver City School Board candidates. Four of the five candidates joined us for lunch before the forum started.

Past President Linda Black introduced Frances Talbott-White the moderator for the forum. The candidates, Scott Zeidman, Laura Chardiet, Nancy Goldberg and Robert Zirgulis are vying for the two open positions coming up this November. They aptly handled the questions with answers that gave us a good insight into their views and desires for the education of our students.

The election is on Tuesday, November 8th.


IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, October 26, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, October 5, 2011

Posted by Tim Messmer


By Tim Messmer

On this rainy Wednesday President Ann Murakami called our weekly meeting to order promptly at 12:15.  Joel Foreman has been striving to keep our President on schedule and it appears to be working. Richard Marcus (former Culver City Mayor) gave the Invocation followed up by John Cluff leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Now that the swim season has slowed down Alan Goldman has become a regular again and guided us in singing the Patriotic song, "God Bless America."

We had a very busy schedule today and Ann jumped right in and asked Jim Machado to introduce his guests, leading off with his mother (a very young 92) Gayle Machado, the matriarch of the family, and Rod, Sara, Gracie and Raphie Machado.  Clint Ehlers introduced his daughter Taylor who along with Gracie Machado were our Club’s representatives in Australia for our International Youth Exchange.

Joel Foreman introduced the Birthdays and Anniversaries for October.  Joel researches and provides interesting facts that happened on the day of our birth or wedded bliss.  A chocolate cake with strawberries between the two layers was this month’s celebration cake.  I had to try three slices before I could determine how well I liked it and I’m sure I saw Don Trepany going for more than seconds.

Ann pointed out an article in our local paper about Janet Chabola, which promptly earned Janet a fine.

Melissa Mooney announced that there will be a meeting at the Grandview Palms Senior Living Community presented by the Alzheimer's Association titled "Memory in Aging." Apparently I should attend as I forgot to send in this report before leaving town over a week ago.

Gracie Machado and Taylor Ehlers gave us a report along with photos of their trip to Australia.  They had a fantastic trip and spent a lot of time with the Aussie students who have visited with us in the past few years.  Nearly all the top sites in Australia were visited by the two young ladies.  While they did not have photos to share with us Taylor pointed out that the Aussie boys are awesome and well mannered. (I believe that last point was made for Clint Ehlers benefit.)  They also pointed out that the King Tut exhibit that they visited at the Natural History Museum had different artifacts then the ones they saw in the Los Angeles exhibit last year.

A quarterly report was made by the Board Members to keep the Club updated on our current status. 

 Meeting adjourned.




















IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, October 5, 2011 Tim Messmer 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, September 28, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Jim Machado

The Culver City Rotary met at the historic Culver Hotel.  One of my favorite meetings for the club is the craft talks from our fellow members.  That's what we had today and the club was not disappointed with the talks from Brook Hefner and John Cluff.

President Ann started the meeting with an Invocation from Andrew Sisolak.  Bryon Mooney led the Pledge of Allegiance and Jim Machado selected "God Bless America" as the Patriotic Song.  As we sat down we were surprised with a special raffle supervised by Melissa Mooney.  Everyone was fined $4.99 and received a ticket.  The prize was a raffle ticket for the 10K and the winners were John Cluff and Bryon Mooney.

This week we had guest Rotarians from Santa Monica and Cy Pierce introduced us to Lisa Alexander and Diane Merice.  Next we had the Rotarians introduce their special guests, Joel Foreman's wife Linda, Joe Davidson's wife Suzie, and Jim Machado's wife and birthday girl Raphie.  With Raphie's introduction we had a spontaneous birthday song from Steve Frye.   Keith Jones our "Songbird" led the club with the Welcome Song.

Next on the agenda was a health update.  Hal Hanslmair, who gives the reports, had to report on himself.  Hal has had some skin cancer recently removed and is doing well.

President-elect Keith Jones went over the District events, including the District Talent Show on Nov. 5 and Cicrus Vargus on Nov. 6th

Some members say President Ann is pulling a fast one, but the District Governor has personally asked her to lead a study group to India.  In February Past President Linda Black and President Elect Keith Jones will be stepping into her shoes and running the meetings for a month.  At approximately the same time Kathy & Tony Haworth and Janet & Jerry Chabola will be visiting India on behalf of the Club to celebrate the completion of a major project supporting Indian Education in a rural setting.

It was recognition time and President Ann recognized Hal Hanslmair for being the longest continuous member of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce (55 years).  Hal then picked a number between 55 & 100, settling at $56 for his fine.  Janet Chabola volunteered a $90 fine to celebrate the birthday of her 90 year old aunt, Florence Ernst.  Aunt Florence has 14 children, 43 grandchildren, 53 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren.  Once we let those impressive population numbers sink in, it was time for the craft talks.

Brook Hefner made some of us realize what a world citizen looks like. Born in LA and educated at USC in Journalism, she was introduced to politics while in Washington and would end up working for President Clinton traveling the world and being on the team coordinating his trips. She has lived in Chile and Spain and married a Spanish film maker Vincente Perez-Martinez.  Besides her public relations business, she is currently working on Presidents Obama's re-election campaign.  In the past she has worked for NPR and FOX sports.  Brook speaks English, Spanish and French.

John Cluff is the story of a hometown boy making good.  John shared how he was helped as a youth by a local businessmen and what a difference they made in his life.  He has been in the computer business for 14 years, starting with an early career at Santa Monica Bank.  It was from his involvement with the computers at the bank that moved him into a career in technology and starting his own business, Millennium Computer Services, Inc.  In his talk John spent some time reviewing how fast technology has moved forward and how the computer is changing.  In the future John expects the computer and TV's to become one.  The computer will continue to get smaller and the books in our classrooms will be replaced by I-pads.  Look out for this brave new world. John has 3 children and is married to Joie who also helps him with his business.

As we finished our dessert of a slice of carmelized pineapple and coconut ice cream, Ann closed the meeting.


From Dieter Holberg.

Rabbit Hole

, at Theatre Palisades, a story of a couple dealing with the loss of their child in a traffic accident is a serious drama but still has many light and funny moments. Acting is truly outstanding as reflected in several reviews. But based on the movie, many people think it's too depressing and are staying away. The show is quite different, comments from everyone who did see it are very positive and nobody is leaving at the intermission. The show runs Fri & Sat 8 PM and Sun 2 PM thru Nov 2 with two-for-one tickets (310-454-1970). It is not depressing, please come.


IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, September 28, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, August 17, 2011

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Don Trepany

President Ann gaveled (she has the gavel TIED to herself!!!) the meeting to order and she called upon Joe Davidson the give us the invocation. He has a very special talent for, not only giving a great

invocation, but he can also tease the president while doing so. Ernie Garza led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Craig Ferre led us in singing "America."

After a short break, Cy Pierce introduced our one visiting Rotarian Michael Newman from the Westwood Club. Our Japanese exchange students were our guests and Dieter Holberg led us in the welcome song.

The health report was delivered by Harold Hanslmair and he told us that John Black is doing better after his fall. Some say that John fell for Linda (again).

Since Keith Jones wasn't present Bill Gardner was asked to give the District Announcements but he left them on his desk so Ann Murakami had to step in and tell us about them. She said that there was a District Breakfast on Tuesday, September 27 and the District Picnic is on Sunday, October 2. There is also a humanitarian trip to Puerto Rico February 8 - 13. Craig Ferre let us know that there is a farewell party for our Japanese kids at Kathy Haworth's house this Friday at 6:30. Please email Craig if you are attending. Bill Gardner was back up reminding us about the fishing trip September 8 -11. Please get your $100 deposit to Chris King ASAP. Fiesta La Ballona is coming up on August 26,27, & 28 and we get money when we sell Pancake Breakfast tickets (no one makes pancakes like Bill Gardner) and get your business cards on the placemats - see Ann.

Now is a FINE TIME to collect money so Ann dings Cy Pierce for catching a small or large fish, depending on what story you believe. Poor Cartwright Sheppard - he took a trip to Boulder CO to help his daughter move into her house, he has to pay a good sum of money for her college, he lost money at the race track, and Ann gets him for $25!! She also got those of us who did not go to the race track for $4.99.

Mercifully our program was introduced by Carmen Portnoy and it was Professor Lawrence Driscoll who talked about the life and the art of William Blake. Cartwright finished the meeting with some jokes.

Have a great week Rotarians!

Health Updates

Requiescat in pace

We are sad to announce that Joyce Matsuyama, wife of long time member Bobby Matsuyama, passed away last week.

If you would like to contact Bobby, his address is below.

Bobby Matsuyama

96 Hillsborough Dr

 Pleasant View, UT 84414

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, August 17, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Next Week’s Meeting: May 25th 

Chamber Mixer at Tower Insurance, come by and celabrate their 50 years in business.

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Linda is on the home stretch of what will be remembered as one of the best years in the history of the Culver City Rotary Club. Although she was on her way to the train station about to leave for New Orleans, she and husband John stopped by the meeting to give a quick summary of the incredible District Conference where our Club walked away with numerous awards. Club of Excellence, Club of

Distinction, plus 17 other awards - we swept through the award ceremonies garnering an award in every avenue of service. What an accomplishment! – a great job to Linda, her Board, and all the members who helped make this happen.

Ann Murakami got to stand in for a practice run and led the meeting in Linda’s absence. Andrew Sisolak gave the Invocation, Buffy Francuz recited the Pledge, and John Cluff led the Patriotic Song. Guests included Sandy Carey, John Black, Linda Forman, and Warren Bobrow from the Westchester Club. Dieter Holberg and Kathy Haworth did a duet for the Welcome Song.

Westchester Rotarian and District Youth Exchange Coordinator Warren Bobrow addressed our Club about the District Youth Exchange, a program that differs from ours in that the students stay here for a full year. Rotarians take on the task of hosting a student for a much longer length of time, time that allows them to bond much more closely to the student. Host families provide meals, transportation, and housing and Rotary takes care of the rest.

Warren is looking for help to home host a student who is coming here from Belgium and will be arriving in August. He is looking for a Culver City family to host Jills for about six weeks so that Jills can enroll in Culver City High School. For more information contact Warren at 310 670-4175 or email him at warren@allaboutperformance.biz.

After Warren finished his presentation, Ann Murakami fined Linda $500 with the proviso that the Club match the $500 and the combined amount be donated to the Foundation. The breakdown went like this: $10 was charged to those present at the meeting and $20 was charged to those who missed. Now that’s what I call leadership!

Next up was Joel Forman who went through the birthdays and anniversaries, creatively tying each date to a famous event.

Paul Knoll finished up the meeting with a report from the Wisdom Office.

Health Updates


Club of the Year

I am so proud to announce that Culver City Rotary was honored this weekend with the Club of Excellence for 2010-2011. Culver won the top level of achievements in all 8 areas of service as established by Rotary International. We were also awarded the Presidential Citation with Distinction from Rotary International. In addition, I received The Rotary Foundation District Service Award. These honors resulted from all your hard work and dedication. I asked a lot of all of you this year and you did it!!! This is the first time we have achieved this in 20 years. I know it was not easy and I just can't tell you how proud I am of all of you. Thank you all for you hard work and faith in the Rotary way!

Congratulations to the best Award Winning Club of Culver City!!!

Your gavel-less Pres, but very proud,



Used Book Sale

The Rotary Club of Westchester is having their 56th Annual Used book Sale beginning Friday, May 27th through Saturday, June 4th located at the Ralph’s parking lot on the corner of Sepulveda and 89th Street. To donate books, please call Rod at 310-739-2386 or Jeff at 310-670-6669.


