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Our Club meets every week with a twist. The first three weeks of each month on Tuesday at the Woodvale Club and the last week for a meeting and social at a location, date and time to be determined. Members will be notified by email of the details.
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Club President Heather deKok with Chelsea Leach
This week we heard from Chelsea Leach whom our club supported to attend the recent Learning to Lead event held in Toronto from Sep 27 to Oct 01. Chelsea was President (for the past three years) of the Vimy Ridge Interact Club.  The attendees came from Rotary International zones 28 and 32, covering Bermuda, Canada, France and the United States. It comprised four days of sessions on many different topics related to leading within Rotary. Attendees could select sessions from a wide variety of topics that were of interest to them personally. They also had many opportunities to meet, talk with and learn from Rotarians with many different points of view.
Chelsea thanked us for supporting this opportunity and gave us a very lively and entertaining talk about the people she met and the many different sessions that she attended. She truly appreciated the wide variety of people she got to talk with and she said that she learned a lot of new ideas on many different aspects of leading a Rotary club.
These included:
Ways to get club members to interact with each other more by having them pull a colored piece of paper as they came in the door to a meeting and then sit at the table to which that color was assigned.
How to bring new people into your club.
New ideas for service projects.
A mentor program for recent college or university grads where they are assigned a Rotarian who has worked in their chosen field for a long time and is willing to give them some advice on the opportunities in that field and some help with job hunting.
Setting realistic goals for your club.
How to start a fund raiser.
How to write grant proposals for projects.
She also learned more about Rotary clubs in other areas. One lady there said that in 2021 she decided to join Rotary and went to several different Rotary clubs in her local area of the eastern US before she found one that would accept women into their club.
In closing she thanked us again and said that it was an amazing experience and being able to go was just phenomenal.
Several members of our club attended the recent Rotary District 5370 Annual General Meeting. Treasurer Brenda McCullough, Community Chair Ben Gomez, Youth Chair Carin Jansen van Vuuren and President Elect Loida Lumanlan.
Our President Elect Loida Lumanlan accepted an award from DG Brent Collingwood for our club support of the Rotary End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign.
The Group Study Exchange Program was (and still is) a Rotary Foundation educational program that provides funding for the exchange of small teams of (non-Rotarian) young business and professional people between paired districts in different countries. The goals were to enable them to learn about the corresponding businesses and culture of another country for a four to six week study period. Their travel costs were covered by the Foundation and the hosting district/s provided accommodation, meals and arranged business meetings, tours, discussions and cultural events. The sending Rotary districts provided a Rotarian team leader responsible for organizing and leading each team. As can be seen, providing this type of experience requires a very large effort on the part of both the sending and receiving Districts, the District Governors and their committees in terms of logistics and planning. Visiting teams would meet with local people and tour offices and places of business that corresponded to the interests of the team members. In return the other district would send a team to visit our District and we would do the same for them. At the end of the exchange each team was expected to provide a detailed report of their experiences and what they had learned from that experience to their sponsoring District. This Foundation program still exists today with some changes, team members are now all from the same profession and there are some changes to funding.
In the spring of 1991, our District 5360 (Alberta, Northern BC, Northwestern Saskatchewan and NWT) sent a team of five young professional women along with their Rotarian Team Leader, Hans Granholm from our club to a district in southern Sweden. The team was comprised of a constitutional Lawyer from Yellowknife, a Family Medical Doctor from Calgary, an Accountant from Calgary, a Graphic Artist from Spruce Grove and a YMCA Program Director from Edmonton.
The teams were expected to represent Rotary wherever they went so they all wore matching jackets in public. Their red La Fleche Tailor jackets were custom embroidered with the Rotary Wheel. Hans said that they looked quite sharp when travelling together.
The district in Sweden that they visited had recently been assigned by Rotary International to support the redistricting of Rotary clubs in Poland. The fall of the Berlin wall in Nov 1989 had opened up many countries, who at one time prior to WW II had had many active Rotary clubs. The district in Sweden had recently sponsored the opening of two clubs in Warsaw, Poland. Shortly after our Exchange team arrived in Sweden, they were asked if they would like to spend part of their time visiting with these clubs in Poland.  Hans asked the team if they would like to do this and they subsequently spent three weeks in Sweden and two more in Poland.
