Posted by Gary Whiting, SLRC
CMIRC is participating with the Sun Lakes Rotary Club, District 5495, Arizona USA on a Rotary Foundation Global “Humanitarian” Water Grant to provide homes on the Navajo Nation with inside running tap water. The Navajo Nation is in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah with over 200,000 Native Americans living on 25,000 square miles of land with about 40 percent without inside tap water and/or a toilet, and 44 percent of the children are in poverty. It is estimated that the average American home consumes 100 gallons of water per day while the average Navajo home consumes seven (7) gallons per day.  Or putting it another way, today's toilet uses 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush. So, two (2) flushes per day can exceed a day use of water. And what about: Laundry? Bathing? Cooking? Having a glass of water?
Many presently have their water delivered into above ground 50 gallon holding barrels in their yards via a water truck and then into their home by small containers. The goal is to install underground cisterns which pump running water into 25 or more selected homes at a cost of $4,500 US per home which includes installation.  The homes are located within a 70-mile radius of Thoreau, New Mexico which is close to Gallup, New Mexico.
Once the funding goal of U.S. $112,500 or more has been reached, the Sun Lakes Rotary Club will work with DigDeep which supplies the total water system and on-site installation at each home along with the help of Rotarians. The water system consists of a 1,200 gallon in ground cistern, electric pump, sink, solar panel, battery, filter, heater and gray water leach field.
For video information on this Navajo Water situation:
If a Rotary club is interested in participating, contact Past District Governor, Gary Whiting
Editor's note: Our club's contribution to this Global Grant is in honor of CMIRC Rotarian Bill Kip, who will soon be returning to Sun Lake, AZ after suffering a health crisis here in Chiang Mai.