This information has been prepared for the new member coming into the Rotary Club of Victoria and is particularly designed for the individual coming into Rotary for the first time. Some new members have belonged to other Rotary Clubs and so much of this will be well known to them. To such individuals we hope this review will be interesting. Their attention is particularly directed to the sections specifically concerning our Club.




The members of the Rotary Club of Victoria welcome you to our club and the international fellowship of Rotary. 

To be eligible for membership in a Rotary Club a person must, (1) be engaged as a proprietor, partner, corporate officer or manager of a worthy and recognized business or profession; or (2) hold an important position in an executive capacity with discretionary authority in a worthy and recognized business or profession; or (3) be actively engaged in the business or profession in which he or she is being classified in the Club; and (4) a retired person who would have been qualified for active membership when employed. It is desirable that either residence or place of business be within the territorial limits of the Club. You have been found to meet these criteria and are eligible for membership.

You have been found to be a worthy representative of your particular vocation by virtue of your reputation, your character, and your willingness to serve. We hope that you will become an ambassador, carrying to others in your business or profession the ideals and principles of service for which Rotary stands.

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