Rotary would normally provide language training prior to departure but this was not possible due to the timing. Hans could get by in Swedish but not in Polish. As it turned out it was not a problem as almost all they came in contact with in Poland spoke very good English.
They visited clubs and places of business in Malmo, Eslov, the southern coast and Helsingborg as well as a few other areas in Sweden. In Poland they stayed with a very welcoming and wealthy businessman who had armed guards on the grounds of his home in Warsaw and visited with clubs in Warsaw and Krakow, Poland.
Hans said that they were very well treated by their hosts both in Sweden and in Poland. They were especially impressed by the living conditions in Poland being much better than they had expected. He also said that organizing the air travel was tricky as air travel in Europe was restricted due to trouble in the Middle East and they had to spend more time travelling than originally hoped. Overall they had a very informative and memorable time together.
In spring of 1992 another member of our club, Ron McCullough led a team from District 5360 (Alberta, Northern BC, Northwestern Saskatchewan and NWT)  to District 9790 in Victoria, Australia. His team consisted of five men, a Lawyer from Grande Prairie, a Public Utility Public Relations Officer from Calgary, a District Agriculturist and Regional Crop Specialist from Stettler, an Office Manager from Grande Prairie, and a Supervisor of Technical Services for Edmonton Power.
Their tour was seven weeks visiting clubs in the State of Victoria in south-eastern Australia- Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Corryong, Bright, Beechworth, Wangaratta and Euroa. They travelled from one area to the next staying in the homes of local Rotarians and visiting many different types of local businesses. These included a utility company, a cheese factory, a law office, cattle and dairy farms, sheep farms, a woolen mill, an oil seed mill, local hospital management and many more. They were given a good overall picture of the local businesses and how they were run, which in some cases was quite different from the way the same business operates in Canada. They became somewhat local celebrities in articles featured in several local newspapers. They also gained contacts and made friends with people they otherwise would never have met.
Ron stated in his final report that they truly appreciated all of the work that went into organizing their travel and time in Australia.  It was a very valuable experience of a lifetime for the young business people who took part in the exchange. 
WP Wagner Interact Executive with Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona and Rotary District 5370 Executive
WPW Pres Shafi Iqbal, WPW Treasurer Arman Khunkin, RCES Pres Elect Loida Lumanlan, District 5370 Asst Gov Jeanette Bancarz, District 5370 DG Brent Collingwood, RCES Youth Chairperson Carin Jansen van Vuuren and WPW Marketing Ved Thakar
This Tuesday we were honored to hear from our District 5370 Governor Brent Collingwood. Brent talked about the Rotary Vision statement:
TOGETHER we see a world, Where PEOPLE unite and take action, To CREATE, CHANGE across the globe
Which can be shortened to - Together people create change.
He then asked us how does our club reflect the vision and also the theme of the year, ‘Create Hope in the World’?
How would we define our club’s identity?
What are we most proud of and who knows about it?
What is one goal our club can achieve this year?
He then went on to talk about how Rotarians are people of action and how we can make a change in our communities and the world. One of the things Rotary is addressing this year is helping to erase the stigma associated with mental health. He said that we can do this by encouraging those around us to open up and talk about it.
The Rotary ‘Don’t Bottle it Up’ campaign is part of this. He said that we can help by doing four things:
1.Speak up about mental health
2. Speak to family and friends, let them know it’s OK to not be OK and that it’s OK to ask for help.
3. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health challenge.
4. Continue to build social connections
He also said that more information on this can be found on the Rotary website
Brent then went on to talk about the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and the Polio Plus Fund and encouraged all of us to make contributions to these funds and they enable Rotary to support many different causes around the world. In addition for every fifty million the Polio Fund raises, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation adds another one hundred million to this cause.
In closing he said that Rotarians many times create hope in the world just by showing up to help, and told a story of a woman in Thailand who had lost her home and family in the tsunami a few yeas ago and when she spoke to some Rotarians who had just arrived to help them, said that they had already helped by just giving her hope.
He then encouraged us to keep going with helping others, because we haven’t come this far, to only come this far.


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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