First Club Assembly 2023-07-25 21:00:00Z 0
Classification Talk: Hamza Kassongo 2023-07-18 21:00:00Z 0
A Fundraiser Movie Premiere 2023-07-12 21:00:00Z 0
The Transformative Power of Leadership 2023-07-04 21:00:00Z 0
Meet our 75th Club President! 2023-06-30 21:00:00Z 0
Club assembly 2022-11-01 21:00:00Z 0
Dr Fayaz Bhojani 2022-11-01 21:00:00Z 0
Club Assembly & Inductions 2022-08-29 21:00:00Z 0

August - Membership Month

Membership is a very Vital tool for growth of members in Rotary , hence for it to be effective we have to adhere to the below :Tanzania Club Statistics as at 1st July 2022 : 40 CLUBS & 619 MEMBERS
August - Membership Month Anagha BhattBhatt 2022-08-18 21:00:00Z 0

July : New Leadership

A Beautiful Message from our Club's AG Aisha to our Club Members for New Leadership
Dear RC Dar es Salaam,
What an honor and a privilege to have been selected to be your Assistant Governor for the year 2022/23! I look forward to the year ahead, and am already imagining the amazing things that you will achieve. July 1st marks an opportunity for a change of leadership in Rotary, and for new energy.
July : New Leadership Anagha BhattBhatt 2022-08-01 21:00:00Z 0
Power breakfast  2022-07-31 21:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Installs it’s 74rd President in fabulous affair EK 2022-07-30 21:00:00Z 0 installation
Kaisi Kalambo 2022-07-18 21:00:00Z 0
Our Speaker 2022-07-15 21:00:00Z 0

Rotary Journey 

Rtn. Anver Rajpar's journey as Rotarian
It was during 1999 that late Rtn. Manilal Devani PP of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam introduced me to the said Club, and, after attending a few meeting as his guest, he sponsored me as a member of the Club. Before my induction as a member of Rotary Club, I was a member of Lions Club of Karachi, Pakistan so I knew the pros and cons of being a member of a Service Club.By becoming a member of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam on 30th June, 1999, I had the privilege of knowing veterans like Late PP Abdul Haji, PP Bihari Tanna (who I knew before), PP Mustafa Khataw (whom I also knew before), Late PP Dinu Samaras, etc, etc. As time progressed, new members joined the Club, and, it was my privilege to come in contact with PDG Sharmila Bhatt, President Sati, President Elec Nikki, PP Milli Rughani, Anagha, Manisha, and many others, besides meeting some Rotaractors. I also came in contact with members of other Clubs in Dar es Salaam, especially Rotary Club of Bahari. It was also a fantastic experience to attend Inter City Meetings, District Conferences at Dar es Salaam and Arusha. It was also heartening to see our Member (Sharmila Bhatt) rise from ordinary member to President of the Club to District Governor It was of my honor to be elected President of the Club from 2000-01 and to elected as Hon Treasure in 2011 to 2019. During my Treasure ship, the Club’s Accounts were prepared in good time and audited Accounts were presented to Club Members within 2 months of the financial closing, a feat unmatched by any other Club. I have played my part in “Service Above Self” and it has been a very satisfying experience to serve “humanity”. Having retired from active membership in 2019, I had the honor to be elected as Honorary member of the Club. I thank members of the Club for this singular honor. My ill health does not allow me to take an active part in Club’s activities, but, whenever possible, I do take part in some of the Club’s activities.
Rotary Journey Anagha BhattBhatt 2022-07-14 21:00:00Z 0
Meet Sunny and Kush our newest members 2022-07-12 21:00:00Z 0
First club assembly 2022-07-09 21:00:00Z 0
Nikki Aggarwal - President 2022-23 Sb 2022-07-09 21:00:00Z 0
President Nikki and her Board members 2022-07-09 21:00:00Z 0
Ananya Chag Hands over 150 desks to Kondo Primary School Eric Emmanuel 2021-09-16 21:00:00Z 0 desk project,service

First Post-Vaccination Fellowship

After a long pause, we held our latest fellowship physically  at our new meeting venue - Baobab Bistro in Masaki. This was after the first Tanzania COVID-19 vaccination drive in Tanzania, where most of our members have been vaccinated.

First Post-Vaccination Fellowship Eric Emmanuel 2021-09-14 21:00:00Z 0 fellowship

High School Student - Ananya Chag - Raises funds for Desk Project 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Ananya Chag is an 11th grade high school student in Charleston, SC in the United States. She is a passionate advocate for women and girls’ rights and believes that education is the key to ending poverty. During the lockdown due to COVID-19 she co-founded “Lowcountry Tutoria”, a tutoring service for less-privaleged children living in the area. She feels fortunate to have visited Tanzania and feels privaleged to contribute to the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam’s project to provide desks to schoolchildren in Tanzania.
She is an aspiring journalist enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She loves her friends (and parents, of course), her dog, fashion and is completely obsessed with chocolate.
High School Student - Ananya Chag - Raises funds for Desk Project Nikki Aggarwal 2021-03-13 21:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam in drive to provide 1000 desks to city primary schools Emmanuel Kihaule 2020-05-15 21:00:00Z 0 Fundraising

Welcome Eric to the family of Rotary! 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Welcome Eric to the family of Rotary! Fro. A Rotaractor to a Rotarian! What an honour to have been inducted by the District Governer Sharmila Bhatt! 
Welcome Eric to the family of Rotary! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-08 21:00:00Z 0
DG with our future Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-08 21:00:00Z 0
DG Sharmila Bhatt with her home club! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-08 21:00:00Z 0
Handover of 100 glasses to CCBRT Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-08 21:00:00Z 0
Some of the best things happen unexpectedly Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0
Fireside chat with some specials! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Surprise them with a small gift! 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
A pleasant gift from us to Tua Nogoma School- 20 Rims of A4 paper. Immediately after the tree planting, teachers and parents were about to postpone their exams due to no paper in the school! And we wanted to come to the rescue!
Surprise them with a small gift! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Be part of Rotary Dar Marathon with us 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Officially launched - the Rotary Dar Marathon - celebrating and unveiling its 10th anniversary! Save the date - October 14th - Nyerere Day - as we heal lives, transform communities!
Be part of Rotary Dar Marathon with us Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0
Tree planting with Rotaractor Club of Young Professionals Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Sherry joins the family! 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Congratulations Shahryar Jaffer for joining the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam family. What an honour to be following Rtn. Anver's footsteps! 




Sherry joins the family! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

A talk from the Rotaractors 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Rotaract club of young professionals gave us a thorough insight on their projects and the incoming goals! Looking forward to working together in the upcoming year!
A talk from the Rotaractors Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Ambulance handover to the Moyo Safi Hospital 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On Wednesday 4th of July 2018, the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam handed over an ambulance to the Moyo Safi wa Maria Hospital. 

The Moyo Safi wa Maria Hospital is located in Msewe. This organization is a faith based organization that serves OPD, in-patients, gynecologic services, maternity services, theatre serves and pediatric treatments. In a day, the OPD receives approximately 145 patients and reported 4,500 patients per month. 

The ambulance will serve the area to treat patients that are unable to reach the hospital on time and a requirement for fast transfers for complicated cases to Muhimbili National Hospital. The president of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam, Mili Rughani, handed over the ambulance and said that “ we want to work together in making a difference to the needy communities of Dar and this means a lot to us”. 

The Rotary club of Dar es Salaam has helped Moyo Safi wa Maria Hospital previously by constructing a laundry area with equipment which was at the time a clinic.


Ambulance handover to the Moyo Safi Hospital Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Learn to hire with Joyce Nangai-Ibengwe  

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

A very informative meeting at the Rotary club of Dar Es Salaam held on the 25th of July. 

Mrs. Joyce Nangai-Ibengwe, head of projects of Association of Tanzania Employers, addressed why adhere to Best Practices and Human Resources Management and the importance of businesses to comply with Labor laws in the country. 

Did you know that technically you don’t need an HR manager if you don’t have more than 50 employees? 

Learn to hire with Joyce Nangai-Ibengwe   Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Join us with Joyce Nangai-ibengwe

Joyce Nangai-ibengwe will be speaking to the Rotary Club of Dar Es Salaam on Why adhere to Best Practices and Human Resources Management, and the Importance of Businesses to comply with Labour Laws in the country. Join us at our club meeting this *Wednesday 25th of July, 7.30am at the Colossuem Hotel - Masaki*, with the most influential figure in the HR industry!
Join us with Joyce Nangai-ibengwe 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Meet our very own member, our Governer! 

Meet your Rotary District Governor 2018-19 for District 9211 from Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam

#SharmilaBhatt is an Engineer by profession having graduated in Electronics Engineering and is a Member of the British Computer Society with extensive expertise in banking and government systems. For her work in the information and communications technology field, she was awarded the “Tanzania Women of Excellence Award in Science & Technology in 2015”. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, Sharmila is a Director & share holder of the Soft-Tech Group of Companies offering a wide range of information and communication technology products and services in various African countries.

A Rotarian since 2007, served in various club positions becoming the club President in 2011-2012. At the District level she has served as Assistant Governor, TRF Fund Raising Chair Tanzania, Country Chair Tanzania and District Governor Nominee. Her most notable achievement has been her role as the Chair of the Board of Rotary Dar Marathon from its inception 10 years ago and her extensive role & leadership in the RDM projects namely Plant for the Planet, Maji Kwa Maisha, Rotary Pediatric Oncology Ward, the Rotary Entrepreneurship Centre and now the CCBRT Hospital Project. She is a Major Donor Level 2 to the Rotary Foundation, a Bequest Society Member and a member of the Paul Harris Society.

In 2017, Sharmila was awarded the highest Award in Rotary of Service Above Self for her dedication and outstanding work through the Rotary Dar Marathon.
She is married to Rotarian Harish Bhatt and they are blessed with a son, Ankit Bhatt who will now start his working life in San Francisco.
Meet our very own member, our Governer!  2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0
Mili Rughani becomes President of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

Bring on our President for RC DAR 2018/19

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Welcoming you to one of the most exciting events of the year - the installation of Mili as the President of Rotary club of Dar es Salaam for 2018-19! 
Bring on our President for RC DAR 2018/19 Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0


Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
An awesome swallowship held at PE Mili Rughani's house!! 
Swallowship! Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0

A visit to our Moyo Safi Hospital 

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
From what it was called two years ago the Moyo Safi Clinic to what it is called now the Moyo Safi Hospital! RC Dar's visit was touching as we saw dedication, progress and commitment to bring up the community - we are glad to have adopted this as a community based project! 
(21'st May, 2018)  
A visit to our Moyo Safi Hospital Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0
Power house in the DCA in UG  Nikki Aggarwal 2018-09-01 21:00:00Z 0
Rotary Car Raffle Concludes Bhavit Bhatia 2017-08-27 21:00:00Z 0
President Bhavit Bhatia 2017-18 2017-08-17 21:00:00Z 0
Board of Directors of 2017-18 2017-08-17 21:00:00Z 0
Meet our Past President - Nirmal Sheth 2016-07-12 21:00:00Z 0

Club Assembly Highlights – March

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Mar 07, 2012

7th March 2012, Serena Hotel, 12.30pm

·         The Calendar for the month of March (see events)

·         The way forward with the Rotaract Club of Young Professionals  (the Obesity campaign)

·         Received applications for Social Innovators

·         A treasurer’s report

·         Who wants to win a car through our lottery? Plan of Action!

Club Assembly Highlights – March Nikki Aggarwal 2012-03-07 00:00:00Z 0

a day out for the public service campaign

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Mar 03, 2012

An email by Sharmila Bhatt :


3rd March 2012 – A morning in the lives of Rotarians of Dsm club and Rotaractors from Learnit and Young Professionals.

It was 7am  when  Rotarians and Rotaractors came scrambling  to the Selander bridge police station and the Mzimbazi circle in Kariakoo some after a night of good sleep and some straight after partying all night. They were armed with Stickers ( provided by Boss Automation ), Stand banner ( Provided by Johnson and Vinay ), T-shirts printed by our club but facilitated by Nikki and pamphlets ( provided by Shamo). The team leaders were wearing reflector Jackets ( provided by Shamo again ). We were joined by Airtel and Boss Automation employees.

With the police, Hamza, Vinay and Zain being in command we took our positions of “Rotarians at work” .  Traffic was being stopped at all junctions in this area and we started peeling stickers “ Driving + phone = Death “ and starting distributing pamphlets and requesting the drivers if we could stick the stickers on to the cars. I believe we almost did about 3,000 to 4,000 stickers between 7 am to 9.30am. At 8am we were joined by the Deputy Minister for Home affairs, Traffic commander & Senior assistant commissioner of Police Commander Mr. Mpinga  and they assisted us in sticking stickers at Selendar bridge as well as the Mzimbazi circle. Press was in full force capturing our moves. See pictures at photo albums section

 Our reason for doing this campaign were many fold – to sensitize the public about the hazards of using their phone while driving , to bring us together as a club with our Rotaractors and to gain visibility for Rotary. I believe we achieved to an extent all the three above. The campaign will be in operation for a complete month – where Airtel will be sending messages to all the customers with our theme , Magic FM and Radio FM is playing our Jingle, A billboard near Las Vegas is in display   and the balance of 2,000 odd stickers will find its place on the windscreen.

It was then a pit stop at Nikki’s house for a scrumptious breakfast as she had promised.  I would like to thank each one of you who played a part in making this possible. 


a day out for the public service campaign Nikki Aggarwal 2012-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

Extension to our club : Rotaract Club of Young Professionals

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 29, 2012

It was a fine evening filled with young energy, food, pictures and presentations.

Our youth services director Sabrina Meharali assembled a young group of “young professionals” to conquer the world by servicing above self. The young group entails a wide array of professions such as doctors, accountants, young business owners, and so forth. She saw leaders in them and had no doubt that they will serve above self.

Sabrina emphasized on we, as generation Y, can be roll models for many by being contagious bug, becoming the superman for our surroundings, and how to strike the gold mines.

Our country chair, Harish Bhatt, chartered the Rotaract Club of Young Professionals.

The tip of the ice-burg was when the “Young” President spoke about his dreams coming true, ideas that are planned and how high ethical standards will be implemented through their practices. He also introduced his committee and members.

As the evening progressed, many of the senior Rotarians went home as the young ones stayed back for pictures, fun, and fellowship!

Extension to our club : Rotaract Club of Young Professionals Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-29 00:00:00Z 0

Our Rotarians shine at the Intercity/Gala/Pets at Kunduchi

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 25, 2012

On the 24th – 26th of Feb 2012 we had the Intercity, Gala night and Pets seminars at the Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort.

Many of our members were involved in the committee and many of us attended the conference.

Rtn Zainul Dossa - the country officer of the Gift of Life spoke about children being sent to Israel for heart surgeries and requests Rotarians to pledge a 100 dollars.

President Sharmila had two presentations - one about the Marathon and the second about how to run a successful project.

Rtn. Sabrina presented at the Intercity Conference on the young generation and told us all, with great energy, that the youth will keep Rotary going. She had immense zeal and spoke so passionately that it created inspiration within us.  Sabrina was the youngest Rotarian to speak at the Intercity. She is now due to speak at the District Conference in Nairobi – being the youngest speaker!

The Gala night would have also been incomplete without Rahul and Sabrina being the MCs of the evening. Superb MC’ing and performance!

We have got a “contagious bug” in the family! =)

Our Rotarians shine at the Intercity/Gala/Pets at Kunduchi Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-25 00:00:00Z 0

Happy 107 RI !

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 23, 2012

Today is RI’s 107th Anniversary! Thank you for continuously inspiring us to serve our community and beyond!

RC of DSM unveiling a billboard of END POLIO NOW in solidarity with other clubs around the world, featuring opposite the Dar es Salaam International airport. Thank you Rtn. Johnson for getting Syscorp for the billboard space, Rtn. Zainul for coordinating the printing of the vinyls and Rtn. Vinay for the generous sponsorship!

Happy 107 RI ! Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-23 00:00:00Z 0

An addition to the family

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 22, 2012

On 22nd of Feb fellowship day, we took the occasion to induct Grant Pierce to our club. Grant is a man of many parts – a seven page CV (uploaded in club documents).

After his CV was circulated to the members, he attracted the most responses such as “I highly recommend him and fast as he is very active and pulls a lot of strings!”

Indeed, today, was rather special as we also celebrated 107 years of RI!

An addition to the family Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-22 00:00:00Z 0

Drive + Phone = Death’s Press Conference

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 15, 2012

Our public service campaign “Drive + Phone = Death” and “Kuendesha + Simu = Kifo” was initiated today 15th Feb 2012 with a press conference, at the Serena Hotel.