District Conference

Ann Murakami and her team did a fabulous job hosting our hospitality booth Friday night. We invited everyone to "Get Branded" at the Culver City Bigger Better Bolder Ranch. We had so much fun and we won the Golden Shaker award for our Cowboy Champagne. (The booze award!) Great job Ann!

Also, Culver City was selected to sit on the committee to pick the District Governor for the year 2014-2015. This is quite an honor and I don’t think we have done this before. We will send a past president to sit on a 13 member committee. Very Cool!!!


District 5280 eYellow Pages

Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It’s simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to www.yp5280.org.


IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, May 18, 2011 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - March 23, 2011

By Andrew Sisolak

With the Title of "Stories from Toad Suck" for the meeting agenda this past Wednesday I do not believe any of us knew what to expect.  The meeting started with the usual formalities including the Invocation by Mr. John Cluff, the Pledge by incoming President Ann Murakami and the Patriotic Song by Mr. Chuck Perelman.

   With the completion of our opening activities we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  After introducing special guests and visiting Rotarians, Mr. Don Trepany led us in a full hearted singing of the welcome song.

Moving into Club business and announcements incoming President Ann Murakami let us know about the upcoming District Breakfast on April 12th, the District Dodger Game Fundraiser on April 30th (cost is $32 per person), and the District Conference on May 12th-15th.  President Linda Black shared a Club Announcement concerning this Saturday's Rotary at Work Day.  Our Club will meet at the Santa Monica pier for a Beach Cleanup this saturday, March 26th at 8:30 am.  

With the conclusion of business we moved into the recognition section of the meeting.  Chris King attended the luncheon with his LA Marathon "Corn rows" in his hair.   According to him this helped him shave two minutes off his time in running the marathon.  His ending time was 4 hours 19 minutes.  President Black considered a $0.25 per minute Rotary surcharge to encourage him to run faster.  This would have landed Chris a $64.75 fine.  The fates were smiling though and Chris was lucky enough to be sitting at the fine free table.  Wasting no time President Black moved her sights to the next unfortunate honoree.  It was at this time that the ongoing hostilities between Clint Ehlers and Bill Gardner were brought to the Club's attention.  After some witty and ribald humor by both parties concerning their feud President Black fined them each $25.00 and told them to shake hands and kiss and make-up.

Regretfully President Black moved on past recognition time and asked the Club to consider applying for a new membership pilot program. The two programs would allow for Associate members and corporate members, with many more specifics to come in the future.  The President asked for an informal vote to gage the members reception of the programs.  The members voted and approved to apply for the pilot program. With this notice the President will ask for a formal vote in accordance with our By-Laws.  More discussion and specifics will follow as additional information becomes available. 

With business done and fines levied we started our lunch program provided by Mr. John "Dub" Black.  John read from his upcoming book Tales from Toad Suck.  The chapter we listened to involved Halloween pranks he participated in during his youth. Listening to his stories I believe we all now understand why putting a cow in a church belfry would be a bad idea unless you are looking for local community entertainment.  My thought would that it would be a great vignette for a local dinner theatre.  Given the nature of the harmless prank it makes me sigh to consider the litigious society that we live in today.  If someone were to participate in the same prank today they would be charged with breaking and entering, destruction of property, theft, creating a public nuisance, a noise violation, animal abuse, and any other number of creative classifications.  Perhaps past generations were more willing to forgive childhood shenanigans.

We wrapped up our meeting with some humor from Mr. Cartwright Sheppard.  Then we adjourned the meeting until next Wednesday.  Next Wednesday's meeting will be an evening meeting and spouse's night, starting at 6:30pm at the Radisson. Please RSVP to President Black if you and your spouse plan on attending.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - March 23, 2011 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - March 16, 2011

By Dannie Cavanaugh

The March 16 th meeting was a "field trip" to El Marino Language School in Culver City.  A large group of Rotarians made it out to Ms. Bells' 5th Grade classroom and we were treated to a demonstration of the Brightlink Interactive Projector System that our Club donated to the school.  The Brightlink system brings the chalkboard into the space age,  allowing teachers and their students to move the computer screen onto to the whiteboard wall.  The system is amazing and the children seemed to love it. The class was taught entirely in Spanish, a true language immersion lesson.

Our Club, through a District matching grant, was able to donate one of these systems to each of the five elementary schools in Culver City.  This grant was funded through donations by our Club, our sister Clubs in Japan and Australia, two Rotary Districts, and the Education Foundation - a collaborative effort with fantastic results.

After the class was over, we were treated to lunch in the school auditorium.  The meeting was very relaxed with only a bit of Club business.  Guests included Art Rangel from the Auburn Rotary Club, Leslie Adler from the CC Education Foundation, Tracy Pumilia, Principal of El Marino, Patty Jaffe, Superintendent of Education, Casey Pierce (son of Cy), and Joe Vasquez, from the Bellflower Club who is also Executive Aid to the District Governor.

Rotary Moments


2011 Culver City Invitational

I would like to thank the Rotarians, Coaches and Volunteers who through their hard work and dedication made this year's Track Meet a success.  It is truly becoming a community event with volunteers coming from students of Culver City High School, Culver City Juvenile Diversion, and Marina TKD.  The friends and families of the Coaches and Rotarians were outstanding with their day long help.  Club Rotario de Latinos Unidos were invaluable as ever, taking care of the duties at the Discus event and the Frosh/Soph Long Jump.

The Rotary Club of Culver City and the Club Rotario Latinos Unidos jointly applied and received a District Simplified Grant that helped us offset some of the costs that sponsoring this event incurs.  Our two clubs are a natural fit working together promoting projects in our community.

Tim Messmer


District 5280 eYellow Pages

Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It's simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to

www.yp5280.org .


Make Ups....

Please email your make up information to Tim Messmer at messmerwest@yahoo.com .




March 30 th - Christina Carter, Laughter Workshop - Spouse's Night


April 6th - Dr. Cathie Chung, Breast Cancer Research and Updates

April 13th - Kathy Cirillo, Kids Protectors of the Environment

April 27th - Moonlight, Merlot, and Monet

Future Planning Dates

Board of Directors Meetings - Third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 at the Radisson Hotel

Culver City Interact Club Meetings - Thursdays, C.C. High School, Room 20 at 12:20

More Details and the District Calendar can be found at the following web pages: CCRC Calendar:

http://www.culvercityrotary.org/ District 5280 Calendar : http://www.rotary5280la.org/

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - March 16, 2011 0


By Dannie Cavanaugh

You have to admire that President Linda didn't go for the easy laugh this week by throwing out such newly minted terms like "trolls, goddesses, and tiger blood." She kept to the script instead and the script is always predictable. Joe Davidson effortlessly delivered the Invocation, Ann Murakami followed with the Pledge, and Andrew Sisolak ended the trio of opening duties with the Patriotic Song.

There were no visiting Rotarians but we did have a couple of guests - Linda Forman and soon-to-be-Rotarian Brook Hefner. John Cluff led the Welcome Song and then we were on to health updates with Harold Hanslmair. Harold reported that the mother of Buffy Francuz had recently passed away - our condolences Buffy and Joe. Joel Forman reported that his daughter-in-law is in the hospital and it was also reported that Ed Little is on the mend after back surgery. At the meeting last week, Bob Thompson announced that his mother, Hazel Thompson, had passed away. Bob's parents, Hazel and Hal Thompson were the first Paul Harris Fellows in our Club.

Ann Murakami went over the main events on the District calendar including the Dodger game on April 30th, the District Conference on May 12th through the 15th, and the RI Conference in New Orleans on May 21st - May 25th. Tim Messmer gave the final instructions for everyone before Saturday's track meet and then it was time for an abbreviated Fine Time. Doc Trepany got hit with a $70 fine for being missing in action lately and that was it for the fines.

Joe Davidson announced that applications for this summer's student exchange trip to Australia are now being accepted. The trip is tentatively planned for the month of July and we will be looking to send two students. Please contact Craig Ferre for more information.

Before getting to the program there was one final reminder and that was an invitation to all members to meet at Rotary Plaza on Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM to help plant Goodbye Polio Roses. Bring you own gardening tools please.

Our speakers for the day were Ray Kotroczo and Samuel Rad who are with the firm Legacy Financial of California. Ray and Samuel gave a presentation on the ups and downs of the financial markets and the benefits of investing in indexed annuities.

Remember.we meet next week at El Marino School.

Have a great week Rotarians.



IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, March 9, 2011 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, February 25, 2011

By Jim Machado

This Friday night the Gods smiled on the Culver City Rotary Club and its Mardi Gras Party.  When you have a party and there is good live music, a bar that knows how to pour drinks, the girls are dressed up and wearing masks or having their faces painted, you might think you are at the Rio in Las Vegas, but NO you are at a Culver City Rotary party at the Pacific Mariner Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey.

Though it was raining, we still had a good turnout.  Queen Linda "Latifah" Black had a real bounty of Southern food: crayfish, Jambalaya, gumbo, dirty rice & red beans and much more.  At the end of the bar was John "Bubba" Black, the Arkansas Razor Back and story teller celebrating his first book to be published.  Next to John was Cy Pierce and his muse Sandi.  Cy was providing advise on how John should merchandise his "Toad Suck" theme - hats, shirts and other marketing materials.  Can't you imagine a "Toad Suck" talking doll saying "feed me".

Molly Messmer was at the door welcoming everyone as they came in. Beads were passed out, but as far as I know there were NO beads collected for being an exhibitionist.  The best costumes came from Larry and Sandy Knowles. Sandy was the perfect Southern belle and Larry could have passed for a Southern general.  There were a number of fun guests, but the people I was most happy to see was Richard Marcus and his wife Janet.  Richard just looked great considering the operation he just had last month.  Bryon and Melissa Mooney were enjoying the Southern food.  I was surprised Bryon had not eaten Crayfish before, after all he is from South Carolina.

Tim Messmer was promoting the upcoming track meet and doing a good job of it.  I saw Jerry & Janet Chabola sitting with Tim, enjoying some fine wine and planning the details of the track meet.  Craig Ferre and his lovely wife Laura were at the party.  Craig was sporting a silver beard much like a slender Ernest Hemingway.  Carmela "Boom Boom" Raack came through big time with some outstanding desserts.  Chris King and the president of the Interact Club helped serve the food and kept the line moving.  Bill and Sue Gardner were enjoying themselves - Bill had his Rainbow colored "Tea Party Hat" and Sue had a cute mask.

There was a lot of effort to make this fundraiser a success.  Queen Linda orchestrated the entire party.  Raphie & Dieter worked on Thursday prepping the ingredients for Friday's cooking.  On Friday, Bill & Sue Gardner, the Messmers, Chris King and others played a vital part in making the event a success.  Those that were not able to make it missed a real winner of a party.

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK, February 25, 2011 0

Hi Everyone,

What an amazing weekend.  As you know we held our Mardi Gras event at the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club Friday evening.  The members of PMYC where gracious hosts and made us feel so welcomed. Everyone had all the gumbo they could eat and the music provided by Robert Longley made it perfect.  We had the wonderful Senchal bring her face painting talents to make us feel we were right back in the Big Easy.  Thanks to all of the many Rotarians that helped make this event so special and to PMYC for not just the use of their beautiful club, but all the help they also provided.  The week our speaker will be Jeff Blair who is a Author and Fitness Trainer.  This will be fun, I hope!  Please be sure to mark your calendar for a couple of special events.  On March 16th, we are going on a field trip to one of the Culver City schools to see the computer equipment that was installed as a result of our grant.  Bristol Farms will be supplying a very nice lunch and we are inviting those from the district that are in charge of overseeing grants to join us.  March 30th will be a spouses night and a very special program is planned so please be sure to put it on your calendar.  Someone told me that after Christmas this job gets easier and it is just coasting to the end of my year.  Yeah, right!!!  See you all Wednesday and again, thanks for all your support and participation.  You have all been great.

