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Robbie Burns Day
Jan 25, 2018
A treat for a special day!
Rebecca Siebert
Feb 01, 2018
Refugee sponsorship on Vancouver Island
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The Rotary Club of Victoria is mobilising to support President-Elect Kim McGowan as he prepares to participate in the Battlefield Bikeride in June 2018. Here is a video with his son, Todd McGowan, talking about the Battlefield Bike Ride 2018:  https://woundedwarriors.ca/bbr18/.   Here is the link to history behind the bike ride:  http://wwcan.convio.net/site/TR/Events/General?fr_id=1060&pg=entry and here is the link to Kim McGowan's personal page asking for sponsorship:  http://wwcan.convio.net/site/TR/Events/General?px=1007169&pg=personal&fr_id=1060
Check 'Upcoming Events' for information about the next Bike Fellowship ride. 
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Our annual Christmas lunch welcomed close to 100 Rotarians, Rotoractors, Interactors, friends of Rotary and musicians. Among our guests was Stephen Green, Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music.                   

A Rotary Moment: Service above self
Before we began our Christmas lunch Past President Dan Parker asked us to think about the difference Rotary Victoria is making to our community and the world. 
All made possible by the fundraising efforts of Victoria Rotarians
1.    $1,000  to Greater Victoria Curling Academy
3.    $1,000  to the Wounded Warriors, Canada  
4.    $2,500 Society for The Advancement of Young Scientists (annual Science Fair) 
5.    $500  to the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC 
6.    $7,500  to the Bridges for Women Society 
7.    $10,000 to Victoria Conservatory of Music 
8.    Up to $3,000 increase in the Esquimalt Scholarships 
9.    Increase annual donation to Literacy by $500 

I am deeply honored to be the President of the Rotary Club of Victoria, Canada for the 2017-2018 year. When PRIPs Gary Huang and Rick King signed my proposal for membership, I had no idea of the journey I was about to take. This club is amazing.  Everyone supports each other and that is why we are over 100 years old and continue to prosper.

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The World Community Service Committee of Victoria Rotary (in partnership with Nanaimo Rotary and Project Unity Committee) has received a District Community Grant to provide clean water to TEN rural communities in Western Kenya. Work will start on protected springs and shallow wells in a few weeks in the dry season. With this grant we will be able to transform THIS to THIS
On Friday 23  June 2017, Patricia (Rotary Club of Victoria) and Rod (RC Kakamega, Kenya) Crossley received the Meritorious Service Award from the Governor General at Rideau Hall in Ottawa for their work over 16 years in Western Kenya. This medal is awarded for service which brings honour to our country. 


You may have seen the attached article on the Food Rescue Project by Victoria Foundation CEO Sandra Richardson in Sunday’s Times-Colonist.  If not, I attach it for your information (link below).


As you may know, our Club played a key role in the formation of the Food Rescue Program that launched this past Thursday in Esquimalt. It was a very special day for Rotary, The Mustard Seed Street Church, The Victoria Foundation and Thrifty Food’s with the official opening of the Food Distribution Centre. Our hard work in fund-raising has manifested itself in this wonderful program from which thousands of needy Victorians will benefit.



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