Posted by Jerry Nelson

CMIRC MTC TEAM: Did you know that the Mae Tao Clinic is the oldest project of the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC)? We started working with MTC in 2013, even before the club was chartered. Now the project is evolving, and we are looking for a few good Rotarians to join us. I don’t consider this band of supporters as a committee; rather we are a team. The current team members are: Jerry Nelson, Roger Lindley, Bruce Lasky and Clarence Shettlesworth. We would like to add 2 or 3 more CMIRC members. Each team member understands the project and contributes time and talent as he/she can. Things we have done, are doing and will do include:

a. Improve awareness of the MTC/CDC (Child Development Center). This is done largely by organizing and conducting tours of Mae Tao Clinic and their supporting Community Based Organizations. See NEXT TOUR 21-25 NOVEMBER 2018, below

b. Seek opportunities to support MTC/CDC through Rotary International Global Grants. See GLOBAL GRANT POSSIBILITIES below



The August tour was a great success both in terms of satisfaction and learning. The November tour will be amazing! We have found a great van company, with a driver that we will use for this and future tours. We only have 6 remaining seats on the van for this trip. CMIRC members will be given first choice, after that seats on a first-come first-serve basis. Sign up now! We are helping to organize an American Thanksgiving dinner the evening of Thursday 22 November at the Hospitality & Catering Training Center, Mae Sot. Their mission is to support underprivileged and marginalized youth.

From experience we know they will do a great job. (students and trainer shown at left with Jerry Nelson)

The tentative itinerary is:

21 November – Travel to Mae Sot. In addition to the van from Chiang Mai, people will be coming by separate transport from other locations. That evening, we will marshal at PP Residence and go to dinner as a group. We may go to Khaomao-Khaofang, which has a great atmosphere and excellent food.

22 November – Tour Mae Tao Clinic during the day. Meetings may be scheduled to discuss opportunities to support the clinic. That evening we will enjoy the American Thanksgiving dinner. As of this writing we have 28 people (including the CDC Pre G.E.D. students) signed up. The maximum capacity is about 40, so sign up now!

23 November - Tour other Community Based Organizations. Meetings may also be scheduled to discuss opportunities to support the clinic. That evening we will enjoy Loi Kratong, Mae Sot style. This promises to be very interesting!

24 November – Possible tour of Mae Sot markets and other points of interest. The van will return to Chiang Mai.

All activities are optional. By the time we arrive in Mae Sot we will have a firm schedule for touring and meeting with Mae Tao Clinic staff. At that point the people on the tour can decide on optional activities.

We do recommend that everyone stay at the PP Residence in Mae Sot. The facility is clean. The rooms come with air-conditioning, refrigerator, comfortable bed (one big bed or two twin beds), private bath with good hot shower. The cost is only 500 THB per night if reservations are made through us.

CMIRC does not pay for the tours. Individuals are responsible for their own expenses and they will vary from individual. The cost of the van will depend on the number of passengers. For example, if we have 8 the cost will be approximately 1,650 THB.

Contact Jerry Nelson to reserve your place.

GLOBAL GRANT POSSIBILITIES: We are in frequent contact with the Mae Tao Clinic staff and have an ongoing dialogue about selecting a project for a Global Grant. What we know so far is that it will involve the Child Protection Department. Once the project is tentatively decided upon, we will do a community assessment and begin to actively seek international partners. Once the grant is ready for submission we will need to have at least 3 members of the Mae Tao Clinic team involved in the grant process. For more information contact Jerry Nelson or Clarence Shettlesworth.

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