Your Gavel-less Prez,

 Linda Black

Culver City Rotary Club

Hi Everyone, 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK -January 26, 2011

By Don Trepany

Our president, sans gavel, started the meeting by asking for volunteers to deliver the invocation. Red Betts volunteered and gave us a great invocation. Harold Hanslmair led us in the pledge and Tim Messmer led us in singing "God Bless America".

After a brief pause, Cy Pierce was called upon to introduce our visiting Rotarians... however there were none. But we did have some guests. Linda's guest was Christiana (didn't catch the last name), Joel Forman's guest was his wife Linda, and Janet Chabola's guest was Alex Torascalo. Chris King led us in the Welcome Song.

Harold Hanslmair reported that there were no health updates and he reminded us to inform him if someone is sick or in the hospital so that we can send them flowers. It was reported that Richard Marcus is still waiting for surgery and our thoughts and prayers are with Richard.

Ann Murakami reported on some District activities. Remember to buy a "Goodbye Polio" rose for $20 for the District fundraiser and mark down on your calendars that on April 30th the District will be going to a Dodger game. See the District web site for all the details.

President Linda wanted to go into fine time but Chris King interrupted that idea because he had an announcement regarding the Interact Club's fund raisers. The Interact Club will be giving the homeless some bags with personal hygiene items inside, and also they will be feeding the homeless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so they need some "PB &J." See Chris if you want to help. Chris got fined $15 for this announcement.

Linda was on a fine roll and she got Joel Forman for $4.99 because his wife retired from USC. Andrew Sisolak was late for the meeting today and he got dinged for $25. Clint Ehlers volunteered that his sign business is #51 in the whole country!! Great going Clint!! $20 fine!! Next on the hit list was Tim Messmer and all he did was remind us about the track meet. He told us to sell banners, a page in the program and/or a sponsorship for the track meet which takes place on Saturday, March 12. See Tim for more details and to volunteer...he was fined $30.

Last announcement was from Linda and she reminded us about the Ladies Tea Party on February 6th. Cy Pierce and Keith Jones wanted to know if they cross dressed would they be able to attend.... that's a visual we do not need!!!!!

Oops, one more announcement: the last meeting of the month (starting on February 23rd) we will have a dinner meeting.

We then enjoyed a nice program about the Expo Light Rail Line and then we had some humor from Cartwright Sheppard.

Have a good week Rotarians.



IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK -January 26, 2011 0

Coming up December 15th and the Christmas Party

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Hi Everyone,

Congrats to Ann and her team for a wonderful Bill Winn Holiday Lunch.  A very special thanks to Ann for all her hard work for our Military.   She heard that that there was a need to help the families in Camp Pendleton.  She went to work and rallied our Rotary troupes to solved a problem.  Because of her leadership and you all listened and responded, these families will have a little brighter Christmas.  Well done Ann!!  Just a great day!

Please bring your lightly worn coats to the meeting on the 15th.  We will not do a gift exchange this year instead; we will give the gift of warmth to those that need a coat. 

Next week is our last meeting of the year and we have Carmen Apelgren from the Braille Institute as our speaker.  Carmen began losing her eyesight at an early age. Yet she didn't let it stop her from doing the things she loved: riding her bike, skiing, playing tennis, baton twirling and ice skating. When her next love turned out to be show business, she was no less intimidated. After earning a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Michigan State University, she acted, sang and danced her way through a successful career in theater. 

Reminder!  We have our Christmas Party on Friday the 17th.  Please be at the bus at the Denny's on Messmer by 5:30 sharp.  If you are delayed call me at 310-804-6432.  Don't forget to dress warm.  Sandi and her team has done a wonderful job to make this a special party for us all.  We are billing everyone on the next billing cycle for the party but you can always pay on the bus as well. 

I have lost track of what the menu is for lunch this week.  I will get back on track in January.

See you all next week.  John and I are heading to Boston today for a fast trip to see our grandchildren.  We will be back Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Your Gavel-less Prez,


Coming up December 15th and the Christmas Party Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - December 1, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Janet Chabola

Once again the fight for the Los Angeles city championship was looming on the horizon as the Rotary Club of Culver City and the Culver City Exchange Club sat down for lunch on December 1.

There were no bowl games at stake this year, but Pride was expected to rule the day.

After the usual warm up by the bench – Joe Davidson started with a prayer, Janet Chabola, sporting her Notre Dame Irish t-shirt (USC lost to the Irish this year, by the way) led us in the Pledge, followed by Chris King. Cy Pierce introduced no visiting Rotarians and the welcome song was led by someone else!

The members of the Exchange Club and Rotary Club each introduced themselves. It was nice to see some new faces! And great to see some recognizable "old" ones. Mike Snell is working on a new look with a beard. Looks good, so far, Mike. Just wait until it begins itching!!

Several members of the UCLA and USC cheer teams came and showed us their dance moves. They were beautiful and talented. They guys were especially attentive during this portion of the activities.

It was all down hill from there, until Chuck White and Mike Hull took the podium and explained the heart and soul that went into every college game, and every big college rivalry. The young men (and women) competing at the collegiate level not only work hard to be successful on the field, but also off of the field. Their pride and desire for success motivates them for every event.

As always, a lot of fun was had by all, and the time flew by. President Linda gaveled us'ns out of the building on time!

See ya'll next week, Rotarians and friends.

Rotary Moments


Proposed officers for 2011-2012

Past President Bill Gardner announced the Proposed Officers for the 2011-2012 Year

President Ann Murakami

President Elect Keith Jones

Treasurer Janet Chabola (1st Quarter)

Secretary Bryon Mooney


IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - December 1, 2010 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK November 17, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Don Trepany

It was an evening meeting for the Culver City Rotary Club!! Our invocation was given by Janet Chabola and the pledge was led by "Boom Boom" Raack. We sang "God Bless America" with Ann Murakami, Bill Gardner and Richard Marcus in the lead.

After we enjoyed our dinner, Cy Pierce introduced our visiting Rotarian: Past District Governor David Moyers. We also had numerous guests. Richard Marcus led in singing the Welcome Song.

We had some health updates and Cy's Sandy Carey looked great even though she recently had her appendix removed. And speaking of looking great, Richard Marcus just lost 38 pounds and he is enjoying the health benefits that come with the weight loss.

Next, Ann Murakami reminded us about the Bill Winn Holiday party on December 8th where we will be having a toy drive to benefit the military and their families. Our holiday party is on Friday, December 17th in Long Beach. Then on December 18 we will be feeding 100 local families with the Latinos Unidos club.

We got lucky as there were NO FINES!! YEA!! So we went to the program which was PDG David Moyers awarding 15 Paul Harris Fellows, which made our club 100% Paul Harris Fellows!!! David also inducted a new member, Diane Etling from the YMCA!! Welcome Diane!!!!

To close out the meeting Linda Black came up and recognized Tony Haworh as an honorary Rotarian. Way to go, Tony!

Remember that we are dark next week for Thanksgiving.

Have a good week Rotarians!!

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK November 17, 2010 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

Coming up December 1st

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Hi Everyone!! 
Now that we all have recovered from Thanksgiving…it is time for our annual USC/UCLA lunch December 1st.    Mike Hull will be joining us again.  For those who missed Mike when he was here earlier this year, don't miss him again.  He is just great!  Also, Chuck White, the Voice of UCLA will be a speaker as well.  What a great day! 
Please, please , please bring a toy for any child age 1 to 17.  We are very ambitious this year.  We are providing gifts for our military families and we will be providing food and gifts for 100 local families on December 18th. These folks would not have a Christmas without us. 
Now, last but not least, next week the Bill Winn Holiday Lunch.  Love those ribs.
See you all there! 
December, here we come.
Your Gavel-less Prez

Coming up December 1st Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK - November 10, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Don Trepany

At the Culver Hotel...

The Invocation was given by John Cluff and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Paul Knoll. We saw a video for the patriotic song.

We had one visiting Rotarian, who was introduced by Cy Pierce, and that was Ed Jackson from Westwood. We also had some guests:

George Plato, Sue Knoll, Linda Sheppard, Sandy Knowles, Susie Davidson and John Black (he was forgotten by his wife and we had to remind Linda who he was.) The Welcome Song was led by George Plato.

Health updates included a report that Ann Murakami is having eye surgery and it seems that Bryon Mooney's whole family has pneumonia - get well soon everybody!

Cy pierce reminded us about the Foundation Board meeting at his office on November 11 at 7:30. Janet Chabola read a nice letter from Joe Lescoulie, Jr. regarding his dad and thanking us for the nice flowers.

Remember... next week we have an evening meeting at the Radisson and it is at 6:30 P.M. It is our foundation meeting and we are honoring 15 new Paul Harris Fellows! That makes our club 100% Paul Harris Fellows! Thank you Nandlal!

Fine time!!! Our leader Linda got fined for forgetting to introduce her own husband (oh... what's his name again???), Craig Ferre won $470 last week but he couldn't get fined because he was at the fine-free table so this week he got dinged for $50, and Michele Walman showed up at the Culver Hotel last week and for that she got hit for $25.

Paul Knoll gave us some words of wisdom and then we got to take a tour of the hotel. We had a GREAT meeting at the hotel.

Have a great week Rotarians

Rotary Moments


Proposed officer for 2011-2012

Past President Bill Gardner announced the Proposed Officers for the 2011-2012 Year

President Ann Murakami

President Elect Keith Jones

Treasurer Janet Chabola (1st Quarter) Secretary Bryon Mooney


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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK November 3, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

By Don Trepany

At 12:15 the gavel less Prez started the meeting. She called upon Andrew Sisolak to give the invocation and Ernie Garza led us in The Pledge of Allegiance. Andrew was called back up to lead us in singing "God Bless America".

After a 15 minute pause, Cy Pierce introduced our visiting Rotarian and our guest speaker Richard Kawasaki from the Lomita Club. Cy also had a guest, Diane, from the YMCA (sorry I did not catch her last name). The Welcome Song was led by Dieter Holberg.

Next on the list was health updates and Andrew Sisolak (there he is again) reported that Richard Marcus has lost 35 pounds and his blood pressure and cholesterol are much improved - good job Richard! Bryon Mooney is under the weather with pneumonia - get well soon Bryon - we miss you.

Then it was time for birthdays and anniversaries and Andrew Sisolak (again!) stood in for Joel Forman. Cy Pierce and Craig Ferre celebrated their birthdays recently and the Francuz's and the Gardner's celebrated their wedding anniversaries.

Ann Murakami was up next and she reminded us about the Paul Harris celebration this Sunday November 7th and the District Breakfast which is held on Tuesday November 9th. She also told us about bringing food for the LA Food Bank - we can drop the food off at Janet Chabola's office. Our leader Linda read a letter from our District Governor Doug Baker thanking us for the fun meeting and our President embellished a bit on some of the letter. Cy Pierce announced that our Foundation's meeting is at Cy's office on Thursday, November 11th @ 7:30. Linda announced that the Board (bored?) meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month instead of the 3rd Tuesday. Buffy Francuz let us know that "our" guide dog graduated and is now working.

Uh, oh FINE TIME!!! Jim Machado was the first victim because he bought a truck from Captain Kangaroo and Jim was fined $25. Keith Jones painted his building and got fined $50. Andy Weissman let the fine master Linda know that Craig Ferre was a double winner in the World Series pool. Too bad for Linda that Craig was sitting at the fine free table today...wait 'till next week!!

Our speaker, Richard Kawasaki, spoke on the early farm days of Palos Verdes.

After our speaker was finished we had a raffle and Kathy Haworth won some candy and Craig Ferre won some wine. Cartwright Sheppard finished the meeting with a joke.

