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Wireless Communication and Privacy (or not)

This Tuesday we heard from Dr. Ioanis Nikolaidis on the topic of ‘’. Dr. Nikolaidis is a Full Professor and Assistant Department Chair (Research) in the Department of Computing Science and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the U. of A. His research interest lies in the area of building inexpensive wireless communication systems to be used in conjunction with small complicated equipment such as medical devices.
Dr. Nikoaidis said that wireless communication allows us to communicate more easily, but it can also affect our privacy. He said that even though large parts of the radio spectrum have been licensed to various businesses, this does not mean that they are securely linked to just that provider. All of these frequencies are relatively easy for others to intercept, especially with todays equipment. Signals like those from an exercise watch can easily be picked up. If money is no objective and satellites are used, they can focus it at any desired location and pick up many different signals. These signals can then be combined with other types of information. For example, they can be combined with a photo also taken by satellite of the same area and each signal can then be associated with a particular location, buildings, vehicles, people etc. to create a much more informative picture. On a budget, one can now buy from Amazon a receiver that will pick up signals and identify them, even those that have been encrypted. In some countries possessing these types of devices is illegal.
There is also a device that will track he signals sent out by all airplanes and these are commonly used by some people to follow the movements of people they are interested in.
Our devices are very chatty. A single mobile phone sends and receives WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth signals. They are constantly trying to connect to nearby devices and networks by sending out signals.  In doing this they also reveal your identity to some extent.  If you think you are not being tracked, think again. We do now have identity randomization technology that will transmit a false identity, but this technology can be easily defeated by some tranceivers that have protocols to recognize and break through this type of technology. Once your device is connected to a local network, they no longer need to triangulate your location. Most merchants can now track your movements up and down their aisles, recording where and for how long you stop. Some even combine it with video to get a much more complete picture of your visit to their business.
All devices have implicit identifiers. That means that they can be identified as to manufacturer and type by the type of transmission they use, the length of the transmission and the timing of those signals. Due to the restraints on military budgets, they nearly all use commercially available devices, which means they too can be identified to some extent. When combined with a satellite, the individual transmissions can be tracked from their point of origin, through the repeaters and on to the final destination of the signal. Thus the signal can be seen and heard, even if not decoded.
We would like to thank Dr Nikolaidis for his very interesting and enlightening talk. It certainly gives all of us who use these devices daily some food for thought.
J. Percy Page High School Commencement Ceremonies
On Tuesday May 14, 2019 at the J. Percy Page High School Commencement Ceremonies, Hamda Ahmed was presented with the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona’s $1,000 Scholarship. The decision to select her for this prestigious award was unanimous from a panel of seven staff members. Her personality, commitment to her studies, engagement in many, many school activities and her amazing community involvement truly exemplify what it means to be a J. Percy Page Ambassador and Rotary Club Representative. By overcoming personal challenges, she has achieved extremely high academic standings, yet was an engaged, incredibly active leader throughout all three of her high school years. Hamda is involved in the Rotary Interact Club, Students’ Union, Key Club, and Earth Club, just to name a few. Along with her tireless involvement at school, she is extremely busy with her volunteer work in her community, which are too numerous to mention, except to say this young lady managed to maintain her rigorous schedule even with a broken leg during the second semester!  Hamda has been accepted to the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, where she will be continuing her studies in September.

Together with the $1000 scholarship, Hamda was also given a token with the Rotary 4-way test on it. The Rotary 4-way test is a meaningful tool to use to make decisions and thus making the world a better place despite differences in belief and opportunities.

Carin Jansen van Vuuren

Summer Solstice Celebration

As a proud sponsor of the 2019 Fort Edmonton - Rotary Fundraising Event  the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona invite you to be our guest on Wednesday, June 19th at the Summer Solstice Celebration!
To register, please Click Here 

Attached is a revised invitation to the June 19th Summer Solstice Fundraiser at Fort Edmonton Park.  The deadline for registering on May the 1st has come and gone.  The attached revised invite notes that if you RSVP by May 27th, you’ll be eligible for a trip for 2 to Las Vegas.  Your live link, previously sent, will direct your guests to Eventbrite which has also been updated to reflect the May 27th RSVP date.  You’ll want to use this invitation for additional guests that you may wish to invite. 

