Posted by Mike Gholson
We had a good turnout for the first meeting of the new Foundation Committee. In attendance were Roger Lindley, Craig Clark, Joel Lupro, Stasha Malcolm, Jerry Nelson and Jean Brookens filling in for her husband.
Jean gave us a description of the Global Grant project that she is involved with in her U.S. Rotary club which was both interesting and informative. We had a discussion about our club and how we might proceed. I believe in summary we plan to:
1. continue to get up to speed on Foundation protocol (me). 
2. Keep our eyes open for Global Grant projects.
3. See how our club can get involved locally as a Host Club or Guest Club with Global Grant projects already approved and in the works. This will give us the opportunity to serve and at the same time learn. To that end Stasha has forwarded to me information about her home club and their Global Grant activities which I will investigate.