REMINDER: next week we are at the Culver Hotel.

Have a great week Rotarians!

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Hi All,

Don't forget to bring candy this week for the kids!

This has been a quiet week after the Gov's visit and the 10K all wrapped up.  We had a very interesting speaker this past week about patriotism and the history of the American flag.

 As most of you know, I my poor fine hat is being held hostage.  I am being warned to do as I am told or I will never see it again.  Yeah…Right! I am not going to be scared..not very much anyway. 

 Next week we have a super speaker.  We will have Susan Ogle from the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.

November 10th we are going on a field trip to the Culver Hotel.  This will be lots of fun.

The Past Presidents had their yearly meeting this past week.   In keeping with Halloween, I bet they conjured up a new spell over some unsuspecting members to be the president, treasurer and secretary for 2012. 

Now for lunch:  

1) French Dip Sandwich House Roasted Beef, Horseradish Mayo on a Baguette Loaf with Cabernet Jus ~*~

2) Cobb Salad Grilled Chicken ,Avocado, Tomato, Blue Cheese Scallions, Bacon Egg, Fresh corn and Choice of Dressing ~*~

3) Half Tuna Salad Sandwich & Organic Tomato Basil Soup Tuna Salad on a sour Dough Bread

See you all next week,

 Your Gavel-less Prez

THE PREZ SEZ :) Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


By Capt. Tim

If one didn't know better they would have thought that they were at a Rotary Club meeting in Texas, what with all the hats, boots and buckles being shown off.

Linda our gavel less President kicked off the meeting in her best Texas twang (I'm told that it's real, Linda was raised in Texas – poor girl) welcoming everyone to the BBB Ranch.  Bigger, Better, Bolder!  They must not have had much in the way of electrical contraptions in Linda's youth because she sure has a lot of fun making her power point presentations.  Like a kid in a candy store!  It sure has livened up our meetings and gives us a lot of good laughs.  It alone is worth the price of admission.

After the invocation I was surprised that the patriotic song was not "Texas, Our Texas" which we all know was adopted by the Legislature in 1929 as the state song of you know where.

We had a great turn out of members that was almost eclipsed by the number of visiting Rotarians and guests.  The Trail Boss, District Governor Doug Baker, led his crew consisting of Joe "Pepe" Vasquez, sporting a Big Hat and even Bigger Mustache, Roger Civalleri, and Valeria Velasco.  From the next spread over, Melody St John, President of the Hollywood Club joined us.

Guests included Dr. Rose Marie Joyce, Interim President of West Los Angeles Collage, and John Nachbar, City Manager for Culver City.

We did have more Visiting Rotarians and Guests and my apologies for not mentioning them - my notes were in my saddlebag when some no good horse thief made off with my Stallion.

Linda jumped into fine time only to find out that her Fine Hat had been rustled and was being held for ransom.  Deputy Dog Ron Foster was on the case and brought forward the ransom note listing the demands for a safe return.  To make sure that Linda got the message, one of the rustlers managed to slip another note into the power point show for all to see.

 The purpose of today's meeting was two fold - (1) to bring all of the members up to date on the progress of our Club, and (2) to give our District Governor time to observe our Club and to address us.

Since everything is Bigger in you know where, Linda called upon her Board to give a Texas size PowerPoint presentation.  This was so Big that it left our District Governor only 3 minutes to speak. Who said Texans aren't crafty?

 DG Doug told us a very poignant story about RYLA and the ability to impact the lives of the kids that are able to attend.   Our ability to sponsor a student to RYLA is a great opportunity and is not limited to Interact students.

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Hi Ya'll
What a week!  The Gov visit and the 10K, I am pooped.  But, I really want to thank my board for all their hard work in making the Gov visit special at the 3B Ranch.  Thanks to Clint for the amazing logo and the plaque. Thanks to Ernie and Rhonda for the placemats and to Carmela for the book and all her vast experience.   Also, the 10K committee really worked super hard and pulled it off one more time.  The decorations were beautiful and the venue was super.  Lastly, thanks to all of you that jumped in a bought your tickets and sold tickets to make sure that our programs are funded.  Thanks to Larry and Sandy Knolls for getting such great "Losers" gifts.  Our winner was Steve Rose.  Al Goldman called him and congratulated him on winning $5,000.  Hua??? How long will it take Steve to figure out he won $10,000?  This is the Chiago way, right?
Now, I dunno who this clown is that thinks he can scare me into doing whatever they want.I don't think so... But, give it your best shot Chown or Clowns (as the case may be!)
I want to thank all of you for contributing to the Paul Harris Foundation.  In February our annual giving was so low.  I asked you to all step up and get your annual contribution in.  You did it.  We went from $47 per member giving to $147 per member giving.  Because of this, we were awarded a $3700 grant for our annual track meet and $27,800 to purchase computer equipment for our Culver City schools.  Our Gov vision of back to our community was realized.  Thanks to you all!! 
Next week our speaker looks very good.  He is Peter Gwillim Kreitler  (The Rev. Canon).  He is the Founder/ producer/ co-host of Earth Talk Today (co-host with Alexandra Paul) created in 1997 and is the nation's leading environmental interview show
Now, what is for lunch? 
1) Tasty Basic Burger
Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Red Onion & Ice Berg Lettuce, with French Fries
2) Smoked Chicken Quesadilla
Lightly Smoked Fajita Chicken, Jack & Cheddar Pico de Gallo, Guacamole & Sour Cream
3) 1/2 Roasted Beef Sandwich & Chicken Dumpling SoupRoasted Beef on a Baguette with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese
Mystery Desert
See you all Wednesday,
Your Gavel-less Prez,

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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK September 29, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
There are several ways that a Spouse's Night meeting differs from our regular weekly meetings. First, there are many spouses, friends, significant others and Rotary Partners in attendance. Second, the meeting is held in the evening and runs at a much more leisurely pace especially because the bar is open for business. Finally, there is usually a special program that provides for a great evening. In other ways the Spouse's Nights are like any other meeting. We started out the evening with an Invocation given by Janet Chabola, followed by the Pledge as led by Bill Cavaness, and then the Patriotic Song with Rob Barber. President Linda recognized 11 Honorary Rotarians and quite a few of them were in attendance. The eleven honorees were Jerry Chabola, Stephen Fry, Joe Francuz, Laura Ferre, Kit Betts, Tony Haworth, Ronda Garza, Buffy Cavaness, Jan Barber, and Mark and Jack Sugihara. What a fantastic group of people – all deserving of our gratitude and thanks. Announcements were brief and to the point with a mention that there are still tickets available for the Paul Harris Dinner on November 7th and a reminder to sell raffle tickets and buy brunch tickets to the 10K Brunch on October 16th. Next there was a fantastic presentation by Caroline Hale and Kelley Kessen, our two Rotary Student Exchange representatives who gave us a report on their recent trip to Japan. Judging by the pictures and stories, they had a life changing experience that they will always remember. With the Club business concluded, President Linda introduced champion line dancer Fred Gruchalla and his dance partner, who showed everyone all the right moves. It was a great night and everyone had fun. Have a good week Rotarians. Rotary Moments Announcements 10K Brunch at Shanghai Red's Culver City Rotary's biggest annual fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, October 16th at Shanghai Red's in Marina Del Rey. President Linda needs your support if we are to fund some of your favorite programs (YMCA, Boy Scouts, Culver City High School scholarships, etc.). Our donations to these fine organizations are made possible by your participation! Have you told your clients, customers, family and friends about the 10K? If you haven't already purchased tickets for our 31st annual 10K, please contact Buffy Francuz. Secure your brunch tickets at $39.00 now (the price goes up to $45.00 after October 6th). Please also note that all tickets currently out should be turned in by October 6th or they will be considered purchased. Buffy may be reached at 213/413-2460 or jfrancuz@msn.com
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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK ,September 15, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
It is one thing to take off with the President's gavel but it is quite another thing to steal the "clicker", a device that is crucial to the President's meeting. Without the power point presentation on the screen behind her she cannot run the meeting. Knowing this information, it is hard to believe that someone in the audience would abscond with the clicker and harder still to believe that the absconder would be a guest, but a guest it was, David Castro who is visiting from Florida. How it came into David's possession is anyone's guess. With the clicker back in her hand, President Linda got the meeting rolling with Jim Machado giving the Invocation, Ed Little leading the Pledge, and Bill Gardner (might he know how the clicker got into David's pocket?) singing the Patriotic Song. Our afternoon guests were John Black (fresh off the fishing trip and full of stories), Rotarian Rose Marie Joyce, who is the interim President of West L.A. College, Sandy Knowles, and the aforementioned David Castro. David is here in Los Angeles looking for a job, so if you know anyone who needs a good scientist, teacher, musician or clicker pilferer, keep him in mind. Joel Forman led the Welcome Song and then it was time for a break. Under the Health Update heading Harold Hanslmair, who heads up this Division, told us that everyone was fine but then we learned from others in attendance that Kit Betts was having surgery on her foot and that Lyn Caron's friend Bill Becker was recuperating from back surgery. Thanks for the update Harold and keep up the good work! The only two announcements concerned the 10K Brunch set for October 16th at Shanghai Red's in Marina del Rey and the Spouse's Night meeting scheduled for September 29th. We need to step up to the plate for both of these events – you know what to do. Bill Gardner gave a highly detailed description of all the goings-on at the Fishing Trip that happened last weekend. It was reported that the food was awesome, the drinks were plentiful, many fish were caught, and fishing rookie Keith Jones caught the largest fish on the trip. John Black interrupted Bill's report claiming that someone had "dropped a dime" on him by reporting to Linda that her own husband was passing on classified information as to the shape, color, and size of her little slips of paper within her "fining hat." Whether he was guilty of this infraction or not, he received a $50 fine. One other fine was handed out to Larry Knowles for a Catalina fishing trip (is there a theme here?) that he recently took. Our speaker for the day was Norma Zager, an investigative journalist, who gave a very interesting talk about the saga of the Beverly Hills High School oil well and the complaint filed by Erin Brockovich and her stable of attorneys. This was another reminder of the value of print media and its ability to provide another side to a story. Have a great week Rotarians.
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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK September 29, 2010