We had all parties involved participate in the conference.

1.      The Police Force – head of the police force spoke to the press about the initiative and the essence of joining hands with Rotary to create awareness about what seems to be a chronic problem.

2.      Airtel representative- broadcasted messages across her network and how it is a message that needs to be passed along.

3.      Syscorp - for providing billboard space. The representative indicated that he would do what he can to support an important message to the public through means of Rotary.

4.      Boss Automation Limited – for sponsoring the stickers. Mr. Khalid mentioned his admiration for the message and work that is implemented.

5.       Radio FM/Clouds – for broadcasting jingles in peak radio hours.

And of course, to us, Rotarians, who were the driving force behind it. President Sharmila congratulated all of us and in particular the team for spearheading the campaign. Rtn. Zainul Dossa was the translator of the conference and thanked OUR president Sharmila Bhatt for being the pillar of strength in all that we do. 

Drive + Phone = Death’s Press Conference Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-15 00:00:00Z 0

Rotaract Club of Learnit spend their Valentines at the MNH Cancer Ward

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 14, 2012

Many of us spend our valentines with our loved ones, but the Rotaract Club of Learnit spent their valentines with the children in the cancer ward at the Muhimbili National Hospital.

** A story written by Kamini – President of Rotaract Club of Learnit **



On 14th Feb 2012, The Rotaract Club of Learnit has visited the Children Cancer Ward at Muhimbili National Hospital.

The theme for this Project is “to raise Humanity in its guest to make the world a better place and aim to provide / spread Love and Compassion to the community while improving the lives of cancer Children”

The whole family of Learnit rotaract enjoyed expressing their desire, time and little resources to share with the older and younger children who are going through a very worse cancer disease, all the children enjoyed to the fullest on our presence, where we supplied valentines roses to each kid, fresh juices, Fruits, chocolates and a Valentine Cake.

It was very emotional moment caught every one of us. We believe these children need our love, care support and prayers.

We have set up the devotion to send four club members every week to spend little time with the children and teaching them simple learning skills together with some activities to keep their brain active

The Project will continue until end of this month of February.

Special thanks to Mrs.Deepali Ramiya for her contribution during the visit and my special loving blessing to all club members who attended on this first day of the Project, together we can change the world by bringing the new reality and a brighter shining day for the children.

President Kaminy S. Chudasama
Rotaract Club of Learnit

Rotaract Club of Learnit spend their Valentines at the MNH Cancer Ward Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-14 00:00:00Z 0

Valentines at Shamo’s!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 11, 2012

We had an amazing valentines social evening on Saturday the 11th of Feb, at Rtn. Shamo’s house with a turn out of over 60 Rotarians, spouses, and friends of Rotary! The night started with fellowship and a game of tambola! With many false alarms from Rtn. Hamza – he still managed to get a one liner! The full house was won by Rtn. Vinay!

RtnShamo and Miriam hosted us in their beautiful home, with a pianist playing throughout the evening! The food was exotic!  We are grateful for the amazing experience, excellent hospitality and the friendly smiles that were going all around during this valentine. An evening held in style and great success!

Valentines at Shamo’s! Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-11 00:00:00Z 0

Highlights of the club Assembly - Feb!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 08, 2012

8th of Feb, 2012 - Serena hotel, 12.30pm

-          A busy month ahead of us, a calendar filled with dates to remember

-          The launch of the Rotaracts of Young Professionals

-          Be prepared to get an SMS from Airtel for the public service campaign

-     Watch the Billboard space on the most prominent spaces in Dar for the public service campaign

Celebrate the 107th RI Birthday on the 23rd by unveiling a billboard opposite the airport

-          Strategy plan for our club (posted in club documents) - A work in progress

Highlights of the club Assembly - Feb! Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-08 00:00:00Z 0

A story through photography

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Feb 01, 2012

All that young talent is simply inspiring. On this fine Wednesday afternoon, the 1st of Feb 2012, ShrutiPujara, a 15 year old IST student, told us a story “Lack of Education” through the exhibition of her photography. Her simple photography expressed a lot in her character and her goals. Shruti sold her photography to raise money for a cause and that to educate young girls up to secondary school.

Sometimes leaders are used to inspire the young, but I think Shrutiinspired many of us in the room and to the rest of the generation Y through making a difference with her passion.

A story through photography Nikki Aggarwal 2012-02-01 00:00:00Z 0

MBA Students out to advance the quest of uninterrupted access to clean water

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Jan 25, 2012

We had the pleasure of listening to two young MBA graduates from Harvard Business School and MIT who are out in Tanzania to conquer their project. The presentation illustrated immense detail and research implemented in Tanzania. Their initiative is to provide clean water in Tanzania through water filtration systems with bio tech at a very affordable cost. At the same time, they are trying to implement “education” of the need of clean water throughout Tanzania through means of mobile applications.

We felt that they have similar mission to our MajiKwaMaisha project and that is to provide communities with uninterrupted access to clean water and sanitation.

It was a breath of fresh air to hear young energy to make a difference in today’s world through means of technology advancements. One of the graduates presenting lost her baggage up in the air somewhere (didn’t come through in the airport) – but still looked elegant and energized.

We wish you all the best and hope to work together to make this difference.

MBA Students out to advance the quest of uninterrupted access to clean water Nikki Aggarwal 2012-01-25 00:00:00Z 0

The Power of Networking

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Jan 18, 2012

On 18th January 2012, we conducted a professional networking lunch where our club members met with local professionals and introduced them to Rotary. There were eight executives and professionals (such as Government professionals, doctors, business executives and executives of many parts) of which members from our club invited them. 

We started off with our traditions of Grace, Loyal Toast and the Four Way Test and created a mini-ice-breaker where Rotarians introduced their business professional guests. Lunch was served and everyone savored on the new Serena Hotel menu.

IPP Doug Bramsen did an amazing presentation on what inspires us to be Rotarians, the projects that we have implemented and what Rotary stands for. This did not only create positive awareness to our executives but also we Rotarians felt proud and spoke passionately about what we have been doing for our community.

After the presentation, all executives were given a chance to speak about what they felt about Rotary. Many said that they were thoroughly impressed with the work we have done as volunteers and the time we put in. Some showed interest in becoming part of our activities. Some executives also mentioned they would like to implement high ethical standards and foster such practices in their work places.

We were thrilled with the responses and felt together we can work to make a difference in our society today!

Mohammed Ismail, being a sergeant at arms, made some money for our club as he fined everyone with his personal touch including the executives!

The Power of Networking Nikki Aggarwal 2012-01-18 00:00:00Z 0

Desks Handover at the Kilimani Primary School

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal on Sep 14, 2011


On the 14th of September, RC of Dar es Salaam joined hands with Dar es Salaam Mentally Handicapped Children Support Group (DHCSG) to support Kilimani Primary School in the Kinondoni District.

We met at the Moevenpick Hotel where a bus was provided to us by Rtn. Moustafa Khataw and we headed to the Kilimani Primary School. Subways, chips, announcements and Rtn. Anver’s humor got us through the traffic. We got there with a warm welcome from the children at the Education Center, DHCSG and the headmaster of the School.

Our immediate Past President, Douglas Bramsen and our newest young member, Jai Shah, handed over 40 desks, 2 teacher tables, 2 teacher chairs to the headmaster of the school and to the DHCSG.

This proved to be successful handover and DHCSG showed interest to work on future projects.

Pictures have been uploaded as “DESK HANDOVER” in our photo album.

This event has been blogged at the Mizchuzi Blog Spot:

Desks Handover at the Kilimani Primary School Nikki Aggarwal 2011-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Honorary members for 2010-11 - Congragulations to Rtn Sykes and Rtn Rajani for being made honorary members of our club Sharmila Bhatt 2010-08-09 00:00:00Z 0
Congragulations to Rtn Gautam Ruperelia and Rtn. Mohemmed Jessa who were both granted attendance exemption as of 1st July 2009. Sharmila Bhatt 2009-07-05 00:00:00Z 0
Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Sharmila Bhatt 2009-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
Thought for the month - An optimist is the human personification of spring by Susan J. Bissonette by Sharmila Bhatt 2009-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
June 30th Board Meeting Sharmila Bhatt 2009-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
Johnson's Installation Bhavit Bhatia 0

why pause

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

In essence to raise awareness of the health care conditions in Tanzania, four young mothers are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in March 2014. Waheeda mentioned that "given the maternal and infant mortality rate, women ought to stand up". Along with her collegues she spoke to us about their initiative WHY PAUSE, we canot help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Why pause aims to improve the on-going socio economic struggles Tanzania encounters like clean running water, medicals, etc. 

Wishing the four brave young mothers the very best in their expedition and difference they wish to make in this world! 


why pause Nikki Aggarwal 0

Danza kuduro

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Dancing it up to LIGHT UP ROTARY at Slipway! 

I tell you...the women in our club......!


Danza kuduro Nikki Aggarwal 0

Mark Topley speaks to us about Bridge2Aid

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 29th of Jan 2014, Mark Topley visits our club all the way from Mwanza and enlightened us about his NGO, Bridge2Aid. He spoke to us how he got involved and to the point where he describes the level of pain a human goes through with a dental issue. Most enlightening was the NGO's success stories. 

A beautiful vote of thanks was given by our Rtn Anver Rajpar. Members of our club were thoroughly impressed with the knowledge he imparted with his presentation. 




Mark Topley speaks to us about Bridge2Aid Nikki Aggarwal 0

A Lion and a Rotarian

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

The District Governor of LIONS, Wilson Ndes (also a Rotarian from our club) visits us and exchanges banners! What a Kodak moment ! 


A Lion and a Rotarian Nikki Aggarwal 0

Awesome beginnings

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

The New Year started off with great spirits. Jim - our newest member (and our french model) talked to us about "LIFE IN FRANCE AND THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR ORIGIN". He spoke so passionately about his roots that it left all members wanting to hear more! 


Awesome beginnings Nikki Aggarwal 0

Christmas our way!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

What's Christmas without celebration! Ho Ho Hoooo!!! 

Families, Friends and Members of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam gathered together to celebrate Christmas at the Angiti Restaurant on the 20th of December 2013. With over 50 people, the camaraderie and festive spirits were at the highest. 

and this is what came out of the evening : 

Anver shared with us how many wives he has, we all agreed Johnson is the most well dressed in our club but somehow never brings his wife to any of the socials - wonder why?, Abbas shared with us how many tatooes he has and also recited a poem, MJ prefers Salman Khan over Shahrukh Khan, Jim did us a fashion cat walk, Vinay gave us a recap of the "dance" at his installation evening, Anurag shared a joke and made us all laugh, our most senior rotarian - Mohammed Ismail - made his granddaughters do a moon walk .... 









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Walky Talky

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The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam hand overs a bunch of Radio/Walky Talkies to the Police Force. 


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A token of our friendship with Serena staff

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Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam appreciated the Serena Hotel waiters with a little token of appreciation during their last meeting of the 2013 year for their excellent services! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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A Rotary deal on the Golf Course

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On the 24th of November 2013, the Rotary club of Dar es Salaam hosted a golf tournament at the Gymkhana Club to raise funds in efforts to eradicate Polio from the face of this earth.

Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam mobilized together to raise $15,000 by selling each golf hole in form of advertisement/branding to corporates. Companies came forth willingly to eradicate Polio from this world such as Vending Services, Lake Oil, Coke, Barclays, Aua Industria, Spicenet, Soft Tech, Pheonix Insurance, Alliance Insurance, Maxinsure, Sea Cliff Casino, NSK Oil, Seaforth, Puma Energy, Platform. In addition, all sponsors came at the crack of dawn to set up their allocated golf hole to advertise their brand, free giveaways and coffees/drinks! 

The ray of the sun shining and the smell of coffee made the morning spectacular. Golfers trickled in with their kits, outfits and hats. Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam launched the Golf Tournament with a gunshot start where all golfers teed off on specific golf holes and ended their round at the same time.

Thereafter, a fun filled prize giving ceremony took place at the “19th hole” as they say it – a live band, a scrumptious lunch and cold drinks flowing. There were a number of prizes, to name a few, we awarded the overall winner (ladies, men and junior), overall runner up (ladies and men), closet to the pin and longest drive. We also had a few fun prizes such as best dressed, loudest on the course, a bad hair day, and a “piga mingi” (worst score card) prize – and for loudest on the course prize, it was a no brainer but to give it to our president, Zainul Dossa.

The District Polio Chair and our fundraising director, Rtn Mohammed Jaffer, spoke with inspiration about Rotary Internationals initiative to end Polio now and how we are “this close” to eradicate polio from this world. President Zainul Dossa spoke about the club, its projects and what it means to be a Rotarian and Rtn Nikki concluded with a vote of thanks.                

The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam celebrated after raising a compelling $17,642 to be sent to TRF in essence to eradicate Polio from this world. As Rotarians, not only are we proud of what we have achieved, but with the spirit of Rotary, we are determined to continue making a difference to our community. 












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On a scary scary night

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Families, Friends and members of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam gathered together on the darkest night of the year for Halloween at one of the finest restaurants in Dar es Salaam, Zuane.

We dressed up (at least some of us did and some of us didn’t need too as they look scary enough) to trick and treat and mostly to scare one another. Pumpkins and candles on the table – pizza and wine to fill our stomachs, and of course shared laughs to create the ultimate fellowship! What an evening to remember!

Thank you to our Family of Rotary Director, Mehdi Soltani, for organizing a fun filled scary evening!






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Bring it on 2014/15

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President Elect Johnson Mshana annouces his Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Board of Directors 2014/15. 

President: Johnson Mshana
President Elect: Abbas Khimji
Secretary: Mehdi Soltani
Administrator: Mayur Champsi
Treasurer: Anver Rajpar
Fundraising Director: Mohammed Jaffer
Youth Services Director: Jim Matuba
Community Services Director: Zainul Dossa
Vocational Services Director: Shahid Javed (Azzan)
Membership Director: Nikki Aggarwal
Foundation Director: Vinay Chaudary
Family of Rotary: Sharmila Bhatt
Sergeant at Arms: Mohammed Ismail
Advisors: Hamza Kassongo and Moustafa Khataw 

Looking gooood PE! 


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Fellowship with TRF Cadre!

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DGE Korhan Atilla - a TRF Cadre sent by the RI - visited our club for fellowship and he came to check on our Maji Kwa Maisha Project. Nice bow Sir! Good times! 


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A wonderful contribution

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A contribution of $3,000 for Project Pande - RC of DSM to participate in the purchase, placement and testing of medical instruments in Bagamoyo. Asante Sana Carlos!!!! 


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Badges with style make people smile

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In the light of FOUNDATION MONTH, The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam makes END POLIO NOW badges for the Golf Tournament participants, Rotarians and for YOU! Let's eradicate Polio from the face of this earth together!

Get yours NOW! 


Rotary Foundation Month is the perfect time to spread the word among members in your club about the important work our Foundation is doing.

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DGE welcomes Jim and Bhavit to the Family of Rotary

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On the 11th of December 2013, DGE Harish Bhatt inducted two new members to the family of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam. The induction was ceremonial with many guests, rotarians and toasts! Both sponsors introduced their members and lapel the Rotary pin on them as DGE Harish Bhatt created an inspirational induction! 

The new members: 

Jim Matuba - sponsored by Sharmila Bhatt - studied at the University of Saint Denis in Paris and is a French tutor/teacher and a translator. He is a man of many experiences, a tall shaped man, married and very promising! BIEN VU! Image



Bhavit Bhatia - sponsored by Mayur Champsi  - studied at Kings College in UK and attained a BSc in Business Management with a core focus of finance, economics and organization dynamics. With experiences as Trainees in various companies, he now works as a Trade Finance Officer in the International Banking Department in Exim Bank. An ambassador in London Olympics in 2012, Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, plays Cricket and a rangoli artist! WOW 



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At our meeting on the 23rd Oct 2013, we collectively struck the famous world polio pose "this close" to honor the world polio day! 


Polio was once a disease feared worldwide - suddenly striking and paralysing children for life. With Rotary's initiative and efforts for many years, we are "THIS CLOSE" in eradicating Polio from this world. 

24th is a day where we create awareness to ultimately make this world polio-free. 

Watch the billboard space near IST Upper School (donated by Rtn Vinay) as our club shows its commitment to fight Polio! 



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Official Opening of the Rotary Pediatric Oncology Ward

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Rotary, Bank M and Kalamandalam open "Rotary Pediatric Oncology Ward

Rotary clubs in Dar es salaam which comprises of 6 clubs in Partnership with Bank M and Kalamandalam opened the doors of "Rotary Pediatric Oncology ward " at the Jenga La Watoto at Muhumbili National Hospital.

