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Robbie Burns Day Jan 25, 2018
A treat for a special day!

Piano from Dawn Jones, a toast to the lassies from Terry Jones and Scottish songs and other music for Robbie Burns Day. Time to sit back and enjoy! Joshua Litton is a young multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Victoria BC. Bringing his classical training and his contemporary approach to music he creates diverse and exiting music For more information check out https://www.joshualittonmusic.com/media

Rebecca Siebert Feb 01, 2018
Refugee sponsorship on Vancouver Island

Rebecca brings 14 years of experience in coordinating and teaching in a variety of settlement and language programs for newcomers. She was contracted by the province of Manitoba to create new programing for newcomers, and has been involved with pilot projects for orientation and training. Rebecca holds degrees in international studies, conflict resolution studies, business administration, and an MA in Applied Linguistics.

As Rebecca grew up in Colombia during the 80s and 90s, she was well exposed to the impact of war and unrest. In 2014 she was invited to Lebanon, near the border of Syria, to observe and assist with local supports for Syrian refugees. She came back with a vision to specialize in supporting refugee newcomers.  

After taking on the role of Refugee Program Coordinator at the Anglican Diocese of BC in 2016, the program grew twenty-fold in response to the war in Syria and subsequent refugee crisis. Over 800 volunteers in our community signed up to participate in this sponsorship program. They have landed 180 refugees on Vancouver Island, and are expecting 176 to arrive in the next year.

In 2016, the UN hailed Canadian private sponsorship as a model for the world. Rebecca will give you an overview of our local private sponsorship program at the Anglican Diocese of BC and list its best practices. She will look at the challenges and successes of families who arrived through the program as well as highlight what changes we are recommending to the Canadian government, as we see their hailed system has flaws. 

Rtn James Ramsbottom Feb 08, 2018
Patents, trademarks and copyright,

James holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in life sciences and honours biology and was a doctoral graduate student in molecular pharmacology at the University of Trieste in Italy. After collaborating with scientists around the globe as a doctoral student, James developed an interest in intellectual property, going on to manage and help enforce the patent portfolio for a life sciences company in Toronto for two years.

James is Registered Patent Agent and a partner in the Intellectual Property Law Firm of MERIZZI RAMSBOTTOM & FORSTER.  He has worked with scientists and engineers of all disciplines—from biofuels to medical research, devices and pharmaceuticals in public and private sectors. He is the inventor of several Canadian and American patents, as well as author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications. He has acted as scientific advisor to the Canadian Spinal Research Organization and the International Institute for Spinal Regeneration and is a member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, sitting on the Young Practitioner’s Committee."

He  will plan to speak about intellectual property protection, the various forms being patent, trademarks and copyright, what each protects, the process and value to one's business.

Club Business Session Feb 15, 2018
Marc Lortie (Can Amb Spain & Europe) Feb 22, 2018
The Future of Europe and its implications for Canada.

Europe is emerging from a difficult decade. Many crises convinced some observers that it would be the end of the European project. Yet the European Union survived and Canada negotiated successfully a comprehensive economic and trade agreement. We will examine what 2018 have in store for Europe with the Brexit negotiations, the Eurozone, Catalonia and Spain, the rise of populism and migration issues and see the implications for Canada.

Biographical notes:

Marc Lortie has been diplomat, ambassador, Prime ministerial spokesman, and trusted advisor to various prime ministers on federal-provincial issues, Latin American and European affairs. Before retiring to Victoria with his wife Trish in 2012, Marc was Canada's Ambassador to France for 5 years and  Ambassador to Spain from 2004 to 2007.

Marc was born in Quebec City in 1948 and educated at Laval University where he did his degree in political science. He joined the then Department of External Affairs in 1971 where he met his wife Trish, also a foreign service officer. They served abroad in Tunisia and Washington. Upon their return to Ottawa Marc was seconded to the Prime Minister's Office where he was named Press Secretary to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He was Ambassador to Chile in 1993 where he played a key role in the negotiation of the Canada-Chile Trade Agreement. In 1997 he was nominated Fellow at the Centre for International Affairs at Harvard University. Back in Ottawa he served as Assistant Deputy Minister for the Americas and was asked by Prime Minister Chrétien to be sherpa for the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City in 2001.

Before leaving Paris Marc was decorated by the French Government with la Légion d’Honneur in recognition of his contribution to Canada-France relations. He also received the Queen’s Jubilee medal in recognition of his distinguished diplomatic career.

Ken Macartney (Can Amb Sweden) Mar 01, 2018
What Canada and Sweden can learn from each other.

Topic: What Canada and Sweden can learn from each other.

Sweden - the original "welfare state", is one of the leading lights of capitalism, innovation and sustainability. It has also faced challenges from the migration crisis and the rise of populism in Europe. Canada and Sweden increasingly look to each other for inspiration in improving the lives of our citizens.