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Getting out of town this week so here is quick summary of this week's meeting. Invocation, Pledge, and Patriotic Song were handled by Joe Davidson, Ron Foster, and Tim Messmer in that order. Our only guest was Realtor and financial planner Baron Murdock, who was the guest of Phil Tangalakis. Clint Ehlers, with Stephen Fry on piano, led the Welcome Song while running around the room exchanging High Fives with everyone. Ann Murakami was missing from the meeting but President Linda handled the District Announcements making mention of the Literacy Breakfast on September 10th and the District Picnic on September 12th. Club announcements included a reminder of the 10K Brunch at Shanghai Red's on October 16th and the Spouse's Night Line Dancing Extravaganza on September 29th. Linda needs a head count for Spouse's night so please let her know if you are planning to attend. While giving an update on the 10K, Buffy Francuz surprised Linda with a little gift – a water pitcher that Buffy found at the Fawnskin Yard Sale. The pitcher was inscribed "From Texas with Love" and the gift made Buffy fine free for the day. Bob Thompson was recognized for going on a long vacation in northern Europe but it seemed unfair as he drew a $4.99 out of the hat. Janet forgot to bring Linda's gavel and got hit for $60, where is the justice in that? Ron Foster continues to do extensive detective work in ferreting out the truth about the Three Musketeers and he brought to the meeting a very compromising photo which suggested that the Three Amigos were not at the Cheesecake Factory on the day they missed the meeting. Our speaker for the day was Evelyn Komuntale from Outreach Africa who gave a presentation on her work in orphanages in Africa. The meeting concluded with some wisdom from the Wisdom Office and a little humor from Cartwright Sheppard. Have a great week Rotarians.
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 By Buffy Francuz Our pres may not have a gavel, but she's got a great watch! At the stroke of 12:15, President Linda clanged the bell with her gavel (commonly referred to as a knife). The meeting then began with the invocation led by Bruce Jagger (who also prayed to be fine free!), yours truly led the pledge and Jim Machado, in bright red, raised our voices to "God Bless America". A video of special photos, accompanied by the tune "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", played on the screen while the attendees chatted and lunched. You just had to be there to enjoy the pics of some pretty outrageous outhouses! We progressed with Cy Pierce introducing our visiting Rotarian, Ray Drake, a Realtor from the Crenshaw-Watts Club. Olivia Ishibashi, outbound Ambassadorial Scholar, was also in attendance. John Cluff, our master clicker, led the group in the Welcome Song. Harold Hanslmair informed us that Satoko, Jack Sugihara's wife, had broken her hip. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Also under health updates, President Linda gave us a report on her recent test showing she is clear of cancer…we like that kind of news! Our announcements followed with Ann Murakami letting us know about the August 20th meeting for Youth Protection Certification (Ron Foster and Carmela Raack have been working diligently on this). Ann also told us of the Literacy Breakfast on September 10th at Lawry's and the District Picnic on September 12th at Seaside Lagoon. Bryon Mooney was next up to announce our booth at the Fiesta La Ballona on August 28th and 29th. Volunteers are needed to tend the booth and sell raffle tickets. Bill Gardner (who should have borrowed Rob Barber's great colorful fish shirt) jumped up to encourage sign ups for the annual fishing trip. September 9th through 12th should prove a super time to bring home coolers full of fish…Bill told about the "dark of the moon" being the best for fishermen (and maybe some other shenanigans as well!). Olivia Ishibashi, former Culver City High Interactor, then took the podium to show some slides of her recent trips to Guatemala and New Guinea. Olivia is a med student from Stanford and is the outbound Ambassadorial Scholar heading for Montreal. Good luck and we look forward to hearing tales of Canada upon her return. And on to Linda's favorite time of the meeting…the hat appeared (along with a sealed envelope to avoid fine interlopers): Bruce Jagger, having brought the Almighty to his aid, was left alone. A few others, not in attendance, were spared for now. Larry Knowles had been caught bragging about his 38 years of wedded bliss and was busted for just under a dollar a year. Janet Chabola, who is carefully guarding the President's Bag O'Gavels, got dinged $25.00 for keeping them too safe back at her office. The daring trio of Phil Tangalakis, Allan Goldman and Andy Weissman ventured to the shore for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, obviously not realizing their beach luncheon was on Wednesday when they should have been in Culver City! Cy Pierce, mindful of his calendar and Wednesday commitment, selected appropriate folded papers from the hat for the trio. There may be some begging going on next week when the trio hears of their fate: $80.00 each! Linda introduced our speaker Melissa Devor from Friends of the Observatory who enlightened us with stories of the beginnings of the Griffith Observatory, the restoration and all the good that comes from this wonderful Los Angeles landmark. Linda read a heartfelt thank you letter from the latest recipient of our club's scholarship for The Most Improved Student. It's so nice to have feedback and hear how our club has helped the students. Cartwright Sheppard give us a few quickies (quote from Cartwright) to send us out. President Linda then knifed the bell and adjourned the fun.
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Foundation News There are NO seats available for the Foundation Celebration at the "House of Rotary." We have booked all 20 tickets. I am taking a list of interested Rotarians and will find more tickets from other clubs if possible. Club members need to let me know if they are interested in attending. Drawing Tickets for the Foundation Celebration turned in by the District Picnic, September 12, will be in a special Early Bird Drawing for 2 tickets to Chicago including flights and hotel along with a special trip to Rotary International. These tickets have been given or mailed to all club members. Several have already given me their ticket stubs and checks. Buy or sell your tickets at $10 each or a book of 12 for $100. President Linda wants to have a Foundation Dinner on Spouses' Night, November 17. It takes approximately 6 weeks to receive a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition. So we want to get started now. Let's get this done so we can focus on the 10K! Carmela Raack _____________________________________ Friends of Fawnskin Yard Sale Friends of Fawnskin is gearing up for our annual charity yard sale over the Labor Day weekend. We need wire coat hangers (those pesky dry cleaner type) and shopping bags (paper or plastic). If you have any of these items that you'd like to get rid of...we'd love to have them. If you have any household/clothing/etc. items that you'd like to donate as well, Friends of Fawnskin will supply a tax receipt for your charitable donation. Please contact Buffy Francuz at 213/413-2460. Thanks! _____________________________________ Writers Are Needed! Next week I will be asking for volunteers to write the It Happened This Week article. Please sign up for one month and show off your writing skills! Dannie Cavanaugh _____________________________________ The Book….. …. is at Deano's Motel located at 3868 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City, just south of Venice Boulevard. Please stop by and see how President Bill makes it all happen. ________________________________________________ District 5280 eYellow Pages Take advantage of posting your business information and searching for other businesses on the Rotary eYellow Pages. It's simple and free! Click on the Rotary eYellow Pages link on the District Web site or go to www.yp5280.org. ________________________________________________ Make Ups…….. Please email your make up information to Tim Messmer at messmerwest@yahoo.com . ________________________________________________
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Wednesday, August 11, 2010 By Dannie Cavanaugh As our resident Wise Guy, Paul Knoll, said in his closing remarks, we are in the Dog Days of Summer, those hot summer days when the bright star Sirius, the Dog Star, is closest to the Sun. With our June gloom extending well into August it hasn't seemed too dog-like to me but I do like the references. The meeting opened in typical fashion – Prayer, Pledge, and Patriotic Song – handled with skill and grace by Janet Chabola who read a Mohawk prayer, Kathy Haworth who recited the Pledge, and Michele Walman who led the Patriotic Song. Guests for the day were First Man John Black, Jenna Jota-Gonzalez from Bank of the West, Joey Chabola, 6year old grandson of Janet's, and Steve Katz, who is Linda's manager at Coldwell Banker. All the guests were welcomed in song by the Club as led by Keith Jones. Health updates included news that Sandy Carey is feeling much better and is back at work. Buffy Cavaness is a bit under the weather – more news to follow. Please keep Joyce Matsuyama in your prayers as she deals with her health issues. There were a handful of announcements starting with the District Announcements by Ann Murakami. The District Picnic will occur on Sunday, September 12th - please call Ann or refer to the District website for more details. Although it is a bit early (Dog Days remember) but plans are already being made for the Holiday Party which will be spent on a gondola in Naples on December 17th so mark your calendars now. The Fishing Trip is set for September 9th – 12th – get your reservation and deposit to Bill Gardner or Rob Barber. We are having an Ice Cream Social this Sunday at 12:30 PM at Rotary Plaza. Linda needs volunteers to help out on this project. Fine time arrived and there was still some discussion about Linda's magic hat, which apparently has the ability to erase the written word. Linda places slips of paper in the hat with various dollar amounts written on them so that the poor souls who are recognized for some good deed that they have performed are forced to pick their own fine. Last week all of the little slips were blank so either Harry Houdini has come back from the grave or Linda's bump on the head affected her more than we thought. This week all the slips were properly marked and so the fines were dealt out. Kathy Haworth was charged $40 for her belated Past President's plaque. Don Trepany was recognized for $50 for not giving Kathy her plaque during his term in office. Rob Barber was accused of messing with the hat and was slapped on the wrist to the tune of $50. Our program was presented by Mike Hull, former USC and NFL football player and current general counsel to Coldwell Banker Realty. Mike talked about his early years as a football player, the people that inspired him during his life, and his thoughts on achieving one's goals. It was an enthusiastic and enjoyable presentation from someone who seems to be enjoying his life to the fullest. Have a great week Rotarians
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Club Assembly

Please contact Ann Murakami to confirm your attendance at the Club Assembly on July 25th. Ann can be reached at

310 717 6641 or annmiya@hotmail.com.


Writers Are Needed!

Next week I will be asking for volunteers to write the It Happened This Week article. Please sign up for one month and show off your writing skills!

Dannie Cavanaugh


The Book…..

…. is at Deano's Motel located at 3868 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City, just south of Venice Boulevard. Please stop by and see how President Bill makes it all happen.

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July 14, 2010

By Don Trepany

The new boss gaveled (she still has it?!?) the meeting to order and she called upon Kathy Haworth to deliver the invocation and Hal Hanslmair to lead us in The Pledge. Chris King led us in singing "God Bless America". Steven Fry was on vacation so we missed his excellent piano playing.

After a 15 minute break our meeting was again called to order by our President Linda Black and she called on Cy Pierce to announce our visiting Rotarians but there weren't any. We had one guest, however, and that was Sandy Knowles, so we then had a Welcome Song led by Richard Marcus and Janet Chabola.

On to health updates and our health update honcho is Hal Hanslmair but he didn't have anything to say. Larry Knowles did report on Bobby Matsuyama's wife, Joyce. He informed us that she will need surgery next month. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Joyce and Bobby.

Ann Murakami was up next with District Announcements and she told us to save the date, September 12, as that is our District Picnic. She also reminded us that our Club Assembly, at the Knowles house, is Sunday July 25 at 11:30. BYOC (bring your own chairs). Also if you want to bring a side dish let Ann know. The theme of the Club Assembly is "the best times of our lives".

Chris King announced that he went to the Downey club's meeting and the speaker was Matt Leinart (whom Chris watched for many years dismantle the Bruins). Linda's Board was called to the front so that we could see them and so they could get their pins.

Next up on the power point presentation was FINE TIME and this week Linda gave her victims the choice of picking the amount of the fine out of the hat or from the one she held in her hand. Ed Little was the first victim and he chose a $50 for having his phone ring during the meeting - it wasn't someone calling him, it was the alarm clock on the phone so he wouldn't over sleep. Carmel Raack was the next one but she got lucky and chose the $4.99 fine for going on a trip to San Diego with her family. Chris King was also lucky because he chose the other $4.99 fine. And Red Betts chose a $25 fine for being married to Kit for 61 years!!!! Awesome!!

Today's program was given by Mike Kane and he gave a very interesting talk about electric cars.

Next week's program is Scott Sharpe from Trinity Care Hospice.

Have a great week Rotarians

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July 7, 2010

By Don Trepany

Out with the old and in with the new!! Our new president, Linda Black, got the new year going with the bang of her gavel (yes, she actually has the gavel... for now). She called upon Joe Davidson to give an invocation and Bruce Jagger to lead us in The Pledge. Phil Tangalakis led us in singing "God Bless America". By the way, I love the power point presentation during the meeting.

After a short break, Cy Pierce was called upon to introduce our visiting Rotarians. Our former members, who needed no introduction, Roger and Judith Wilson, were visiting today as was Valerie Wang from the Rotaract Club of West LA. There were many guests in attendance today: Virginia Tangalakis, Buffy Cavaness, John Black, Sandy Knowles and Rafie Machado. Janet Chabola led us in the welcome song.

Next up were the announcements: Bobby Matsuyama's wife Joyce is having some health issues so please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers. Joel Forman came up to honor those who were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in July. Those birthday people were Linda Black, Joel Forman, Ron Foster and the twins Dannie Cavanaugh and Bill Cavaness (Joel said that they were hollow and Dannie said that he has a hollow head). Those celebrating anniversaries were Red and Kit Betts and Joel and Linda Forman.

Next up was an announcement that the District Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, July 13 and our Club Assembly will take place on Sunday, July 25 at Larry and Sandy Knowles' house.

Craig Ferre was up next and he informed us that our two students will be going to Japan soon. He also mentioned that his daughter is getting married this Sunday!!! Congratulations Craig and Laura!!

