Children’s Sight Project
โครงการ สายตา เด็ก
Kroong gaan saai dtaa dek
Rotary Clubs in District 3360 participating include:

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin Thai Ngam

Rotary Club of Chiang Mai North

The CMIRC’s Children’s Sight Project provides comprehensive eye exams and free spectacles to the poor Hill Tribes (Lahu (มูเฃอ), Lisu (ลีฃอ), & Akha(อาฃ่า) School Children within the Chiang Mai Province. All eye exams are performed by an Optometrist and screening done by trained Rotary Club members.
Rotarians Jack ( Chiang Mai North), Karl, Jeanie, Raelene and P. Shana ( CMIRC) screening at the Ban Lan Pan School
The Children’s Sight project team members have been very busy over the past 12 months’, examining nearly 2,000 children (since Oct 2015) at the schools in the Chiang Mai province, with an emphasis on the schools located in the Mae Taeng
District, to the north of Chiang Mai City. Most visits are 1 day clinics, where it is possible to examine about 75-90 children in a single day clinic. We aim to return the spectacles to the children within 2 weeks’. The CSP is fortunate to have very generous sponsors in kind, that provide the prescription spectacle lenses free of charge- thank you Hoya Lens (Thailand), quality frames donated by We Do Asia (Playn Eyecare) from Bangkok- the children sure love the large black frames.
The Children’s Sight Project aims to add new schools (and to add a further 2 Chiang Mai based Rotary Clubs) during 2017, which will take the total number of schools that we will provide comprehensive eye care to 20 The plan is to review
every school on an annual basis after initially examining every child in the schools. 

Baan San Paa Sak School - Children receiving their spectacles from Rotarians Peter (CMIRC) and AG Hope (Thin Thai Ngam)
Rotarian Peter-Optometrist and Champion of the CSP examining staff at the Chiang Mai Observation and Protection Centre
Further info is available from the Facebook and You Tube sites listed below

email: Peter Bell