Thanks to a surprise visit from Santa Claus, smiles abounded throughout the Ban K. Kee Patient House Dec. 14th. This house is where poor children wait with their caretakers for medical treatment in Chiang Mai hospitals. Friends of the club Mary and Steve Hambley filled gift bags with goodies for all the kids and adults at the house, regardless of whether they'd been naughty or nice. The flashing lights on the Santa hats we all wore were almost as a big a hit as the presents everyone cherished. Nights like these make all the hard work Rotarians put in worth it.
Santa got a smile from even the illest of the children at the house, and the moms may have been happiest of all to see their children brighten, if only for a while.
The two ladies who make the house go, Thae Cho and Mi Aye, take a break from their usual house duties to don Santa hats and photograph two of their patients.
Mary Hambley, Santa Claus, and Steve Hambley were the driving forces behind this magical evening at the Ban K. Kee Patient House.