CMIRC has been meeting at the River Market since our inception.  They have been a good host.  The staff has been very accomodating.  We have enjoyed many meals there since the start of our informal dinner traditions.   Our last regular meeting at the River Market will be on Tuesday the 22d of September.   Thank you River Market for being a gracious host.
I'm sure that we will return to the River Market for special occasions like the marvelous Whim'n Rythym concert we hosted a the River Market.

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) meets at the Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant which is located at 5/8 Soi 7, Ratchadamnoen Road, Muang Chiang Mai 50200.  We are in the old city, just off Sunday Walking Street   GPS Coordinates:  Latitude:  18.7887956638381,  Longitude:  98.9849171072235. 


Directions to Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant from Thae Pae Gate:  Go West down Ratchadamnoen (Sunday Walking Street) immediately past the Muang Chiang Mai Police Station.  Soi 7 is on your right, opposite the West end of the block occupied by the police station. Turn right into Soi 7 and find a parking space.  


Directions to Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant From Wat Phrasignh:  Go East up Ratchadamnoen and turn left into Soi 7, immediately before the Muang Chiang Mai Police Station, which will be on your right.  Once on Soi 7 look down a small street on your right where you will see the Chinese/English sign for Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant.  


Family Style dining:  At 6:00 p.m. before each meeting, we enjoy an informal family style dinner.  Please make your reservation(s) by sending an email to , not later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting.  The cost of the family-style dinner is ฿300 per person.  The chefs at Hong Kong lucky will prepare dishes according to the number of reservations.  Note: If you make a family-style dinner reservation and do not cancel by noon on the day of the meeting, you will be liable for the ฿300 dinner cost, as the club will have to pay the venue based on the number of reservations.  


From the Menu Dining:  There is also the option of ordering your separate dinner from the menu and paying a separate bill.  No reservations are required. Please note that all family style diners will be served before the individual orders are prepared and served.


Drinks are on you:  For all diners all drinks are charged individually.

                                                Looking Down Soi 7    
                Looking back at the Police Station from the start of Soi 7
                                                                This is the building
                                   Meet Ming and three of their lovely wait staff
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