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Posted by Nancy Lindley
There is a nice tradition in Rotary of each club having a unique banner and members exchanging banners when they travel and visit other Rotary clubs. CMI Rotary is very proud of its collection and soon will have to expand the display space.  New this month, is a regular feature story of the Bulletin to share the travels of our members, our visitors and the banners that we've collected and given.  Next month, we'll have photos of some of the interesting and unique banners in the club collection.  
In June, Past President Shana returned from her annual trip to the U.S., having found a Rotary club that isn't a breakfast club. She's shown at left holding the banner from the Twin Peaks Rotary Club, Longmont, Colorado. President Jerry is flanked by Rotarians Craig and Ann who recently returned from the U.S. with banners from Minnesota. Craig displays the banner from the Minnetonka Rotary Club, while Jerry admires the banner of the Bemidji Rotary Club, home of Paul Bunyan (and Babe, his ox).
Meanwhile, from the other side of the globe, CMI Rotarian William Churchill was busy in June visiting Rotary Clubs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, proving that most are better at coming up with a more interesting background when they photograph a banner exchange than we do in Chiang Mai. Below, upper left William is at the Rotary Club of Fort Worth, Texas. Upper right, he's visiting the Rotary Club of Frisco, Tx. Lower left, he's at the Rotary Club of Denton, Texas and lower right, he's visiting the North Texas Pioneers Rotary Club.