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Posted by Jerry Nelson
A great success might be an understatement when describing the August tour of Mae Tao Clinic and neighboring community-based organizations. It was great!
We have found a marvelous van and driver who we intend to hire for future events and tours. The van is spacious and comfortable. More importantly the driver is professional, clean, polite, careful and sober! His rates are very reasonable. Should you need his services: Khun Sutin Srimoon, 089-756-8006
On Wednesday morning, after picking up our tour members at various locations, we traveled to Mae Sot where we met up with others who had come by their own transportation. Dinner was at Khaomao-Khaofang (pictured right), which is always a treat.
Thursday morning our tour started at the old campus of Mae Tao Clinic. In addition to seeing the facility and the prosthesis lab, we received a comprehensive briefing from Saw Tar Win, Deputy Director for Burma Based Operations. Next, we were off to one of my favorites places, The Mae Tao Clinic Children’s Development Center. Newly-appointed vice principal Saw Than Than Lay gave us a great briefing. (We learned was his first time for visitors; great job)! 
After a great lunch, we visited the new campus of the Mae Tao clinic. After a walk through of the facility, we met to discuss clinic needs, funding ideas and the like. Dr. Cynthia (fifth from left, between John and Jerry) joined us -- what an honor!  
On Friday, most of the group visited the Rim Moi market, right on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, while I had more detailed meetings with Mae Tao Clinic staff. In the afternoon we visited the Suwanimit Foundation where we received information from the foundation, the CPPCR and Safe Child Thailand. The cooperation between the organizations is heartwarming. Really great people!
Friday evening, we enjoyed great service and excellent food at The Passport Restaurant. This Hospitality and Catering Training Centre prepares young migrant workers for a career in that business. Tom, one of our tour members even gave them some help with their espresso making techniques and machine!
Our next trip will be 20 November through 24 November. The tour of the Clinic itself will be on American Thanksgiving Day, and I can’t think of no better way honor that day. We’ll even see if we can find a special “Thanksgiving Dinner” that day.)  Mark your calendars!  Details to follow.