Bill Gardner, the has-been that he is, came up and gave President Linda three lapel pins. And lastly, Linda passed out the calendars for the year so we can see what is coming up.

What was coming up next was Fine Time and Linda does it a little differently. She has her "victims" (us) pick the amount that we get fined from these pieces of paper. The only catch is..you cannot see the amount on the paper until its too late. Poor Dannie Cavanaugh was the first victim. It seems his volleyball team did really well in a tournament and he picked his fine....$100!! It's gonna be a long year folks. I miss the wimp we had last year...Can't remember his name....Hmmm. Oh well, it doesn't matter. Next victim (and he

volunteered) was Cartwright Sheppard. His son was in also in a volleyball tournament, only these guys were not in wheelchairs like Dannie, and his team did well also but Cartwright picked the $40 fine. Bill Gardner (didn't he do something for the club last year?...can't remember) got fined for giving Linda those pins today instead of at the Demotion Party and he chose the $50 fine which he tried, unsuccessfully, to make it look like a $5 fine. Lastly Phil Tangalakis was fined for planning at trip to Greece during the riot season (Phil said it was cheaper that way) and he got lucky choosing the $25 fine.

Valerie Wang came up to the podium and presented a check to our club for $1000. Thanks, Valerie! She also reminded us about the Relay for Life fundraiser.

Our program was next on the agenda and it was Sharon Dumas who is the president of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She gave a passionate talk on mental illness and informed us that NAMI is having a fundraiser on October 25 in Santa Monica.

Cartwright Sheppard closed the meeting with some humor.

Next week's speaker is Mike Kane from Plug in America, an advocacy group promoting electric cars, clean air, and energy independence.

Have a good week Rotarians.

Rotary Moments

I would like to thank all of the writers who contributed articles or wrote the It Happened column this past year. The different styles of writing make the column fresh and interesting while keeping our members and friends aware of what is going on in Rotary.

In particular I would like to thank Art Endo, Clint Ehlers, Janet Chabola, Craig Ferre, Jim Machado, Phil Tangalakis,

Linda Black, Chris King, Joel Forman, and Don Trepany, who all wrote during the year.

Thanks to all,

Dannie Cavanaugh

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Next Week's Meeting: July 7th - Sharon Dumas, MFT, President NAMI-LA.


June 30, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

This is the meeting that falls into that little space between presidential regimes, when the 2009-2010 President has been demoted and the new President is not yet in charge. Year in and

year out, the focus of this meeting is to remember the past and it is the one meeting of the year where all of the past Presidents get to say something about their year in office.

With the 4th of July weekend looming ahead, attendance was fairly light with only two guests, Tristen Kiyan, Darlene's daughter and budding UCLA cheerleader, and Valerie Wang, who is the outgoing President of the West Los Angeles Rotaract Club. Immediate Past President Kathy Haworth ran the meeting and Jim Machado started things off with the Invocation. Bob Thompson led the Pledge and Craig Ferre, fresh from his latest surfing safari, did the Patriotic Song.

For the last time, Linda Black gave the District Announcements, highlighting the District Breakfast set for July 13th. Linda also announced that the Club Assembly will be held on Sunday, July 24th at Larry Knowles home in Westchester. Under the topic of health updates, we had a bit of troubling news, hearing that Bobby Matsuyama's wife, Joyce, is ill and will be having surgery soon.

Clint Ehlers gave the year end review of the membership/baseball contest with Cy Pierce's team coming in first place, followed by Don Trepany's team, Kathy Haworth's team, and in last place, Jim Machado's team. It was a great concept and kudos go out to Clint for the idea and execution.

Valeria Wang, President of the West LA Rotaract Club, addressed the Club asking for our support for their upcoming Relay for Life event at Santa Monica College on July 10th and 11th. CCRC members can help support this event by making a donation, participating in the walk, or by going on-line and purchasing something from their on-line auction. For more information see the notice in The Reciprocator or talk to Chris King.

The program for this annual meeting is always handled by the past Presidents and Don Trepany, Bob Thompson, Red Betts, Kathy Haworth, Jim Machado, Cy Pierce, and Chuck Perelman each shared stories about their year behind the podium.

Have a great 4th of July Rotarians.

Rotary Moments

I would like to thank all of the writers who contributed articles or wrote the It Happened column this past year. The different styles of writing make the column fresh and interesting while keeping our members and friends aware of what is going on in Rotary.

In particular I would like to thank Art Endo, Clint Ehlers, Janet Chabola, Craig Ferre, Jim Machado, Phil Tangalakis, Linda Black, Chris King, Joel Forman, and Don Trepany, who all wrote during the year.

Thanks to all,

Dannie Cavanaugh





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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

June 16, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

June 16, 2010

In these tough economic times organizations like the YMCA are essential for keeping the fabric of our communities together. We are

very lucky to have the Culver Palms Family YMCA as part of our world.

Wednesday was our annual visit to the Y, an organization to which we are tied at the hip since the Culver City Rotary Club was one of the original sponsors. This meeting is always a more laid back affair and always a lot of fun with a visit from the preschool kids providing great entertainment. Red Betts got things started with an Invocation, the kids led us in the Pledge, and the whole room joined together in God Bless America.

President Bill thanked Darlene Kiyan for arranging the venue, Ann Murakami for providing the food, and Ron Coombs for handling the cooking chores at the grill. The steaks were awesome Ron – great job as always. Lisa D'Angelo a Rotarian and also the Director of the Westchester YMCA was our only Rotary guest although we were joined by many of the staff members of the Culver Y.

With the introductions accomplished we were treated to a couple of songs by the preschool kids, who were just wonderful. After the kids left, President Bill and Red Betts presented Darlene Kiyan with a $5,000 check from our club to the Y as part of our annual support. Staff members from the Y came up next and gave brief presentations relating to their experiences at the Y and recounting the good that our money does in helping families in need continue to use the Y.

Jerry Chabola was in attendance and he took center stage to give a brief report on happenings at Culver High School. Jerry thanked everyone who had helped out this year, particularly acknowledging Chris King for his work with Interact, Kathy and Tony Haworth for handling all of the medals at the track meet, Ann Murakami for helping at the barbeque, and Craig and Laura Ferre also for their work at the track meet. Jerry saved the best for last thanking Tim Messmer for his tireless work in making this year's track meet the best one ever.

Paul Knoll closed the meeting with a bit of wisdom reminding us all that the end of Bill's term is near.

Have a great week Rotarians.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

June 9, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

This week's meeting was held at Rotary Plaza for our annual lunch at this great site. A tanned and refreshed Phil Tangalakis (fresh from his trip to Greece and Italy) delivered an off-the-cuff Invocation, Art

Endo led the Pledge, and President Bill sang the Patriotic Song. For the second week in a row, we were joined by Gerald Reneau of Home Care Health Care who was at the meeting courtesy of Doctor Don. Linda Levin, guest of Chuck Perelman, was also with us and she and Gerald were welcomed in song by the Club with Michele Walman leading the way.

This is always a casual meeting and there was not a lot of formal club business. Darlene Kiyan again asked that anyone who is planning on attending the meeting next Wednesday at the YMCA, confirm their attendance with her either by phone or email. She can be reached at 310-390-3604 or at darlenekiyan@ymcala.org. Linda Black gave a brief update on the Shoeboxes for Haiti project. Janet Chabola asked the Club for some help in raising money to buy projectors for a couple of the grammar schools in Culver City. In less than 5 minutes she secured $450 in pledges from individual Rotarians – good job everyone.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

May 26, 2010

By Chris King

The scandal to uncover President Bill "I'm Not Going to Touch That" Gardner's political leanings continue this week as your intrepid

Reciprocator author sits down to type what is his second and last Reciprocator write-up of the year. I was so busy working on delving into President Bill's sordid past that I arrived at the meeting late and therefore missed the Patriotic Song, Pledge, and Prayer. I'm sure each Rotarian who handled those aspects of the meeting brought the club much relief as they temporarily relieved President Bill of his duties behind the lectern.

In any case, the meeting started at its usual late time under the current administration at 12:37 with Cy Pierce announcing that we had no visiting Rotarians nor any guests (other than our speaker). Craig Ferre then led us in the Welcome Song as he played along with his musical instrument, which consisted of President Bill's butter-knife-gavel and the Rotary Bell.

Our meeting continued with some solemn news that Carmela's husband, Jim, is having some heart trouble. We send our thoughts and prayers, Carmela.

In another health update that was slightly more uplifting, it was noted that Red Betts' walker has transitioned into that big Walker Heaven in the Sky. Red is no longer using a walker, and he's easily maneuvering around our meeting under his own power! Good for you, Red. President Bill claims he saw Red doing reverse lay ups at the YMCA's basketball court. Yours truly, who is a Celtics fan, thinks that the Lakers could well use Red's skill because they're going to need it in their rematch from two years ago as the Celtics look to take back their rightful title!

Announcements followed with the following:

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

May 19, 2010

By Joel Forman

Compared to last week, this week's meeting opened on time, giving hope that our prez has some executive traits. After a brief discussion

with the prez, about vacations, Joe (the plumber) Davidson remembered he was called up to do the invocation. This was quickly followed by Ernie Garza who led us the pledge. Yours truly led the patriotic song in "God Bless America". Unfortunately, our prez lapsed back into his marsupial origins when he resumed the meeting eight minutes late, since the excuse was that he forgot his watch.

We had two visiting Rotarians: Michael Newman and our perpetual guest Art Rangel. Dieter Holberg led us in the welcome song. Apparently everyone is healthy, since there were no health updates. Let us stay that way. Next came the announcements:

Linda Black announced at the recently concluded District Convention our club won five district awards:

Communications/Public Relations


Club Services

Vocational Service


We should be proud of our accomplishments in the last year. Carmela Raack was awarded a rare and highly prestigious award by the District that very few people ever receive. Because of her consistent and devoted service to Rotary, Carmela was recognized as a member of the District 5280 Hall of Fame. This is the second major award that Carmela has received. Several years ago, Carmela received the Service Above Self Award from Rotary International, an award that very few people ever get. Great job Carmela

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District Recognition Awards 2009-2010 Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

May 12, 2010

By Joel Forman

This week's meeting ran on marsupial daylight savings time. Our Prez is still trying to impress us with his attempt to run a smooth meeting. His anxiety resulted in opening the meeting at 12:12PM. After some arm twisting and dropping guilt complexes on the members, our president volunteered Jim Machado for the invocation and Chris King for the usual patriotic song (God Bless America). Then our fearless leader forgot the time. Despite repeated grumbling of members and knives gently tapping glass of water for about ten minutes, the Prez remembered that he is not quite demoted. There were no visitors or any guests present. This was just as well, otherwise we would have been there until midnight. Even though there were no guests, Keith Jones led us in the welcome song so we can welcome each other.
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

May 5, 2010

By Chris King

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! While some may be celebrating independence today, all that a room filled with Culver City Rotarians could consider

celebrating was the waning term of President Bill Gardner and the nearness of our freedom from his reign of terror.

Speaking of our infamous, flaccid-gaveled President, he came to the meeting neatly attired in a Democrat-blue suit and white shirt. Could Bill be pulling a Teddy Roosevelt and changing his political affiliation as his term nears its culmination? No one can be sure, but since yours truly is the Reciprocator writer for the next several weeks, believe me, the implications and the scandal will continue growing.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

April 28, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

To paraphrase Snoopy, it was a cold and rainy meeting. Actually, it wasn't rainy because we were inside but it sure was cold. I could see

Chuck Perelman shivering over in the corner since he had arrived without a parka.