Rotarians with Bank M every year organize the "Rotary Dar Marathon" and the ward was built from the proceeds of the marathon of year 2011 and 2012 along with support from Rotary International and a Rotary club in Belgium. 

In 2009, childhood cancer survival in Tanzania was only 12%!  Although there was a facility for children with cancer there was severe over-crowding in the wards and it did not have adequate medical facilities for cancer treatment. Some children did not survive the cancer due to cross infections they were exposed to due to over crowding where there were 3-4 kids to a bed. Rotary became aware of the bleak situation, and our instinctive and emotional reaction was…  
“What can we do to help these kids survive " .We were also told that most childhood cancer are curable if detected early enough and properly treated with good medical care  and hence our decision to build a "Rotary Pedriatic Oncology Ward" 

The childhood cancer survival rate in Tanzania has now soared
 to 55%.  A HUGE improvement due excellent care and services given by Doctors and nurses at the ward , but still well below where it could and should be.  In more developed countries, childhood cancer survival rates average around 80% and with the ward built by Rotarians this surely will be the case.

The new oncology ward we have built has approximately 400 sqmts of space with 23 beds and is built with 5 isolation wards where negative air pressure is maintained. The sick kids whose cells have been replaced will be kept in isolation rooms and these rooms have been fitted with special air pressure systems. Also every bed has been provided with piped oxygen and this means no child will have to be at the mercy of decision making on who will receive oxygen in times of need. 


The cost of the ward with furniture and equipment is 1.2 Billion shillings + VAT and we thank all donors in Tanzania for having come forward with your support. We are proud of what we have achieved with the strong support of our community.  Together, we’ve built one of the best pediatric oncology wards in Sub Saharan Africa… something that will save and change lives for generations to come!










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DG welcomes Shahid Javed to the family of Rotary

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During the DG Emmanuel Katongole's club visit on October 17th 2013, we witnessed an admirable and an inspirational induction ceremony for Shahid Javed - who has been sponsored by President Zainul Dossa. The words by the DG created enthusiasm and ownership of being an Rotarian. 

Shahid Javed was born on the 28th of June 1978, married and currently the MD of Maas Computers and Networks Limited. He has known President Zainul Dossa since his time as a member of Lions Club and has shown keen interest in serving above self. 

During this induction, Shahid Javed committed to become a PHF! 

A warm welcome to Shahid Javed to the family of Rotary


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Rotaract Club of Learnit donates to Empower future leaders through education! Nikki Aggarwal 0

Rotary around the world!

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Visiting Rotarian, Miodrag Stefanovic, exchanges banner from the Rotary Club of Belgrade Center from Serbia!



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Welcome Joseph Ndomba!

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Welcome Joseph to the family of Rotary and to the family of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam. 

He has been sponsored by Sharmila Bhatt, and proves to be a keen rotarian! Joseph currently working as the Human Resource Manager of CMC AUTOMOBILES LTD. Before his time with CMC, he was with Nokia Simens Networks Ltd, Aga Khan University and Zenufa Laboratories Limited as an HR Head. Joseph holds a SIX PAGE CV! He is 32 years of age and likes to play football, read magazines and journals, watching tv and listens to music! 


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Welcome Mehdi Soltani

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An admirable induction ceremony for Mehdi Soltani was conducted by President Zainul Dossa on the 17th of July 2013. 

Mehdi is a 33 year old, Iranian, with a BA from Staffordshire University in England. He is a young managing director of the Soltani Group that mainly deals with cargo transportation, in Dar es Salaam. 

Welcome to the family of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam. 



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An evening in Marrakesh

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It was truely an evening in Marrakesh, as we welcomed the incoming board 2013/14 of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam on an Arabian evening theme, on the 7th of June 2013, at the Serena Hotel. 



   above: the leaders of our club 


  above: the handover of chain



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"Where there is no doctor" is the book that Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam donates for the past few years. 
See email received from Ruth Sears from USA. 


Thank you so much for doing this for me. I know it took a lot of your time to take care of this. Please also day "Asante sana" to the Rotary Club for providing these books. It is a great work and our nurses at the orphanages will certainly use them a lot. Again, so many thank yous for what your club did.


Ruth Sears, USA




Charter Night for TWO Interact Clubs!

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On the 4th of May 2013 marked a historical day for the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam. We chartered two interact clubs for the first time. The interact clubs installed were: Interact Club of Shabaan Robert and Interact Club of Good Samaritan.

Rotarians with their team of Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Learnit got together weeks before to form and nurture the Interact Clubs in the two schools.

There were over 60 people ranging from students, teachers, headmasters, friends, Rotaractors and Rotarians that attended the evening at Delhi Darbar Restaurant. The evening started with Grace, Loyal Toast and the Four-way test by our Rotaractors. President Vinay gave an outstanding speech on Rotary in ten minutes from the birth of Rotary to the activities from club levels. Followed by Nikki, Interact Country Officer, on the gist on how Interactors can conquer the world.

The main highlight was when both Interact Presidents were given their chain of office and they spoke about their dreams coming true, ideas planned for the year, and becoming role models for many. All members got their pins and were told to wear them every day proudly. Both headmasters from the schools blessed their interactors with an inspirational talk on doing greatness in the world.

The evening concluded well with AG Sharmila Bhatt giving the vote of thanks to the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam, the team of Rotaractors involved (Hassan Teja, Wendy, and Keval), the schools and their headmasters, and to the new Interactors.

With photographs and delicious rich meal, we gave the last toast to Rotary International!





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Congratulations to the Rotaract Club of Learnit!

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It is with immense pleasure to share that our ROTARACT CLUB OF LEARNIT were recognized and awarded for Outstanding International Service Partnership in 2013 in the 88th District Conference in Mombasa. 

This is a proud achievement for us!! It is their hard work, dedication and outstanding leadership that made them stand out! Congratulations to our Rotaract Club of Learnit! 

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Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam joins Starkey Foundation to conduct free medical hearing aid! Nikki Aggarwal 0

MJ brings Carol Pandak and Dr. Bob Scott for fellowship!

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Carol Pandak is the manager of TRF’s PolioPlus Division and team leader for Strategic Partnerships and Dr. Bob Scott, Chair of the Rotary International PolioPlus Committee visits Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam and gave us a FIRSTHAND insight on how the millions we collect in fundraisers and donate help the less fortunate all over the world.

A great turnout including members from other clubs came to stand united towards eradicating Polio and “this close” in reaching our mission with Carol Pandak and Dr. Bob Scott. 

Big THANK YOU to Mohammed Jaffer for organizing this opportunity for our club! Asante Sana! 




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Interact Club of Good Samaritan in action

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Interact Club of Good Samaritan had their first guest speaker in their meeting on Monday.

Vinnie Payne gave them a motivational boost and talked about the ABCs of Life Skills. 


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Gift of life project - Donor PP Rtn Anwer Rajpar being awarded for his contribution Sharmila Bhatt 0
Water launch at Muhimbili and Umoja wa Taifa school Sharmila Bhatt 0
Club aids 200 amputees with artificial limbs with CCBRT Sharmila Bhatt 0


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Drive + Phone = Death stickers are still visible in every second car in Dar! We surely made an impact with this campaign! But what's even more exciting is this.... 

This Month's (December 2012) in THE ROTARIAN MAGAZINE - under the World Round up section, on page 15, a brief about the campaign has been featured!!!!

Thank you to our one and only Sharmila Bhatt for writing the article, sending it in hope for it being featured 8 months ago, and for making Rotary in Tanzania mark in the Rotary Globe! 


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Visit to the Library

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

On August 18th 2012: Was a one of a kind project, during the entire month of  July, Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam had a book drive in lieu of Rotary literacy month. These books were donated to Paul Luvinga ,a social entrepreneur that we awarded last year. Paul single handedly established a street library at his home, which is open and accessible to all 24 hours a day. He opened doors to all (housewives, children, underprivileged, etc). He has transformed an under developed area to a library, a space that was previously utilized by the neighborhood boys to create chaos with their gangs, smoke and use foul language. Instead his compassion and hard work, has changed the entire area. Here, today these children read books, do homework, and participate in educational conversations. Paul started his library by building three huts for reading, and installed two tube lights to help continue utilizing this librarythroughout the night. Accommodating over 350 students using his own limited financing resources to maintain the facilities, electricity and other administrative costs. His vision, a better future for this neighborhood. Educating the young, his only desire. Therefore, we had wished to support an individual and cause like Paul Luvinga's Library.  It was an excellent experience, we learnt about the history and making of this humble place, got to interact with the kids, and got to individually stack some of the 1800 books that we donated.

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CCBRT handover USD 10,000

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The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam donated $10,000 (US Ten Thousand Dollars) to CCBRT for the Artificial Limbs Project on the 1st of August 2012. There was a tour of the departments/patients affected by the donation, we learnt about the hospital and its future aspirations and enjoy some fellowship over lunch that was prepared by the disabled hospital staff. This is a truly successful and inspiration project.

Above is a newspaper article about the event.

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Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam join forces in Road Safety Campaign

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Press Release

Airtel, Rotary Club Dar es Salaam and Mr. Price join force in Road Safety Campaign

·         Sponsored football competition for boda boda drivers aimed to provide education to road users

·         Donate football kits including jerseys, balls, T-shirt and winner prizes

Dar es Salaam February date, 2013, Airtel Tanzania, Rotary Club of Dar es salaam, Mr. Price and Tanzania National Road Safety had partners with Tanzania police force to carry out football competition dubbed “Mpinga Cup” for Boda boda drivers in Dar es Salaam to reinforce road safety measures awareness education to lessen increasing rate of road accidents in the country

Speaking on behalf of Airtel Public Relations Manager Jackson Mmbando said” we are determined to start our road safety campaign initiative in partnership with police force throughout the year to ensure people abide to road safety regulations

Airtel sponsorship towards this competition aim to protect the health of Tanzanians and Boda boda users. Since Sports is remarkable and entertaining it’s our belief that through this we will easy convey road safety awareness education message to all participants and road users.

We believe after the whole week of massive training Boda boda drives will realize, recon and willful abide to road safety laws added Mmbando

On his part Rotary Representative ……… said we have organized this tournament to spread the message about the great risk that endangers the motorcycle operators. We are confident that given enough education to our youth who are engaged in the motorcycle transportation business will rescue not only drivers but passengers and users of this transport in general.

On his side Mr. Price representative …………… we are grateful join force with other stakeholder in road safety imitative to support the government through Tanzania police force to minimize road accident which is an immense disaster now. We believe this sensitizing will assist in our roads being safe.

National Police traffic Commander  Police Mohamed Mpinga  applauded Airtel, Rotary Dar and Mr. Price  for supporting the government in ensuring the road accident rates  are  reduced by …… percent this year. We continue with our various strategies and plan to eliminate road accident in the country, this competition been just one of the method employ to communicate the message, educate the road users

To date the figures shows motorcycle accident rates …….(statistics) ………. It is highly a big number.  The disaster has brought a lot bigger and a great loss to the community and the nation as a whole, we thank Airtel and Rotary club for seen the need to support this cause and make sure that we minimize the problem added Mpinga”

Mpinga Cup tournament is expected to take off from XX/02/2013 in Oyster bay Police ground involving various bodaboda formally registered groups who will form 8 teams to participate in a week tournament

Road safety initiatives campaigns will continue in series till the final climax of road week safety celebration in October 2013.


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Eid Lunch/ Rotary Dar Marathon Kick Off Meeting

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On August 22nd 2012: we had a festive and colorful, with Eid just passing and the end of Ramadhan, attendance was up again, and all the members were back to enjoy a scrumptious lunch. After some great fellowship the Rotary Marathon Launch and Kick off was done at our club. The club was briefed on the updates: logistics, fundraising and project implementation by the Marathon committee. T-shirts were sold, pledges were signed and collected and sponsorship forms distributed. All in all a successful rotary filed meeting. 

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Congratulations Consolata for winning the Lottery CAR!!!

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The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam had a lottery to raise funds for the CCBRT project and the Gift of Life. The draw date was on the Installation evening on the 15th of June 2012. The prize was a Toyota IST Car! The Lottery was won by Consolata from Sea Cliff Casino! Congrats!
Congratulations Consolata for winning the Lottery CAR!!! Nikki Aggarwal 0


Posted by Nikki Aggarwal



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Intercity / Pets - by President Vinay Choudary

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On 9th and 10th March 2013, Rotary Tanzania organized Intercity and PETS in Arusha hosted by Rotary Clubs of Arusha.

Six members attended the event from our club and the whole event was very informative and Rtn Hamza, Rtn Sharmila and Rtn Johnson presented various sessions in the PETS training. Rtn Sharmila, requesting every club to be a good story teller about the service projects touched the hearts of the participants and appriciated by all. Ever Green Rtn Hamza was at his best, and Johnson continued the tempo in the PR session. Well done Rotarians from RC Dar.

Dist Trainer / DGN Rtn Harish with the co-ordination of the Dist team conducted the PETS lively with fun filled interactive sessions.

It is a wonderfull event participated by our Dist leaders DG Geetha, DGE Emmanuel, DGE Harry along with PDG Hatim, PDG Amir Somji, PDG Tusu, CC Jayesh, VCC Pino, AG's,  DSE etc.,

The Hospitality of the Arusha Rotarians is excellent and we can witness the dedication in preparation and arrangements.

Almost 30+ clubs represented in the event and all of them enjoyed the Inter City / Gala Dinner and PETS. 

--- written by President Vinay Chaudary 

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Welcome 2013 !

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

A new year greeting from our president: Vinay Chaudary 

Dear Rotarians,

Hope your New Year 2013 started with all good things.

We had our Fellowship meeting on 2nd Jan 2013 with a theme of " NEW YEAR RESOLUTION". Though the attendance was bit low, meeting was very lively and we all had good fellowship.

The first part of the Rotary year 2012-13 has been very good for our club with lot of activities and we wish this second half also will be eventful with the co-operation of all our members.

Just for information sake for the few who could not make it to our meeting last Wednesday I herewith submit the summary of the resolutions which few of our members has expressed:


Iqbal Nagri: Try to practice FOUR WAY TEST at his homes !!! :) with emphasis on the first point "IS IT THE TRUTH"

Vinay Choudary: Try to reduce all business /work as much as possible and keep simple activities to reduce self created problems and to enjoy the life.

Nikki Agarwal: Would like to focus on things that make her parents happy :)

Mohamed Jaffer: With a very good introduction about why Einstein became an atheist, he has given a "Very interesting" resolution but unfortunately you have to hear the same in person from him. ( Dear Jaffer, please do it in person only and not by replying by email)

KVA Krishnan: Nothing Special but assure to help everyone with good insurance policy

Sadru Shariff: Would like to practice and remember the full names of the guest's he brings into our fellowship meeting during introduction of the guests  :)

Kaisi Kalambo: Would like to be punctual to our meetings and for the first time in this Rotary year he came to the meeting at 12.45 !!! which is very early by his standards.

Hamza Kasongo: Will try to do more service and would like to sensitize some social issues through his famous media programme " HAMZA HOUR"


 I wish you all the very best and look forward to see you in our next fellowship meeting.

Best regards

Vinaya Choudary

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Ted Talks by Simon Snek

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
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On August 29th 2012,we heard an inspirational TED TALK by Simon Snek

Here are few quotes from his talk to reflect upon:

"I try to find, celebrate and teach leaders how to build platforms that will inspire others. "

Quotes by Simon Sinek

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.”

 “People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.”

 “[Martin Luther King, Jr.] gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech, not the ‘I have a plan’ speech.”

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RI president visits Tanzania

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

We were very fortunate to have RI president Sakuji Tanaka visit Tanzania and our District in the first month of his office. His presence was inspiring and refreshing. Motivating us to commit to his theme Peace through Service, throughout this upcoming year. He empowered the new generations by personally attending and meeting the Rotaractors and Interactors, as our future leaders. He enjoyed fellowship with all the clubs in Dar es Salaam and various parts of Tanzania at the Gala Dinner held on July 27th, 2012, at the Grand Hyatt, as well as graced the signing ceremony between the Rotary clubs and Bank M, this morning, July 28th, 2012 at 9:45am.

Please take a moment to read his address: 
His monthly message for July 2012 is as follows:  

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I am part of the first generation to grow up in Japan after a terrible war. I think it is natural that my countrymen now place a great priority on peace. We saw where militarism brought our country, and we also saw the great economic growth that came when our nation made the choice to embrace peace.

This was the decision that allowed Japan to grow and thrive. It allowed generations of children to grow up in safety, to become educated, to improve their lives. It fundamentally changed the Japanese attitude toward other countries and cultures. It caused us to open our minds, to become more tolerant, to seek greater understanding.

