CMIRC is raising money to support the disaster relief in Nepal.  Please help.  Even if you have already given, please consider giving again.  Money donated through Rotary will be used well.  The Rotary center will be in contact with responsible Rotarians on the ground and will know exactly how to put your donations to the best use.  For this effort by CMIRC, there are three easy ways to donate:
a.  If you are in Chiang Mai contact me directly, I'm consolidating the donation.   I'll be around every day, and will certainly be at the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club meeting on the evening of 5 May.  I'll wrap up the campaign the next morning. 
b.  If you are in Thailand, do an on line transfer money directly into CMIRC's bank account.  Actually we have 2 and invite you to use which ever one is more convenient for you.  They are:  

Bangkok Bank Savings Account

Acct. #: 679-0-06710-9

Branch Address: Panthip Plaza, Chiang Mai

Account Names: Kevin Laurence Okeeffe, John Keatley Schorr, Roger Keith Lindley


Kasikorn Bank (K-Bank)

Acct #: 511-2-16690-6

Branch Address: Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai

Account Name: Kevin Laurence Okeeffe


3.  Any where in the world you are invited to make a donation at 



Things you should know:
a.  Every penny raised at HELP NEPAL EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS through Rotary will be given to the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) who will in turn transfer all the money being raised by the club to the Rotary Center.   Money will be used to satisfy needs identified by Rotarians who are already in Nepal.
b.  This campaign closes on the morning of 6 May which is 5 May in the United States.   All monies raised by CMIRC will be transferred by 8 May 
c.  Using the exchange rate of 32 THB per 1 USD, Thus far CMIRC has raised:
Transferred Directly to CMIRC Bank Account:                   1,000 
Cash Donations from generous members and friends:    19,020 
My crowd funding effort:                                                          1,600
Total Thus Far:                                                                         21,620  THB
d.  I will not insult you by attempting to write about the situation in Nepal;  I'm not there.  There are many credible stories available for those who want to know more.   I won't even remind you of which charities have the best reputation for actually delivering, you and I both know Rotary's reputation.   I will summarize with this simple statement:  Your compassion and generosity is needed.  Please give!

Abundant Blessings, 


Jerry Nelson