Posted by Jerry Nelson
We thank you for taking time to look at our bulletin, and hopefully you have a positive interest in CMIRC or in one or more of our projects.Would you give us a little help, just a little, please? There are many small, but important ways to help. Possibilities include:
  • For those traveling from a country that has winter, consider going to a thrift store such as Salvation Army or Goodwill and purchasing some children’s winter clothing. One idea that we like is bring them in a suitcase dedicated to the children’s clothing and that way you have an empty suitcase to pack all the wonderful Thai souvenirs to take home for your family and friends. 
  • For those traveling from Australia to Thailand, please contact us and see if it’s possible for you to bring some hand-made Teddy Trekkers (right, shown with Nel, her husband --the Australians who bring them into Thailand --  and PP Jerry) to Thailand for delivery to the children we serve. 
  • If you stay in hotels, please collect the unused comfort items provided by the hotel -- tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo and so forth. We will use them for patients at our BCMF B.K.Kee Patient Safe House project. 
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  • Forward this bulletin to your kind, decent and generous friends -- like you! 
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  • Send us an email with any comments you may have about our club and/or this bulletin. When we are in contact, amazing things can and do happen!