Our Rotary club supplied mattresses to Broadmead Lodge with assistance from a District Community Grant.
Part of our undertaking for the grant was to involve Rotarians in offering some volunteer hours to the residents. Attending physically is not possible at the moment, but we would like to show our spirit of service as we consider applying for a new grant in the coming Rotary year. If you can help in any of the following areas, please let
Rotarian Janet Davies know. She will be happy to get you more details or put you in touch with someone knowledgeable...

· Computer skills: Assist with computer-based activity projects: create a Word document with pictures for reminiscing (i.e. animals, landmarks, or celebrities); collect jokes and good news stories; or compile links to recommended YouTube-based videos,documentaries, and concerts. Create a template that can be used by residents. Put together a simple instruction booklet that can be used by staff to help residents.

· Sewing skills: We’re looking for help sewing themed banners for Veterans Memorial Lodge’s Main Street hallway Can you do any of this at home?

· Woodworking: We’re looking for help creating fun “bragging rights” trophies for group games such as bingo If you have access to woodworking equipment ..
· Reading music: We’re looking for help translating sheet music for a handbell program at Rest Haven Lodge.

· Artistic: We'd love your help in replenishing our homemade birthday cards stash. The more the merrier! Make some at home to send over..
Contact President-designate Janet for details