And it allowed us to redirect our energies toward positive goals. In Japan, it is traditional to prioritize the needs of the society over the needs of the individual. This has always been part of our culture. In the weeks and months following the great earthquake and disaster of March 2011, this was what helped us to survive and rebuild.

This is a lesson that I think the whole world can learn from, in a positive way. When we see the needs of others as more important than our own needs – when we focus on a shared goal that is for the good of all – this changes everything. It changes how we relate to the world. It changes our priorities. And it changes how we understand the idea of peace.

In the 2012-13 Rotary year, peace will be our focus and our goal, and I will ask all Rotarians to actively work for Peace Through Service.

A belief in the power of service lies at the very heart of Rotary. By making service our priority, we put the needs of others above our own. We empathize more deeply with the difficulties of other people; we become more generous with our time and resources, and more open to new ways of thinking. Instead of trying to change others, we recognize that everyone and everything has something to teach us.

Through service, we become more tolerant of our differences and more grateful for the people in our lives. Our sense of gratitude drives us to understand others better and to see the good in everyone. Through better understanding, we learn to respect others. With mutual respect, we live with others in peace.

And so I ask you all to put Peace Through Service at the forefront of your Rotary work this year, and to commit to a Rotary goal of a more peaceful world.

Sakuji Tanaka 
President, Rotary International

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I am happy victim of books

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Did you know the person that sat next to you was a die hard romantic, or loved to be sherlock holmes, A pure ideologist, an avid dreamer, or an explorer of the past. 

On July 11th, 2012, we had a special meeting, unlike others this was filled with stories, and insight into each Rotarain. This  meeting helped us get to know each other a bit better.  After some fun fellowship and a delicious meal, Rotarians and guest shared and displayed their favorite books. A book that inspired them, represented them, moved them and refreshes them whenever they picked it up. 

Get a peek into some of your very own: Some Favorites:

1.     Zainul Dossa – “Quran” and “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

2.       Douglas Bramsen –  “The Shack” by William Young and Shakespeare J

3.       Johnson Mshana – “Glory to God” book in Swahili (300+ Poems).

4.       Grant Pierce – “My love must wait” by Ernestine Hill

5.       Anver Rajpar – “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

6.       Felister – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

7.       Mohammed Ismail – The Godfather” and “Kwaheli Ukoloni, Kwaheli Uhuru”

8.       Nikki Aggarwal -  “Two States” by Chetan Bhagat and “The Kiterunner” by Khaled Hosseini

9.  Sabrina Meharali - "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini 

10.    Sharmila Bhatt - "Ishq and musq" by Priya Basil

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In Loving memory of Rtn. Kati Karenge

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
Kati Eva Kerenge: March 27th, 2012 - July 1st, 2012: A loving, charismatic Rotarian, who will always be remembered.

The Rotary Club of DSM, dedicated their meeting on Wednesday July 4th,2012, as a tribute to the loving memory of Rtn. Kati. We reminisced all her wonderful memories in Rotary, and reflected upon the beautiful individual Kati was. Her funeral ceremony was held on July 7th, 2012, which was attended by many Rotarians of the club, we joined hands with her loved ones to say our final goodbyes. Acting president Zainul Dossa, spoke about her inspiring personality and infecting presence in the club, though she had been a member for a short time, her enthusiasm won the hearts of members instantly. He pledged that the next Gift of Life project, where children were sent for heart surgeries, would be in honor of Kati. This was a very heartfelt time for her family and loved ones. The club takes this moment to pray for her departed soul, may it rest in eternal peace, and may her family find the strength and courage in this difficult time.

Attached is the book given at Kati's Funeral, it includes tributes from her family and friends and the eulogy.

For having you in our lives, 
we've all been blessed. 
But now the time has arrived, 
for you to rest.

We promise to cherish, 
our memories of you. 
You shall live in our minds, 
and all that we do.

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Rtn. Kati Funeral Details

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
A tentative funeral program for our dear Kati's funeral is now out as below. 

General Church Programme


12pm – 2pm    :   Last respects @  St. Columbus PCEA Church, Ocean Road


2pm   - 345pm:    Service


4pm               :   Burial at Kinondoni Cemetry


Funeral Service


2pm                 :    Opening Prayer


205pm             :   Hymns by the Choir / Congregation


215pm             :   Reading of Psalm

                           Reading of Psalm

                           Reading of a Passage


230pm            :   One Hymn by the Choir / Congregation


240pm            :    Sermon by the Pastor


250pm            :    Eulogy by Professor Apollonia


305pm            :    Barclays

310pm            :    Rortary Club

315pm            :    Tanga Cement

320pm            :    ESAMI

325pm            :    ALI Fellows

330pm            :    IABC

340pm            :    Yes Tanzania


345pm            :   Closing Prayer and  Final Hymn


4pm                :   Depart for Kinondoni Cemetry.


440pm           :   Final Prayer and Burial

Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. 
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond 

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Kati Kerenge's Induction

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 16th of May 2012, we inducted Kati Kerenge to our club, who plays a huge part in bringing our average age of the club down and playing a significant role in gender balances! Kati brought her mother and best friend to witness her embarkment into Rotary!

Kati’s CV can be viewed under “club documents”




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Anurag Dureha being inducted in our club Nikki Aggarwal 0

Thank you President Sharmila!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Thank you President Sharmila for serving us and the RC of DSM!
Your leadership lead the club to greater heights!
Asante sana!


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Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions - Amer Haji Nikki Aggarwal 0

Congrats to the 100%s!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Congratulations to Rotarians with 100% attendance records:

1. President Sharmila Bhatt
2. Incoming President Vinay Chaudary
3. Rtn. Anver Rajpar
4. Rtn. Zainul Dossa
5. Rtn. Nikki Aggarwal

Honorable mentions to our new members who maintain 100% records:

1. Rtn Mohammed Jaffer
2. Rtn Felister

Enjoy the Chocolates! =)
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Emily Dubie shares her experience in Dar

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Emily Dubie is an ambassdorial Scholar hosted by our club. She has a couple weeks left in Dar.
Here she shares her experience in Dar with us...

Emily Dubie:

As I am getting ready to leave mid-May, I wanted to convey my deep gratitude to the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam for being very gracious hosts during this academic year. This Wednesday will be my last Club visit, before heading north to Arusha for a quick safari before leaving the second week of May.

My time in Dar es Salaam has been very rewarding. I have had the privilege of visiting all six Rotary Clubs in the city, as well as three Rotaract Clubs, as an ambassador of goodwill and international exchange. I also had the opportunity to share at several schools and English classes about Rotary and my home District.

During my academic studies at the University of Dar es Salaam, I had the opportunity to interact with students from throughout Tanzania and East Africa, discussing questions of development and international relations.  I have also been able to familiarize myself with the city, its beaches, and neighborhoods, both by daladala and bajaj.  

Opportunities to volunteer have been particularly meaningful for me.   Since December, I have spent four hours a week in Manzese at Mother Teresa's home for orphans and abandoned disabled and elderly people. It has been a great way to practice Swahili and form friendships with vulnerable people.  Additionally, I volunteered at the Rotaract Blood Drive in the fall and the Rotary Oysterbay Medical Camp in Bagamoyo in March.

Thank you again for your warm welcome and excellent Tanzanian hospitality.  I look forward to sharing about my experience with my home Rotary District in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec.

with sincere gratitude,

Emily Dubie

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Sharmila Blog Post: Day 3 at the 87th District Conference in Nairobi

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
Day 3

Started with our Sabrina speaking abt new generation and she made us so so proud - her presentation was thought provoking and solution based, showed such a good understanding about Rotaractors. She was given a standing ovation by a crowd of over 1000. We lost her for the day as she had so many people wanting to get to know her.

Size of ur future depends on the size of challenge said Rtn Peter Kimbowa. Accounts for the district was then presented follwed by DGN nominations for 9211( Kenya, Ethopia, Erithria, Southern Sudan ) and 9212 ( Tanzania and Uganda).

9211 Harish Bhatt was elected as DG for 2014-15 and Bimal Kantaria for 9212. Tanzanian Rotarians accompanied Harish with a celebration song, flags and to the sounds of Vuezella. The DGN's then gave thier acceptance speech. Then conference was closed at 3pm.

The DGs Banquet was at the Tsavo ball and was pretty badly organised.
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Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions - Vinay Chaudary Nikki Aggarwal 0
Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions - Shaukat Moloo Nikki Aggarwal 0
Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions Nikki Aggarwal 0

Sharmila's Blog Post: Day 2 of 87th District Conference in Nairobi

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Day 2
Started with DGE Geeta Manek making her presentation - she had rebranded the Tsavo Ballroom with the new theme logo - "Peace thru service" by oncoming RI President Sakuji Tanaka.

Currently as a district we have 3900 members in 163 clubs and our population as a district is 240M people - what exactly are we  doing in terms of numbers of Rtns ?. DGE Geeta's goal is to increase it to 5,000 members in total and with 40 percent increase in women membership + raise 500,000USD towards the foundation. DGE Geeta presented 1000 's of copies of the  four way tests to her country chairs to be distributed to all government offices, police stations and all offices in the country .

Did u know that today ten rotarians were honored at the white house for being change champions.

Anne Mathews aid to RIP  asked all incoming presidents not have maintenance goals but to have signature projects and be ambitious during the year.

She asked the incoming presidents four questions -
1. What would u like to accomplish at the end of your year ?
2. How will u leave a lasting impression in the community abt what u do as a club?
3. How  did ur community know what ur club did ?
4. Get a signature project for ur club - think abt ur legacy ?

Afternoon there were many breakout sessions on running clubs , PR and many rtns went for a long siesta ....

Evening was an african evening at the safari park hotel with exotic meats -nyamo choma served in style and the famous CATS performance for 50 mins was breathtaking. And to top it all we won the award - an area which has the  most emphasis and was given as the final award of the evening  ie  " PR award for the district " this is awarded to the club bringing the most visibility of Rotary in Tanzania out of the 160 clubs.

I simple am grateful to all of you for the  wholehearted work you have done this year  and for placing our club  where the DG and the awards panel felt we did our district proud.


Sharmila Bhatt
Rotary Club Of Dar es Salaam

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Sharmila's Blog Post: Day 1 of 87th District Conference in Nairobi

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Day 1 - 87th Rotary District conference

The day started with a 30 minute city Rotary walk at 8.15am with a band leading us - all Rtns were wearing a branded rotary masai  shawl.  We then entered the Tsavo Ballroom at KICC for the conference where the flags of all 6 countries were presented.

DG Kimani and RI Director Awori welcomed all Rotarians which perhaps counts to 1200 in attendance and 80 of us from Tanzania. Our club is represented by Sabrina, Araf , Zain, Vinay and me. Sabrina will be the youngest speaker at this conference.

RI president's representative Dr Anne Mathews spoke to us about what Service above self means.  She talked abt her reflections where she has seen Rotarians at work around the world. She   said - Water cannot be created so conserve it with all your might.  She also said - A world where there is hunger will have no  peace, where there is ill health there will never be  peace and where there is illteracy there will never be in peace. So if we work on this area we shall bring peace to our Earth.

What I loved most is this years soviener magazine is online keeping with our club motto - to be green and using paper only when really really required - saving the environment.

Evening was home hosting - every Nairobi Rtn was asked to host a visiting Rotarian and so we ended our day with a sumptous dinner at DG kimanis house.

Sharmila Bhatt
Rotary Club Of Dar es Salaam

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Foundation Stone Laying by the RI President

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal


It was in our destiny to have the RI President Kalyan Banerjee to lay the first stone for the foundation of the Cancer ward at the Muhimbili National Hospital. In his presence, we also invited 60 sponsors to lay out their stones, along with their families and team!


A few wow essentials that the press release forgot to add: 


The team got a chance to wear the red-chex scottish waist coats and created a fashion statement!

Juices and cold water was supplied to keep cool under the sun!


Children from the cancer ward sang us a couple of songs!


Bank M gave out biographies of Steve Jobs to Tanzanite and Platinum sponsors!


We had CSI Constuction workers in their overalls, helmets and tools that added glamor in laying the bricks!  

Have a look at just ONE of our press releases (Guardian, 13.12.11)


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Grant's Declaration Photo - say cheese! Nikki Aggarwal 0

The Tim Burns Press Release!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal



There was a very successful press release on Monday the 10th of October 2011 at the Sumaria Group offices. We had over 40 journalists to cover the aim of “PARENTING WITH THE BRAIN IN MIND” with the organizers. 


President Sharmila Bhatt initiated the press announcing that on the 22nd  of October, 2011 Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam and Sumaria Group are hosting a vocational services event at Moevenpick Hotel by bringing TIM BURNS to Dar es Salaam.  She also illustrated that this is the first time Sumaria Group and Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam have joined hands to support education in the communities and hopes that this relationship will last throughout the Rotary years. She expressed that both organizations share a common goal of elevating the quality of life in the communities we live in.


Our Vocational Service Director, Abbas Khimji described the details and logistics of the event. He indicated this event will have two identical sessions at the Moevenpick Hotel – a morning session from 8:30am to 12:00pm and 2:30pm to 5:00pm. The seminar is called “Parenting with the brain in mind” in which Tim Burns will provide tips to help children succeed in learning and in life. This seminar does not only cater towards students, but also teachers and parents. Schools have been identified and invited from across Dar es Salaam.


Our vocational service committee member, Jai Shah, described Tim Burns as a renowned motivational speaker whose intent upon inspiring the art and science of effective teaching, while underscoring the need for personal well being and balance.

We also had a representative Mr. Akshay Shah from the Sumaria Group who defined Sumaria and their corporate objectives. With such a huge value driven corporate organization, Sumaria also has social responsibilities. Akshay said that Sumaria is proud to play a strong role with Rotary in uplifting the standard of living in the education sector.


PR officers, Rotarians Antonina Kongoro and Johnson Mshana, helped in providing the coverage of the event.


Please see pictures in “PRESS COVERAGE TIM BURNS” album.


Look out for us in the papers!  

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Shark or a Whale?

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Jai Shah, one of our newest and young member of our club, spoke to us about his life "under the sea" which derives from his passion of diving! He shared many pictures that he personally took of creatures that lived deep down under. It's surely a different world.

One of the pictures he took is the above. Is this a whale or a shark? please send me your answers at or  -- feel free to say it's a shark (even though you THINK it's not) - i will win my bet and will surely go halfers with you!

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Traveling for a new heart - powered by the Gift of Life !

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal





At 2.00pm on the 30th of November, 2011, we headed to the airport to wish 4 children, 3 parents, and a nurse the very best of luck as they headed off to Israel for their children’s heart surgeries- powered by the Gift of Life.


This would not have been possible without Rtns from our own club: Anver Rajpar, Kaisi Kalambo, Moustafa Khataw, Shamo Amin Said, and Zainul Dossa, the country officer of GOL.

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Highlights of the Club Assembly

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Highlights of the Club Assembly

Held on the 11th of January 2012, at the Serena Hotel


We discussed:


1.       The calendar for the next two months – put on your seat beats as we start the new year in a big bang! Watch the website calendar for updates!


2.       Voted on the Askari Monument to light up landmark for Rotary’s 106th Anniversary


3.       New Project: New Hope Family Street Children in Kigamboni  


4.       To identify 5 students with innovative ideas that addresses the social implications – to showcase in March!


5.       Campaign: “No Fone While Driving” – plan of action!


More info and details can be found in the club assembly minutes under club documents.

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Social Entrepreneurs: The Extra Mile

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Eight Social Entrepreneurs were recognized at the Joint Meeting with RC of Dar es Salaam Oysterbay on the 20
th of September 2011 at the Double Tree Hotel.

The meeting initiated with a video from called “Reconnecting with Compassion” by Krista. This video set the mood for the morning as the Krista defined Compassion through several moving stories.

Rotarians from both clubs recognized and admired the courage, strength and individuality of eight local social entrepreneurs that demonstrated innovative solutions to the society’s most pressing problems. Stories become moving when one goes through hardships yet emotional times are put to aside and courage stands out. 

The following eight social entrepreneurs were awarded and these are their stories in brief:  

1. Dr. Vindhya Pathirana who inspired victory and raised the courage of many women by addressing one of the most discarded issues in today’s society and that’s fistula. She landed in Tanzania with the intention to complete her year of Internship and then head home to Sri Lanka. Not knowing what was in store for her, she was offered a job in Berega Missionary Hospital in Morogoro, only to find out she was the only doctor in a village of 65,000 people. There she learnt that the bulk of her patients suffered from Fistula. She went back to Muhimbili to complete her MD and in her free time, she would go to CCBRT to treat patients with Fistula, and this was her life, she worked 365 days a year around the clock as she savors the moments when women go back home cured.

