Posted by Mike Lake
June was not only slow for tourists in Chiang Mai, but also slow for patients at the Burma Children Medical Fund's (BCMF) B. K. Kee Patient House. Rotarians Gary Herman Roger Lindley, Mike Gholson and Mike Lake entertained 10 patients and mothers with English practice and fresh fruit Sunday mornings, with Gary and Roger leading the conversations.
As usual, Patient House Coordinator Klao Wongsingsak helped with translation, since most of the patients speak Karen and/or Burmese. Klao speaks English, Burmese, Thai, and Karen and has been at the house for a year. His assistant, Mi Aye, speaks Karen, Burmese and Thai and is learning English. She’s been at the house for three years and got involved when she approached BCMF leader Kanchana Thornton as a cardiology patient. Mi Aye is married and has a two-year-od daughter whom she misses very much.
One of the longest staying patients is 15-year-old Nandar Kyaw, who has had her right leg in an external brace for nearly a year as surgeons attempt to repair the tremendous damage done during a fire and severe break. Her mother Malin Htein has stayed by her side for most of the ordeal.

Another longterm patient is four-year-old Na-Nar, with a large neck goiter that so far has resisted treatment. N-Nar’s mother Maw La Myint has kept busy at the house learning English.

New patients include 15-year-old Joshua, with a heart condition, accompanied by his mother Daw Doi Jar, who is also refining her English skills, and two-month-old “Sweet” Lay Koo Mu, who has an intestinal problem. She and her mother Moo Ku are from Karen State, while the other patients are from Mae Sot.

Gary Herman is taking the lead at the BCMF B. K. Kee house beginning in July and anyone who would like to go out on Sunday mornings and have some fun should contact him.