3rd Quiz round on the 4th of February 2014 
Rotary Club Chelsea vs Rotary Club London Centenary
Final score, Chelsea 47, London Centenary 43. 
“We lost but it was a well-fought fight! During the third round of the 4 round competition, our Club lost to a very well versed team from Chelsea”. So said Stella Russell, a long-standing team member and Quiz Veteran.

“We didn’t manage to win the round with Chelsea.  It was a very close match, but Chelsea team’s superior knowledge of car manufacturers and models gave them the edge. (Have you ever heard of car models called Z4, Boxter, Stratus, Defender, Interceptor or Quatro?  We hadn’t!)
In the end they beat us by just 3 points.  Final score, Chelsea 47, London Centenary 43. 
 The specialist rounds were Science, Maths and Weather. And we did quite well on those, equalling their score in the maths round, and beating them on the other two.
It was a most enjoyable evening in delightful surroundings at the Cadogan Hotel in Sloane Street, Knightsbridge.  Our hosts were very friendly and we enjoyed a good, but pricey meal just one course, a piece of chicken, one small round of potato and peas and beans, followed by coffee -£22.50!!  That is virtually what it costs for two of us, when both Ernie and I go to his meeting.
Francis was an excellent Quizmaster, and Ernie acted as scorer.  Michael was our captain, and Pietro and I were the other team members.  All in all, a fun evening of fellowship.
For Ernie and me the journey home was a disaster.  We knew that the tubes were going on strike at 10 o’clock so had worked out a route taking two buses.  The first bus was just caught just outside the hotel and came along quite quickly.  But the journey was uncomfortable and slow – stopping at every bus stop as well as catching every traffic light on red. 
As a result we took 2 hours to get home on a windy, rainy and cold evening – when without the strike, we would have been home in less than half the time!!”