2. Mark Masemwa comes from a poor family background, but came to Dar es Salaam in hope that the city would shed some light on him. He went through various labor jobs and finally he settled to become a nail technician as it paid him well. With his extra time and money, he forms and coaches football clubs of youngsters (including girls) around the area where he lived, putting these children out of trouble, bad company and habits. Today these street children play against teams from International School of Tanganyika and other private schools, and some are trying out for the national team.

3.Paul Luvinga single handedly established a street library at his home, open 24 hours. He opened doors to everyone – housewives, children, the poor, etc. The area in which the library is situated used to be an open space where boys from the neighborhood would sit in bands smoking and using foul language. Today, one can witness a different scenario where children are quietly reading books or doing their homework. Paul has three reading huts with comfortable benches and tube lights for reading at night. He started off with six students and today he has over 350 students/people using his facility at no cost.

4.BK Tanna dedicated most of his life in giving to the community he lived in. He has spread his mark over every social enterprising sector in the nation. In Rotary he served as a President (from 1979-1980), chartered many new clubs and had been of the leads to help with Kukoba Disaster. He contributed in bettering the education services to the point where the highest award in IB is named after him: BK TANNA Award. He serviced the health care sector through actively being involved in CCBRT (a disabilities hospital), he served as a National Polio Plus coordinator for many years whilst WHO declared Tanzania Polio Free in 2004 and many more. BK Tanna has made multiple significant achievements in serving all sectors and continues to serve above self.

5. Mary Notmanstarted an orphanage in Kerege (16KM before Bagamoyo) called Kidzcare Tanzania. Sheraisedher own funds to buy an 8 acre plot and built an infrastructure to host the orphanage and a primary school. Mary also has a similar project in Mbeya, where she has dedicated her team to open preschools. Today, walking into these orphanages and schools, one is greeted and hugged by happy children in a clean and healthy environment.

6. Tamara Jo is an 11 old fifth grader at the International School of Tanganyika. In April 2009, Tamara participated in the Walk for Water Charity event. The following week, she participated in the Breast Cancer Charity Walk. After crossing the finish line, she asked her parents “what’s next?” Her parents agreed to sponsor her 1000 shillings for every kilometer she walked and all proceeds go to a charity of her choice. Tamara admired the creations of the welders of Wonder Welders and was astounded that the welders could create such animals yet none of them had actually seen the animals in real life. She decided this was the project to support and walked every weekend and reached out to Rotary for sponsorship. Tamara ensured 7 handicapped welders went on a 2 day safari to Mikumi with all transport and food paid for.

7. FaridaKhakoois the national chairperson of Diana Women Empowerment Organization where she supports the underprivileged orphans, the elderly, the homeless, widows and people living with HIV AIDS. Her organization was founded in 1998 with 17 members through elbowing her way through all hardships. Today the NGO stands with 34 members with branches and operations running in various regions of the country.

8. Dr. KaushikRamaiya is a consultant physician and chief executive officer at the Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital and Hon lecturer at the department of medicine of MuhimbiliUniversty of health and allied sciences. Dr. Kaushik specialized his education in diabetes & endocrinology. Despite serving on the several national boards and at international level, Dr. Kaushik remains dedicated to his services in the social sector. It is through Dr. KaushikDiabetes services have been established at each of the regional hospitals and all referral hospitals in Tanzania. Specialized clinics for children with type 1 diabetes have also been established at all the referral hospitals. Currently there are more than 600 children under age of 22 yrs receiving free insulin and blood glucose monitoring devices all over the country.

Rotarians were left on the edge of their seats after the moving stories that were shared about the social entrepreneurs. We applauded, congratulated the social entrepreneurs and thanked them for being an inspiration and wished them continued success.



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First Meeting of the year: Prudence speaks to us about Northern Lights!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Our first meeting of the year, 3rd of January, was held at the Olivette Restaurant in the Serena Hotel.


Everyone that traveled were still in the holiday mood especially Nikki!  


We had our newest member, Prudence Kanabar, speak to us about her trip in such short notice.


Prudence went to the Finland for two weeks! She shared with us pictures and facts of the Northern lights - colors and sizes, celebrations of white Christmas, her daughter playing in the snow, and places where she ate and stayed!


It was nice to hear about a travel destination out of the ordinary!

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Highlights of the Club Assembly

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal


Highlights of the Club Assembly 

held on the 16th of November 2011, Moevenpick, 12.30pm


-- We talked about “Million Smiles a day” campaign and how every Rotarian should make someone in their daily routine smile!


-- Actions plans underway for “No Phone while driving” campaign.


-- GOL - Sending children (with their mothers) for heart treatment


-- Rtn. Israel talked about one of the most important events and that’s the RI President visiting on the 8th and 9th of December  (RI President Dinner on the 8th, Ground Breaking Ceremony on the 9th)


-- We talked about having the declaration of Rotarians in business and professions printed/laminated to put up in every rotarians office


-- we resolved, authorized and approved the accounting manual, audited accounts by Tanna SreeKumar and Club President Sharmila Bhatt to sign the MOU provided by the Rotary Foundation (TRF) - all to qualify for Future Vision.


-- we congratulated our 100% attendee's and our PHF's (Antonina, Zain, Nikki, Sharmila, Jai) 


-- most importantly, we inducted Shaukat Moloo to the family! Karibu sana!


Board meeting minutes and Shaukat Moloo's CV can be found in Club Documents for your perusal. 





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Ho Ho Ho!!!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal


It didn’t take us long to celebrate Christmas in our club! Mid December, 14th, we had a Christmas feast and treats in our lunch meeting provided by Serena Hotel and we played games!


The main game was Christmas cerades – where we divided the room into two teams! Charades is a game that you have to draw out a phrase without speaking, while other members of your team try to guess the phrase. The objective is to guess the phrase as quickly as possible.


The best was when our president Sharmila Bhatt tried to draw out Kalyan Banerjee and no one could guess it!


The winning team got a bag of candies to share!


What a way to enjoy fellowship!  


Ho Ho Ho!!!

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a meeting of healthy tips and celebration of diwali

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Living life well means enjoying good health. Juma explains this to us on the 26th of October 2011 at our club meeting that healthy aging means taking control of your health, taking charge of your personal development and being happy. He gave us personal life changing examples of how the power of yoga and GNLD products helps him stay young and fit.

Sharmila Bhatt knows Juma for more than 25 years and affirms that Juma hasn’t changed a single bit from the younger days.  

This day, we also celebrated Diwali where a diya (small candle) was lit on every table and mithai (Indian sweets) were shared by President Sharmila. She also wore a colorful saree (traditional Indian clothes) that made the meeting just as vibrant! Some of us demanded a fashion show!

Sir Andy Chande also graced his presence in today’s Diwali meeting despite his medical conditions and asked when CC Harish Bhatt will become a member of our club!

Mohammed Ismail and Hamza Kassongo asked questions regarding reverse aging!

Mustafa Khataw brought in many raffle prizes and donations for the good news of his daughter Zahida being engaged to Sadik Rashid.

All in all, a meeting that exemplified a new healthy beginning and the festival of lights!


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a grade ten student "touches lives"

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam members were enlightened by a presentation from a grade ten IST student, Ankit Bhatt.


Ankit came to the meeting with his partner, Marion Moore (CEO of Fadika – a microfinance company).  He started off by showing us a video of a disabled gentleman who tango danced with no leg! Not only did we want to dance with the music, but we were inspired and fascinated.  


They called their project “Touching lives” which is focused on changing perception “Living with a disability need not be the end. You can choose whether or not to let it stop you.” We were left captivated with that catchphrase.


Fadika is providing free tricycles to 15 disabled people in Dar es Salaam, whereas Ankit is project managing the project. Their aim is to skill the disabled people with life and business skills to be gainfully employed as opposed to having to beg or depend on others for their livelihood. Doesnt that sound a handful for a 15 year old? Not for Ankit!  


Ankit managed to get a few fans from our club not only with his good looks but also through his presentation. Our members were willing to support him by employing the disabled people to their companies at minimum wage!


It is truly enlightening to see how 15 year olds are making a significant difference with their social innovations to the society, and amazing to have the our members (senior and young) for their support in order for differences to take place.


A feather on your cap, Ankit!

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A certificate is not just a certificate ...

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

SMS Received from Mark Masemwa after being recognized as a Social Entrepreneur:

“I have no word than Thank you. I never knew that there is such a special eye with strong light to penetrety to this darkness and see me. You saw me and reward me, this means a lot to me as I have no other certificate than this. I mean even my own birth certificate, I feel a new born. I thank you all.”


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Induction of JAI SHAH by the DG

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
story thumbnail


Jai Shah is 30 years of age, studied Computer Science with management in Kings College, University of London. Jai has nearly 10 years of experience in the management field, business development, and analyzing market trends. He is currently the operations director of Sita Steel Rollings Limited where his roll is to liase with suppliers for importing raw materials and steel products, overlooks all supervisors, increases outputs and performance of machinery, and organizes production to ensure effecient supply and maximum productivity. All in all, his classification being manufacturing. 

Jai also likes to travel, scuba dive, swim, golf and likes to read. He speaks fluent english, Kiswahili, Gujurati and Hindi.   

Jai has shown keen interest being part of Rotary and to serve above self. His work collegue being Vikash Shah (Rotarian at the Oyserbay Club). Jai has also donated 1M towards the Marathon under Sita Steel Rollings.

His CV has been uploaded under Club Documents.


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The Awards

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
story thumbnail


Congratulations to the following Rotarians that were awarded by the DG:

100 percent attendance in 2010-2011: Douglas Bramsen, Zainul Dossa, Nikki Aggarwal and Hamza Kassango

Top PR Rotary coverage for the year 2010 – 2011: Rtn Johnson Mshana

Top Project Coordinator : Rtn Zainul Dossa

Treasurer of years: Rtn Anverali Rajpar

Events Supporter: Rtn Antoninah Kongoro

Great Administrator for the year 2010-2011: Rtn Sabrina Mehrali

Presidency Appreciation 2010 – 2011: Rtn. Douglas Bramsen

Highest fund raiser of the club from 2009 to now: Rtn Anver Rajpar

Highest individual giver in the club: Rtn Vinay Choudary

Most promising upcoming New Rotarian: Rtn Nikki Aggarwal

Oldest and active Rotarian of the club: Rtn Hamza Kassongo

Most Cherished Rotarian in the club: Late Manubhai Devani


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An ambassadorial scholar serves above self in Tanzania

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 3rd of August 2011, we initiated the meeting first to respect the Rotarians that were fasting for Ramadhan. Many Rotarians had come back from summer vacations (one being our president) and they shared stories of their trips. We also observed Sharmila had gone shopping as she wore a beautiful chez shirt, slim fit trousers and some hot heeled shoes and Zain with his new ipad case!

Our key note speaker, Laura Kelley, an Ambassadorial Scholar from the RC of Leewood of the United States of America (hosted by the RC of Dar es Salaam Oysterbay) spoke to us about her activities she has engaged in in Dar es Salaam. She spoke to us about the service project with the RC of Oysterbay Club she has been involved with, her studies in the Dar – a research fellowship in the Muhumbili Hospital and her stay and impression of Tanzania.

It was a pleasure to see such a young upcoming scholar from the States taking the time to serve above self in Tanzania.

At the end, some Rotarians left early due to the Ramadhan, and the few of us that were left, joint tables and chairs and enjoyed a close cozy meal together.

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2 clubs, 2 women presidents and one room - a joint fellowship with Bahari

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 11th of August 2011, we had a joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Bahari. The joint meeting amplified a healthy fellowship between the two clubs and inspired all of us, as a team, to go above and beyond our project target for the Rotary Marathon.


With two dynamic women presidents – the meeting proved to be a mighty attractive one! We had to increase the number of seats that was originally planned. We had committee members of the Rotary Dar Marathon, Rotarians from other clubs, and friends of Rotarians that were simply interested and intrigue in our new cause for this year’s marathon.  


We had Dr. Trish and Peter talk to us about the needs of the children with Cancer at the Muhumbili Hospital. Their presentation touched the hearts of many and Rotarians willingly pledged to raise more for the cause. The presentation illustrated pictures of success stories and failed stories; it also illustrated the current situation of the Cancer ward. Peter illustrated (despite having trouble using the computer touch pad) how we, as Rotarians, can help the story and situation to a brighter future.


Many of us have seen these presentation a zillion times, but every time we hear it, it never fails to touch us to a deeper level and goosebumps just follow automatically.


Overall, the meeting was full of life – we had Rotarians walking around selling tickets for raffles, some taking pictures, some picking up pledge slips, some enjoying second helpings of deserts, and many just enjoying fellowship with one another.

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Commenorative Stamps available in Tanzania

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

In 2005, Tanzania issued stamps to honor Rotary's Centenary. One of the stamps as attached herewith shows the District 9200 map. This will be one of the last official documents depicting District 9200 as it exists now before it is split in two—and is sure to be a collectors item. The stamp is still available at a cost of USD 1 per stamp (50% of which will go to Water Projects in Tanzania). The stamp is still valid for postage purpose in Tanzania.

Please contact our country chair, HARISH BHATT, directly if you are interested in purchasing the stamp.

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The grass roots of Global Health in the view of Astha Ramaiya

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 27th of July 2011, we had a young intelligent lady, Astha Ramaiya attend our lunch meeting to talk to us about her ventures in Global Health. With a MSC in Public health from London, she found it only beneficial if she came back to her roots to implement her expertise in her home town, Tanzania. Astha took the opportunity to share her experience in working in her current place Ifikara Health Institute in the area of reproductive health and HIV. She shared her utmost experiences in reproductive health, gender empowerment, and infectious diseases to the grass roots levels. The amount of efforts and work proceeded by such a dynamic go getter AsthaRamaiya was very impressive.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate our PDG Hatim Karimjee’s birthday and shared some delicious black forest cake and sang (in tune) birthday songs but no one dared sang the “How old are you now” part.

In this meeting, we also learned that Rtn. Sadru Sharrif (our most senior member) has now a blackberry. J  

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Maji Kwa Maisha at Kibamba Primary and Secondary Schools

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

We spent the morning of the 20th of July 2011 driving to our first project visit and to witness the launch of water (proceeds from Maji kwa Maisha) being supplied to schools in Kibamba. The drive was about 45 minutes away from the city center but this went by fast with good music in the car.

We got there to our surprise with a huge study body, teachers, parents and neighboring villagers to observe the inauguration of the water in which most have not experienced.  The district commissioner Rughimbhana and our PDG Anu Shah were the Guest of Honors to officiate the ceremony. The launch commenced with speeches by various officials such as the headmasters of the schools, Wateraid representatives, our guest of honors, Bank M representatives and our projects director Rtn. Zainul Dossa who did not only implement and managed the project but also spoke impeccably in Swahili and explained to the audience the A to Z of the project. The event had some very impressive entertainment from the students from the primary and secondary schools of Kibamba – there were dances, songs and skits. My favourite was a song sang by primary students with customized lyrics dedicated to Rotary and Water.

On the satisfying note, it was heart warming to witness two schools having water with a Dawesco line for hand washing, sanitation in toilets and pure TBS Standard drinking water to serve a total student body of 2800.

The event ended with a small picnic of samosas, sodas and raw mangoes purchased from the vendors on the side of the Road and a car race back to the city against Zainul Dossa’s Q7 Audi.

(Please note pictures of this launch have been uploaded under Water Project Kibamba under Photo Albums).

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Pot Luck din din

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Members of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam love food. We had no hesitation to have our first pot luck dinner on the 13th of July 2011 at Nikki Aggarwal’s residence. All Rotarians brought in exotic dishes to share. There were biryanis, greek salads, biscuit puddings, pizza, paan, a full bar and many more. Rotarians from the Oysterbay club, Mzizima club, Bahari Club and Mikocheni club that did not take the opportunity to miss out on this fellowship.

We initiated the evening meeting with the grace, loyal toast and the four way test. Immediately followed by a game of Tumbola (organized by Vikash Shah) where participants tried to bribe Rtn Nikki to pick out the “right number”. Two players won the full houses and shared the cash prices!

The highlight of the evening was the induction of AbbasKhimji that was preceded by our Country Chair, Harish Bhatt (who had just flown in from Joburg and joined us directly from the airport). Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam welcomed Abbas to the family of Rotary and took this opportunity as a reason to celebrate with great fellowship!

The night went on with a quiz “How well do you know Rotary” in which all tables were tried to use their blackberries to look for the answers.

