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How does an e-club of district 1130 get involved in a community project in Zimbabwe? 

To quote a phrase of Alexandre Dumas, which has become a cliché of detective pulp fiction, "cherchez la femme".  

Jo Ann Ross, past president of Rotary E-Club of London Centenary makes her home in Harare Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) where she has lived most of her life. Her membership in an e-club based in district 1130 enables her to engage in Rotary projects at community, district and international level. 

In the Fall of 2014, Jo Ann a director of Junior Achievement Zimbabwe (called Young Enterprise in the UK) convinced the E-Club of London Centenary to support this project together with the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brook (Zimbabwe).
Following the JA structured business programme, a company under the name of Verity Holdings ZRP was established by students with support from school authorities and JA Zimbabwe, to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among its students. Under the leadership of Tanaka Chingonzo student CEO, the company, among other activities, commercialised the process of converting waste plastic into floor polish and producing it for consumption by the school and the surrounding Hatcliffe community. The initiative won several accolades including an award at the Sanganai- Hlanganani international expo and EMA Environmental competitions.  [picture 1]
Based on this success, and thanks to a grant from EducationUSA, Tanaka was accepted to Watson University (USA), an incubator that runs a degree-bearing four-month programme for student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs working to solve the toughest social and environmental challenges of our time.
Following this academic achievement, Tanaka, the 18-year-old graduate of ZRP High School in Hatcliffe, Harare, has now landed a scholarship to study at the United States’ College of Wooster, a prestigious research focused college in Ohio (USA). He travels for the four-year study this August.  [picture 2]
This success story is an excellent example of how an e-club can make a big impact in a community project albeit 7’500 miles away. Rotary E-Club of London Centenary’s support has helped Tanaka Chingonzo develop his skills and hopefully, in the future, enable him to make a valuable contribution to the development of his country. 
Bernhard Karli
Rotary E-Club of London Centenary 


  • Since January 1, 2015, an international team of Amateur Radio Operators have been active on the amateur radio bands, with the call-signs “OU0POLIO” in Denmark, and “DL0POLIO” in Germany. The call-signs were created to bring awareness that Poliomyelitis (POLIO) is not yet eradicated in the world. Rotarians will not stop immunization programs until Polio is 100% eradicated. It is anticipated that the eradication will be completed by 2020.
  • In individual radio contacts and conversations, our radio operators inform on the work of Rotary in general, and with a focus on End Polio Now.
  • Our Radio Operators, when talking to other Radio Operators, provide information on the work Rotarians are doing, to END POLIO NOW. https://www.endpolio.org/ 
  • Danish Rotary District 1450 & Germany Rotary District 1842 - the Rotary Club Altoetting-Burghausen, in cooperation with “The International Fellowship for Rotarians of Amateur Radio,  (R.O.A.R.)”. http://www.ifroar.org/ continue to promote Rotary's Service Above Self.

R.O.A.R Team leaders:

  • For OU0POLIO
  • Mr. Frank M. Garbelmann, PHF 
  • Rotary E-Club London Centenary
  • PP Aarhus International Rotary Club 2014 -15 District 1450
  • For DL0POLIO
  • Mr. Horst Hoferichter, DG2FAJ

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Guatemala - Milk Every Day - TESS Unlimited is a Dutch charity supporting children in need of cleft lip surgery in Guatemala. This involves dealing with the needs of babies with cleft lips who are too undernourished and/or sick, to be operated on. In Rotary Year 2016/17, London Centenary gave £514 to TESS Unlimited, for their Milk Every Day programme. This programme treats malnourished Mayan Indian children needing cleft lip and palate operations. They are given special drinking bottles, milk, formula, vitamins, medications and the medical supplies needed to ensure they are well enough to have their operations.  It also pays the costs of any malnourished and sick child needing treatment in hospital.
Tanzania - Wheelchair Foundation UK - To date, 33 wheelchairs have been purchased and shipped to Tanzania. Members of the Rotary Club of Moshi in Tanzania will receive the consignment for distribution. We expect delivery, soon.
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RotaKids Club, Churchfield Primary School  - This pioneer project in Edmonton, North London, was lead by Club Secretary Stella Russell and run by 2 school assistants. It began in September 2016. Sadly, the RotaKids Club sessions had to be put on hold following a major fire at the school, which destroyed several classrooms. The project is expected to re-start in September 2017.
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