Your admission into the event is your 100% tax-deductible donation to Fort Edmonton Foundation.  The amount is up to you.  Details about how to donate will be included in your RSVP confirmation e-mail and in the package you will be receiving in June.
Fort Edmonton Park holds a special place in our Region’s history.  With the Capital Expansion, we will continue to share this community treasure with the world for generations to come.
All levels of government have contributed to the $168 million project.  The remaining $11 million is being raised by the community and events like this.
We hope we can look forward to your support and that you can join us for a great “Summer Solstice Celebration” featuring Trooper!
The Edmonton Strathcona Rotary Club
Donna Hutton

On  Tuesday May 28, 2019 Strathcona Rotary will hold its regular meeting at the Devonian Gardens followed by a tour of the gardens. [MAP]

Lunch is $20.00 but, you  must sign up online.

You can pay online for you and your guest(s) [CLICK HERE]

Come and join us for a fun luncheon and bring guests.


You are cordially invited to the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona Golf & Barbecue Dinner on Thursday June 20th, 2019.
The golf will start at 2 PM at the Millwoods Golf Course in Edmonton. [MAP] The 9 hole golf tournament will be a 4 player Texas Scramble. No previous golf experience or skill required. An experienced golfer will be the Team Captain, and the team plays the best ball on each shot. The golf package includes your nine hole green fees, shared power golf cart, practice range balls to warm up, use of the practice putting green, a tee gift which includes 3 Taylor Made golf balls, golf tees, ball marker, divot repair tool and a bottle of water. The golf package cost is $55 per player.
 The Barbecue Dinner will start at 5 PM at the Woodvale Community Center at the Millwoods Golf Course. We will have the prime rib burger dinner with buns, fixings & condiments, fries, Caesar salad, coleslaw, vegetable pasta salad, dessert squares, fruit, coffee & tea, and a cash bar. The barbecue dinner package cost is $25 per person.
The combined Golf & Barbecue package cost is $75 per person
Please RSVP to Eric Germain to attend or register and pay online. E-mail: or telephone 780-991-0417. All Rotarians, family and friends are welcome to attend.


Please join  the Board of Strathcona Rotary at the Rotating Wheel Dinner on June 28 at the Faculty Club. 

We have a  wonderful BBQ dinner with a chance to visit and meet the new Executuve for 2091-2020.  Bring a spouce or friend for a great night. 


I am reaching out to your Rotary/Interact Club in efforts to find volunteers for the upcoming Spring Soccer Season.
Our organization is called Free Footie, and we provide an afterschool free soccer program. This upcoming season, we have 11 different game locations located throughout Edmonton with 60 schools participating and close to 2,000 kids playing.
Game Days are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 3:45/4:00 PM – 4:45/5:00 PM.
Season runs from May 6 – June 21st.
Thanks to Harald Kuckertz for capturing this video during a make-up meeting to the Rotary eClub of the South West USA


With the number of members in this club either owning or operating a business, we are getting a very poor interest in this nice little generator of funds for the club.
Are the rates too steep? I don't think so, but if you do, please let us know.
If you have any bright ideas on how to promote this little initiative, please speak up.

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Lynne and Jim Washington
May 21, 2019
Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta. Pets helping people.
Lee Foote
May 28, 2019
U of A Botanic Gardens - Special Visit
Norman Leech
Jun 04, 2019
Stefan Cherwoniak
Jun 18, 2019
Michael Breckon BMO
Jul 16, 2019
Financial Planning
Joanna Pattison, Senior Mgr. Community Initiatives
Jul 23, 2019
Fundraising, Children's Miracle Network/Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation
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