Each year in District 1130, as part of the Sports Programme, Rotary clubs compete in a General Knowledge Quiz. 


The District is divided into 8 regions; a draw is taken at a District Council meeting early in the year to decide on the pairs to play the first round – one club to be the host to the other.   
The heats often take place at a club meeting, which is a good way to get clubs knowing each other.  (Sometimes we can tend to be insular.)  The winner of each match goes forward to the next round and so on until there are just four clubs left to take part in the semi finals.

That’s where our team found themselves last evening at the District HQ at York Gate.  We were drawn against Elstree and Borehamwood, and sadly lost, although we did not disgrace ourselves.  It was an enjoyable contest, and we were quite pleased with our performance, but E & B had the superior knowledge and deserved their victory.


After a supper break, E & B went on to win the final against Putney.  The two teams were well matched and the scores were very close, so at times there was a feeling of tension among the spectators.  Again, a friendly battle which was enjoyed by players and spectators alike.


We’ll try again next year.  Having got to the semis two years running we’d like to win next year, but don’t mind.  We take part for the fun of it and a successful outcome is a bonus.