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In the Self-Defence Industry, there is a standard that states you may not recognize the best trained people because you never see them coming. They don’t flaunt their skills/talent/training, they just DO it.
This is the standard Wise Warrior Gym Founder/Owner/Director, Calen Paine, not only practices in his personal humble style, but the standard to which he leads and challenges his students to attain and maintain.
With 26 years in the Self-Defence industry, Paine, a 50 something, braided mohawk sporting, wiry, part-time musician, brings his quick wit, a wealth of knowledge, and experience to all his classes and students.  Whether they come from a career-based learning (Law Enforcement/Security/EMS/Social Services or a needs-based learning (students being bullied/persons being stalked); or the general public who want a 2-for-1 (physical fitness and Personal Safety) Program—wrapped up into one, time-saving package.
Asked how he got involved with training, Paine, with his usual self-deprecating humour laughed, “…I was a skinny kid, tired of being picked on….I wanted to meet girls…It was just my thing.” And over the years, his thing became a passion, and his passion became a career.  “Let’s face it, Self-Defence can be a “dark” subject—nobody likes to consider the need for it, so I wanted to make it “light”—take away some of the things that intimidate people about training and make it accessible for everyone.” A gong, music, the occasional personal serenade by Paine are regular Training techniques at the Wise Warrior Gym which focuses not only on the physical but also on the mental processes useful to self-protection and in many cases, personal growth.
“The best part of my job now is watching the development in others—seeing them reach their goals, whether it a new skill that helps their confidence, or tactical thinking that helps them feel safe in their surroundings, or them (the student) bringing real-life, on the job situations they didn’t know how to handle, or maybe weren’t successful with, and working it through so they can try something new the next time they face the situation. It’s just a great feeling.”
Paine doesn’t believe self-defence is just for kids or athletes. His brand of Jiu-Jitsu based martial arts, incorporates a number of other practices which has resulted in a fluid teaching style which allows him to, when needed, tailor the program to the needs of the student based on their age, fitness level, training purpose, and commitment level.
Located at 12832-141St, Wise Warrior Gym serves the Edmonton community with classes for those age five to 75, including the “SAFE” Program (Situational Awareness For Everyone/Everyday/Everywhere) which he is offering the three-session “Hard Target: Intro to Self-Defence”  through October and November to Rotary Club members for an Introductory price of $125 vs the usual $175 price. The program which focuses on awareness, pro-active planning vs reactive response, and some basic de-escalation techniques is a good place to start your self-defence/fitness routine in a Training center where Safety Procedures—including all Co-Vid protocols and Social Distancing are in place.  For those with some basic training and looking for something a bit more challenging,  personal one-on-one sessions, Weapons Training and Retention, and group training sessions are all available upon request.
You’ll need a comfy pair of pants and t-shirt, indoor shoes or clean socks as street shoes are not permitted, and the expectation of learning something new to attend, BUT, leave your ego at home as everyone attending class is there to learn and connect with others with the same purpose.
For more information or to register for the Rotary Club Special, Calen can be reached directly at 780-667-9911.
This past week we heard from Alan Nursall, President and CEO of Telus World of Science. Alan thanked us for the sensory back packs and read a note that he had recently received from a mother who had recently visited the Telus World of Science with her nine year old son. She said that the backpack had really helped him to be able to enjoy their visit to the Science Centre.
Alan told us that the Science Centre opened in Edmonton in 1984 and that when he came to it in 2014 they were thinking about how to update it to best serve the City. The plan that was decided upon was called the Aurora Project, which was an ambitious multi year program to completely update the facility. At that time they asked the city for twelve million dollars and since then they have raised forty one million dollars towards the renovation.  This renovation which began in 2016 is almost complete now. They plan to be done in early 2022. The Science Centre space has been expanded to twenty thousand sq ft. housed in the new Cardinal building and includes many new or reimagined galleries including CuriousCITY (for children eight and under), The Science Garage (with hands on experiments), The Nature Exchange, The Health Zone in the Allard Family Gallery, a reimagined S.P.A.C.E. Gallery and a new Arctic Exhibit in the Newell Gallery. The renovations also included a completely renovated state of the art Zeidler Dome.
Alan told us that the Telus World of Science is the second largest ticketed admissions facility in Alberta after the Calgary Zoo. In 2019 (pre COVID) they had 560,000 ticketed admissions. They also have about 90,000 students visit per year and have recently put 30,000 students through online school programs and 1,000 students through online summer programs. Their hope is to be able to inspire young people to become thinkers and creators. They also take part in many projects that bring science to the general public around the province such as the dark sky event that takes place in Jasper every fall.
We would like to thank Alan for his very interesting presentation and look forward to being able to work with them in some small way again in  the future.


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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