To some the night was still young. Some music was provided by Ankit Bhatt, where the younger rotarians stayed back to enjoy a party night on a weekday.

All in all – with great fellowship, camaraderie with spouses and families, exotic foods, music, and games – the night proved to be a memorable one.

(Please note that pictures of this evening have been uploaded under the Pot Luck Photo Album and Abbas Khimji’s CV has been uploaded under Club Documents).

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Club Assembly 06.07.2011

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

On the 6th of July, 2011, Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam had their first club assembly for the new rotary year 2011/12. We had the opportunity to discuss club programs, action plans, goals and what was flourished in the board meeting that was held at Sharmila Bhatt’s residence on the 5th of July 2011.

The President gave the opportunity to each officer to discuss their field and to lay out the club’s goals. Subsequently, members supported and gave positive feedback to each officer to raise the bar for the club.

The minutes of the Club Assembly have been uploaded under “Club Documents” for your reference. 

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Sharmila's day one in the RI conference, New Orleans

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt

Greetings ! Sharmila Bhatt would like to share with you her blog of her first day at the RI conference at New Orleans

22 May 2011.

Due to Jet lag i am up early it is 1am. We reach the conference centre called the Ernest N Morial convention centre for the 102nd Annual convention of Rotary International which is about a 20 min walk from our hotel but we do not want to loose any calories so we cab it. This place is ginormous is currently hosting two conventions and a Jewellery exhibition :-).

We walk to the door of the registration area which is about 20 minutes from the entrance door ( see why we saved our energy) and wait in line for registration which started at 8am. Met PDG Kaushik Manek with DGE Geeta Manek and their son Shamik. When the doors opened the registration area looked quite at a distance in the big hall (American style everything is HUGE) and I see 28 counters and the registration is quick and the extra events entry tickets info is stored on the chip of our badge ( so no paper). Nice simple cotton bags instead of the ugly black fake leather ones we get at all the conferences.

We then head towards the house of friendship. So many shops selling Rotary gear but was not geared to shop as yet. We will need a whole day to visit all the stalls and see projects and rotary action group booths.

The day starts with the interfaith service and Rotary choir. Readings From Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity are read and explained very well by most readers. The choir plays some well known Rotary peace songs and the whole event was for an hour which indeed brought a sense of unity and peace to me.

We then headed to eat in long ques and the chips felt like soap ( maybe a bit spoilt ). We had to quickly eat and rush to be at the auditorium where almost all seats were gone and still filling up and the numbers are 18,000 Rtns. The auditorium has flat seating unlike the stadium seating we experienced at the Montreal conference but has huge screens to follow the event.

The event started casually the American way with King N trio a group of four Rtns from Colorado singing country songs(they have released 4 Cds and raised over $160,000 towards rotary foundation for the past ten years).

This was followed by the convention chair Ronald D Burton welcoming us and flags of 200 countries in attendance being presented (hearing some country names for the first time ashamed of my geography).

The RI president was then introduced by Michael Martin Murphey a famous cowboy singer and poet (his music reflects his commitment to issues involving ranchers and management of natural resources - his hit song is called wildfire) and then President Ray Klinginsmith gave his welcoming address.

This was followed by a song performance by over 200 rotary youth exchange students was very refreshing.

We then had a breathtaking performance for abt 20 mins by Ronnie Kole septet - (a jazz pianist who is inducted into the New Orleans Musical legends park and has a life size bronze statue in the French quarter). He sang life is tough but it is tougher if one is stupid. When he played Amazing grace he was given a standing ovation which perhaps to him who has played to the Pope and a live audience of 180,000 people may have been by the by (but artists love an audience so may not be by the by).

This was followed by country music by Lacy J Dalton . She sang her signature song the 16th avenue (never heard it before) which we were told is the country music’s top 100 songs of all times. She wrote a special song for Rotary in the lines of the 4 way test which was so cool. She had a huge presence.

The entertainment and the opening indeed befitted the theme - which says " Let the good times roll .... again". ( The again was added to the theme after cancelling the RI conference due to Katrina 2007) .


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Installation eve for the new board 2011-12

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt

Press release for the newspapers on the installation eve 

Rotary club of Dar es Salaam  raised  TZS 20M towards polio Eradication – a Rotary worldwide campaign which is so close towards eradicating polio from the face of this world.

The funds were raised over the weekend at Moevenpick Hotel during a dinner to usher the new board of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam in for the year 2011-12. The funds were raised from the auction of paintings done by four famous local artists namely Masood Kibwana, Thabiti Mchisa, Robino Ntila and Ludovick Kaija.

Speaking during the event, the incoming President of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Sharmila Bhatt said “ We decided to fund the polio campaign to eradicate polio from the face of this world as we are this close according to statistics from wiping out this disease” . As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk. The stakes are that high she said. She said her club will continue supporting such campaigns which targets at enhancing community welfare.

On his side, the outgoing president of the club Douglas Bramsen said Rotary club of Dar es Salaam has been actively participating in several community based projects and he cited the plant for the planet campaign which managed to plant over 30,000 trees as well as the ongoing water project under the banner of “Maji Kwa Maisha” which aims at providing drinking water to 13 schools in Kinondoni and Illala districts.

The event was well attended with over 160 people and the theme was Kitsce and th dress code Jeans and Jacket

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The magic of Christmas

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
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On December 15th, 2010, we had an intimate and joyful christmas party with our Rotary Family. The christmas colours and spirit reflected all throughout the Movenpick Room. With shades of green and red, laughter, ginger bread cookies and gifts to enjoy and all the Rotarians filled the room with the holiday's spirit. We enjoyed a wonderful red and green lunch and desserts, then exchanged gifts for each person that attended the meeting. With many secret santas and fancy wrapping we exchanged presents and celebrated through a true christmas tradition. Each individual had to describe the person who would recieve their present while the rest of the Rotarians had to guess; this was a great way to help the rotarians share a good laugh, learn a few secrets and bond with each other. It truly was a great Rotary family event that spread the magic of christmas. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad to all the Rotarians.

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Sharmila's day two in the RI conference, New Orleans

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal

Sharing my 2nd day blog

23 May 2011

The plenary session started with the Langley Ukulele Ensemble from Langley, British Columbia, Canada performing. The played an instrument called Ukelele (looked like a mandolin) and what i liked is how the girls can play the instrument with both the right and the left hand ie reversing the instrument effortlessly.

RI President Ray Klinginsmith then called the session to order and introduced the board of directors with their spouses. This was followed by a mention of a silent auction of a painting by Ed Futa the RI secretary.

I loved the chat show format they had on Katrina revisited - they had Penny Legate a Emmy award winning journalist and a Rotarian from a Mississippi club narrate their experience on how Rotarians helped and how it made a difference. Penny shared her stories though she knows Rtns are not the first line of help when disasters strike and she regaled her stories and simple things Rtns did to make a difference. I liked the word she used per capita philanthropy which Rtns qualify to add to our personal values we bring.

The Mayor then addressed the audience to thank us all and what we meant to New Orleans and how this 4 day conference will bring a whopping 22M dollars to the economy.

The conference being in New Orleans means more music compared to speakers and Irvin Mayfield who is Jazz trumpeter and his band played next. All in all the morning felt like a MONDAY.  

After lunch the first workshop I attended was "Branding Rotary for the 21st century" and they had an expert on Marketing talk abt the ten commandments of Marketing and how Rotary fits. Very well and subtly presented where I inferred from the ten commandments that indeed Rotary is a brand but needs firm branding and a theme which stays consistent ( for eg Volvo stands for safety) and Rotary stands for service and so does Red cross but what makes us unique. I inferred also that changing themes by RI presidents may also need rethinking or in line with the principle branding theme and he even made us question the   word "IT" in the four way test. Who is "IT" in the four way test - and should the world be replaced by the word "YOU".

The 2nd workshop i attended was embracing generational differences by  Michael Mcqueen. Michael is a 29 year old Australian speaker, social researcher and business owner. The presentation was on why and how Generation "Y" think and behave and what we need to do in order to attract this generation to Rotary. Did u know that there are only 2 percent of Rtns below the age of 30 years of the 1.2 M Rotarians and 11 percent below 40 years currently.

Generation Y (is the age grp of 12 to 30) and to reach to them he emphasized on focusing on outcomes not process. He mentioned the Gong, the Grace, the meeting is a process and not an outcome - if we are rigid on processes we will drive them out faster than we can imagine. He had so many excellent points to understand generation Y and will attach a separate summary of his presentation. In summary - Gen Y he says have a confident exterior but they are searching for meaning, mentoring, belonging and they are searching for family so they would be good Rotarians if we can reach them. This presenter is a must watch - google him and see if he is there.

Monday finally turned out better than i could ask for.

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Life is better Secured

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
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On wednesday Dec 1st, 2010 we had a great lunch meeting followed by fellowship. Our guest speaker of the day was Ryan Lynch the Country Manager for MicroEnsure Tanzania. He explained the impact of Insurance for the poor being an important tool in the alleviation of poverty. Without access to appropriate low-cost insurance products, the poor are without a safety net. And a single setback can cost them what little savings or capital they have. In Tanzania alone, MicroEnsure has served 75,000 lives and hope to continue through paternship with local and religious group for the betterment of the community as a whole. He explained how MicroEnsure has currently partnered with the Anglican Church to provide a Disease based coverage to an entire family for a very low cost. MicroEnsure not only insure against medical, but also extends into crop insurance, funeral, political and other daily life risks. All in all Ryan Lynch was a refreshing view towards emphasizing the benefits of Insurance not only for the ones that can afford the premium but even for the poor. Life is better secured.
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In honor of Late Rotarian Manu Devani

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

The Indian High Commisioner of Tanzania honored Late Rotarian Manu Devani on all his exemplary achievements. Out of the many accomplishments mentioned Late Rotarian Manu Devani was also praised for being an active member and previous president of Rotary. In view of Mr. Devani's lasting contributions in the field of Commerce and Industry in Tanzania, the High Commissioner of India has proposed a Gold Medal be awarded to students who have excelled in the commerce.

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Lighting a nation, one village at a time!

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
At our January 5th meeting at the Movenpick Hotel, our guest speaker was Naeem Mawji, a young but very accomplished individual that has initiated change in the lighting in Tanzania. For years, village have waited desperately for electricity to reach Masurura, in northeastern Tanzania. According to his vision he saw electricity as a catalyst to transform Tanzania's economy. With 80 per cent of the country's workforce employed in agriculture, he knew that spreading electricity to rural areas would make a significant difference in the lives of the workers. Masurura is a case in point. Access to electricity would also allow businesses in Masurura to stay open longer, connect people to the Internet, and facilitate entrepreneurship. In August 2009, Mawji travelled to Masurura to install solar panels in three key areas: the community centre, the medical dispensary, and a classroom at Masurura Elementary School. All three locations in Masurura where the solar panels are installed are outfitted to charge mobile phones. Before electricity, most villagers relied on women to travel 20 kilometres to a nearby town, charge a car battery, and bring it back to Masurura to use as cell phone charger. Today, fees collected from the cell phone charging stations are reinvested to maintain the systems. Seeing the improvement in village life prompted Mawji to found a social enterprise called Carbon X Energy. Recently, the company won $100 000 in seed money from World Bank's Lighting Rural Tanzania Competition. The grant is currently being used in a pilot project to connect 50 homes in Masurura to a solar-powered mini-grid. Carbon X his company has taken its projects to six more villages in the region and hope to continue their work in effort to transform the economy of the core of the country. We all were very inspired by Naeem and his passion to make a difference. All in all we had an excellent lunch meeting.
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Making Africa a Better Place to do business

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

On December 8th, 2010 we enjoyed an excellent lunch, with the great fortune of having an incredibly inspiring and accomplished speaker. The ICF CEO Omari Issa and his team addressed the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam on the topic of The Investment Climate Facilities for Africa. Omari Issa, who was former COO of Celtel International, Director for 14 years at IFC and worked with the world bank for six years before becoming the first CEO of ICF. He explain how ICF works to remove the barriers that exist to doing business in Africam recognising that a healthy investment climate is vital for the continents wider economic growth through public and private partnerships. They focus on the notion of the public and private sector working in collabration to enable Africa to realise its investment potential. ICF's project strategy includes tackling a particular issue or problem on a pilot basis in a country where conditions are optimal for improvements and then implementing the same improved model in the others. Their strategies surrond the following themes: Intra African trade, facilitation of business development and expansion and facilitation of financial and investment enviroment. ICF currently has many projects throughout the African countries, including two projects in Tanzania itself. It was truly an honor to hear from the very accomplished and motivated team. All in all the meeting was very informative and a great success.

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600 children given the gift of hearing

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Starkey and Rotary club of Dsm has organised a camp where 600 children of Dar es Salaam will receive hearing aids at the Buguruni School for deaf and dumb. Many of us Rtns witnessed the first day of the camp in person and it was indeed a very touching moment for us. Yesterday 300 children were fitted with the hearing aids and today we will have 300 more kids receiving the aids. A bus was organised by Rtn. Khataw and we had subways and brownies on the bus. Our tour guide tried her ipod but we had to instead listen to its drone. We were welcomed by Lucy Carter who is well known to us and is the key organiser of this camp. Our partnership banner was displayed very prominently at the entrance and we were given a tour of the camp. We witnesed many kids receiving the hearing aids and it was amazing to hear them speak for the first time. I witnessed a kid saying her name for the first time minutes after receiving her hearing aid - and her name was Prisca and she was close to saying Priiiiiii ca. God bless the Starkey foundation and the Buguruni school for the good work.
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Late Rtn Elvis Musiba

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
It is with deep regret I write this about Elvis Musiba who passed away on 31st Oct 2010.  after a short illness. Past Rtn Elvis was a high profile businessman and worked in government departments & Parastatals for 8 years from 1972 as an accountant before joining professional bodies as an Auditor. Started business since 1986 and was immediate past president of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. He sat on many boards of various organisations. He was one of the most celebrated Kiswahili
novelists; he has produced seven bestselling novels the most popular being the book''Why the Cancun WTO Meeting Failed'''. We in Rotary will miss him. May his soul rest in Eternal peace.
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Rotary Dar Marathon 2010

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Rotary Dar Marathon 2010 was held on Oct14th at the Police officers mess and this year our cause was "Maji kwa Maisha" ( Water for life). The funds raised from this event will go towards providing running water to 25 schools in Dar-es-Salaam with WaterAid as our implementation partners. The event was in two parts. Half a Marathon of 21.1Kms and a walk of 9ms. Both starting and ending at the Police officers mess. This event was a joint event conducted by the six clubs in Dar es Salaam and our goal was to raise 100M tshs.
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Jamari Papu Youngest walker at 5 yrs to complete 9Km walk Sharmila Bhatt 0

Impact of HIV at the workplace

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

On 6th October, 2010 we had a great meeting followed by fellowship. Our guest speaker for this meeting was a very enthusiastic speaker Susanne Erhardt from ABCT. Susanne explained the scope of work of the AIDS Business Coalition Tanzania (ABCT), the impact of HIV to the world of work and the importance of a workplace program as a response to this threat.  Her team invited all the rotarians to support the planned East African CEO HIV- testing day, which will be held east africa wide at 11th of November. CEOs of all 5 East African Community countries are invited to show that they take the lead in the response to HIV and AIDS at the workplace and know their status.
This will be an event which should be owned by the business community, therefore she emphasized how she really appreciated the opportunity to introduce it to the Rotary Club and looks forwards to the club support.


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Two new member inducted

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
Rotary club of Dar Es Salaamm welcomes 2 new very committed and excited members who were inducted on Wednesday September 29th at our club meeting. The new members are Thomas Cook United States Senior Defense Official/ Defense Attache-Tanzania and John Nutt United States Senior Defense Official. Both the new members work at the US Embassy in Dar Es Salaam. We welcome you to our family of Rotary.
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Empowering the children of Lake Nyasa

Posted by Sabrina Meharali

On Wednesday September 8th, 2010 we had a great lunch meeting and fellowship. Our clubs guest was Janette Forsyth, Director of Chipekizi Trust Tanzania (CTT). Janette informed us about the conjoined project of Rotary of Mzizima and Rotary of Chizel Hurst in the United Kingdom to support CTT. The projects objective is to reduce the number of malnourished kids around Lake Nyasa. The role of CTT is to educate and train the younger men to ensure they have better life skills which in turn will help with the quality of life. On behalf of the Rotary club of Mzizima Janette is seeking for all the Dar es Salaam clubs to cluster to support the project for Rotary International approval.

