We previously wrote about Ananya Chag - A high-school student who incredibly fundraised USD 7000 for our Desk project. On a Saturday morning in June, she and her mother joined us for the hand-over of desks at Kondo Primary School in Tabata. 
Ananya Chag is a High School Senior at Porter Gaud High School in Charleston, SC in the United States. She has been working with the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for over a year on the project that provides desks to local schools. Despite COVID-19 and not being able to have an in-person fundraising event, she was able to raise over USD 7,000 to enable us to buy 150 desks. In July, we were able to hand the desks over to Kombo Primary School in Vingunguti on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. 450 children at the school will be able to learn while sitting at a desk as a result of these efforts. The Mayor of Dar es Salaam was present at the ceremony and provided an inspirational speech to the children highlighting that young people have the power to step up and help. The event was featured in the Daily New and Citizen Newspapers in Tanzania.
Ananya is an aspiring journalist and feels passionate about empowering children through education. She is hoping to use her voice and words to inspire social change. At the start of the pandemic she tutored children from Spanish speaking disadvantaged families in her community, helping them to keep up with virtual learning
Ananya Chag and Isaya Mwita Charles, The Lord Mayor of The City of Dar es Salaam were Guests of honour at the desk hand-over ceremony
Ananya & the Mayor take part in planting trees as part of efforts to conserve the wood used for the desk donation 
Students in their classroom