A Beautiful Message from our Club's AG Aisha to our Club Members for New Leadership
Dear RC Dar es Salaam,
What an honor and a privilege to have been selected to be your Assistant Governor for the year 2022/23! I look forward to the year ahead, and am already imagining the amazing things that you will achieve. July 1st marks an opportunity for a change of leadership in Rotary, and for new energy. As we welcome President Nikki into her new role I wish her nothing but the best, and remind her that she can (and should) always count on my support. The start of the New Year also marks an opportunity for all members to renew their commitment to service, and to think critically about what role they wish to play within the club. Participating in the club is not just about which position you hold on the Board; I would say this is a minor addition to the key role that is expected of all of us. The greatest role is that which is played by each and every member, and the ways in which you choose to volunteer. As I like say: “If you call yourself a volunteer, do not wait to be asked to do things; step up and volunteer wherever you see a need. Always.” This applies not only to your service projects and your role within the greater community, but also within the club and how it is run. Step up and volunteer. Always. As the New Year begins, I encourage each of us to imagine what we want to be able to celebrate at the end of this year, and to imagine actionable steps towards achieving that. If you need inspiration, meet a fellow Rotarian from within or outside RC Dar es Salaam and come up with a new idea that can be added to the club(s). After all, we are one Rotary, and we need to do more together. As a club that continues to grow and to invite some awesome new members, I encourage you to imagine the RC Dar es Salaam that you want to build together, and to each take steps towards that. Remember, the Club President is there to guide and lead the club, but they will not always have the answer to every question. They need your ideas, your energy, your time, your commitment, your imagination, and your motivation. Think how you can be of support to her, and then do it. Each year brings the opportunity to do great things, and the twelve months will be over before you know it. Close your eyes and imagine the sands of time passing through an hour glass, and use that urgency of the fast-moving sand to fuel the energy you can bring to RC Dar es Salaam starting July 1st 2022. And in the process, please do not forget to have fun! Serving others is serious business, but it is made much easier when you inject laughter and amusement into it, and you do it with your friends. Have a wonderful year ahead imagining a better world for all, and working hard to make it a reality.