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Companion in Service

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
On Thursday 5th of August 2010, the Rotaract Club of Learnit proved to have an exemplary meeting. They initiated the meeting with Grace, Toast and the Four way test. Rotaractors discussed their visit to the Dogo Dogo Orphange Center that brought harmony through a framework of friendship and service. In the light of all this, Learnit Rotaractors have decided to host a clothes drive to honor children's needs in the Dogo Dogo Orphange Center. The Rotaractors also had the pleasure to hear Nisheet Devani, the first president of a Rotaract Club in Tanzania in 1979 that was chartered in his following year in1980 enlighten them about his experience as a Rotaractor from the grassroots level. He emphasized his definition of the Rotaract movement that is fellowship through service. He also stated that being a Rotaract is part of growing up, accepting appraisals and criticisms, catering for the needs of the less fortunate, meeting and knowing people and most of all recognizing ones own potential which makes us true partners in service. Nisheet concluded with an inspiring note saying, "Being a Rotaract is being a true companion in service."
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District Governor Visits the Rotary Club of DSM

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
At the Wednesday August 11, 2010 we experienced a roller coaster of exciting events. We had an extremely special guest visit and praise our club. The District Governor Stephen Mwanje, honored us by attending our lunch meeting and shared his perspective on the club, its achievements and major areas for improvements.  We all enjoyed an extra special lunch provided by Movenpick in order to honor the DGs visit to our club followed by fellowship. We also had the opportunity to award honorary membership to two of our oldest and most valuable Rotarians for their hard work and commitment to our Club. Rotarian Ally K. Skyes who has dedicated almost 60 years of his life to Rotary and Rotarian Jayanti Rajani giving to the club since the 1970s were both recognized as the honorary member of the Rotary Club of DSM. The District Governor inspired  us by his fascinating accomplishments and reminded us to appreciate the hard work the past leaders had put into establishing this club and encouraged us to THINK BIG when envisioning the future of the Club. He complimented our club by addressing that its goals not only meet the District Goals but were over and above. The District Governor recognized Hamza Kisongo with a Citation for Public Relations in Tanzania for his PR efforts to keep the club advertised and in the public eye. Vinay Choudary for his continuous generosity, Doug for his presidency and members of the Board for their hard work. All in all the District Governor was really impressed with Rotary Club of DSM, its vision, membership, history and all the hard work and commitment of the members. Congratulations and a job well done to all the members of Rotary Club of DSM.
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From the eyes of a Soldier

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
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On Wednesday 4th of August, 2010 we had a pleasant lunch followed by fellowship. We had the Rotaract Club of LearnIT president, Kishen and the secretary, Bahati introduce themselves to the club and request to donations of garments to the clothes drive they are hosting for the Dogo Dogo Orphange. We also had the pleasure to witness Rotarian Vinay Choudary get honored with a "District Governers Citation" for his generous contribution and support to the Rotary Foundation given by Country Chair Harish Bhatt. We also got the opportunity to hear Tyler Mathews, a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar speak about his experiences and upcoming year. He is a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army and recently graduated from the West Point Academy. Tyler was an inspiring speaker who enlightened us on the competitive scholarship he received from Rotary International. He helped us reflect the service and true commitment to peace through the eyes of a soldier. All in all, we had a great meeting and looking forward to the DG's visit.
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Community Service at its Best

Posted by Sabrina Meharali
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The Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Dar Es Salaam had a great lunch today, Wednesday, July 28, 2010 followed by fellowship. We were glad to have our President back in full swing from his holiday. We were happy to celebrate a birthday of our very special Nikki Aggarwal who turned 26 today with the cutting a chocolate cake. The guest speaker at the meeting Zahru Nathu was an inspiring young lady who shared with us her accomplishments while representing Community service at its best. Her presentation included the Aga Khan Hospital and its vision for the future of Tanzania, their strategic plans and successes to date. She shared her experience of being in this country from Canada and the adjustments of life as well as all the great experiences and memories she will  taking back with her. Overall we had great attendance and a very pleasant meeting. 

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Posted by Sabrina Meharali
On Wednesday 21st July 2010, We had a nice lunch followed by fellowship later Rotarian Sabrina, Nikki and Sharmila had organized an upbeat activity for the members present. We all played Rotary Jeopardy which was categorized with Rorary 101, Rotary International, Sports (tributing to the world cup) and famous people (how well we know our rotarians). We all shared a great laugh, danced and had our competitive spirits awakened. Though it was a close win the YOUNG PPL Team including Rotarian Dossa, Rotarian Choudary, Rotarian Skyes, Rotarian Kolombo, Rotarian Iqbal took home the grand prize.

Douglas Bramsen's Installation

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
On the 23rd of June, 2010, we had our installation of the new president DOUGLAS BRAMSEN and an introduction of the new board. The office chain was presented by President Sujata Jaffer to the Incoming President Douglas Bramsen. At this point, President Douglas Bramsen announced his commitment to the club and thanked the members of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam for supporting him in his new embarkment. He introduced every member on the board remarkably and explained the roles and responsibility of all officers. President Douglas also outlined the projects he will continue to support. Lastly, he ended with great drive and inspiration by congratulating the past president and board for setting an outstanding example. The Rotary club of Dar es Salaam Board of 2010/2011 is as follows: President – Doug Bramsen, Vice President – Vinay Choudary President Elect – Sharmila Bhatt Secretary – Araf Sykes, Treasurer –Zainul Dossa, Administration Director –Sabrina Meharali Director projects – Kobby Andah, Director foundation – K.V.A Krishnan, Youth services Director – Nikki Aggarwal Fund Raising – Susan Andah Director Membership – Anwer Rajpar Sergeant at arms and family in charge – Sadru Shariff Director Grants – Gideon Kuanda PR Director – Moustafa Khataw
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Feed the children project visit

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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On 2nd June 2010, Seventeen Rotarians embarked on the journey at 12.15 pm sharp in a bus from Movenpick Hotel's car park to visit our "Feed the Children Programme" at the two schools, Amani and Buza. Both the schools are next to each other and located in Temeke District on the Tandika-Buza Road. On the way to the schools, we had delicious sandwiches from Subway and Samosas while enjoying fellowship with each other. At the Schools we were met by the Director of the "Feed the Children Programme", Mr. David Smith, Project Coordinator Mr Mathew, the Chairman of the School, the Principal and teachers who greeted us very warmly and gave us the tour of the two schools which are located in a predominantly poor area. Our Club had provided US $ 3,000 to "Feed the Children Programme" and our visit to the two schools was to see first hand, the impact of the utilisation of funds on the community, particularly the children. Funds provided by our Club were used for the following purposes: • Rehabilitation of bore well and water pump • Two Kitchens at both the schools The total number of students at both these schools are approximately 6000 who have benefited from this programme. Indeed it was very touching to experience first hand the benefit to the Children and truly satisfying to note that through this donation we could make a difference in these children's lives by providing them with clean drinking water and food with good nutritional value. I would like to say "Asante Sana" to Rtn Moustafa Khataw for providing us with a brand new minibus and Rtn Sharmila for arranging subway sandwiches and all the Rotarians who attended the project visit by taking time off from their busy schedule. our journey ended at 2.30 p. at Movenpick car park. By Sujata Jaffer
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Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
1. Is it ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE? I.e., maintains the natural balance of plants, animals and people. 2. Is it ENVIRONMENTALLY sound? I.e., actions that help keep the world around us in good condition. 3. Will it be ECONOMICALLY efficient? I. e., that ensures the outputs justify the input. 4. Will it promote PEACE? I. e., that ensures there is no conflict arising out of the action.

Rotaract club of Learnit Chartered!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
On the 10th of June 2010 evening at the New Africa Hotel pool side, the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam chartered the Rotaract club of Learnit. The evening proved to be a great success in binding the Rotaract club in partners in service and inviting them to be part of our rotary family. Rotaracts started the program with fellowship– grace, loyal toast and the four way test. The evening entailed a motivational speech by BK Tanna expressing the base of future growth of Rotaract as clubs. Rotarian BK Tanna formally chartered the club with presenting a certificate and a collar to the president of the Rotaract Club of Learnit. The certifications of the badges to all members of the Rotaract club of Learnit were presented by the committee – Rtn Hanif Jaffer, Rtn. Kobby Anadah, Rtn. Sharmila Bhatt. The climax of the evening was a speech made by the president of the Rotaract Club of Learnit, Kishen promising his commitment as a club and his determination to give back to the community by channeling the energies of young adults into positive activities. He also thanked the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam for all the support and giving them the opportunity to embrace this stepping stone. Rotaract club of Learnit and the Rotary club of Dar es Salaam concluded with their immediate success by celebrating with food, drinks and laughter.
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Sabado's donation of TSH 25 M!

Posted by Nikki Aggarwal
On evening of the 10th June 2010 when Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam chartered the Rotaract club of Learnit in the New Africa Hotel, the chief guest, Mr. Mustafa Jaffer Sabodo was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of his philanthropy by Rotarian Anver Rajpar. In appreciation of the works and efforts done by Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam, Mr. Sabado has generously donated TSH 25 MILLION. This is highly respected and appreciated by the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam.
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A short diary about the 2010 Rotary International conference

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Dear Rotarians, I would like to share with you a short diary about the 2010 RI Convention held in Montreal, Québec, Canada from the 19th to 23rd of June 2010. More than 18,000 Rotarians from 154 countries, representing over 5,000 clubs attended the convention and from our District (9200) we had 200 Ugandans, 50 Kenyans and 3 Tanzanian Rotarians attending. It was an amazing 4 day celebration to bring to climax the Rotary year we have had. 19th June - We started by attending an Inter Faith Invocation where a Rotarian choir with some amazing soprano singers performed and all religions were represented in prayers. The opening ceremony was held at the Bell Canada Arena (seating capacity about 15,000) and was held in two sessions because of the numbers. We were in the 2nd session i.e. the session at 6.30pm (it was a repeat so the performances were well rehearsed). The session started with RI President John Kenny and his wife June presenting the highlights of the Rotary Year 2009-10. This was followed by a presentation of country flags of all delegate countries present at the conference representatives by Boy Scouts. The newest country where Rotary movement has recently opened its door is "Palestine" and it was amazing to learn that this was achieved by Rotarians from Jordan and Israel. This was followed by a performance of song and dance from Turkey and a fascinating performance of the band Celtic Thunder (pronounced Keltic). Five young, handsome boys performed for about an hour and belted song after song and dance which kept us mesmerized. 20th June - We were welcomed by RI President John Kenny and all past RI Presidents were invited on to the stage with spouses ( this was a touching movement as these amazing Presidents have dedicated their lives to keep this movement going and at the same time motivating 1.2m Rotarians to follow suite). We then had an amazing set of speakers - Pastor Rocky from Tuloy foundation, Philippines who spoke about his street children project, a Cyprian Rotary Peace scholar who spoke about issues between Cyprus and Turkey and how one can change conflict by rewriting history and the discussion was something new for me. This was followed by Greg Mortenson the brilliant author of "Three cups of Tea" a must read book if you have not read it. For those of you who have not read the book Mortenson is a climber and on his mission to climb K2 he fails in his mission and instead finds a new mission â€" "Educating Youth". His presentation demonstrated his amazing work in Afghanistan& Pakistan and highlighted how educating a girl child can change a paradigm. Mortenson is special to us Tanzanians as he grew up in Tanzania and his father was the founder of KCMC Hospital in Moshi and his mother started the International school of Moshi. Afternoons there were many breakout sessions and I attended the Reach out to Africa session (see for more details) 22nd June - Started with good speakers like Jo Luck President of the Hiefer International and Queen Noor of Jordan who spoke about peace for the 21st Century ( both were women speakers and powerful in what they do around the world). Afternoon attended breakout sessions on the new RI strategy. Evening DGE Steven Mwanje had hosted a cocktail for district 9200 Rotarians and partners. It was very well attended. 23rd June - Started with a presentation from a polio survivor who is now the Ontario Lieutenant Governor on how to see "ability in disability" (and here I saw many Rotarians cry). This was followed by CEO of Boy scouts Bob Mazzucca sharing how Rotary and Boy Scouts partnership has helped youth to turn to good leaders. Then it was the turn of the amazing Dolly Parton - what an entrance and an aura, a 64 year old woman in a 30 year old body. She opened her presentation by a song and then spoke about her Dollywood Foundation â€"which distributes books to children aged 1 to 5 and helps them read. I had an opinion about her looks and plastic surgery but after hearing what she has done and her fresh perspective on seeing life through service and humour - I am in awe of her just like the thousands of Rotarians who attended her presentation. She closed by singing a song and giving an interview and she was asked five questions - one I remember starkly was she was asked her take on the doctorate degree she was awarded last year - her reply was "At last I have a real double D ( Doctor Dolly )" Afternoon attended a session on leadership development.
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A tribute to Late Rtn. Manubhai Devani

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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It is with much regret we heard about Manubhai Devani passing away peacefully on 10th June 2010 in Mumbai. We Rotarians pray for his soul to rest in Eternal peace. Manubahi was born on the 9th July 1927, Manilal Mathuradas Devani has been active in both commercial and public life of Tanzania for half a century. His primary education was at Alidina Visram High School, Mombasa, Kenya moving to St. Peters' High School, Panchgani, India for his secondary schooling. He passed London Matriculation in 1947 at Norwood College, London. Studied Economics, Commerce and Banking at the School of Commerce, Little Tichfield Street, London. He married Sushila Morjaria on 21st February 1952 resulting in two sons. He now also has three grandchildren. The following paragraphs cover sequentially his business life, his government and public appointments and finally his community services. tached is some info of Manubhai
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Dar Rotary clubs raises funds for Mtoto wa Afrika

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Five Rotary clubs in Dsm came together to raise funds for children in Africa by means of a spectacular fashion show. We thank our club members Rtn. Nikki and Johnson for taking part in the organisation of the event and making it a great success.
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Tree planting to mark the World Enviroment Day

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
Rotary Clubs in Dsm took part in the World Environment day and to mark this day we planted 1300 trees at the Mtajuka School in Tegeta. The event was organised by the Rotary club of Dar North with Twiga Cement.
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Fund raising and Rotaract Club Induction

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
On 10th June 2010 we will be holding a fundraising dinner and the Rotaract club Induction. Tickets can be obtained from Rtn Anwer/ Rtn Antonniah.
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Membership and Fund Raising award

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
At this years District Conference in Addis our club got an award for Membership and fund raising for the foundation. We were the 2nd highest in terms of raising funds by per capita ( ie money raised vs number of members) . Thanks again to our dedicated member Vinay for generously contributing towards this.
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500 trees planted at Lugalo Golf club

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On 10th April 2010 members of our club took part enthusiastically in the tree planting event held at the Lugalo Golf club. The event was officiated by the Director of Education and sports Colonel Msungu and his team and we donated 500 fruit trees to be planted all over the golf course. We all had an apportunity to plant our own trees. So far this year we have planted 2200 trees.
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Planted 1200 Trees Again at Kibaha

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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15 Rotarians and 120 students and officials of Kibaha joined in tree planting and our campaign for planting for the planet. 1200 fruit trees were planted in Kibaha at the Folk college.Watch our for the next planting at the Lugalo Golf Club
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March - Rotary Literacy Month

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March is designated in Rotary as Literacy Month. We felicitated a professor from the University of Dar es Salaam Dr. Edward Bagendshwa. He went completely blind at the age of 9 and despite his challenges went on to get a Doctrate degree from the University of Manchester. Our newest Member Sinit Nzeru recited a poem and reminded us that many of us are where we are today due to support and mentorship by a able teacher during some point of our lives. We would like to pay our respects to all our teachers who have touched our lives in one way or another.
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5 New Members Inducted

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We welcome our new members to our club who joined us on the 18th March 2010. Our new membera are Arif Mohemmed - Vice President and Head of Private Banking Bank M, Sinit Nzeru - African Practice, D. Kendall RePass - Country representative American red cross for Hiv/Aids, Sabrina Merali - Glochem Director of Finance and Marketing and Viveka Holmsgren - Adviser from the Swedish embassy. All members attended thhe fireside chat to understand Rotary and thier Roles.
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Derek Cran Trophy

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At the Intercity conference held on 27th Feb 2009 in Arusha our joint project by the 6 clubs in Dar es Salaam "Plant for the Planet" won the Derek Cran Trophy. They were 9 project submissions by various clubs in the country and our joint project was selected for the award. The projects was judged by 3 independent Non Rotarians. The trophy has been instituted by our country chair Faye Cran in the memory of her late husband. Congratulations! Let us keep the planting going
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Tree planting at Kibaha

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Rotary clubs in Dsm raised 90M Tshs in September 2009 by conducting a charity walk and joining the UNEP campaign plant for the planet and the money raised by the charity walk was solely for planting trees in Tanzania. The walk for the planet event was a combined effort of all six Rotary Clubs of Dar es Salaam in association with Bank M who was the main sponsor for the event. The first of the tree planting took place at Kibaha secondary girls school in aid of afforestation at the Bertel Melin Forest. About 500 saplings of Trichiniag trees mainly for timber was planted by 140 Rotarians from all over the world which included a group of 70 Rotarians represented by Past President DK Lee and Rotarians from Korea, Japan , US and Canada on a holiday who donated a day of their holiday to assist with the tree planting. The trees will be maintained by the girls studying at the Kibaha secondary school. The total number of trees planted will be 35,000 trees this year. See our very own Rtn Gideon planting trees
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Fellowship Club Meeting

Posted by Alison Sutherland
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Our meeting on Wednesday 20th January was very much a family affair and welcomed fellow rotarians from the Rotary Club of Oyster Bay and Rotary Club Dar North.  The picture shows President Bill Bali presenting the banner of the Rotary Club Dar North to Vice President Kobi Andah.