Bruce Jagger got things started with an impromptu Invocation, Anne Murakami followed with the Pledge, and Linda Black led the Patriotic Song. There were no visiting Rotarians (where has Art Rangel been lately?) and no Rotarians with guests, but we sang the Welcome Song anyway with Lyn Caron doing the honors. Is it "stay" or "stray" in the Welcome Song – anyone know?

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

April 21, 2010

By Linda Black

Twelve meetings to go for our Captain, but who is counting? This 12th meeting was started off with our Invocation by Joe Davidson,

off the cuff but long and original. Paul Knoll led the Pledge and Richard Marcus did the Patriotic Song - Yankee Doodle.

Lots of guests. Joel Forman introduced his daughter Debbie with her friend Chloe and his granddaughter Sofia, all visiting from Sao Paulo. Also a welcome to Bruno Vavala and, one last recognition as a guest, Andrew Sisolak. Craig Ferre led our welcoming song for our honored guests. It was appreciated by all but the baby. I think we woke her up from her noon nap. Wonder if that would work on Ed Little?

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


April 14, 2010

By Linda Black

Our weekly lunch was kicked off with inspirational words from the very inspirational Dannie Cavanaugh. The pledge was led by our

special guest, Andrew Sisolak, followed up by a rousing patriotic song by Jim Machado.

A warm welcome song for our guests Andrew Sisolak and Robin Young was led by our own Rob Barber.

When asked about any health updates, Richard Marcus shared that he was in good health. Thanks Richard, what a relief!

Our prez in his never ending quest to add to our coffers looked about the room for those who were missing badges and or pins. He took advantage of this opportunity and fined those of us without the proper adornment $4.99.

The resident Gavel Detective, Ron Foster, in his search for the illusive gavel presented a letter from one of his major clients. It seems they have developed a new gavel called the Stiff Gavel 3000 designed to test the strength of the gavels holder. Unfortunately, our prez did not rise to the occasion. You needed to be there to fully understand. Take a look at the pictures on our website and you will have a much better understanding of the SC3000.

Red Betts thought he escaped his birthday last week but the Captain did not forget. We all sang happy birthday to Mr. Betts, 85 years young.

Speaking of birthdays, Richard Marcus tried to convince us all that that he and Andrew Sisolak were twins because they shared the same birth day. We had to make him understand that you not only had to have the same parents to be twins but need to be born in the same century. Happy birthday fellas! Richard also announced his new grandchild. Congrats Richard and family. Lets see..a birthday and a new grandbaby, that will be $250.

Has anyone seen Rob Barber's new wheels? A bright yellow Vette! Now let's see about this.a mid-life crisis is worth $300 don't you think?

Finally, Steven Frye fined himself $20 because our praise of his musical talents made the local paper. We can never praise Steven too much. He really is a great asset to our club. Thank you Steven.

Speaking of talent, we were very pleased to see the work created by the students of Culver City High School in our recent art contest. Their teacher, Kristine Hatanaka, introduced the winners. They are:

First place was Irum Ahmed with the water color of her desk.

Second place was Emanuel Sayes with the acrylic of baby.

Third place was Charlotte Sabet with the acrylic of a mother holding a child

Well done all.

As you all know, we have a speaker every week. Unfortunately sometimes even the best laid plans have a glitch. We had a guest, Robin Young, who is with the Mid City Light Rail Authority. She thought she would just pay us a little visit and get to know Rotary. As she was sitting with members, enjoying her lunch, Tim Mesmer asked her what she was doing for the next 20 minutes. It seems our speaker was detained and could not speak today. He asked her if she could give a little presentation and update us as to the status of the Expo line. Being a good sport, she said yes and proceeded to give a great presentation on the fly. We have heard about singing for your supper but not speaking for your lunch. Robin did a wonderful job and was truly grace under fire. Well done Robin!

Paul Knoll gave us his dose of wisdom he reminded us that next week is the birthday of Paul Harris!

Captain Kangaroo Trivia:

How long was Captain Kangaroo on the air?

What was the name of the Captains home?

Who were the 5 characters on the program?

Wanna be fine free Wednesday, know the answers.

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Rotary Moments

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


A note from Jim Machado to all members of the Culver City Rotary Club regarding the 9th Annual Rotary Sponsored Track Meet .....

Here is my reaction to the 9th annual CCHS Invitational Track Meet sponsored by the Culver City Rotary Club. It was Outstanding. Our best Track Meet ever. Great job Tim Messmer.

If you weren't able to go to the event here is what you missed: Rotarians working together with Interacters, school officials and other Rotarians and having fun. Over 400 breakfasts were

served and the food was really good. The stands were full of people seeing a great track meet and also seeing Rotarians serving, leading, judging, organizing and giving out medals to the winners. All level of athletes had and opportunity to participate, both boys and girls.

It was great visibility for Culver City Rotary in the community.

Yours in Rotary,

Jim Machado


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Relay for Life

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life is just around the corner -- May 15, I believe. Last year I chaired the event for our club and participated in the Relay, representing our club. I will be honored to do it again this year and I ask for your sponsorship to support this fine organization. And I will welcome anyone who wants to walk as well -- last year we had several members walking and we had a nice time. Chris King will be organizing the Interact and Rotoract clubs in this event and we hope to join them to form a great Relay Team!! I thank you in advance for your sponsorship and participation. I will be contacting you at our meetings, or, you can also email me with your pledge -- any amount will be most welcome.

My email address is annmiya@hotmail.com. Or you can also call me with a pledge 310-717-6641. THANK YOU TO ALL!!! Ann Murakami

Relay for Life Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

2010 Culver City Invitational

Posted by Tim Messmer

I would like to thank all of you who made the Invitational such a great success. We achieved our 3 tiered objective of (1) providing a community service event that gives a positive experience for the athletes and spectators alike, (2) to give back to the community with a hands-on event that has our Club members working side by side with coaches, parents and Rotarians from other clubs, and (3) fundraising to continue with our community service projects.

Past President Jim Machado said, "It was Outstanding. Our best Track Meet ever.

If you weren't able to go to the event here is what you missed: Rotarians working together with Interactors, school officials and other Rotarians and having fun. Over 400 pancake breakfasts were served and the food was really good. The stands were full of people seeing a great track

meet and also seeing Rotarians serving, leading, judging, organizing and giving out medals to the winners. All level of athletes had an opportunity to participate, both boys and girls. It was great visibility for Culver City Rotary in the community."

I lost count of the number of athletes who were there representing the 22 high schools who came to this year's event. I do know that a great number of them started the day with a great breakfast (that they most likely would have skipped to get to the meet) compliments of our Club. This is the second year that we have had the pancake breakfast, and it looks like it has become a trademark of the event.

We added a few new touches this year – a website, advertising on DyeStat and EPI Sports, an Official Program, Professional Judges at many of the events, a hospitality tent with lunch for the coaches, running the concession stand and the addition of Porta Potties to handle our growing crowd.

A special thanks to Carmela Raack who worked untold hours putting together the Official Program. It just would not have happened without her.

Also special thanks to Ann Murakami who handled the purchasing for the concession stand and pancake breakfast. Using her contacts she acquired quality products that were either donated or deeply discounted for us. Ann then oversaw and worked the concession stand that many of you worked at for long hours before, during and after the event.

As Jerry Chabola, Athletic Director of CCHS, said, "The Rotary Model is Service Above Self." "The hard work of Coaches Jahmal Wright and Venus Jewett has demonstrated what teamwork and service mean to our young people at CCHS."

Thru this year's hard work we have set a new standard for next year's Invitational. I look forward to working with all members of the Rotary Club of Culver City and the coaches of CCHS to achieve these goals.

Yours in Service,

Tim Messmer


2010 Culver City Invitational Tim Messmer 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

April 7, 2010

By Linda Black

The pious Joe Davidson led our not so pious gathering in the vocation. The message was a spiritually uplifting as we all thanked the powers that be that our president's year was almost over. The

pledge was led by Dannie Cavanaugh. Janet Chabola Von Trapp with 4 of her grandchildren sang "Take me out to the Ball Game" and then "God Bless America". What a concert!

Janet Chabola introduced her 4 grandchildren. Bill Cavaness introduced his lovely wife, Buffy Cavaness as our special guest. Our forgetful prez led us in our traditional welcome song even though he forgot to welcome Buffy.

Linda Black announced the District Assembly on May 22, the District conference on May 13th and Dodger Game day on April 17th. Also, the Paul Harris Foundation Diner will be at the House of Blues in November.

Ann Murakami announced that she will be running in the Relay for Life in May. Let's all support Ann in her efforts.

A special birthday announcement was made for Red Betts. Have a great day Red!!

Because of the 4 Chabola Von Trapp guests, Janet was fined $25.00 per child. If she just keeps having grandchildren, we could balance our budget for next year!!

In the never ending quest for the illusive gavel, Ron Foster, super sleuth, determined to find the sticky fingered Rotarian, brought with him a tracking devise. As he roamed about the room, many Rotarians looked very guilt. Then suddenly, the detector started to buzzzz and bleep as he approached one very suspicious character. He stood there by her and pointed the gadget towards her purse. It went crazy!!! He looked down and in the purse of Carmella Raack was the Captain's gavel. Who would have thought that Boom Boom would be the culprit? Shame on you Boom Boom, Sticky Finger, Raack. That will be $40.00, thank you!

Tim Messmer gave us a report on the very successful Culver City Rotary Invitational Track Meet. We served 400 breakfasts, had 800

participating athletes from 22 schools. Kudos to all of you who worked so hard at this event. Well done Tim!

Paul Knoll presented a very old newspaper from a city I cannot spell to the Wende Museum. Robert Sherer and his staff shared with us the history of the Wende Museum and its mission to collect relics from Cold War-era Eastern Europe, including an original section of the Berlin Wall painted by artist Thierry Noir. This Museum is a treasure in Culver City and we all should make the effort to visit this amazing collection.


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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

The buzz in the room was about last Saturday night's event, the Culver City Rotary Club's 80th Anniversary Party, and how much fun

everyone had. It was truly a great event and the good feelings of that evening spilled over to Wednesday's luncheon.

The meeting kicked off with an Invocation from Joe Davidson, whose beard/goatee/chin growth is beginning to take on a life of its own. Kathy Haworth recited the Pledge and, showing skills we didn't know she had, Michele Walman sang the patriotic song. Guests included once-upon-a-time Rotarian George Plato (always great to see and hear you George - don't be such a stranger!), Virginia Tangalakis, Tina Tangalakis, and visiting from the Jeffrey Foundation, Claudia Bartlett and Sue Consiglio. Making sure that all the guests would never forget their afternoon with the Culver City Rotary Club, Linda Black serenaded them with the Welcome Song.

Linda Black covered the District Announcements with the main emphasis on the upcoming District Conference that will take place at La Quinta Resort & Club on May 13th - 16th. Our Club will be hosting a hospitality suite - stay tuned for more details.

There were no health updates but it was reported that Ann Murakami had been vacationing in Chile and had left the country only 10 hours before the earthquake hit.

Other announcements included a reminder from Tim Messmer about the upcoming track meet set for March 20th. Tim needs some help on this one so everyone needs to step up. Volunteers are needed for the pancake breakfast and for helping out at the event. Also, we need to sell advertising space in the program and banners. Please try to sell a banner or two so that this event will be a success.

Craig Ferre is getting the groundwork set for the Youth Exchange project this summer. We will be sending two students to Japan from mid-July to mid-August and Craig wants us to start thinking of worthy candidates.

The dispensing of fines by the Club president is an art not a science and Club presidents usually get more adept as their year wears on but it is very difficult to follow the logic and progression of the fines

doled out by President Bill. As a reporter trying to scribble down the amounts and reasoning behind each fine, it is a challenge to follow. I am not quite sure how the Treasurer does it but my sympathy goes out to poor Chris King.

