After a long pause, we held our latest fellowship physically  at our new meeting venue - Baobab Bistro in Masaki. This was after the first Tanzania COVID-19 vaccination drive in Tanzania, where most of our members have been vaccinated.

Kicking the fellowship off lightly, we took very fun pictures of the couch-pillows which had interesting captions. See pictures below of all the Rotarians who came through.

We then had a casual talk about club business including the RI President Shekhar Metta's visit on the following week (13th to 15th September, 2021) and the World Polio Day on 29th October. First Post-Vaccination Fellowship.

President Sati

Past President Abdulhameed

Past President Bhavit

Club Treasurer Manisha

Eric, New Generations Chair

Anagha, member & Past Club Secretary

Sharmila Bhatt (Club Rotary Foundation & Vocational Services Chair) - left; Nikki (Club Vice President & President-Elect) - right