Ken Macartney was Canada's Ambassador to Sweden from 2012 to 2016 and for the past year has been Diplomat in Residence and Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria. Throughout his 35-year career in the Canadian foreign service, Ken Macartney has served in many capacities, including as Deputy High Commissioner to India, political officer at Canadian embassies in Norway, Sweden and Japan, Director General for South and Southeast Asia, and as a desk officer dealing with such issues as the UN, relations with the Middle East and anti-apartheid measures. He also led Canadian delegations in numerous multilateral negotiations, in particular on global sustainable development issues. ‚Äč Ken Macartney grew up in Victoria, attended high school for a year in Sweden and graduated from UVic in 1982.



Lisa Warden Mar 08, 2018
My father, a CIA spy during the Cold War

Lisa Warden was born in Finland and, as a child of diplomat parents, lived with her family in Moscow, Ottawa, Havana, Quebec City, Hong Kong, Islamabad and Delhi. After attending university in Canada, she kept right on moving, and since that time has lived in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Britain. She moved to Victoria in 2015, where she works as a communications consultant and freelance writer. Lisa holds a doctorate in political philosophy and literary theory. She has recently published the memoirs of her late father, the Canadian diplomat Bill Warden, under the title Diplomat, Dissident, Spook, with a foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev. She is currently working on a sequel memoir, Diplomat Brat. Lisa will discuss the little known role of Canada’s diplomat-spies during the Cold War, of whom her father was one, along with other salient tales from her recently published book.

Diplomat, Dissident, Spook: A Canadian Diplomat’s Chronicles Through the Cold War and Beyond


St. Patricks Day Music Mar 15, 2018
Steve Wallace Mar 22, 2018
Carolyn Thomas Apr 05, 2018
Women's Heart Health
Hugh Stephens Apr 12, 2018
Canada's Progressive Trade Agenda: What does it mean for the TPP and Canada's Relations with China?"

Hugh L. Stephens

Distinguished Fellow

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Vice Chair

Canadian Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation (PECC

Mr. Stephens has more than 35 years of government and business experience in the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, he is currently Vice Chair of the Canadian Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation (CANCPEC), Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, and Executive Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.

Before returning to Canada in December 2009, he was Senior Vice President (Public Policy) for Asia-Pacific for Time Warner for almost a decade, located at the company’s regional headquarters in Hong Kong. In recent years, he has written and commented extensively on Canada’s engagement with the Asia Pacific region including articles published in The Globe and Mail, Post Media, Embassy, iPolitics, The Diplomat, Open Canada and others. He currently maintains an active blog on international intellectual property issues (www.hughstephensblog.net).

Prior to joining Time Warner in 2000, Mr. Stephens spent 30 years in the Canadian Foreign Service with the Department of External Affairs, later the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT). His last Ottawa assignment was as Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy and Communications in DFAIT. He also served abroad as Canadian Representative in Taiwan, Counsellor and Charge d’affaires at the Canadian Embassies in Seoul, Korea and Islamabad, Pakistan, among a number other overseas and headquarters assignments, including service at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and Mandarin language training in Hong Kong.

Mr. Stephens was educated at the University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Toronto and Duke University (MA), and has a Certificate in Mandarin from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Club Business Session Apr 19, 2018
Jonathan Manthorpe Apr 26, 2018
EU and Brexit

Jonathan Manthorpe has been a foreign correspondent and international affairs columnist for over 40 years. After 10 years as a political correspondent in Canada for the Globe and Mail, Manthorpe’s nomadic career began in the late 1970s as European Bureau Chief for The Toronto Star. In the mid-1980s Manthorpe became European Correspondent for Southam News. In the following years Manthorpe was sent by Southam News, the internal news agency for Canada’s largest group of metropolitan daily newspapers, to be the correspondent in Africa, based in Zimbabwe, and then Asia, based in Hong Kong. Between postings Manthorpe spent a few years based in Ottawa focusing on intelligence and military affairs, and the United Nations.

Manthorpe was based in Vancouver from 1998, but travelled frequently on assignment to Asia, Europe and Latin America. In 2013 Manthorpe left what is now the Postmedia group and moved with his wife, Petrina, to Victoria. He now works as a freelance international affairs columnist and commentator with regular columns on Asia-Pacific in the newspaper Business in Vancouver and weekly international affairs columns on the web sites Facts and Opinions and iPolitics. 

While print journalism has been the binding thread of Manthorpe’s career, he has been involved in many associated international endeavours. In the early 1980s Manthorpe was a special adviser in London to the government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on “patriation” of Canada’s constitution. Most recently he spent three years as a member of the Canada-Japan Forum, a small committee advising the prime ministers of the two countries on how to enhance bilateral relations. Manthorpe has also undertaken special projects for the United Nations, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank, the Canadian International Development Agency, and several non-government organisations.


Club Business Session May 17, 2018

Charle Dutton will be the "Maestro of the Moment".   He is a young pianist from the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

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