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Posted by Roger Lindley, Charter President

Once a year, globally in every Rotary District, the District Governor makes an official visit to each club in the district, between July 1st and December 31st. Tomorrow, October 2nd, DG Roongranee and her husband Khun Artit Sangsiri (shown left) will visit CMIRC. 

The purpose of the visit:

  • To allow the District Governor to communicate directly with all Rotarians in the District.
  • To listen to the Club Leadership and gain better understanding of their club.
  • To provide helpful and friendly advice to club officers as requested and to answer questions about Rotary International and the District.
  • To serve as a catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary.
  • To meet the requirements that Rotary International sets for serving in the office of District Governor.

The Process:

Prior to the District Governor’s visit (preferably prior to July 1st), Assistant Governors (AGs) will meet with the club officers to review the club’s Summary of the Club Plans and Objectives. The AG will meet with District Governor prior to his/her official visit to each club in that area. Additionally, the Assistant Governor for the area will work with the club leadership to confirm the meeting and accommodation arrangements.

1. Reconfirm at least one month in advance of the District Governor visit to resolve any questions as to the information, format of the visit and special requirements.

2. The District Governor is a guest of the club when making an official visit. Most importantly, the club should communicate special plans to the Governor and AG so as to be sure it fits in with his/her other plans. 

Meeting Procedures:

The District Governor, while serving as District Governor Elect, attends a week-long training seminar and has the opportunity to receive information from the RI President Elect. Values, vision and programs are reviewed at this time. During the Official Visit, the District Governor is required to share with all clubs in the district, the programs and their purpose.

  • The District Governor and spouse are guests of the club for the Rotary meeting. Clubs are encouraged to include the spouses of the members at this special meeting. As you can see from the photo above, we've made some special banners to welcome the DG and her husband and to share stories about the projects of our club.
  • The Governor’s presentation is the program for the club meeting and it is not appropriate to schedule any other program that day. Allow the DG a minimum of 20 minutes for the presentation.
  • The Governor’s visit is a very special occasion and an opportunity for potential members, and members of the family of Rotary to learn more about Rotary. Clubs are encouraged to invite spouses or other business leaders.
  • Encourage members to plan on arriving early for the meeting and staying late in order to meet with the District Governor.

Presentations of Paul Harris Fellowships, inductions of new members and other honors are especially appropriate during the District Governor’s visit and the District Governor should be asked to participate in such events.

Clubs are requested to discuss any contemplated changes for the official visits or the format with the District Governor so questions can be resolved early.

The District Governor will wish to meet with the Club Board and Committee Chairs before or after the Club meeting. The meeting is open to any member of the Club who wishes to attend. Please allow up to one hour for this meeting.


The Club President Introduces the Assistant Governor (AG), then the AG introduces the District Governor (DG) to the club. The DG’s bio should be used.

Special Events and Fund-raisers:

If a club wishes to invite the District Governor and spouse to special events such as Club Anniversaries, club fund raising events, or changeover meetings, please consider them as your guests. The District Governor and spouse enjoy sharing in club activities. The District provides for their travel expenses.