This is Adriana speaking at the Business forum in Durban South Africa about the MARS ONE project
Some comments : From Stella - You have to be some special kind of person to take on a challenge like Adriana has - a one-way trip to Mars? Some friends, when I told them about her possible one-way voyage laughed and asked me if it was a joke. But having listened to Adriana, who is a gifted scientist and heard her reason - one of trying to do something which might help humanity for the future, I admire her courage. But I wouldn't have the courage to volunteer for such an adventure, or the skills needed.
A really interesting presentation. Thanks, Adriana
From Jo Ann: Adriana was a real pleasure to speak with personally when we were arranging the presentation. She spoke from Johannesburg in South Africa - one of te plusses about an e-club is we can have speakers from anywhere in the world!
From FaceBook.