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Wheelchair Foundation UK    - Delivering Mobilty, Freedom, Independence, Dignity and Hope since 2004.

Totally run by Rotarians for Rotarians facilitating the delivery of brand new all-terrain wheelchairs to those in need throughout the world free of charge. In this period 32,600 wheelchairs have been delivered to 30 countries.
The retail value of deliveries so far have a value of nearly £10 million.

Sponsorship has been granted by Yorkshire Tea who donates funds in exchange of the bar codes off any of their products. The funds gained from this support recently funded the delivery of a container of 110 wheelchairs to Namibia.

Volvo recently supported a delivery to Pretoria in South Africa.

For £75 through a Rotary Club the Foundation will manufacture and deliver a brand new wheelchair anywhere in the world. A unique service to mankind that no other charity can match and is only possible through all our staff taking no wages and our suppliers charging no staff costs.

Send a message to our Contact Us page. or please consider a donation: