Posted by Nancy Lindley
Recently we welcomed a new member to our club, Nick Dale and he expands the International scope of our group, coming from South Africa.  So far, he's had 100% Perfect Attendance, too, participating in several service opportunities and committee meetings. Congratulations, Nick!
And we recognize Geoff Perry, one of our Australian members, for taking leadership with the Winter Clothing Appeal.  It's good to see true International participation in the club.
Each quarter I like to recognize members who had 100% participation, perhaps because my husband, Roger, came from a club in the U.S. that prided itself on 100%-100% participation.  It was a small club, like ours, and equally as active, with many other Rotary clubs nearby, so there were opportunities for "make-up" sessions if you couldn't come to a meeting. (Sounds like Chiang Mai, doesn't it?) His club had great spirit, probably because of their 100%-100% "rule".  It gave everyone a wonderful opportunity to get to know the neighboring Rotary clubs and to attend meetings of club committees, even if they weren't members of that committee.  Think about it, if you find you aren't aren't on the list below.
For the 1st Quarter (July-Sept) the club members with 100% attendance are:  Nick Dale, Maliwan Kaew-Amphai, Mike Lake, Nancy Lindley, Roger Lindley, Jerry Nelson and John Schorr.  Several of these folk obtained 100% attendance through committee meetings and John Schorr went to the RI International Convention.  
Many hands make for light work.  Please think about becoming more involved with the club if you aren't.