Andy Weissman was at first fined $50 but then had it reduced to $25 as the other $25 was shifted over to Phil Tangalakis because Phil defended Andy. Andy was fined because he will be seated on the dais at the Mayor's luncheon and President Bill did not get a personal invitation. Can you follow that? George Plato expressed an opinion or two and Ernie Garza and Allan Goldman each got $20 fines - huh? Then the Prez waived Ernie's fine for that infraction but then fined him for the heroic deed that Ernie performed many years ago that was recounted by Bruce Jagger at the party Saturday night. Now I am really confused. Then Janet Chabola tried to fine President Bill for something or other and that was when I quit taking notes.

Before the main program, Claudia Bartlett and Sue Consiglio gave a brief talk about the good work that is being done by the Jeffrey Foundation, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping special needs children. They are looking for help in raising money to provide scholarships.

Our speaker was Tina Tangalakis, daughter of Virginia and Phil Tangalakis, who gave a presentation on her recent trips to Ghana. Tina first traveled to Ghana as a volunteer at an orphanage teaching children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. She is now working with seamstresses in Ghana to create purses and bags made of local fabrics that will be sold in this country. It was a very interesting talk, giving us insight into a land that few of us will ever see.

Cartwright Sheppard ended the meeting with a bit of humor and with that another meeting was in the books.

Have a great week Rotarians

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

By Phil Tangalakis

Our Prayers and Thoughts are extended to President Bill, his father, Deano, and the entire Gardner Family on the passing of Bill's mother, Carol Gardner.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By Phil Tangalakis

As our resident pianist, Steven Fry, played the theme song from Captain Kangaroo, our gavel challenged President Bill called the meeting to order. (Rev.) Joe Davidson invoked the Lord's spirit, with

Bob Thompson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, pinch hitting for an absent Harold Hanslmair. A handshaking Joel Forman then led us in a Patriotic Song, "God Bless America."

Looking around the room, two glowing new parents, Clint and Christina, were proudly introducing their beautiful baby, Kaylee Parker, to our Club. Speaking about babies, Chris King, looked dapper in a double breasted suit.

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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By Jim Machado

The meeting started with President Bill Gardner using his small gavel & big personality to introduce our guest Andrew Sisolak, District Executive of the Boy Scouts of America to lead us in the invocation.

Once the prayer was completed Janet Chabola lead the pledge of allegiance and Ron Foster pulled Allan Goldman out of the audience to lead the club in the patriotic song "God Bless America".

We took a short break for lunch & once again Bill Gardner lost his gavel and was using a dinner knife to call the meeting to order.

Some might be concerned with Bill's continuing to loose his gavel or using the dinner knife as a replacement gavel with the blade in his hand. We all know that as President your hide becomes tough as leather, so there's no concern about him cutting himself

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Congratulations to Clint and Christina!

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.


Dear Rotarians,

Clint and Christina Ehlers were blessed with a baby girl who arrived last

Clint sent me the attached picture and the following comments: "Today was
the day but the baby came last night instead.  Mom and baby girl are doing
great. She came last night at 9:14pm and was 6 lbs. 3oz and 19.5" long.
Still deciding on name - either Catie or Caylie."

Congratulations to Clint and Christina!

Dannie Cavanaugh

Congratulations to Clint and Christina! Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0

Haiti Relief Assistance – A Call to Service

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Haiti Relief Assistance – A Call to Service

Dear Rotarians:

The disaster in Haiti is of epic proportions and we need to repsond to our fellow man in some way.

Please consider making a donation towards the relief efforts directly through our Culver City Rotary Community Foundation or via the Rotary International website.

Below is information taken from the RI site this morning.

The Rotary Foundation has established the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, a donor advised fund, to streamline the flow of contributions from U.S. Rotarians.

The fund will be directed by account holders who will work with local Rotary clubs and districts, as well as emergency

relief agencies, to meet the most pressing needs of people in affected areas.

For more information about the Foundation's Donor Advised Funds, read the link on the RI website.

Contribute now at rotary.org, mail or bring a check to the next meeting.

Yours in Service,

Allan Goldman, President,

Janet Chabola

Haiti Relief Assistance – A Call to Service Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Our Club was dark this week as all of the Clubs of the District gathered at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel for a visit by Rotary International President John Kenny. Only a small group of Culver

City Rotarians made the pilgrimage to Downtown Los Angeles but they were rewarded with a wonderful program including bagpipers, haggis, shots of Scotch, and plenty of good cheer.

President Kenny addressed the crowd emphasizing the goals of his Rotary year including such topics as clean water, literacy improvements, and an update on the efforts to provide assistance to the people of Haiti.

Next week we are back at the usual time and place.

Have a good week Rotarians

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Annual Bill Winn RibFest

Posted by Tim Messmer


President Bill Gardner, Cartwright Sheppard with the stuffed animals collected for the Culver City Police Officers to give to children in crisis situations.               

Annual Bill Winn RibFest Tim Messmer 0


Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

By Jim Machado

President Bill Gardner started the January 6th meeting wheeling a little gavel and wearing a big smile. The invocation was given thoughtfully by Joe Davidson and Bob Thompson lead the group in the "Pledge Of Allegiance." Ernie Garza came to the front of the room and lead the Patriotic Song "God Bless America." Doctor Trepaney had invited a potential new member Robert Perkins, a local immigration lawyer, and Darlene Kiyan welcomed him with the Rotary welcome song dressed in a very sharp YMCA shirt [good publicity].

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To the Culver City Rotary Club from Keith Jones...

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Sorry I haven't written sooner but the new baby has been keeping me busy. Kenneth Leiker Jones was born on Monday, December 28th at 1:01pm. He weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 22'' long. He's doing great and is not too fussy but he is a little jaundice so we have to put him in the sun for a little each day. Mom is doing well but very tired since he was delivered by c-section. I have attached a recent photo. Please let the members know how much we appreciated the baby shower and look forward to seeing them all soon.  
Keith Jones
To the Culver City Rotary Club from Keith Jones... Daniel Cavanaugh Jr. 0


Posted by Tim Messmer

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

By Janet Chabola

Well this meeting was certainly eventful. It seems that President "Roo" has lost not only multiple gavels, but now he's lost his voice. This editor thinks that no one has listened to him for the past 5 months, so this "loss" is nothing new! President Elect, Linda Black, who looked stunning in a gorgeous suit, managed to have a gavel, albeit a minute one, and called the meeting to order. Janet Chabola led a brief meditation followed by Ed Little's flag salute, followed by Tim Messmer and pantomime artist Bill Gardner leading the welcome song. He was last seen waving his arms wildly in time to the music. Today's guests were Sue Gardner, the sainted wife of President "Roo" and our program speaker Lisa Gardner (poor thing), daughter of President "Roo". They were welcomed in song led by Dr. Don Trepany.



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IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK Wednesday, December 2, 2009 By Janet Chabola This Rotary meeting started off on a much different scale than it usually does. Everything was on a smaller scale thanks to the fine efforts of our in house investigator, Ron Foster. President Kangaroo was presented with the smallest gavel ever seen by those in attendance. I believe the dimensions were something less than ½". After that the Invocation was led by Joe Davidson with Bruce Jagger leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the greatest country on earth. Phil (birthday boy) Tangalakis lead the Welcome Song after Eric Hatfield, Past President of the Century City Club, was introduced. Janet announced that Kaz Ohara from Kaizuka is in the hospital with a brain tumor. We want the family to know that we are praying for his recovery
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Attention all Rotarians-

Posted by Craig Ferre
It is very important that we all take a couple of minutes and register with the district so we can be compliant with R.I. rules regarding our Youth/Student Exchange program. Anyone who will be hosting any activities with the students must register. This means Rotarians and their spouses and any kids over the age of 18 who will be joining you in the hosting activities. It is super simple - it literally took me less than two minutes to do - and painless too. Just follow the instructions below
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Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 By Dannie Cavanaugh With both the Davidson boys gone AWOL, I was pressed into service to deliver an impromptu Invocation thus violating my Rotary Labor Agreement that states "If you are writing the It Happened This Week article, you don't have to do any other jobs at the meeting." For this infraction I plan to file a grievance with the District. Art Endo led the Pledge and Clint Ehlers, along with the Pres, sang God Bless America without the benefit of a piano accompaniment.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Today was Veteran's Day, a holiday for some, a day of remembrance for others, and for all of us a day to offer thanks to those who have served or are serving in the armed services. President Bill took the time to recognize the Rotarians present at the meeting who had served, with Chuck Perelman, Phil Tangalakis, Bob Thompson, Cy Pierce, Ed Little, Jim Machado, Rob Barber, Ernie Garza, and Red Betts all giving brief summaries of their years in the Armed Forces.

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Australian Student Youth Exchange

Posted by Craig Ferre

Home hosts are needed for the last 4 nights of Vanessa and Amanda's stay here in Culver City. Please contact Craig at 310-398-9802.

Sisters Vanessa and Amanda Stoicov, the daughters of Rotarian James Stoicov and his wife Eva, will be our guests for the student exchange from Australia. James, Eva and the girls have always been very involved in the Culver City & Northcote/Manningham exchange program and are quite deserving of a place in this worthwhile program and they will make fine Ambassadors for Australia.


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Posted by Clint Ehlers

It happened this week! Once again our marsupial ring master Prez. Roo kicked of the meeting with his gavel promptly at 12pm. With a

quick welcome, Mr. Joe Davidson said a quick prayer, Mr. Jim Machado led us in a pledge and Mr. Brian Mooney led us in the patriotic song. Note that Roo's gavel was still present at this time as we collectively welcomed all visitors:

• David Bender from the Rotary International Foundation and guest of Ann Murakami

• Visiting Rotarian Art Rangel

• Bonny Beebe, guest of The Commish Clint Ehlers

Chris King tortured us with his version of the Welcome Song.



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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

By Dannie Cavanaugh

Pressed into action by the writer's strike, this week's It Happened This Week is written by the editor and chief bottle washer of The

Reciprocator. Of course I was a bit late to the meeting so I will improvise on reporting the facts.

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The Reciprocator 10/14/09

Posted by Clint Ehlers

 Hey Rotarians – it looks like we missed a few of you this week as the lunch crowd was a bit light. We started out with an invocation by Clint Ehlers, the pledge by Harold Hanslmair and the Pledge Song (beautifully sung) by Ann Murakami.


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Reciprocator 8/12/2009

Posted by Daniel Cavanaugh Jr.

A Weekly Publication of the Rotary Club of Culver City, USA Located in the "The Heart of Screenland" August 12, 2009 IT HAPPENED THIS WEEK Wednesday, August 12, 2009 By Art Endo

This week our president got the opening greeting correct, but had a confusing closing farewell like our immediate past president. Carmen Portnoy gave a wonderful extemporaneous prayer. After showing all of us a photo portrait by CFP of his grandson, Richard Marcus led the pledge. "God Bless America" was led by Allan Goldman.

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Reciprocator 8/5/09

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A Weekly Publication of the Rotary Club of Culver City, USA

Located in the "The Heart of Screenland" August 5, 2009
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Reciprocator 6/17/09

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

By Dannie Cavanaugh

It was a fairly held election and the pre-election polls showed the challenger had the broad support of the electorate, yet on Wednesday the old President was up at the podium running the meeting. No, this wasn't Iran, it was the weekly meeting of the Culver City Rotary Club and newly demoted Past-President Kathy Haworth was still running the show refusing to give up the gavel to the next President.

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Welcome Captain Kangaroo 2009-10!

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                                                                              Bill Gardner's year got off to a great start when his phone rang as he started the meeting. He had to leave the room to take the call and when he returned he was transformed into...

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