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 CMIRC Donates Tooth Brushes and Tooth Paste
In late November BCMF founder Kanchana Thornton delivered more than 150 CMIRC-donated tooth brushes and tubes of tooth paste to villagers in Karen State, eastern Burma. Residents from the villages Kanchana visited often make their way to Mae Sot, Thailand for medical treatment at the Mae Tao Clinic, and some of them even find their way to Chiang Mai and the Baan K. Kee Patient House. CMIRC has helped support the Patient House with donations of food, toiletries, site repairs, and renovations for nearly two years.
Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste and more!
A short List of things we have done, and why ! 
CMIRC has been helping patients and caretakers at the BCMF Baan K. Kee Patient House since January of 2016.  Our members make weekly visits to the house to donate food, toiletries, and clothing, and to engage the residents with activities & games. Our larger projects over the past two years have included:
  1. Replacement of the sliding security gate in front of the house.
  2. Repairing and painting the damaged storage room ceiling.
  3. Placing steel grates over exposed drainage ditches (a real safety hazard).
  4. Repairing the crumbling front wall (which was also a safety hazard).
  5. Arranging for placement of a traditional Thai sala in the front courtyard.
  6. Placing a concrete table, benches and large umbrella in the back courtyard for male patient use (former members Tom and Cindy Johnson lead this project).
  7. Converting a bedroom into a library/activity room.
Future projects include:
  1. Renovating the outdoor latrine.
  2. Erecting a simple sink beside the latrine for hand washing.
  3. Placing more grates over exposed drainage ditches.
  4. Painting the front wall with the BCMF logo.
  5. Continuing with a wall mural that was started before we became active with the house.
CMIRC’s Imelda Tibbott has attended women’s health workshops at the house and has suggested ways for CMIRC to continue with health education, and news member Linda Photenhauer has already started informal English language lessons. We are always trying to create opportunities for members to participate in this project, so if you have an idea, let us know. 
A Tiny Bit of Christmas Spirit in the B.K.Kee Patient House in a Mostly Buddist World on 16 December 2017
Happy people, what a great day! 
Story to follow next month, but we just had to share the smiles as a preview!