Posted by Jerry Nelson
We are delighted to announce that on September 26th, Dr. Cynthia Maung, founder of the Mae Tao Clinic was awarded the 2018 Roux Prize at a ceremony in Washington DC, U.S.A. Since the founding of CMIRC we have supported the Mae Tao Clinic and Dr. Cynthia in a variety of projects. 
The Roux Prize was established in 2013 by David and Barbara Roux (shown right, with Dr. Cynthia) to award innovation in the application of disease burden research and is awarded in cooperation with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The prize recognizes the person who has used health evidence in bold ways to make people healthier.
We sincerely appreciate the acknowledgement of David and Barbara Roux for the work of Dr. Cynthia, and her staff and partners. It truly is a great honor for the health services provided along the Thai-Burma border to be recognized in this way.  The Roux Prize team recently visited the Mae Tao Clinic to produce a special video, which presents how data from the clinic's health information systems are practically utilized to address health issues and thus bringing positive change to our community.
Water Tank Project Re-Visited:  Usually, a government hospital or clinic in Burma or Thailand does not provide free drinking water to other than inpatients. The Mae Tao Clinic clients are typically extremely poor Burmese migrants or day travelers who cannot afford to buy a bottle of water for their children or for themselves. In late 2016 and early 2017, CMIRC conducted a fundraiser and has financed ten water tanks and eight sets of water filters which are placed at various locations around the campus.  
During our most recent visit, we finally got around to putting Rotary stickers on the water tanks. But, much more important is that children and their families at Mae Tao Clinic now have clean drinking water at no cost, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful donors and the Mae Tao Clinic Staff.  
Mae Tao Clinic Tour, planned for 21 November – 25 November 2018:  The August tour was a great success. We plan to model the November tour after it with a couple of additional features. We will be there on American Thanksgiving, the 22nd of November and plan to enjoy dinner at the Hospitality & Catering Training Center, Mae Sot. (students pictured at right) Their mission is to support underprivileged and marginalized youth. From experience we know they will go a great job. And also, just by chance, 23 November is the Thai holiday Loi Krathong; we are fortunate to be in Mae Sot for this beautiful holiday.