Junior Achievers is a fantastic program and we are thrilled to have received this report from one of the schools our club has sponsored in Harare, Zimbabwe. 
ZRP School (Zimbabwe Republic Police) students are REALLY learning Entrepreneurship to take into their community - the students are still in the throes of progressing their business and will close their business with the AGM next month where they will distribute the profits to shareholders, pay their tax - to the school and identify a need in their community to support as their CSR.
The students managed to secure a stand at the Sanganai/Hlanganani World International Expore conducted at the Rainbow towers in Harare last month where they learned from other companies about strengthening their business operation. They have gained skills around product branding, product quality improvement and use of machinery and technology in product manufacturing. 
The Expore helped them improve their branding and packaging. The impact on the improvements was noted at the sales achieved at the ZRP Fun fair day where they managed to sell more than 60 litres of their floor polish at $3 per litre and did not manage to meet the overwhelming demand on the day!