Alison Sutherland, Secretary of the Club, then gave a brief update of her recent working visit to Rajahmundry, India.

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4 New members Inducted

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Rotary club of Dsm welcomes 4 new members who were inducted yesterday at our club meeting. The members are Susan Andah - Tax management Consultant at PKF, Johnson Mshana - Communications Director at Bank M, Antoninah Kongoro - Customer Service Manager at Equestra Ltd and Amer Haji - Managing Director at Hasanco Ltd. We welcome you to our family of Rotary.
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Astronomical Speaker

Posted by Alison Sutherland
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The Club meeting held on Wednesday 13th January 2010 welcomed Dr. Noorali Jiwaji, Professor of Physics at the Open University of Tanzania.  Dr. Jiwaji whetted the appetites of Rotarians with his brief talk and magnificent slide presentation. 

Unfortunately, time was short due to the induction of new members, so it was unanimously agreed that Dr. Jiwaji should be invited back to complete his excellent presentation.  It was agreed that it would make a very good joint club event and even better if held in the evening in order for members to actually view the galaxy for themselves.

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Wishing you all a prosperous 2010

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
Wishing all Rotarians, Rotaractors and friends of Rotarians a prosperous 2010. Shall we take a moment together as a club and look back at 2009 and celebrate our contribution to the community and towards building fellowship in our club and perhaps reflect and see if we did what we are here for ? To the community we presented a fully equipped mobile vehicle for testing hearing through the Hark Project. At the Induction night of President Sujata the club raised 16M tshs towards local projects and from these funds we currently run local projects like the Tukolene Youth project and feed the children porridge programme in a primary school. We donated an ambulance to the ocean road hospital and run five matching grant projects and help the community via the Haraka project, provide school uniform and stationery to school children through the Moravian church project, distributed a few hundred books from our stock called Mahali Pasipo Na Daktari, and helped with surgeries for disabled children with CCBRT. We will be soon starting the Nuru project in running a hospice for aids patients.
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Movenpick Staff appreciation

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Our club on 16th of this month appreciated the staff of Movenpick by handing over a token sum of money for the excellent service accorded to us during our lunch meetings. We would also like to thank the management of Movenpick for giving us a variety and sumptous meals every wednesday.
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Christmas Pot luck dinner at Karins

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
Karin and Grant welcomed all of us with fairy lights and christmas decorations and lots of food and drinks. Kids had a great time playing on Grants Video games. Indeed it was the first of the christmas dinners for me and we enjoyed the eve.
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Mahali Pasipo na Daktari Distribution in Morogoro

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Thanks to Burchard Rwamtogo and Rtn. Tanna who assisted in distribution of the book "Where there is no doctor". The distribution was made in the 1st week of Dec'09 mostly to women at Kigugu village, Mvomero District in Morogoro region. The residents of this village are living in poverty to the extent that the majority are unable to access medical services as they can not raise enough money to pay for the services. We Rotarians sincerely hope the book will assist them.
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Christmas Pot luck dinner at Karin House

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
On 8th Dec 2009 at 7pm we will be having a christmas dinner at Karin Gliesners house. She has kindly agreed to host us and provide for us all the drinks and some food for the evening. Please come with your family to enjoy this eve,
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Rotarians in Dsm start - Rotary walking club

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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The Dar Rotary walk '09 a walk for the environment had 700 walkers united for a cause and a few Rotarians wanted to walk often together and not wait for another year. Rtn Hamza Kassango came up with the idea of "Rotary walking club" which will walk once a month and the cause this time "our own hearts". The first of such a walk was held on Nov 1st from the Oysterbay shopping centre to Sea cliff and back approximately 9kms. Rtns from various clubs in Dsm walked at 7am and finished the walk at 9am. We will be walking again on December 6th from Oysterbay shopping complex at 5pm ( the change in time was preffered by most Rtns)

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"I Know All About Men"

Posted by Alison Sutherland

On llth November the Guest Speaker was Yvonne Kroonenberg from Holland.  Yvonne is a much acclaimed writer and her most recent book deals with the subject of men.  A rather daunting prospect in view of the fact that there were only five women in the room with the rest men.  She got many laughs and nods of agreement from the ladies.  One comment being "often a woman asks a man what he is thinking.  In fact they don's think!  Unlike a woman who has thoughts running around her head all of the time.  She said it was a fallacy that the only thing on a man's mind was sex.  It could be true, but only after he has completed whatever else he had set himself to do."

The ladies are looking forward to a return visit from Yvonne to Dar es Salaam when they hope to lunch with her and learn more.

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An evening with the Rotaractors

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On 29th eve our club invited the Rotaractor club of Learnit which will soon be chartered to a social at the New Africa Hotel. The social was well attended and the Rotaractors had an opportunity to meet with the Rotarians of our club. Our meeting started with  President Sujata explaining the meaning of the four way test. The highlight of the social was the speech made by the charter president Yahya Kibodya who is currently doing his final year degree. Rtn Kobby had made arrangements for the hotel to serve us a long list of finger foods. We all played a game of chinese whispers and wrapped the evening with some motivational advice from the renowned speaker Azim Jamal.
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Dar Rotary walk '09

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Dar es salaam, Sep 30, 2009: More than 500 Rotarians, friends and wellwishers participated in our first Dar Rotary Walk '09 on Sunday the 27th September 2009. The walk was flagged off as early as 7am and retired president Ali Hassan Mwinyi (picture: holding Rotary flag) was our guest of honour. He walked the 8 kms at great pace. DGE Steve Mwanje travelled all the way from Uganda to walk with us on the day.

Dar Rotary walk '09 was envisaged at a joint board meeting by the 6 Rotary clubs of Dar es salaam with our current District Governor Tadesse Alemu from Ethiopia in attendance about three months ago. The challenge was to do an activity jointly as 6 clubs and raise funds for a common cause. At that meeting it was unanimously decided to select the environment as our cause as throughout the world currently there is an awareness of our environment and the impact of the global climate change.

We joined the UNEP "Plant for the Planet billion tree" campaign which was an idea by the Nobel peace prize laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai which links people, trees and the environment and is also a way of giving public expression to the challenges of climate change, forest and ecosystem degradation.

Our goal for this campaign was to plant approximately 100,000 trees in Tanzania and to this end we are proud to announce today that we have raised 90 million Tanzania Shillings (approx US Dollars 71000. -ed) for this cause!

You can continue monitoring our tree planting exercise on and all efforts towards this will start now.

Rtd. Tanzanian President Ali Hassan Mwinyi striding along...

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Cocktail with the Rotaractors on 29th New Africa

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
We will be having a Social with the Rotaractor club of Learnit on 29th Thursday at 6.30pm at the New Africa Hotel Poolside. There will be no meeting this wednesday.
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Meeting 2lst October 2009

Posted by Alison Sutherland

The Club meeting on Wednesday 14th had been cancelled due to a national holiday and the Dewali celebrations.  President Sujata wished all members a very Happy New Year and hoped that they had enjoyed the celebrations.  The fellowship in this meeting was extremely jovial and relaxed.

There was however a tinge of sadness as Hugh Frazer formally announced his resignation from his post here in Tanzania and his position as Vice President.  He will be relocating to Sierra Leone.  There was optimism though when he informed the meeting that there was a good chance that he would return.  He promised to visit the Club whenever he was in Dar and had the opportunity to do so.

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16th Sept Rtn Dossa on Safety aspects at home

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
Rtn Dossa our new member who is the resident director of ultimate security gave us a very good presentation on how to be safe in our homes, precuations and measures to take and security devices in use today. Presentation will be posted shortly.
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Rtn Vinay subsidises Paul Harris Membership

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt

We thank Rtn Vinay Chowdhury for his generosity and his offer to make all our club members Paul Harris fellows. A contribution of $1000 towards the Rotary foundation makes a member a prestigious Rotarian and is called a Paul Harris fellow. For those members in our club who would like to take this offer, Vinay has kindly offered to subsidize this by paying $500 for every member.

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Club gets our youngest member

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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On 3rd September we inducted our youngest member "Nikki" Aggarwal". Nikki has a degree in Business adminstration from the University of Miami. She is the Managing Director of  group of Companies dealing with properties namely the Bray Properties, Masaki apartments and Apex Towers. Nikki recently climbed Kilimanjaro (to Uhuru peak) .
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19th Aug Project visit to CCBRT

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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22 Rotarians boarded a coaster bus kindly organized by Rtn. Rajpar to visit CCBRT hospital. On the way we were entertained by Rtn Vinay. At CCBRT we were received by the CEO Erwin Telemans and the Deputy director and shown around the hospital. We were shown the Jaipur foot project which is funded by our club as well as the club feet operations ward which is funded by our club along with the Rotary club of Germany.

19th Aug Project visit to CCBRT Sharmila Bhatt 0

Sept 9th 2009 Nikki Aggarwal on her Kili Climb

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
Nikki our newest member shared her experience with us as to why and how she climbed Kilimanjaro and made it to the Uhuru peak. Her advice to to us was that if we ever climbed Kili was to chant the Mantra Pole Pole and said it was Mind over body which helps one to scale the peak. Congragulations to you Nikki
Sept 9th 2009 Nikki Aggarwal on her Kili Climb Sharmila Bhatt 0

Be an Entrepreneur and have fun

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Our speaker on 26th August was Kathryn Sutton who runs an NGO in Zanzibar called participate now. She shared with us her experience on how to handle work and have fun. Talk was interesting and led to many questions being asked.
Be an Entrepreneur and have fun Sharmila Bhatt 0

New Member Zainul Dhossa Inducted

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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We inducted our new committed , reliable , always on call member called Zainul Dhossa. Dhossa is a resident director with Ultimate security Ltd and has 20 years experience in the field of providing security. Please find his CV in the documents section.

New Member Zainul Dhossa Inducted Sharmila Bhatt 0

Handover of Ambulance to Cancer Hospital

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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Rotary club of Pandeli (Greece) Jointly with our club handed over a ambulance to ocean road cancer hospital on 19th August. Hospital Executive Director Dr Twalib Ngoma thanked Rotary club for the donation and said for the past six months their ailing ambulance had been grounded and they were using taxis for bringing and transferring patients to other hospitals.

Handover of Ambulance to Cancer Hospital Sharmila Bhatt 0

12th August Joint Meeting with Bahari

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt
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The joint meeting between our club and the Bahari had a good turnout with 40 members and 10 guests attending.The CEO of CCBRT Erwin Telemans presented to us the Maternal and Infant health care scenario in Tanzania.
12th August Joint Meeting with Bahari Sharmila Bhatt 0

19th Aug will be Rotary Project visit to CCBRT

Posted by Sharmila Bhatt

We will meet at the parking lot of Movenpick and a coaster bus will take us to CCBRT after the handing over ceremony of the ambulance. Lunch has been hosted by CCBRT's CEO Erwin Telemans for all of us.

19th Aug will be Rotary Project visit to CCBRT Sharmila Bhatt 0
Congragulations to Rtn Araf Sykes Sharmila Bhatt 0
Senior Rtn B.K Tanna with Prince Michael of Kent Sharmila Bhatt 0

Pot Luck Dinner

Posted by Alison Sutherland
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The Club substituted its usual lunchtime meeting with a Pot Luck Dinner held at the home of President Sujata and her husband Hanif.  The event was attended by rotarians and twenty eight guests, including children.  The evening was very relaxed and concentrated very much on fellowship and getting to know one another.  This was greatly assisted when President Sujata asked everyone to share a little known fact about themselves with the person sat next to them.  These facts ranged from someone admitting to Immigration that he had been involved in a criminal offence (i.e. he had been a passenger in a taxi which it later turned out did not have all of the relevant documentation), a mother having given birth finding the newborn baby sucking on her finger, a distant relative to one of those executed in the failed attempt on the life of Adolf Hitler and someone who had kissed someone she thought was someone else!

After a substantial and varied dinner, the children enjoyed a game of Twister accompanied by a few brave adults.  Anverali Rajpar kindly donated three prizes which were auctioned by Hamza Kossongo.  Everyone agreed that the event had been a resounding success.

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"Lets go Green, Tanzania"

Posted by Alison Sutherland
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Miss Mariam Odemba, Miss Earth Air 2008 and the Ambassador for Rotary on Environmental issues was the speaker at the meeting on Wednesday 22nd July 2009.  She told the Club of her promise when crowned to plant 20,000 trees in Tanzania.  She was accompanied by her Manager, Maria Sarungi, who gave details of progress to date and their partnership with the WWF (World Widelife Fund).  The talk was of great interest to Rotarians both of Dar RC and the other rotary clubs in Dar in view of the planned Charity Walk scheduled for end September in aid of tree planting.

Mariam, much to the delight of Giuseppe Rosiello the winner, presented the raffle prize.  She concluded her speech by repeating her slogan which she has chosen for her reign "Lets go green Tanzania".

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Mahali Pasipa Na Daktari handed over to Dutch NGO

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48 copies of "Mahali Pasipo Na Daktari" was handed over by Rtn. Iqbal Nagri to a Dutch NGO called "Knowldge in Kongowa". The title of the book "Mahali Pasipo Na Daktari" means where there is no Doctor and is written by Dr. Werner
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Rotary Clubs in Dar Jointly to host Charity walk

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Six Rotary clubs in Dar jointly will host a charity walk on September 27th and raise 75M tshs towards the Environment. Money raised will be used to plant trees in Dar es Salaam. Currently the committee members are working towards the event.
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PDG Karimjee Shares his experience

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PDG Hatim Karimjee addressed our club and shared with us his experience of sustaining a successful family business for over 200 years. What was evident from his talk was early in the business cycle the founders gave a clear thought on how shareholding needs to be established between family members to keep proffesionalism and transparent governance. What we did learn from his talk is be honest and look at long term in our business.
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Rotarians visit Tukolene with DG

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Rtns Sujata, Hanif, Alison, Mohemmed Ismail, Gideon, Alnoor, Sharmila,Hanif's daughter Aneesa along with DG visited Tukolene Youth centre today to see where the funds donated by the club will be utilised.The project offers education on a daily basis to 60 young people who are considered vulnerable.
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District Governor hands over $6,000

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Our District Governor Tadesse Alemu handed over $6,000 to two projects during his visit to our club.Tukolene Youth project and feed the children benefited from the proceeds of funds raised at the Induction ceremony. $3,000 each was handed over. 4,000 school children will now receive porridge for breakfast with these funds.
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Rtns Granted Attendance Exemption

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Congragulations to Rtn Gautam Ruperelia and Rtn. Mohemmed Jessa who were both granted attendance exemption as of 1st July 2009. Rtn. Gautam has served in Rotary for 36 years and Rtn. Mohemmed for 31 years.
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8th July 2009 DG Visit to our club

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District Governor will be starting his club visits from Tanzania and will be in Dar es Salaam from Monday 6th July until lunch time Friday 10th July. He will be visiting our club on 8th July 2009. The board meeting with the DG will be between 10 - 12pm venue to be annouced soon



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20th June 2009 Rotary Induction night

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Our Club Induction night was held at the pool side of the New Africa Hotel  to install President Sujata Jaffer and her committee. The evening proved to be a great success. The event started at 7.30pm when guests were received by Rtns Hanif, Araf, Hugh, Israel, Anwar, Abdul and many other Rotarians. The function was attended by 170  Rotarians and guests.

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Hark Mobile vehicle handover to Muhimbil

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Sound Seekers - The Commonwealth Society for the Deaf, through our club,provided a fully equipped mobile Vehicle to Muhimbili hospital for the treatment and prevention of deafness. The mobile clinic is called "HARK"





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Welcome to our new website!

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We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
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